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Ducati September 8, 2011 posted by Andrew

A thing of beauty – 2004 Ducati 998S FE

The Ducati 916 has many times been voted the best looking bike of all time.  Over the years the engine was increased in size where it ended up at 998 cc.  As the new 999 designed by Pierre Terblanche was being released, the venerable 916 family was going away.  So here we have the final edition of the line which was released in 2004.  There were 981 of these bikes made and to find an example with such low miles is a real bonus. The engine made a claimed 136bhp and was in fact the testastretta unit that had previously been used in the R bikes and included Ohlins front and rear. The seller states that there were 112 of these bikes produced and that is true for the California model in Red.  In total 419 biposto and 562 monoposto bikes were made.  Oh and by the way only 1 was ever produced in any other color than Red and that would be the sole Black one delivered in Europe.  I would love to know the story behind that!  Personally I don’t think you can find a more beautiful bike than the 916/996/998 line.

The seller gives us some nice history.

1986 miles

This is a  chance to own a rear piece of Ducati history. 1 of the 112 of these very rare and limited pieces of super bike history that were imported into  the United States. 2002 was the last year of the legendary 916 design  super bike series. In 2004, after countless awards and championships,  Ducati built a very limited run of special edition 998s Final Editions  to pay tribute to the icon that had created history in every aspect of  the motorcycle industry.

This Ducati is and absolute must see  piece of art and perfection in every way. It is a one owner bike. This  bike and sale includes all parts, accessories, Ducati Performance cover  and pitbul rear stand. This bike has been upgraded with Ducati  Performance R-cams, ECU, Akrapovic’ full titanium exhaust system,  Pipercross air intake system and custom tuned by the legendary Tom  Manley. Tom has completely performance tuned this bike’s valve train,  fuel injector patterns and engine timing producing incredible  performance gains. Included are all the custom tuned fuel mapping data,  software and dyno recordings. All engine and chassis mods are bolt on  and all the original parts have been packaged and retained to provide  absolute factory stock authentic value. I purchased a second solo tail  section and custom painted the matching white classic ducati number  plate theme, pin striped, labeled and clear coated for a perfect long  lasting finish. I have added and swapped out the shields/guards with  carbon fiber and again have packaged and retained all of the original  take-off parts. I have added Cycle Cat titanium rear set foot pegs which offer infinite adjustability and fitting look to Ducati styling. I have added a rear license plate relocater kit and integrated the rear turn  signals into the classic ducati tail lamp unit for the ultra clean look  and again have packaged and retained all the take off components. I have installed an updated cooling fan switch kit for improved cooling and  temp control along with the kickstand bypass switch kit. This bike is  built by Ducati with Ohlins performance front and rear suspension as  well has an Ohlins steering stabilizer. The front Ohlins forks have been serviced and tuned by a trained Ohlins technician.

This is an  absolutely flawless show piece of Ducati super bike history with  incredible collector value. This bike offers every aspect of the  ultimate Ducati look, sound and stunning performance. I purchased this  bike new and it has been a prized show piece and always stored in my  climate controlled shop on display.

Please feel free to ask any  questions and completely understand how pristine this rare Ducati is.  You can email me at or call me at 218-686-4397.

This is an absolute must see motorcycle, but the buyer is responsible for  any shipping arrangements and fees and must be paid for in full  before the title is signed. I will accommodate in any way I can.

Jump right over to the auction on eBay here

This bike has had some very nice period upgrades done using Ducati Performance parts and I love the fact that the seller retained the original parts as well.  A beautiful and rare bike with a documented history means this is going to command a good price.  Naturally they don’t come up very often but I would expect around the $13000 mark maybe even higher for the right buyer.  Either way great value.


Moto Guzzi September 7, 2011 posted by Andrew

1995 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100

Not your stock Goose.  This Guzzi has a known history and a number of modifications that have made the engine a bit hotter than stock. The sport 100 was a nice bike but of course the V Twin was always underpowered compared to the competition.  Guzzi had a tremendous racing heritage but by the mid 90’s has lost their place.  Having said that this is a good handling bike that will be fun.

