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Early Bimota – 1986 Bimota DB1


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

Listed originally in October 2011, this DB1 is back on eBay. Previous auctions have seen this one bid into the high teens but maybe this spring it will sell for the buy-it-now of $30k. Links updated. -dc

Here we have a lovely example of the first Ducati engined Bimota’s the DB1. This bike dates from 1986. The bike had a 750cc Desmo engine and 453 of these bikes were made in this standard model form. Just have alook at the pictures and you see high level components from the likes of Brembo and Marzzochi. The normal high quality craftmanship and gorgeous aluminium machinings are present. One unusal feature of this machine is the fully enclosing body work last seen in the 1950’s on the Vincent Black Knight.

The owner says the following:

Up for auction is a 1986 Bimota DB1. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This bike is is brand new with zero miles and has never been started.

The Vin# is DB100023. The condition of the bike is fantastic. There is no title or mso with this bike.

The auction on eBay is here.

The owner is looking for nearly $30,000 for this beauty. One cannot help but think $30k is too high for this bike and it might be a while before a seller turns up. Perhaps you should make an offer.




  • Wait a minute- $30K asking price and NO TITLE OR MSO? In other words, the burden is on the buyer to sort out proper legal ownership and as presented it cannot be titled, licensed or insured. What’s the story here that the seller isn’t telling? Destined to collect dust and be passed from collector to collector. Sad…

    • No title or MSO is a MAJOR defect. In my state you can bond a bike to get a provisional title. The bond protects the government from being sued for titling, but if the bike is a stolen vehicle or there is some hidden ownership claim (estate, lien, etc.), you’re SOL. The bike goes back to the rightful owner and you end up with nothing.

  • I believe this one is realistically worth $20K. What do you all put it’s value at?

  • Based on it’s styling, $1000.

    • you are a tasteless moron!!!!

  • l tried to buy a bike from this guy,
    (Bimota Mantra)
    He wouldnt even return my e-mails….

    • Yo Stevo……. what the hell would you want a (French Nightmare) Mantra for? Grins ?? ;))

  • oh man… it’s from THAT garage. what i would give to go over there and drool on those bikes. this guy had basically every amazing bike made. so effing gnarly.

  • oh… and c’mon. $30k is probably fair +/- a few thousand.

    • little over half that is fair, remember, very hard to get tyres for this bike

  • Hello, I am the guy selling these bikes for my dad. I would like to thank the people behind this webiste who have promoted most of them that have been up for sale. Also I would like to apologize to Steve who made a comment above. I am sorry for failing to return your email about the Mantra. Thanks for the nice comments about this bike! Joe

  • I love Bimotas but this model is just not doing it for me. Is there a motorcycle behind all of that plastic? As a friend likes to say “if you can’t see through it its not a bike”.

  • $15k in 1986 is like $31k now. $30k for a brand new db1? Worth every penny considering that can buy you a small SUV nowadays. No issues getting a title in California. What’s up with all the haters? This bike is a serious piece of motorcycle history and it’s flippin’ gorgeous! After some TLC I’m sure I’d have it on the road and track ASAP.

  • I had a fun run in with a guy on one of these a few weeks ago. On my way home from a vintage bike rally/swap meet I came up on him on the highway. It’s funny because I was taking pics and admiring his bike in the lot earlier that day. We rode together for about 20 miles just admiring each others bikes and having a bit of fun. What a great experience it was to see one in action. Good luck with the sale! Wish I could afford it…

  • Uh oh- here we go yet again. Where do you even get 16″ tires for it?

  • looks like something the Stig from Top Gear would try to have sex with (just kidding). For that amount of money I would probably try to grab one of Erik Buells new bikes instead but thats just me…good luck on the auction

  • A Buell instead of this? Seriously? A DB1 is a timeless, appreciating peice of Italian mechanical sculpture. The styling of the bodywork/paint/graphics are still controversial today, but there’s no displute about the brilliance of that frame and motor combination. I’ve been lucky enough to work on and ride one, and you can’t believe how tiny it feels, how responsive it is, how classic and torquey the Ducati motor is, how cool it still truly is. Always will be. I admire Eric Buell, but don’t think I can say the same about his machine as much as I like it, too.

