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Ducati June 6, 2011 posted by Andrew

1993 Ducati 888SPO

To me this is one very special bike, why you may ask.  Is it because only 290 of these bikes were made? Nope. Is it because they were homologation bikes for AMA racing? Nope.  It is because I am lucky enough to own one of these beauties.  My wife insists I keep it in the garage as I would rather keep it in the living room to display as a work of art.  To me this is one of the all time classic sports bikes.  The engine was rated at 100hp but with a new chip set and a bit more air that goes up, mine has been dyno’ed at 105 at the wheel.  

In the sellers own words:

Good day, everyone!

Up for auction is my 1993 Ducati 888 SPO. Only a very few of these bikes still exist today as they were only imported to the USA in 1993 (SPO) and 1994 (LTD).  Here’s your opportunity to own a hand-built classic Ducati…

The bike has been meticulously maintained:

– Brand new AGM sealed battery- no more filling and lasts longer than the OE Yuasa battery

– All valves were checked: all 8 valves still in tolerance

– 2 Timing belts replaced (11,182 miles)

– 2 Injectors synchronized (11,182 miles)

– Oil and filter changed

– No leaks anywhere and the bike runs flawlessly

The bike has the following amenities:

– Corbin seat

– Brembo GP front master brake cylinder

– Kevlar brake lines in the front and rear

– Dark smoke windscreen

– 2 brand new Michelin Pilot Power tires

– Ferracci Carbon Fiber exhaust

– Ohlins rear adjustable shock

– Billet vented clutch cover

– Pro Italia upgraded clutch Master Slave Cylinder

– Carbon fiber front and rear fenders

Cosmetically, the bike has few paint chips that have been touch-up painted.  The very bottom of the side fairings have been coated w/ Hercules truckbed epoxy black liner to be more resistant to damaging road debris.  There is one slight dime ding (which I pointed to in the pics, but really hard to detect).

This 888 SPO is one fantastic motorbike.  In a sea of 748/916/996/998 and Monsters…it’s quite refreshing and unique to stand out amongst the Ducatisti with this immaculate hand-built World Champion.

Good luck bidding!  Please keep in mind that this bike comes with no written or implied warranties.  This bike is for sale locally and could stop the auction before its posted end time.  A $500 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required at auction’s end.

Pick up and shipping will be the sole responsibility of the winning bidder.  I’ll help where I can though.

Feel confident in my 100% positive feedback rating; it doesn’t come without being upfront and honest in every transaction…Thanks for looking at my auction.  Have a great day!…

One thing about these bikes is the fact that the service interval is 3000 miles and the valves need doing at that interval.  So if you want to do high mileage there will be costs! Having said that, they are a very rewarding ride and you will get a lot of attention wherever you go as they are beautiful.  So as to price, well I would be surprised if he doesn’t get at least $8,000 for the bike, any less than that and it is a great buy.  There are a couple of non standard mods, such as the master cylinder, but nothing that really detracts from the bike.  There is no mention of whether an FIM or FBF chip has gone in the bike, along with the FBF exhausts but that was a common mod.

Of course you should always hear one of these:


Moto Guzzi June 5, 2011 posted by Andrew

2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello

While many won’t think of a Guzzi as a sportsbike the company has a very long and proud racing history.  Just to give you an idea look at these stats. By the time of its pull out from Grand Prix racing, Moto Guzzi had won 3,329 official races, 8 World Championships, 6 Constructor’s Championships and 11 Isle of Man TT victories. The Rosso Mandello was built to celebrate 80 years of the company and only some 300 were created so this is a rare bike across the globe.  No denying the look of the red rocker covers in the sunshine, these are very fine bikes.

