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Cult Classic – 1989 Honda Hawk GT


I’m sure you’ve heard it before… the term “cult classic” in reference to the Honda Hawk GT.  So what makes something a cult classic?  Well, usually it’s something that went unnoticed at first and consequently didn’t set any sales records, but as time passed, those willing to give it a chance soon discovered what a few already knew.  In this case, it’s all about fun.  I have been looking for a nice Hawk GT for a few years (and naturally one shows up when I’m broke) after riding one on the racetrack.  It’s sort of like a two wheeled version of the Mazda Miata.  It’s not fast…  it’s not particularly good looking…. and yet, you’re smiling?  Why is that?  Well, what the Hawk GT lacked in power, it made up for in handling.  In fact, the first picture that I ever saw of somebody dragging an elbow on the ground happened to be onboard a Hawk GT.


The Hawk GT was one of the first naked modern sportbikes and would soon be followed by the Yamaha SRX, Suzuki SV650 and Ducati Monster.  It’s lack of a fairing made you feel like you were directly over the front wheel and made it feel like you were going faster than you really were.  There’s something to be said for actually feeling the wind blasting back into your face and chest (stop me if I’m sounding too much like a Harley guy).  This example looks like it’s been well cared for with low miles and a sparkling engine on display.


The owner appears to be one of the loyal fans who understands it’s appeal and shown it some love.  He provides some personal details as seen below or you can check out the eBay listing here: 1989 Honda Hawk GT

Honda’s GT647 chassis and suspension package is wonderful to ride. It turns on a dime and handle everything you can throw at it, whether in the city or when the road opens up, the Honda GT647 rewards its rider. The large front disc and means that the Honda bike won’t be out of place on a track day, and in fact many are modified for this purpose. A large community and network of aftermarket suppliers make the Honda GT647 a candidate for personalization.

This 1989 Hawk GT647 is an excellent example of a well cared for low mileage bike with a known 3 owner history. I purchased it from the second owner and know the first owner as well. The motorcycle is entirely stock with the exception of bar-ends, low profile mirrors and a Muzzy exhaust, which were common upgrade for Hondas of this period. The center stands was removed for a cleaner look and is included in the sale. The bike saw limited use for many years. It was lovingly care for and well preserved. 


  • I just bought one of these last weekend for my partner. Riding it back to Oakland from Reno, over two narrow passes in the Sierras, I was tempted to keep it for myself. The craftsmanship on the engine and frame are alone worth the price.

  • Had a Tanzanite Blue 88′ for ten years, finally sold it when I simply didn’t have time for multiple bikes. What a blast, it would hang with my liter bike buddies on a tight road……..and embarrass some. Miss it!!

  • I’m keeping the one that got me back into bikes after many years back in 1999. A great example of Honda’s willingness to try new concepts back in the eighties and nineties, these had to share the showroom floor with the new CBR600, and, well…
    The Hawk was seriously down on power and had budget suspension, but the great fun for lots of us has been sorting things out and getting them to be the bike Honda should have built – in a time when there were few other sport twins around. Then the SV650 and the M600 came out, and spoiled the fun. I paid $2400 for mine and could probably get that for it now, but that’s pretty cheap to keep. My modified SV650 is a way better ride, but sure not as pretty.
    This one has got to be one of the last with 4000 miles on it!

  • What a great little bike that is.

  • Remember when Honda made interesting bikes? This and the CB-1 still make me check my balance when looking on Craigslist.

  • Holy cow! I must admit I have NEVER heard a bad thing said about these hawks! Come to think, it was the first Japanese twin i dragged knee on, Um… Except for the 2 strokes.

  • Moving on up!
    The $3600 sale price is pretty high for one of these! As the owner of several over the years (and still owner for several if you count all of the pieces I have), I’m happy to see nice stock examples finally getting a deserved evaluation.

    While everyone hates the Miata comparison, it is probably appropriate. This bike doesn’t get respect from anyone who hasn’t ridden one, but everyone who has falls in love with it. The quality is unmatched in the ‘starter bike’ class, and with some simple upgrades to the suspension, exhaust and intake,it delivers just the right amount of performance fr the street.

    The most telling part though, is the number of racers and other notables who are current or former owners. Everyone has a hawk story, and few of them are negative.

  • Nice Hawk. They’re all nice (or can be). Oddly I think I know just about everyone who has posted a reply here ;). I think the Miata comparison is just fine. I remember having my ass handed to me at the track by an old guy in a Miata – when I was in my Exige S. Hawks play the same game with minor mods. I think I’ll stop reading the intrawebs and go ride one of mine.

  • I’d been looking for a non-sport, non-cruiser bike for a while when I first laid eyes on a Hawk in a parking lot. Talked to the owner and got excited. Found one nearby for a good price, rode it, and was hooked. Handles 100x better than my previous Yamaha R1 and is so fun to ride. A Two Brothers short exhaust makes it sound badass too :-). If only I had the money to do all of the mods I have planned…

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