The seller shares the following:

Looking for the trickest Guzzi Sport 1100 on the planet?  This bike was ordered brand new from Action Sport Cycles in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1995 by my friend, Richard.  After a six month wait, his bike finally arrived and he took delivery.  He has owned it ever since and it has been babied beyond belief.  Through the years he has done the following mods:  The motor was removed and the heads were sent to Charlie Rice in Amsterdam, who is renowned as one of the world’s foremost Guzzi engine guys.  He re-shaped the combustion chambers, did some mild porting, installed stainless valves, and did a twin-plug conversion.  Twin-plug Dyna-Coils were used.  The crank was sent to Falicon and they gave it their “SuperCrank” treatment.  It was shaved, polished, and balanced and Carillo rods were installed.  A mild Rennsport street cam is now spun by a gear driven valve train (which replaced the cam chain and sprockets) and titanium pushrods were installed along with higher compression Ferracci pistons and rings when the motor went back together.  The bore remains stock.  The clutch came from Moto-International.  It’s beefier than stock but still has a nice, easy pull.  To take advantage of the motor mods, the carbs were replaced with a pair of Keihin FCR41’s with K&N filters, and the stock exhaust was replaced by a beautiful stainless 2-1-2 system by Rennsport.  The bike sounds great but is not too loud.  The carbs are jetted for our Middle Tennessee altitude and this motor is totally dialed in.  All these mods were made with the intention of making a strong, reliable, tractable street motor and the results are amazing.  Way stronger than a stocker but very fun, predictable, and reliable.  By the way, look at the motor pictures… the carbs are not drooping downward.  That’s the reverse slant Keihin designed into the carbs.  They are mounted correctly.   The suspension/wheels/chassis were all left stock.  The front rotors were replaced by a set of Italian Discotelli cast iron floating rotors.  The original Brembo calipers are still in place.  The White Power shock and Marzocchi forks are fully adjustable with the left fork handling compression while the right one handles rebound.  The front Michelin has about 90% left and the matching rear has about 70% left.  The original Rosso Red paint is still gorgeous and in excellent condition.  The only flaws are a small mark on the front fender and some mild pecking on the lower forks.  I could have painted those pieces but if I were buying the bike, I wouldn’t want anything touched.  I’ll let the new owner to make that call.  Richard installed a Sargent seat cover with the tri-colore patch and painted the front wheel black and the rear gold because he digs ’em like that.  I do too.  This bike has never been down, never raced, and has never seen a track day.  Richard was 42 when he ordered this bike in 1995 and has treated it responsibly and maintained it meticulously.  It has lived inside since new and has only had synthetic oil in it since break-in.  The shaft drive has been lubed every six months.  Included are the owner’s manual, shop manual, every receipt for every dollar he’s ever spent on the bike, including the original sales receipt, both keys, and the original tool kit. All the original pieces (carbs, pistons, cam, stock headers, air box, etc.) go with the bike.  Naturally, he has a clear title.  This is a rare opportunity to own a very special one-owner, collectible machine that has been babied and documented.  These don’t come along very often.  Lastly, there weren’t many of these Sport 1100’s built… this is the 17th one.  And this one looks much better in person than it does in the pictures, which isn’t usually the case.  I am always honest and accurate with my descriptions and plan to keep my 100% feedback rating.  Please feel free to call Rusty at 615 430 6252 with any questions.  Thanks for looking and good luck!

You can look at the eBay auction yourself after the link.

This is a great bike which will probably be a bargain for someone.  Picking a price can be tough s this will be rare with all the work which makes it a bit special.   I do wonder if the starting bid at $6500 is a bit high but am happy to be proved wrong.


