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Classic Italian Performance: 1986 Ducati Bimota DB1 for Sale

1986 Bimota DB1 R Front

The DB1 was the quintessential Bimota, packaging a reliable Italian powerplant into a lightweight package with excellent handling… Wait, what? Actually, in spite of what you might expect, the belt-driven, SOHC Pantah engine is very reliable when properly maintained, and can be tuned to make good power. Sure, the 75 claimed horses don’t sound like much, but the twin is very flexible and the noise, oh the noise!

1986 Bimota DB1 L Rear2

Although Bimota made its name building lightweight, nimble bikes around reliable Japanese powerplants, it’s no surprise that, time and again, they’ve gone back to Ducati to supply engines for some of their best-selling and most popular machines. Ducati haven’t always made the most powerful engines, but they’re a great match for Bimota’s lightweight ethos and the bikes that result are beautiful.

1986 Bimota DB1 Dash

The seller indicates that this was originally a Japanese bike, but currently has a California title, which should allay fears of its legality, as California’s DMV is notoriously strict.

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Bimota DB1 for Sale

Up for action is early 1986 Bimota DB1 This is a original clean motorcycle that I am selling my collection bike. The Bike is only 21000 KM (about 13000 mile). There is little scratch but never been drop or any accident.

This bike have been currently service and maintained (spend $900). All functions on the bike work properly. No oil leaks! Run perfect as new bike and It is stable at 240Km high speed. You will not be disappointed. 

The Bike was imported form Japan currently has California Title. It is a 1986 model but has been titled as a 1980 Bimota DB1. I purchased this bike in 2006 from a good friend who own Famous Bike shop in CA. The bike was stored at his bike shop and taken care of.

And this bike is for not a beginner, only for those who know the value of a Bimota and what it is capable of… I have a clear CA title in hand and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. The bike is sold “as is.”

1986 Bimota DB1 Front Wheel

Built between 1985 and 1990, the DB1 was one of the best-selling Bimotas, with almost 700 produced. There’s plenty of time left on the listing, and bidding is up to just $11,000 with the reserve not yet met. I’d expect this one has a long way to go before it finds a buyer.


1986 Bimota DB1 R Side



  • I’m not aware that Bimota ever mad that color scheme on a db1. The bike is titled as a 1980? I have never seen a Bimota with giant number saying motor size. What gives? Also high mileage and weird wording in ad. Buyer beware.

  • That’s the first thing that jumped out at me and turned me off- why would you repaint a rare, expensive, iconic Italian sport bike model and change or “improve” the original graphics? And stock rubber brake lines on a 30 year old bike- really? I love DB1’s, and have ridden and extensively modified a customer’s bike (including fabricating steel lines!). They’re incredibly tiny- 250 size almost, and handle great. Really fun to ride. That hidden trellis frame is a work of art, and wraps so tightly around the engine that any maintenance or mods take twice as long to do. No design consideration was given to maintenance, just be aware of that going into ownership. The other cautions are limited tire choices in 16″ diameters, and brake rebuild parts can be hard to find for those old Brembos. You’re going to have to deal with both sooner or later. And I wonder what untold differences and surprises a Japanese market Bimota holds?

    This is definitely not the DB1 I would want if I was in the market. As rare as they are, I’d be patient and keep looking for a no excuses example.

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