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Aprilia July 9, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Win it or Bin it – 2003 Aprilia RSV1000 Haga Replica

2003 Aprilia RSV1000 Mille R – Haga Replica on eBay


Japan’s Noriyuki Haga was undoubtedly one of World Superbike’s most exciting racers throughout the 90s and 2000s.  With a nickname like “Win it or Bin it”…  you had to expect fireworks (particularly on the first lap or the last lap!).  Unfortunately for Haga, he was also the perennial bridesmaid, having finished 2nd or 3rd in the Championship standings seven times, but never on top.  After a brief stint riding for the factory Aprilia team, they released a replica RSV1000 Mille R.  Aprilia made just 300 of these replicas and only 60 of them landed on US soil.  The Haga Edition featured the expected cosmetic touches like the race paint scheme, Haga’s signature on the tank and a blue triple clamp that included each one’s individual production number.  Performance upgrades were noteworthy and expensive including a full Akropovic exhaust (including new mapping), lightweight blue OZ wheels, Ohlin’s suspension and a few dabs of carbon fiber.  The Haga rep weighed about 15lbs less than the standard Mille R and also pumped out an additional 10hp.


This particular Mille R has seen some miles, but still appears to be in great condition.  The listing doesn’t have a lot of details, but you can check it out here:  2003 Aprilia RSV-1000 Haga Rep on eBay

2003 APRILIA RSV 1000 MILLE R Haga Replica #158/300


This price will be good till end of listing only.

The bike is in EXCELLENT condition (see pics)!!!





Win it or Bin it – 2003 Aprilia RSV1000 Haga Replica
Kawasaki July 8, 2015 posted by Mike M.

1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R (ZX-7R) in UK colors

1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R in the UK


What’s wrong with this picture?  The classic “K-model” green/white/blue ZX-7R has been a longtime favorite here on RSBFS… but we don’t see these very often.  This is the somewhat controversial green/white/RED color scheme that was exclusive to the European markets.  As a member of a few Kawi specific forums, I can say that opinions are divided on this look, but I love it.  Aside from the colors and the naming, the technical specs are the same.  The “R” version benefits from a host of goodies to homologate it for WSBK racing including a lightweight aluminum fuel tank, solo seat, lighter subframe, taller first gear and 39mm flatslide carbs.  These modifications, along with different cams and some other engine tweaks resulted in a bike that was approximately 20lbs lighter than the standard version and made an extra 20hp.  While the carbs and the gearing can make it a bit challenging for every day use, it shined on the race track.


This one appears to be in VERY good condition and appears to still have all of those rare goodies that are getting near unobtanium levels for those looking to collect and/or restore.  This would make a fine addition to any collection for our UK readers or even our more ambitious stateside readers with the financial means to clear the customs hurdles.  You likely won’t see another one like it anywhere in the States.

You can check out the eBay UK listing here:  1991 Kawasaki ZXR-750R on eBay UK

here we have a stunning example of this very rare exotic ZXR750R K1, this model of Kawasaki’s very rare machine, was especially made for WSB, made in very low numbers, full adjustable pre-load, anti dive front suspension, gas assisted fully adjustable rear suspension, close ratio gear box, alloy fuel tank, large race flatslide carburettors, DOHC in-line four, 16 valves.
equal bike in its days to OWO1, GSXR750RR and RC30 and made famous by the likes of Scott Russell WSB. champion on the very competitive factory ZXR750’s.
very clean standard example, absolutely spotless, runs and looks superb. very hard to find in this kind of condition with low mileage. getting very collectable. comes with 2 keys, owners manuals and paperwork.


1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R (ZX-7R) in UK colors
Honda July 2, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Pocket Rocket – 1988 Honda NSR250R

1988 Honda NSR250R on eBay


The Honda NSR250R should be on everybody’s bucket list of bikes to own and ride before they die.  There’s nothing that makes you feel like you’re living your GP dreams quite like screaming to redline and feeling that 2-stroke powerband change your perception of 250s in an instant.   While 45hp might not seem like a lot (OK, it’s not)… there’s much more to this bike than just horsepower.  For starters, the NSR tips the scales at just 315lbs wet.  So next time you’re at the gym, pick up 135lbs and realize that’s how much LESS the NSR250R weighs than a typical 600cc sportbike.  With it’s light weight, attention grabbing powerband, narrow frame and short wheelbase, you begin to understand why these little 250s are a force to be reckoned with when the roads get twisty.  And then there’s the sound… that glorious, glorious sound.


