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Claudio’s Bike: 2006 MV Agusta F4CC W/1 Mile

Claudio’s Bike:  2006 MV Agusta F4CC  W/1 Mile

I think you’ve made it when you run a motorcycle company, create a bike with all your finest bits and then name it after yourself.  If you haven’t figured it out, the “CC” stands for Claudio Castiglioni, the managing director of MV Agusta.  I guess you could say this is the top dog of the MV line.  It is the most expensive bike they produced and has the highest horsepower figures as well.  Only 100 F4CC’s  were produced so you definitely get some exclusivity for the price:  $120,000 MSRP by the way.

Have no fear if you didn’t have the shekels to  buy it back in 2006.  This F4CC has been someones eye candy for the past 5 years and now can be yours for $59,999 and with only 1 mile on it.  Patience pays off!  Hey you even get the watch an sweat, sweat jacket (that’s a little sarcasm on the jacket).

Damn, there isn’t even dust on it!  From MV Agusta’s website here is what is unique about the F4CC:

The F4CC is at the absolute top of the F4 hierarchy. The main differences between it and the more “commercial” F4R can be summed up as follows:

  • Over 90% of the components are individually tailor made
  • Brake and clutch levers that “fold” at the tip in the event of a fall
  • 1078 cc engine
  • 200 CV maximum power with titanium racing exhaust system
  • New timing system
  • Smaller alternator
  • One-off mechanical type slipper clutch
  • New forks interior set-up and mono shock absorber
  • Brembo Racing monoblock brakes
  • Curb weight 187 kilos without fuel


Just a bit from the auction:

This bike was in a collection, it has 1 mile and comes with all the original equipment it came with from the factory.  This includes the Jacket which is a large and the watch.

Doesn’t 50% off sound great?  It does but I just don’t know in this market right now, it is a buyers market to say the least.  I’ve really been surprised to see some of the low prices other (arguably less exclusive) limited edition MV models have sold for.  I can’t tell for sure but this bike may have been on the market for some time.  We posted this F4CC back in 09 and it had similar asking price.  If that 50% off is too much to resist .

Some nice close ups. Photos and video don’t do this bike justice.

A chic in high heels from the Los Angeles Times doing a review of the F4CC. You figure it out.



  • OK; smack talk coming up. The only thing a 120k Agusta is good for is making Ducati D16rr’s look better. No true exoticness (is that even a word?) in my opinion. Perfect for gold chain wearers to park next to the Ferrari. OK I feel better.

  • I think they are hurt because there is no racing program associated with them unlike limited edition Ducati’s. Could you say it is like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini? Ferrari has exotic cars that are backed up by a racing program. Lambo’s are exotic but they don’t have much of a racing program. I was impressed with the F4CC though in the one video I posted. The carbon bodywork is nice but I hear you Terry. I will admit though, I was always a sucker for the matte black SPR Agusta.

  • Dude, the Lambo / Ferrari comparison is exactly what I was thinking. I also like the agustas, but a tricked out 20k bike is hard to sell at 120k. I am glad that Triumph finally got into world supersport. I guess race advertising works on me becuase I start to like bikes more and more after a season or two of seeing them race. i am pretty pumped about the new 675 Agusta. I hope it actually works really well.

  • Spot on chaps. It doesn’t matter that MV have won many, many World Championships when grandpa was a kid; they need to win them NOW to reconnect with that past and become MV Agusta again rather than MV Cagiva.

    Beautiful bikes looking for their soul?

    But that skanky F4 SPR…….

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