Sport Bikes For Sale September 4, 2011 posted by Andrew

Serious Smoker – 1997 Suzuki RGV 250 SP

It is only fair that I point out straight away that this is titled in California. Yup you read that right! This particular beauty being the export model with a claimed 70Hp which should make this bike very quick given its dry weight of under 300lbs. With the VJ23 was the introduction of the 70 degree V Twin which had previously been a 90 degree engine. The VJ22 engine was the basis for the RS250 engine. So how rare is this bike, well there were 357 V models out of a total VJ23 production run of 2218, so pretty rare. Of those 357 only 119 wore in Lucky Strike colors. This is the V model as the 240kmh speedo and the grey rear brake reservoir cap show. The stock bike had a black cap. If you go and inspect the bike then you will also find a black plate on the side of the headstock which differs from the non V model. There is much dispute over the power claims for the bike with the factory saying 70Hp and Japanese tuners putting the number closer to 54Hp. Either way you know it would be fun to ride.

The owner gives you quite a bit of history of this bike and is very careful to point out the minor flaws:

Export “V” Full Horsepower Model
The Japanese domestic model had lower horsepower, this version was considered an “export” model and therefore did not have any horsepower restrictions.
This is an original “export” full power model, not one that has been “derestricted” by swapping ignitions.
The “V” model is a limited production of 357 units.
70 degree engine layout, dry clutch, close ratio gearbox, 32mm carbs, electric start.
“V” model has a large black i.d. plate riveted to the headstock on the right hand side which designates it’s an “export” model.
240 kmh speedometer instead of the 180 kmh
Rear brake master cylinder has light gray lid instead of black

Jim Lomas Stainless Exhaust with Carbon Fiber Mufflers
Magical Racing Double Bubble Tinted Windscreen
Stainless Steel Brakelines
The Wheels Were Powercoated Black From The Original White (because I don’t like white, too hard to clean)
The Upper Fairing Bracket Was Painted Black From The Original Silver (because it looks cleaner black)
The radiator was repaired on the left side by the previous owner, see picture. Seemingly damaged in transport. But it does not have any coolant leak issues.

The paint is all original Suzuki factory Lucky Strike colors in near perfect condition,
It has a few very very minor flaws that are not that noticable which can be seen in the last 3 pictures pictures.
This is an original Lucky Strike bike, not a standard model with swapped or repainted bodywork.
Small scratches on the left side panel near the rear of the gas tank,
Small scratch on the front fender, and a 1/16″ mark on the top right of the gas tank.
The paint is very glossy and like new!

Recent carb clean with new needle and seats
Compression at 146 psi on both cylinders

New NGK BR9ECMIX Iridium plugs
Michelin Pilot Race Tires with about 500 miles of usage
Rear 160/60 x 17, Front 110/70 x17
Motul 710 2T injector oil used

It has a clear CA title that is current to April of 2012.
The mileage is 6586 KM’s which is approximately 4083 Miles.

Go on, hop on over to eBay and see the auction.

The pictures that have been posted on eBay are low resolution but you will note there is a link in the auction that will take you to a site with much higher resolution pictures of this rather gorgeous bike.

And the owner has posted a video so you can hear it:

The bidding already has the price at $10,000 and it has only just started. It may even make $15,000 by the time it is over as these do not come on the market very often. So if you want one you had better get over there and start bidding…


Ducati September 3, 2011 posted by Andrew

Italian exotic that started it all – 1990 Ducati 851 SP2

The Ducati 851 was the bike that started the modern era of racing success.  It was the first water-cooled 4 valve twin that has been the foundation of all the engines through to the current 1198 in the Superbikes. While the bike has 851 as its designation the engine actually displaced 888cc which by 1993 became the foundation for the 888 Superbike.  Over the years Ducati have frequently bumped the capacity for the racing homoligation bikes over the rest of the bikes in the model range.  Most recently we saw the 1098R displacing 1198cc as it continued the tradition.  The SP2 has a number of improvements over the SP of the prior year with full Ohlins suspension an increase in valve size and more serious Brembo brakes.  The engine also gain two injectors per cylinder from the previous year’s single injector while the gearbox was a close ratio version previously seen on the 851 Superbike Kit. By 1990 standards this was an exceptional bike and it was $23,000 new all those years ago.  A total of 380 were made worldwide.

