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Aprilia September 4, 2012 posted by

Set Your Budget and Sale Prices: August 2012 Review

Hey guys,

I’ve been meaning to be better about catching everyone up on close values and winning bids, so here is everything we have a factual close or high bid pricing on from eBay. Adjust your sale price or target price accordingly!

Enjoy the short week,


This Ducati 888 SPO with only 430 miles failed to sell the first time at $12,600 and a second time at $12,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

888 SPO for sale

This lovely Honda RC30 failed to sell at $26,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda RC30 For Sale

This Vance & Hines FZR600 has been listed several times since our original post and it has failed to get a single bid at $3400. It currently listed for $3200 in the latest relist. Current Auction | Our Post

Vance & Hines FZR600 For Sale

The RC45 in Florida that was originally for sale in the same auction with an RC30, has been relisted a few times and is currently available for a buy-it-now of $35k. Current Auction | Our Post

Honda RC45 For Sale

As a few of you noticed, there was a rare sighting of an actual close to a Lance Gamma RG500 auction! This lovely sold for $17,920. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Lance Gamma RG500 For Sale

This gorgeous Ducati 750 F1a failed to sell at just shy of $10k. Closed Auction | Our Post

1985 Ducati 750 F1a for sale

Here we have a 2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO that was listed with a buy-it-now of $14,500 and failed to sell the first time at $12,300. But it was relisted and was sold for $14,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

MV Agusta F4 AGO for sale

A fan favorite, this 1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 sold for $3650. Unfortunately the sale fell through and the bike was available again briefly before being pulled as ‘no longer for sale’. Closed Auction | Our Post

1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 for sale

This 95 Honda NSR250SE MC28 sold for $10,400. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda NSR250SE MC28 For Sale

This 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS was originally listed with a $18k buy-it-now and failed to meet reserve at $15,100. It was relisted and sold for $17k. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS For Sale

This Ducati 916SPS failed to sell twice at $11,500 (classified) and a third time only reaching $7800. Closed Auction | Our Post

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

This RG500 Gamma failed to sell with zero bids starting at $10,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

1986 RG500 Gamma For Sale

This plated 2000 Aprilia RS125 sold for just $3850. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

2000 Aprilia RS125 For Sale

The 1980 Vetter Mystery Ship Turbo received 19 bids to $11,200 but failed to meet reserve. Closed Auction | Our Post

1980 Kawasaki KZ 1000 Turbo Mystery Ship

This sharp 93 Honda VFR400 NC30 sold the first time for just $5000. Closed Auction | Our Post

1993 Honda VFR400 NC30 For Sale

Mike posted this 2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition that he titled “medium rare”. Failed to sell the first time for $10k, but the relist sold for $9500. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol For Sale

The Ducati Sport Classics are hot right now and this 2006 Ducati Paul Smart follows the same path selling for $14,500 the first time. Closed Auction | Our Post

2006 Ducati Paul Smart For Sale

This sexy little Cagiva Mito failed to sell with 12 bids up to $5400. Closed Auction | Our Post

Cagiva Mito For Sale

This very clean 91 GSX-R 1100 received 38 bids and sold for $6500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

1991 GSX-R 1100 for sale

This fantastic 1982 Honda CB1100 R has now sold with 24 bids totaling $16,900. Closed Auction | Our Post

1982 Honda CB1000 R For Sale

This 96 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23 was originally listed last November and has now sold for $10,150. Closed Auction | Our Post

1996 Suzuki RGV250 SP (VJ23) for sale

This Aprilia RS250 Cup we recently listed sold for $7500 but must have fallen through as it’s relisted for $7200. Current Listing | Our Post

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

MV Agusta December 18, 2011 posted by

Pure Carbon – 2005 MV Agusta F4 Mamba

You want something rather exotic and special. Well look no further because you will be hard pressed to come across another one of these MV Agustas. Having bought yourself an exclusive MV you get that feeling that you want it to be a bit more special, that is where the Mamba kits came in. There were 3 different kits available:

1. Full Option kit limited to 300 worldwide

2. Basic Option kit limited to 300 worldwide

3. Standard kit, not limited

Now looking at the wheels on this bike they have 10 spokes which were the wheels that came with the Full Option kit, but it does not have the red tint windscreen of the full kit.  Having looked through the pictures though I do think it is a full kit bike.  It is certainly very special with all the additional equipment and you know that you are unlikely to meet another at bike night.