The MC18 model here is the second generation of the NSR250R and it saw significant improvements.  The carb is 4mm larger and the engine management is improved for better throttle response over the earlier model.  Honda also moved the engine forward and lower in the frame which makes directional changes that much quicker.   The fact that these little gems were never officially imported into the US means that customs paperwork and titles can sometimes be an issue… but all of the hard work is done here.  The seller states that it already has a US title, has new fairings and comes with a generous assortment of spares.  So if you’re looking for a hassle free 2-stroke 250, now might be the time!  You can check out the auction here: 1988 Honda NSR250R on eBay

From the seller:

Very clean Gray Market Street Legal 250ccTwo-Stroke Sport Bike. Imported from Japan in June of 2000. All stock. Runs, idles, rides and stops as it should. Very strong pull when it hits the power band. No damage, rust or corrosion anywhere. All new fairings and paint on tank. Also includes original fairings and many spare parts including brand new brake pads, extra rotors, calipers, fork assy, speedo and more (see photos). The spare parts are included with the sale.


Pocket Rocket – 1988 Honda NSR250R
Honda June 24, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Challenge Accepted! – 2002 Honda RC51 SP2

2002 Honda RC-51 SP2 on eBay


The 90s were a tough time for Honda on the racetrack.  World Superbike regulations allowed v-twins a displacement increase up to 999cc to make up for the horsepower “advantage” that the four cylinder motorcycles had.  The Ducati 916 used this to thoroughly dominate WSBK to the tune of five championships in just six years.  Unable to remain competitive with V-four platform that saw so much success in the RC30 and RC45, Honda decided to level the playing field with their own V-twin and the results were impressive.  Colin Edwards would win two WSBK Championships in three years on board the RC-51.  The SP2 had several improvements over the SP1 that resulted in less weight, more horsepower, thicker brake rotors, better suspension and a slightly longer swingarm that made the SP2 a great handling motorcycle.


This SP2 has a few very nice and very expensive mods, but also includes a number of stock parts should originality be your game.  You can read the description in the auction here: 2002 Honda RC-51 SP2 on eBay

19,250 miles.  I am the second owner.  I always use Rotella T6 at oil changes. Stock air filters, Flapper deleted.  Did not do the soft rev mod.  PC3R. Crankcase vented to exhaust. One fan deleted.  Galfer Front wave rotors and Galfer pads.  Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen.  Michelin Pilot Road 2s.  Scorpion alarm, and… Sato Racing Banzai mount carbon fiber slip-ons.  If you know RC51s, then you know Sato Racing made the best exhaust for this bike. Period. Hands down. Also, you know what they are worth now, and that they aren’t in production anymore.  Also included, front and rear pit-bull stands, battery tender, and the stock cans.


While it may not have the raw sex appeal of Ducati’s 916, there is still a great looking motorcycle that gets even better looking when you understand just how good it is.  It’s still racy, it’s still aggressive, but you can also live with it on a daily basis as it retains all of the bulletproof reliability that Hondas are renowned for.  The RC-51s have a dedicated following which you can see by the number of eBay watchers any time one comes up for sale.  The resale prices have remained high which proves that this motorcycle has all of the makings of a future classic.

Challenge Accepted! – 2002 Honda RC51 SP2
Yamaha June 23, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Forgotten Favorite – 1997 Yamaha YZF-750R

1997 Yamaha YZF-750R on eBay


As a YZF-750R owner myself, I’m always looking for them and at them.  They don’t turn up very often.  Unfortunately the YZF-750R will always be overlooked as it comes in between the legendary FZR-750 OW-01 and the drop dead sexy Yamaha R7 and also the revolutionary Yamaha R1.  However, it really is a great motorcycle that performed admirably on the track (in SP trim) having propelled the likes of Scott Russell, Noriyuki Haga and Colin Edwards to wins in both AMA Superbike and World Superbike races.  It was also a dominant force in British Superbike Racing, with Niall Mackenzie taking three straight BSB Championships on the YZF-750R.


This one looks like it’s in pretty nice shape with only a few minor stress cracks in the plastics.  That might be an issues for somebody looking to restore it 100% though, as fairings are very hard to come by.  So, I guess the only solution would be to not worry about it ride the thing!  You might actually enjoy it!

Here’s a few details from the seller and you can check out the auction and more pictures here: 1997 Yamaha YZF-750R on eBay

Here is a chance to get a rare and very low mileage classic sport bike.  Read up on the history of these bikes……they are really starting to go up in value.  It won the bike of the decade………pretty impressive with the bikes that were being pumped out in the 90’s.  You can easily push these to 160 HP with a few mods.  This one is 100% stock other than a Stage 1 jet kit that was installed by the dealer to help with a flat spot on the curve.

The bike does have a few small stress cracks in the fairings at the typical locations.  This bike has never been laid down and overall shows very well for its age.  Also I cracked the windshield last fall when I was putting the bike away for the winter putting the cover on.  The cover comes with the bike.


Forgotten Favorite – 1997 Yamaha YZF-750R
Honda June 18, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Cult Classic – 1989 Honda Hawk GT


I’m sure you’ve heard it before… the term “cult classic” in reference to the Honda Hawk GT.  So what makes something a cult classic?  Well, usually it’s something that went unnoticed at first and consequently didn’t set any sales records, but as time passed, those willing to give it a chance soon discovered what a few already knew.  In this case, it’s all about fun.  I have been looking for a nice Hawk GT for a few years (and naturally one shows up when I’m broke) after riding one on the racetrack.  It’s sort of like a two wheeled version of the Mazda Miata.  It’s not fast…  it’s not particularly good looking…. and yet, you’re smiling?  Why is that?  Well, what the Hawk GT lacked in power, it made up for in handling.  In fact, the first picture that I ever saw of somebody dragging an elbow on the ground happened to be onboard a Hawk GT.