    • Not to overly hijack, but I wouldn’t hate on the new buells. They are pretty bad ass with one of the most tq and hp out of majority of the 2014 bikes. 185hp, 101tq and 415lbs wet with no fuel. None of the liter bikes touch those numbers with equal hp & tq ratio to weight as the liter bikes make considerably less tq. Only bike to my knowledge with similar stats is the 14 super duke rc1290. I would like to see a listing of any machines here that can keep up with those stats of those two bikes, no offense.

  • I have a DB1 for sale. $19,000 in Australia 155,000km stored for over three years.

    • Steve,

      How do I get in touch with you?


  • worth a little over half of what is being asked, and according to Bimota’s own figures about 400 were made as complete bikes, another 5 as kits. 33 imported to Australia by Gowanloch motorcycles. The majority went to Japan, also made in a 400cc version (very rare).
    Some dork with more dollars than sense will buy this, thus raising the price way above the reach of anyone else. As for the dickwit who wrote here “if you can’t see through it it’s not a motorcycle” well it’s a wonder you can see anything with your head obviously jammed so far up your arse. The frame is a rising rate chrome moly trellis, but superior even to the Ducati TT2 frame.

    I have ridden one, I know what I am talking about

    • IMO, $30k USD for a brand-new, vintage exotic is very reasonable. $20k is about right for a rider and only a bit more than what they were selling for in the ’90s. In recent years, DB1Rs have been for sale for as much as $200k and not less then $60k.

      Total, about 687 DB1s were made. 307 750s and 53 400s went to Japan. For more information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bimota_DB1

      Found tires in 5 minutes: http://www.goldentyreusa.com/Ducati_Paso_GT_070_GT_071.html

      Stephen, your accuracy matches your class. Post the profanity, name calling and misinformation somewhere else, eh?

  • oh dear!!! Adam, did I offend diddums…I took my figures off Sarti’s excellent history of Bimota. My statement on tyres stands, you can not just wander into any old bike shop and get a tyre, though SOME will order for you.

    Oh, and by the way, you stupid tool, I own a DB1, tell me, what is your ” experience” based on, apart from trolling

    • Yeh, but you cant just wander into any old shop and buy a DB1 either, fer farks sake. I own one, and have never had any trouble getting tyres, just ask the right shop and they will deliver. I love my DB1, and its in Australia too, has 17,000kms, and is for sale for shitloads only. Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to ride.

  • just to clarify, my quoted numbers are for the basic DB1, I see you used Wikipedia, I used Sarti, you must be a damn genius Adam, everyone knows wikipedia is NEVER wrong (well, not for brainless twats at least)

  • Stephen, what’s up with all the negativity and name calling? You’re literally a troll calling me a troll. *shaking head* Maybe you just need a hug and a DB1 ride. FWIW, I wrote the bulk of the DB1 Wiki article, been riding Bimotas since the ’80s and I’m on my third DB1.

  • For the DB1 lovers in Europe, here’s another one:


    I don’t like full faired bikes like the Ducati Paso and similar but still find the DB1 stunning…

  • Nice. And a timely comment. This one popped back up on eBay recently.


  • Anywhere from $20,000 onward would be about right. $30,000 isn’t a stretch if someone wants it that bad

  • It says that the bike has a title.

  • When I first saw this bike, I thought Ducati Paso..Enclosed bodywork, 16″ tires, 750cc engine. Had a Paso in ’88-’90, Fixed the Weber carb put on better mufflers. Then rode the beans out of it for 50K miles, ran and handled great with very few problems. I thought it was a good bike. They sure don’t get any love today.

  • Although this goes against today’s opinion of the Paso. Last week I was thinking I’d like to find a stock White Paso Ltd. Maybe J Leno would sell me his as he never said anything good about the Paso.

  • What a cool bike. $25-30k isn’t too much…it’s brand new!

  • If I could afford it, id have it to sit beside my other 87 model. Then i could alternate, you today, and then you tomorrow. The most gorgeous bike I could ever hope to ride, small and light and responsive. I am small, and its hard to find something that suits my stature in the 750+ market ….in sports bikes.
    This bike is heaven. If the seller cant sell it, i’d gladly look after with TLC, alongside my own DB1.

  • I got one of these in my collection. One of the nicest handling bikes ever made. It’s beautiful, fits the body perfect and is absolutely stunning in person. Yes $30k +/- a couple grand is spot on. Try and find another one for sale…..anywhere!! Raid you kids college fund, whore out your wife to get one of these.

  • eBay shows this one as sold for $29,999. Congratulations to buyer and seller!


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