The seller shares a fair bit of detail about the bike here:

MV Agusta Mamba F4 1080cc Full Carbon Fiber Limited Edition
Number 35 of 300 Worldwide
One of A Kind Master Piece
Selling a Limited Edition, Full Carbon Fiber, 2005 MV Agusta Ago with the Factory $12,000.00 Full Carbon Fiber, Mamba Upgrade Kit #35 of 300.
The following is the list of over $33,000.00 DOLLARS  in additional upgrades:
Marchesini Magnesium wheels, New front Marzocchi MotoGP forks($3,700.00) with MotoCorse lowers, New Bitubo Rear Racing Suspension($2,800.00), New Hi & Low HID(Xenon) Headlights, UK Casoli Open Exhaust with Titanium Open Mid-pipe & Polished down tubes, Full Racing MV Corse Eprom chip, Extra Carbon Fiber Parts From MV Corse & MotoCorse(upper & lower chain guards, battery box, rear splitter, lower tank guards), New BMC Racing Air Filter, Super Bike Red Racing hose kit, New & Improved Water Pump Impeller, Metal fuel fittings, Full Titanium bolt & Fastener Kit by MotoCorse(6+lbs in weight reduction), Titanium Side & Wheel nut, MotoCorse Titanium Treated Wind Shield, MotoCorse Titanium Bar ends, MotoCorse Titanium Frame Plugs, MotoCorse Titanium Oil Cap, MotoCorse Titanium Engine Cover, MotoCorse Titanium Upper & Lower Radiator cover, MotoCorse Titanium Gas Cap, MotoCorse Titanium Valve Cover Bolts, MotoCorse Spark Plug Wires, MotoCorse New Super Bike Over Sized Full Floater MotoGP Front & rear Rotors, New Brembro Super Bike 108mm Front Calipers, Brembo MotoGP Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders(the BEST they make $1,800.00 each!), New Brembo Folding Brake & Clutch Levers, New MotoCorse Super bike Racing Rear Sets, New Aluminum Radiator Fans, New Super Bike Braided & Coated Brake & Clutch lines, Intergrated Rear Tail Signals, Lots of Anodized pieces with many more MV Corse & MotoCorse Special Parts, Top of the Line Scorpio Alarm System, gas tank race foam, Invisiguard 3M Paint Protection and Finally, a Full Custom “One Off” Carbon Fiber cut Suede & Leather Seat & Bump stop.
Brand New MICHELIN Pilot “PURE” tires, new chain, new battery, new plugs, recent oil change and valve check. Z-MAX oil and gas treatments have been used regularly since new along with High Grade full synthetic oil.
Rear stand, new bike cover, rear wheel nut tool,  ALL original books & manuals(paperback & DVD), alarm paperwork & key-fob remote, TWO Titanium factory KEYS, Two framed “Certificates of Authenticity” from MV Agusta Factory and under tail factory tool kit are all included.
It’s KILLING me to have sell her but, my house is at risk and I can’t sleep on the bike…lol!

You can go and start bidding here on eBay.

Now thoughts on price.  Clearly there is a lot invested in this bike and it is pristine, however they have not been fetching large sums, as was seen last month where we listed one in Miami. It is currently listed with a “buy it now” of $15,900 and looking at a few recent examples this might actually be on the high side especially when you consider the mileage.  At this time these bike can be considered a bargain as you will get an awful lot for your money.


