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1993 Ducati 888SPO Superbike


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

OK where do I start.  Well firstly I have to own up and tell you that this is in fact my own personal bike:

1993 Ducati 888SPO on eBay

It is a 1993 Ducati 888SPO which was only produced for two years.  The model is specific to the USA and was designed to homologate the 888 for AMA Superbike racing. 1993 was the first year the bike was introduced and saw a total a total of 290 built that year for the US market.  A further 100 were made in ’94 with some subtle changes.  The 888 engine was an evolution of the 851 and the bike shares the same basic chassis however the bodywork was tidied up a touch and this version has Ohlins suspension on the rear with Showa forks.  The stock bike was rated at 100 hp but normal once you put in a new FIM chip and some FBF exhaust that number goes up. The SPO has a close European cousin which is the 888 SP5.  The difference is the engine, the SP5 unit was not able to pass US emission regulations and so the SP5 chassis was married to the 888 Strada engine and so you have a model in the SPO that is unique to the US market.

Since this model was for homologation Ducati used rather nice components, Brembo gold line calipers, Ohlins rear suspension, Marchesini wheels etc.  It is a beauty to ride and sounds oh so sweet and always gets a wave from someone who appreciates it.  It certainly saddens me to have to part with it but alas I am moving to Spain and cannot take the bike with me.  I just hope it goes to a good home.

And in case you wonder what they sound like:

If any readers has any questions feel free to ask them.



  • Don’t think this is an spo, they schould have carbon frontfender and a numbered plaque on the steering and maybe Ølins front fork too. also none came with yelloq rims….
    Other then that it’s a brill bike.

  • Even, The carbon front fender and number plaque were features of the SPO in 1994. The 1993 models missed both these features. Ian Falloon’s book “Standard Catalog of Ducati Motorcycles” details these differences as the bike was developed over the years.

  • Not feeling the yellow wheels, and the cheap stickers on the swingarm don’t add to the bike visually…but good luck with sale!

  • Ok my wrong then, but then you could take any bike from 93 and call it an spo, or?

  • This is the only Dewkatty I have ever lusted after.

    So how much you want for it yeah?

  • Beautiful bike.

    Who cares what color the rims are. They can be painted… Maybe pink? L☺L This was the the early 90s, when they were doing many odd color combos. Though I think they are gold not yellow.

  • I looked it up, and all the photos I seen of the 93 888SPO had back rims

  • That’s correct, and that’s exactly why this one looks so wrong with yellow wheels. Figure about $250 to repaint and mount/dismount tires and get it back to original. A bike like this deserves to be correct and original for full collector value- I care, and I suspect I’m not the only one.

  • Saddly you can´t bring it to Spain You´ll love to ride it on our racetracks. Be welcome to my country and keep this web online because it´s great, specially when you bring us 90s beauties like this one.

  • Pelayo, Thank you for the kind wishes. I certainly am looking forward to the Spanish roads and scenery. And don’t worry with Dan at the helm this site will continue to thrive, he is the driving force.

  • If you’re worried about the expense of repainting the rims then you really can’t afford this bike. The maintenance alone would bankrupt you then.

  • Please call me at 352-494-9057. Thanks.

  • Please call me at 352-494-9057

  • Did you ever sell you 888?
    I am interested.

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