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Forgotten Favorite – 1997 Yamaha YZF-750R

1997 Yamaha YZF-750R on eBay


As a YZF-750R owner myself, I’m always looking for them and at them.  They don’t turn up very often.  Unfortunately the YZF-750R will always be overlooked as it comes in between the legendary FZR-750 OW-01 and the drop dead sexy Yamaha R7 and also the revolutionary Yamaha R1.  However, it really is a great motorcycle that performed admirably on the track (in SP trim) having propelled the likes of Scott Russell, Noriyuki Haga and Colin Edwards to wins in both AMA Superbike and World Superbike races.  It was also a dominant force in British Superbike Racing, with Niall Mackenzie taking three straight BSB Championships on the YZF-750R.


This one looks like it’s in pretty nice shape with only a few minor stress cracks in the plastics.  That might be an issues for somebody looking to restore it 100% though, as fairings are very hard to come by.  So, I guess the only solution would be to not worry about it ride the thing!  You might actually enjoy it!

Here’s a few details from the seller and you can check out the auction and more pictures here: 1997 Yamaha YZF-750R on eBay

Here is a chance to get a rare and very low mileage classic sport bike.  Read up on the history of these bikes……they are really starting to go up in value.  It won the bike of the decade………pretty impressive with the bikes that were being pumped out in the 90’s.  You can easily push these to 160 HP with a few mods.  This one is 100% stock other than a Stage 1 jet kit that was installed by the dealer to help with a flat spot on the curve.

The bike does have a few small stress cracks in the fairings at the typical locations.  This bike has never been laid down and overall shows very well for its age.  Also I cracked the windshield last fall when I was putting the bike away for the winter putting the cover on.  The cover comes with the bike.



  • 160hp with a few mods…….only if you have factory connections and a fat cheque book!

  • Had one of these. A ’97 just like this one. I hate to say but it was a terrible sportbike. Good points- handled well and the riding position was relatively comfortable. Bad? Its a long list- low on power for its weight, bad fueling, heavy, wooden brakes, and just plain boring to ride.

    I have always been a big Yamaha fan but not on this one. I was happy to sell it after a year.

  • 160 hp? Ummmm, no. Maybe 120 with a “few” mods like carbs, exhaust, ignition, porting, overrevving, and wishfulness. That is a “few” I guess. But a bitchin iconic Yamaha all the same. I wouldn’t kick it out of the sack if it landed in my lap…

  • As I mentioned, I currently own one (a ’94) and I enjoy it quite a bit. It’s nearly ZX7 stable in the turns and it gobbles up miles with ease. It is a bit underpowered, but we’re talking about mid 90s 750s, none of which made BIG power. 160hp is a ridiculous claim though, I’ll agree with you there. Maybe the best part of my ’94 is the obnoxious yet awesome Yamaha colors, (it’s the purple/yellow/red/orange/blue/white/etc version) which seems to suit the bike better than this red/white/black seen here

  • Looks like an aftermarket graphics kit ftom Tapeworks.

    • If NY were closer to GA I would be in the ring for this one. The owner makes a comment that it has “special bend” production levers, but it looks to me like maybe it fell off the stand (on both side). Even with a few dings it looks to be a good value to me, so far.


  • I owned a 94 with the godawful graphics. Bought it brand new, raced it at the club level. It handled well enough for me. Needed a steering dampener for that headshake out of 3 at BIR. Had it for six years and adjusted the valves once and cleaned the carbs once, once set of brake pads and lots of tires. Sold it with the stock clutch after an uncounted number of 8000 RPM clutch drop starts. Never let me down.

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