MV Agusta December 1, 2010 posted by

Claudio’s Bike: 2006 MV Agusta F4CC W/1 Mile

Claudio’s Bike:  2006 MV Agusta F4CC  W/1 Mile

I think you’ve made it when you run a motorcycle company, create a bike with all your finest bits and then name it after yourself.  If you haven’t figured it out, the “CC” stands for Claudio Castiglioni, the managing director of MV Agusta.  I guess you could say this is the top dog of the MV line.  It is the most expensive bike they produced and has the highest horsepower figures as well.  Only 100 F4CC’s  were produced so you definitely get some exclusivity for the price:  $120,000 MSRP by the way.

Have no fear if you didn’t have the shekels to  buy it back in 2006.  This F4CC has been someones eye candy for the past 5 years and now can be yours for $59,999 and with only 1 mile on it.  Patience pays off!  Hey you even get the watch an sweat, sweat jacket (that’s a little sarcasm on the jacket).

Damn, there isn’t even dust on it!  From MV Agusta’s website here is what is unique about the F4CC:

The F4CC is at the absolute top of the F4 hierarchy. The main differences between it and the more “commercial” F4R can be summed up as follows:

  • Over 90% of the components are individually tailor made
  • Brake and clutch levers that “fold” at the tip in the event of a fall
  • 1078 cc engine
  • 200 CV maximum power with titanium racing exhaust system
  • New timing system
  • Smaller alternator
  • One-off mechanical type slipper clutch
  • New forks interior set-up and mono shock absorber
  • Brembo Racing monoblock brakes
  • Curb weight 187 kilos without fuel


Just a bit from the auction:

This bike was in a collection, it has 1 mile and comes with all the original equipment it came with from the factory.  This includes the Jacket which is a large and the watch.

Doesn’t 50% off sound great?  It does but I just don’t know in this market right now, it is a buyers market to say the least.  I’ve really been surprised to see some of the low prices other (arguably less exclusive) limited edition MV models have sold for.  I can’t tell for sure but this bike may have been on the market for some time.  We posted this F4CC back in 09 and it had similar asking price.  If that 50% off is too much to resist .

Some nice close ups. Photos and video don’t do this bike justice.

A chic in high heels from the Los Angeles Times doing a review of the F4CC. You figure it out.


MV Agusta November 22, 2010 posted by

2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO (as in Agostini) limited edition #35 of 300

2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO limited, #35 of 300, with 6214 miles.

The MV Agusta F4 has been touted as one of the most beautiful bikes ever (and I tend to agree), but my beef with MV is that there are simply way too many different versions of essentially the same bike: the Serie Oro, the Nieman Marcus Edition, the Senna edition (since when did Senna raced motorcycles?), the SPR / SP…etc.

Of course, there are versions with significant mechanical differences, such as the F4 Tamburini, the F4 CC (for Claudio Castiglioni), and the F4 Veltro. But of the various editions with mostly cosmetic differences, my pick would be the F4 AGO because a.) it’s the first of the 1000cc F4’s and b.) it makes the sense because AGO (Giacomo Agostini) won many of his victories on an MV.


Most MVs have been pampered, and so has this one, but to a lesser extent than ones that have we have listed previously here on RSBFS.  Considering previous samples – which seem to have been much well taken care of and with much more detail and documentation – this one seems pricey at $14,990.  Also, all photos that I have seen of the F4 AGO come with 10 spoke wheels, so this one with the star wheels look a bit suspect.

If you are interested, I’d make an offer.  Who knows, maybe some lucky buyer can pick up a nice and rare MV F4 AGO for close to $10,000 (one can dream)?  .


MV Agusta August 11, 2010 posted by

Another Ago: 2005 MV Agusta F41000 Ago

2005 MV Agusta F41000 Ago

Another week goes by and another Ago has appeared on Ebay.  You know, the styling on these things hasn’t changed much over the years but when you see nice clear detailed pictures like these you realize just how pretty these bikes are.

From the auction:

FS:  2005 MV Agusta Ago in exceptional condition with  6,914 miles, all services up to date by Renassaince Cycles in Tucson. Currently fitted with RG3 performance exhaust, mid-pipe and EPROM.  Factory ‘Kit’ including; Certificate of Authenticity, Ago cover, Rear workstand, Grip cover set.

