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Deliriously Naked: 2007 Bimota DB6 Delirio for Sale

2007 Ducati DB6 L Front

A practical, naked standard, the DB6 Delirio is a pretty far cry from Bimota’s roots. The company made its name building barely streetable racebikes with lightweight trellis frames, wild styling, improved suspension, and a raft of racebike details. The DB6 definitely has top-shelf suspension and innovative details, but it was designed as Bimota’s “entry-level” model. Of course, lowest-priced doesn’t necessarily mean cheap and if you’re looking for $30,000 of performance from what was originally a $30,000 motorcycle, you won’t really find it here. But if you want something practical and very exotic, this might be your ride.

2007 Ducati DB6 R Rear

Powered by Ducati’s highly-evolved but relatively simple air-cooled L-twin engine, here in “Dual-Spark” [twin-plug] form, the bike is an ideal road machine: 90hp and 70lb-ft of torque with tons of midrange are perfect for motivating the claimed 390lb wet weight…

2007 Ducati DB6 Tank

The Delirio really isn’t all that pretty when you’re standing twenty feet away: it’s certainly striking and exotic-looking, but the overall design is a bit too busy, too angular to rank among Bimota’s best. However the closer you get, the better it looks and the devil truly is in the details: a hybrid frame made up of traditional trellis sections and aluminum side-plates and a swingarm that uses similar construction. Up close, the bike is absolutely stunning and you can really get lost just taking in all the clever bits and all the amazing components.

2007 Ducati DB6 L Rear Suspension

From the original eBay listing: 2007 Bimota DB6 for Sale

Up for Auction is my beautiful hand built Bimota DB6. This bike is powered by a Ducati DS1000 dry clutch motor. It has been meticulously maintained and is in perfect condition. Many upgrades include: Carbon belly, Carbon front fender, Carbon Belt Covers, Carbon side panels, DB6R Steering damper, Brembo RCS brake and clutch master cylinders, Carbon Clutch Cover, Zard Exhaust and more. Comes with all books records, both factory keys, and diagnostic CD with “mini tune” software and cable. The bike currently has just over 10K miles . Do your research on this bike, it is incredible to ride. I’ve had a lot of fun on it.

2007 Ducati DB6 L Rear

There has been some interest in the bike, and bidding is up north of $9,000 with very little time left on the auction. This example comes with a set of Zard exhausts that would have cost a pretty penny new. Zard exhausts can be a bit overstyled, but compliment the looks of the Delirio very well and should sound even better. It’s also had the usual Rizoma bling thrown at it, although those grips seem like they’d be pretty uncomfortable after more than a few minutes. Miles are relatively low, and given the air-cooled Ducati engine’s general reliability, at least you don’t have to worry too much about the powertrain letting you down.


2007 Ducati DB6 R Side


  • Awesome looking bike, looks pretty quick. Thanks for the post!

  • LOOKS SUPER KICK ASS IN MY EYES. I can’t seem to stare at these things long enough. Thanks for posting this beauty Tad !!!

    • Figured you’d dig that one. Was thinking of you when I found it! Delirios do look much better in blue…

  • These are beautiful bikes. When you see in person how the trellis frame connects to the billet pieces, you will be blown away.


  • Is this about the going rate for a DB6 Delirio???

    I’ve been craving a 1098 Streetfighter S but if for the same (or less) money I can get a Bimota I would choose the DB6! Nice and light; great DS1000 engine; still dry clutch; gorgeous and exotic as all get-out; possibly lower maintenance costs with only 2-valves and no liquid cooling to worry about. About the only thing the Duc has on it are horsepower (which i’m not talented enough to wrangle anyway), some fancy electronics, and the single side swing-arm. But with a conventional swing arm as gorgeous as this one I call the swing-arm a wash.

  • I was lucky enough to get a little 15 minute test ride on a Delirio. Lovely motorcycle, I really liked it. Three things were memorable- one, the handling. Rock solid and stable, very confidence inspiring from the get go. Was able to give it a little test of going through some tight second/third gear corners with some bad pavement in the middle. Leaned over, it was not upset in the least- you could really feel the rigidity and tightness. No looseness or slop in the frame or suspension, but not too harsh. Two- the ergonomics: little seat scoop and gas tank shape lock you in to one tight position, absolutely no room to slide back. Three: the eye candy factor and top notch build quality- it’s a gorgeous Italian mechanical work of art. This sold for $9,100- I call that very well bought.

    • Good assessment and I agree. They ride great and they look great when they are standing still. That was a great buy on that bike and will make the new owner VERY happy.

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