The Seller seems to look after his bike well and from the listing:

Changes within my Circle of Life compel me to sell my beautiful 2001 Italian Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello V-Twin motorcycle. I am the original owner of number #261 of 300 originally built limited edition Rosso Mandello cafe bikes. After seeing a debut picture of this model in a cycle magazine, I chased down the Moto Guzzi VP of Marketing North America himself in order to locate this bike back in late September 2001. To his knowledge, there were 2 available in the USA east of the Mississippi River at the time & one sold as soon as it hit the show room floor. A Guzzi-guy all my life, I bought #261 sight unseen from Myers Ducati of Ashville, North Carolina. The Limited Edition Rosso Mandello celebrates the 80th anniversary of Moto Guzzi motorcycle production. This shaft-driven bike represents it well. I refer to it as my two-wheeled Maserati. The burbling exhaust notes from the V twins are superb. The ride is powerful & soulful. This Guzzi is now 10 years old with only 3,147 miles (5065 km). Time does fly & so does this motorcycle.

The V11 Sport Rosso Mandello features carbon fiber fairing, front fender, dashboard, starter cover & exhaust covers. It has red anodized valve covers & pork-chop framing and a unique reddish factory paint that is beautifully mesmerizing under varying lighting conditions…in other words, it’s one sexy bike…a real good looker & performer. Basic specs for the Rosso Mandello can be viewed here:

The V11 Sport Rosso Mandello provides 30+ mpg with a range of approximately 180 – 200 miles per tankful depending on driving habits. Specs claim a top speed of 124mph (200km/h). I’ve personally done 115mph (185km/h), which was plenty fast enough on 2 wheels.

I originally planned on keeping this bike until I became a doddering old fart, no longer able to ride on 2 wheels. But I just don’t find the time to ride anymore & my riding season is so short; plus my favorite bike pals are now dead or gone. This Guzzi was last registered & driven during the 2009 season. It is unjust to have this bike set covered up like unseen fine art. It must be driven & enjoyed by its next rider. If you want exclusivity, this is the motorcycle for you. It was produced only for the 2001 Model Year. There really aren’t many numbered Rosso Mandellos in America. Except for a gathering of  the MGNOC (Moto Guzzi National Owners Club), you will probably never cross another Rosso Mandello’s path.

Included with the purchase of this bike are:

  • the original complete tool kit
  • one UFI oil filter & oil filter cover removal tool
  • a rare factory workshop stand & spindle
  • a Road Gear red flannel indoor cover
  • a complete 2 volume workshop service manual in both paper & CD formats
  • V11 Sport workshop manual & parts manual on CD
  • original operator’s manual
  • framed factory-issued certificate of provenance for Rosso Mandello #261
  • an Ian Smith Motorcycle Report containing V11 Sport & Rosso Mandello motorcycle magazine articles & literature
  • one container each of Golden Spectro 4 Blended SAE 20w50 Engine Lubricant, Golden Spectro Full Synth SAE 75w90 GL-5 Differential Gear Lube & Bel Ray DOT4 brake fluid
  • Key-operated helmet cable lock
  • Key-operated red Kryptonite front disc lock
  • Documentation of factory recall 101EBS (Shift Ring & Cush Drive Assembly) completion


The bike received its warranty-required 1000 mile valve adjustment & subsequent scheduled service from a factory-authorized shop in Avon NY before the closing of its sales/service business. Each driving season thereafter, I performed basic scheduled maintenance & service using the following products:

  • Golden Spectro 4 Blended SAE 20w50 Engine Lubricant
  • Golden Spectro Full Synth SAE 75w90 GL-5 Differential Gear Lube
  • UFI oil filters
  • NGK sparkplugs
  • Bel Ray DOT4 brake fluid (every other driving season)

This bike is factory original with the following exceptions:

