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Collection Worthy II: 1987 Suzuki GSXR 1100


Well-loved GSX-R 1100 models don’t come around often, yet here we have two 1987 models within days of each other. Like this one we posted last week, today’s Gixxer is an original slabbie and is claimed 100% stock. Interestingly enough, the buy it now price is the same as the last 1100 – which surprised our readers when it was snapped up within the day of being posted. With the same happen to this bad boy? Read on.


1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
I know that I will regret this, but here is your opportunity to own one of the last CLEAN & ORIGINAL 87 GSX-R 1100’s on the planet.
Garaged its entire life, and completely stock with only 12k miles.
Runs perfect, inside of the tank is spotless and yes, still has the original chain and sprockets! Never dropped or tipped over! Only cosmetic flaw is crack in upper fairing where screws were overtightened (way back when) which you can see in my pictures and VIDEO.

When I purchased it many years ago it still was on the original tires which I changed, of course. Been sitting on the carpet in my office (drained) for the last 5 years. Just gave her a service and new battery and she fired right up. Well, my wife wants new kitchen cabinets and has requested that I thin the herd, to which I replied just write a check! Why must I sacrifice one of my toys, I could care less where you put the dishes! Long story short, here’s my bike for sale. You might want to use the BUY it NOW option before I change my mind because the fight isn’t over yet.

This is a very clean looking bike. It is clear that there is tremendous interest in these classic model Gixxers based on RSBFS readers and the speed in which these bikes tend to sell. If you are looking for an iconic game changer for your collection and missed last week’s all original gem, check out this one before it sells!



  • a posting like this prompts me to remember the epic comic rodney dangerfield, RIP—


  • What a wonderfully original specimen of a true survivor! I see no warning flags- it’s even got the original signals and reflectors. Sadly, the seller will likely never find or purchase another one like it after it’s gone. He’s admitting to already regretting being forced to sell it, and there’ll no doubt be lingering future resentments. This marriage is clearly in turmoil and possible crisis. I recommend finding some other way to find cabinet funds and counseling. When this bike is gone, it’s gone forever- you can buy cabinets anytime, and find some positive way other than ultimatums and guilt.

  • I’ll trade you a remodel on your kitchen for the bike… Better yet, I’ll design a place too put the bike on display in your kitchen 🙂 A bit of advice, your new kitchen will one day be old and need remodeled again, and your bike just gets more valuable as it ages… Advice, find another way to fund your kitchen project… and keep the bike 🙂

  • This bike is at Fly Kitty Motorsports:


    They’re legit and good people.

  • ^^^Good find. The seller is representing himself as a henpecked husband selling only because the wifey is demanding it, but is in actuality a business flipping sportbikes. Selling an appreciating asset to fund a depreciating kitchen remodel- has us fooled for a minute. God, I love this site.

  • It is unfortunte that so many people feel they have to lie to sell their stuff. If someone wants this GSXR they are going to buy it whether it is a business or his wife is making him sell it. However, I would not buy it when I know someone has lied. What other surprises are in store for you once you get the bike home? This Kawasaki H1 on L.A. Craigslist is another ad that sounds great, but B.S. is all over the place.

  • Guys, I wasn’t being facetious.

    It’s his own personal bike he’s selling.

    He’s got a lot of nice inventory, including some rare bikes.

  • Jon:
    Interested to hear what you thought was suspect about the H1 CL advertised in LA as I was thinking of looking at that one

  • Just my thoughts. The ad states original except the pipe. However, one side fairing is from an 89 and the other is from a 90. Why?? Obviously turn signals and black exhaust tubing not original. He states wheels just powder coated. Why?? The paint looks too nice to have rims that need powder coating?? I emailed asking if he was the “original owner” and he did not respond to that question. I talked to the same gentleman last summer about an H1 he had for sale. It had some cosmetic issues such as a messed up side fairing. At that time he said he only had the bike for a short time. He also had many H1 parts for sale, like a frame, engine, etc. Same Bike?? Some pieced together creation?? If the bike was real close to me, I would still go look at it to see what the real story is. If you are close to it, go check it out and let us know whats really going on.

  • Jon, how do you know the seller has lied?

  • Dave2k and all-My apologies for writing such a strong statement. You are correct. I do not know that he has lied. From reading his ebay listing about needing to sell it to get a new kitchen for the wife and then reading his listing on his website that the wife said something like if we keep them all then we don’t have any to sell, just seemed like t\wo different reasons why he is selling the bike. It looks like a very nice original example of a 1st gen Gixxer. I would love to have this bike in my garage.

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