The Hawk GT was one of the first naked modern sportbikes and would soon be followed by the Yamaha SRX, Suzuki SV650 and Ducati Monster.  It’s lack of a fairing made you feel like you were directly over the front wheel and made it feel like you were going faster than you really were.  There’s something to be said for actually feeling the wind blasting back into your face and chest (stop me if I’m sounding too much like a Harley guy).  This example looks like it’s been well cared for with low miles and a sparkling engine on display.


The owner appears to be one of the loyal fans who understands it’s appeal and shown it some love.  He provides some personal details as seen below or you can check out the eBay listing here: 1989 Honda Hawk GT

Honda’s GT647 chassis and suspension package is wonderful to ride. It turns on a dime and handle everything you can throw at it, whether in the city or when the road opens up, the Honda GT647 rewards its rider. The large front disc and means that the Honda bike won’t be out of place on a track day, and in fact many are modified for this purpose. A large community and network of aftermarket suppliers make the Honda GT647 a candidate for personalization.

This 1989 Hawk GT647 is an excellent example of a well cared for low mileage bike with a known 3 owner history. I purchased it from the second owner and know the first owner as well. The motorcycle is entirely stock with the exception of bar-ends, low profile mirrors and a Muzzy exhaust, which were common upgrade for Hondas of this period. The center stands was removed for a cleaner look and is included in the sale. The bike saw limited use for many years. It was lovingly care for and well preserved. 

Cult Classic – 1989 Honda Hawk GT
Bimota June 16, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Big Power in a Refined Package – 1998 Bimota SB6R

1998 Bimota SB6R on eBay


The Bimota SB6R is possibly the peak of Bimota’s unique formula which was stuffing a big Japanese engine into their own refined platforms.  The SB6R took Suzuki’s big and bad GSXR-1100 engine and surrounded it with the best parts possible.  It featured an aluminum beam perimeter frame, Anterra wheels, Paoli suspension, Brembo brakes and generous use of carbon fiber to keep the weight down.  Bimota also reportedly tweaked the big ‘Zook engine with new cams and claimed over 155hp for their SB6R.  It was an expensive bike, but one that ended up being more than just the sum of it’s parts.  As can be expected with the 90s Italian motorcycles, most owners report a love/hate relationship with them.  Which basically means it’s not without it’s quirks, but ends up being a more engaging experience as an owner.  It might not be the best choice if you only have room for one bike in the garage, but as a second bike for those special days, it deserves consideration.


This one reportedly came from a private collection (don’t they all?) and is showing a very low 2300 miles.  It appears to be very close to stock with a few more details found in the seller’s eBay listing seen here: 1998 Bimota SB6R

The SB6/7 had hairy Suzuki GSX-R engines, sublime handling and craftsmanship and characteristically Italian unreliability and fickleness. Then came the SB6-R – the first Bimota ever to be labeled “Racing”, and the factory solved many of the “Italian” characteristics. With a larger airbox, the SB6-R was more powerful than the SB6 and with a single easy to access battery, it was much easier to maintain. The SB6-R comes with all of the standard Bimota componentry from the time – Paioli forks, Ohlins shock, Anterra wheels and Brembo brakes. 

This particular example is from a collection and has only 2,314 miles on it.  It is in excellent condition and looks like new.



Big Power in a Refined Package – 1998 Bimota SB6R
Kawasaki June 10, 2015 posted by Mike M.

Ask and ye shall receive – 1989 Kawasaki ZX7

1989 Kawasaki ZX-7 on eBay


A few posts back, one of our readers asked where the ZX7s were hiding… so here you go!  Most of you will know the history here.  Suzuki knocked the rest of the field on it’s heels with the introduction of their revolutionary GSX-R 750 and it took the others a few years to respond.  Kawasaki answered with the ZX-7 and the fight was on, on both the racetrack and the sales floor.  The 1989 ZX-7 featured a full perimeter aluminum frame, sleek new bodywork, those iconic “tank hoses” and a host of improvements over the outgoing “Ninja-750.”  The ZX-7’s front end would become legendary for it’s stability, making the ZX-7s one of the best handling motorcycles of their era.  It was still behind the GSXR-750 in most categories, but performed admirably on the track.  Just a few years later Scott Russell would score become the first Kawasaki rider to snag a World Superbike Championship in 1993 aboard his Muzzy ZX-7.



This ZX-7 has seen some work and has a few tasty period correct modifications.  You can check them out at the eBay listing here: 1989 Kawasaki ZX-7



Ask and ye shall receive – 1989 Kawasaki ZX7