  • Moto International valve cover protectors
  • Battery Tender connector affixed to gel battery terminals
  • The emissions canisters (included in this sale) have been removed & lines plugged to provide more storage room under the seat
  • 3 of 4 side reflectors no longer attached (Inferior metal brackets fracture & fail after several seasons of riding. 2 of the 3 detached reflectors included)
  • Cherry DC1 replacement front brake light microswitch from DesignTech Engineering, LLC (original switch failed in 2007). The Cherry DC1 is a superior robust design & the preferred replacement for the prone to fail OE switch.
  • NGK Racing sparkplug cables & caps (the rare original Champion PRO5U 5KOHM cables & caps are included in this sale)
  • Tire Minder 32psi safety pressure indicating valve caps. The cap color visually tells you if tire pressure is incorrect.
  • A few tasteful Italian motoring-related decals

This bike is cosmetically excellent with the following exceptions:

  • This bike’s black engine paint, like all early production V11s, exhibits the unintended original factory “crinkle coat” finish (see pic)
  • Scratched carbon fiber on right muffler surface (see pic) from taking the sharpest corner in my life on its Bridgestone BattleAxe tires!
  • Two small nicks on right red anodized valve cover (see pic)
  • Front tire roadblasting on alternator cover (see pic)
  • Minor steering head paint-rub caused by keys (see pic)

All rubber & vinyl covered components are in excellent condition. The rear monocoque seat cover can be removed for two-up seating. The Bridgestone BattleAxe tires have at least 2 more seasons worth of sensible driving.

There is No rust whatsoever. This bike has NEVER sat outside neglected in the elements; always stored inside the garage under a breathable cover. This motorcycle starts right up & is ready for more road adventure. There is No Reserve on this auction, so bid confidently for one of the rarest Guzzis of this New Millenium!


Current you can start the bidding at $6k which I think is a very good price.  Tough to say what it could get to given they are rare to see but with a Guzzi buyer it could well press higher. Reading through the post the owner looks after the machine and it has a low mileage for a 2001 bike.  If I had more garage space ….


Ducati June 1, 2011 posted by Andrew

1988 Ducati 750 F1 Superbike

After the TT1 and TT2, Ducati released the 750 F1.  This particular example appears to be a final 1986 model (the 750F1 was only produced in ’85 and ’86) because it has the Cagiva logos only on the tank and not the fairing which the earlier ’86 models did.  The ’85 models of course did not have any Cagiva logos. The Tri-Colore paint scheme in itself was rather good looking.  This will be one of only 50 produced in 1986 specifically for the US market.  This 750 produces 75 bhp at the crank in the ’86 model along with better handling due to the improved Forcelle Italia front fork.


Craigslist Entry

A 750F1 Montjuinch recently sold on eBay for just over $31000, and while this bike is not as rare, the asking price is in the right range for such a low mileage original example.  I do love the fact that the bike is so original which is hard to come by nowadays.


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2011 posted by Andrew

1989 Suzuki RGV250 SP

I think this is a rare find, a new never started RGV250 from 1989.  These 250 2 strokes are nigh on race bikes for the road and to find one is such an untouched state is remarkable.  Personally I have always wanted to lay my hands on a KR1-S but a tidy little RGV would always do.

A few words from the seller:

New 1989 Suzuki RGV250SP Kevin Schwantz Pepsi Edition. This bike is NEW never started or had gas in it. Mirrors have never been mounted, and will come with the bike. The optional Suzuki rear stand in the pictures will also come with the bike. Bike has all the manuals, tool kit and extra sticker kit. I don’t have a title for this bike. Bike is sold with a BILL OF SALE ONLY! Check out my other auctions for more race parts and bikes or check us out on the web. Payment must be received no later than 7 days of auction close. Payment must be a bank transfer or cash only. Bike is sold as is so ask questions before you bid.

The asking price of $15,000 certainly is higher than you would expect for an RGV250 but for one is this condition it is difficult to know.  The bike also has Kevin Schwantz’s signature which adds a certain something.  Personally I would not mind having this little beauty in my garage.  A bit of research shows that this bike has been on and off for sale for some time which makes you wonder if the seller is not overly keen to sell rather wants to hold out for the price.

For those who wonder what a 2 stroke like this sounds like, this YouTube clip should give you some idea.