Additional MV SP Carbon rear hugger and tinted windscreen.  Owners manual has autographed signatures of both Claudio Castiglioni and Giacomo Agostini. Standard exhaust and all other stock parts included.  I am the original owner.

This is number 279 of 300 that were built worldwide.  Less than 60 of these were imported to the United States.  A true collectors peice as it a commemorative model built to honor the great champion Giacomo Agostini for all his world titles with MV Agusta.


The bidding has already started but you.


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale July 31, 2010 posted by

Past or Present? 1973 MV AGUSTA 350 Ipotesi And 2005 F4 Ago

Past or Present?  1973 MV AGUSTA 350 Ipotesi And 2005 F4 Ago


Motorcycles have sure come a long way in the past 30 years or so, haven’t they?  These two beauties represent MV Agusta’s past and present and are currently on Ebay and up for the taking. 

First up is this absolutely mint 350 Ipotesi.  If my Google translation is correct that means “hypothesis”.  Maybe not the most catchy name I’ve heard but I can let it slide.  Who cares about a name when you have a bike with that classic cafe racer and GP inspired looks. I did come across an Italian Wikipedia page (I know, not the most reliable source) and it claims Ipotesi production ran from 1974 to 1977.  So, I guess there is the possibility this is actually a 1974.  The page goes on to say the Ipotesi was built to bridge the gap between MV Agusta’s race bikes and their street bikes.  Basically the same marketing we see today with current motorcycles.  This model may be one of the last bikes Count Agusta was involved in producing, as he died in 19971.  His death apparently delayed the release of the bike for over a year.  Soon after MV Augusta began a slow decline with the doors eventually closing in the late 70’s.

Enough with the depressing stuff  because this bike is beauty.  I’m not really into the retro scene but this bike definitely has a certain flare to it.  I wonder what it sounds like with the open carbs.  Is there some nice intake noise to go along with the exhaust note?  I freely admit those tires scare me though.  Thank goodness technology has moved forward in that area.

From the auction:




The auction is up and running and there appears to be some interest with several bids placed already.  A reserve is set and I honestly wouldn’t have a guess on it’s value.  All I know is that it appears to be an absolutely clean example of 70’s era sport bike technology. 

Reliving the 70’s not your thing?  Well how about a F4 Ago?   Only 300 were produced and this is number #269 of the bunch.  According to MV Agusta’s website the Ago sold out back in 2005.  Of course the Ago is a tribute to long time MV Agusta rider Giacomo Agostini.  Of course it caries the tribute paint scheme.  To go along with that MV Agusta added some carbon fiber, some titanium treatments and some more subtle details to the bike to make it stand apart.  A corsa exhaust and erpom chip give the engine a little extra juice to top things off.

A little about the bike from the auction: 

I am the 3rd owner of bike #269 of 300 build worldwide and purchased it about a year ago, from a member of the www.mvagusta.netwebsite. The bike is in pristine condition with 7,353 miles and comes with all the stuff originally shipped with it including, stock and RG3 exhaust (currently on bike), MV overalls and certificate of authenticity, signed by Giacomo Agostini (Ago). The bike also has installed: MV Corsa carbon fiber wire harness cover, heal guards and rear fender and and plate holder, plus has a HID light kit installed from emoto and a clear bra on upper fairing and mirrors. This bike was featured in Cycle World Nov 2008 issue (copy comes with the bike) with Ago and Phil Read (ex-MV racer) at which time he had Ago sign both stock heal guards, which also come with the bike. It also comes with two covers (one new) and a set of spare mirrors that the prior owner bought. Bike is located in the San Francisco bay, can be viewed by appointment, but not ridden. Bike is available for local sale, thus auction may end early.



This one has been lurking around on Ebay for a few weeks now.  I’ve followed it and I thought it had sold at one point but it must have never met that pesky reserve.  I’m guessing high teens low 20’s for the reserve.  If you are in the mood for a little modern retro

If you need more of an Ago fix check out this Youtube clip of Agostini in action.  It has some pretty nice footage of him in action.