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1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R (ZX-7R) in UK colors

1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R in the UK


What’s wrong with this picture?  The classic “K-model” green/white/blue ZX-7R has been a longtime favorite here on RSBFS… but we don’t see these very often.  This is the somewhat controversial green/white/RED color scheme that was exclusive to the European markets.  As a member of a few Kawi specific forums, I can say that opinions are divided on this look, but I love it.  Aside from the colors and the naming, the technical specs are the same.  The “R” version benefits from a host of goodies to homologate it for WSBK racing including a lightweight aluminum fuel tank, solo seat, lighter subframe, taller first gear and 39mm flatslide carbs.  These modifications, along with different cams and some other engine tweaks resulted in a bike that was approximately 20lbs lighter than the standard version and made an extra 20hp.  While the carbs and the gearing can make it a bit challenging for every day use, it shined on the race track.


This one appears to be in VERY good condition and appears to still have all of those rare goodies that are getting near unobtanium levels for those looking to collect and/or restore.  This would make a fine addition to any collection for our UK readers or even our more ambitious stateside readers with the financial means to clear the customs hurdles.  You likely won’t see another one like it anywhere in the States.

You can check out the eBay UK listing here:  1991 Kawasaki ZXR-750R on eBay UK

here we have a stunning example of this very rare exotic ZXR750R K1, this model of Kawasaki’s very rare machine, was especially made for WSB, made in very low numbers, full adjustable pre-load, anti dive front suspension, gas assisted fully adjustable rear suspension, close ratio gear box, alloy fuel tank, large race flatslide carburettors, DOHC in-line four, 16 valves.
equal bike in its days to OWO1, GSXR750RR and RC30 and made famous by the likes of Scott Russell WSB. champion on the very competitive factory ZXR750’s.
very clean standard example, absolutely spotless, runs and looks superb. very hard to find in this kind of condition with low mileage. getting very collectable. comes with 2 keys, owners manuals and paperwork.



  • Great bike to look at but even back in
    the day I thought they were slow.

  • I owned one of these back in ’92. It didnt put out 20 HP over a standard according to the dyno, maybe 10-12 more. But….these were an exercise in frustration when it came to tuning the carbs. The FCR’s where specially made for this bike to be more EPA friendly with a goofy electronically solenoid to allow the accelerator pump to function as well as hopeless emulsion tubes. The best fix was to run real out of the box FCR’s and throw the factory abomination in the trash.

    Note the pic with upper triple tree. The headtube to frame junction shows a good amount of paint damage from someone being under the tank often (likely sorting the factory FCRs) and may have been a bit ham fisted about it. No good reason for that. .
    Also, the fork caps indicate someone may have been a bit carefree working on the forks. While the bodywork seems to point to care being taken, the spinning of wrenches …not so much.

    I still love how sexy these look. They are slowish…but damn….that is how a bike is suppose to look

    • Good insight Eric, exactly why I love this site. I kept looking at the pretty paint and hoover vaccum tubes lol

      I agree, this is how a bike should look. We took a standard ZX7 in on trade at Midlothian Honda back when I worked in the parts dept in 1992. I got yelled at for spending an hour detailing that bike. It wasn’t my fault. Kawasaki was the one that made the bike look so damn good!

  • Wow that went quick!

  • I love design of these Kawa bikes. doesn´t metter if blue or red, both are stunning. Just to make info correct the red K model was for french and italian market. This exmaple looks very solid and only few details were changed:
    -painted left lower fairing
    -incorrect muffler cover
    -incorrect muffler holder bold
    -missing sticker on suspension tube and not correct tie on brake hoses
    As 851wood was saying, it is nearly impossioble to find 100% original bike in nice cocndtion. If yes, the price goes up over average price rapidly.

  • And missing….

    Front reflector markers (almost no one has those)
    Rear reflectors markers w/bracket (still get from Kawasaki)
    Bank sensors on rear pegs (still get from Kawasaki)
    Break in RPM decal on tach (still available)
    Fill decal on tank (still available)
    Decals on rear fender left side (not available)
    Hard to see but appears to be missing fuel mixtures solenoid and one can only then assume it’s missing throttle control micro switch. (Available used if you look very hard)
    Also, missing helmet lock on the left side rear seat. You can see the two holes on the bracket where it should be (can get….but very, very, very hard to find) plus have to get key to match everything else.

    Probably some other things when you take the body work off…..

    Still sweet though!!!!!!


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