The owner gives quite a detailed account:

The 1990 Ducati 851 SP2 is the homologation bike built by Ducati to qualify to race the 1990 World Superbike series.  With eight victories in the 1990 season, Raymond Roche won the first World Superbike Championship title for Ducati. It soon turned out that Ducati would turn out to be the team to beat in the SBK of 1991 too as Doug Polen was winning the championship on his Ducati 888.  This is the bike that started it all.

This bike is a little bit of Ducati History.

#245 is in wonderful condition as it has only 8900 Km on it (~5600 miles).

Cosmetics :
Body work is all original, complete, no blemishes or cracks, and no scratches.
The Frame is nearly perfect with no dents, bends or structural issues.  There is one small scratch less than a 1/3 inch.
Seat, tank, controls are all perfect.
Mirrors are NOT original and I don’t have the original.

Mechanical :
Engine is perfect.  No leaks or sepage.  As far as I know the engine has never been out or disassembled.  That would be normal at 8900Km.
Cooling system is perfect.  No leaks or repairs.
Suspension is perfect.  No seal leaks or damage.  One side fork slider is mission the Ohlins sticker.
Wheels are perfect. No scratches or dents (Tires are Michelin and should probably be replaced despite have ample tread – simply old rubber)

Clear Title
This bike is NOT registered in CA and is NOT street legal in CA.
Exhaust is NOT original.  A pair of Fast by Ferracci carbon cans attached to stock exhaust
Reat Sets are NOT original.  A pair of Fast by Ferracci rear sets are installed.  I do not have the originals.
As previously mentioned the mirrors are not stock.

I will assist (but not pay for shipping) in shipping this bike anywhere in the world.  My only requirement will be payment in full and cleared prior to shipping.

I will consider other 888 (non SP) with clear title and CA registration as partial payment.

Please Note :  If you are unfamiliar with the Ducati SP bikes you may not like the price or understand why the SP bikes command such a price.  I understand, but please do your research before being critical.  The SP2 was sold in 1990 for a MSRP of around $23,000 and only to qualified racers.  This is not your ordinary ’90 851.


The auction can be found here on eBay.

While the bike as noted is not 100% original it is still one hell of a bike and should command a decent price.  It as always tough to try and see where it will sell at but my guess would be the $10k to $15k mark.  Any other opinions out there?


Ducati September 1, 2011 posted by Andrew

Eric Bostrom’s Bike – 2004 Ducati 999S

So a 2004 Ducati 999S is not the rarest of Sportsbikes but the one that Eric Bostrom used as his daily rider is certainly a bit different.  The bike by itself is rather sexy but adding the Bostrum heritage takes it to an extra level.  Now I could go on about how special the bike it with names like Brembo, Ohlins and Termignoni simply rolling off the tongue but if you are looking at this I am not sure I will need to.  There is no documented evidence of Bostrom having owned this bike in the auction but the seller does lay out details of the background for the bike, along with details of people who can validate its authenticity.  If you are going to bid I would suggest you make the call.

The seller gives details of the background as to how he came by the bike:

Ok, so here is the story.  2005 when Eric Bostrom rode a Ducati 999 in AMA Superbike, he was given a daily driver 999S which is this bike that I am selling.  It was configured for him and has the suspension done by his personnel guy that did his race bikes.  When he was done with it, the bike was auctioned by The Ducati Factory to the Ducati dealership where it was retailed to me.  I just put $1637.82 into the bike after pulling out of storage for 4 years.  Ducati Santa Barbra did all work and can be called to verify the receipt you see in the pictures.  The bike with new tires brakes and a ton of other items is practically brand new.  Every thing that moves was serviced so the bike would be ready for the next ownerThe parts that were professionally put on by Ducati for Eric Bostrom who signed the tank as you can see from pics. are as follows
Ducati performance slipper clutch
Cycle cat rear sets
Olins front and rear adjusted by the best there is
Ducati performance ECU (power commander)
Stainless full exhaust system with titanium cans
Carbon rear hugger
Other carbon pieces that can be scene in the pics
This bike rides like the way Ducati built it for the guy that had all the money and did not care what it cost, unlike todays Ducati’s which are awesome but not built like they used to be.
Please feel free to call Carlin at the Ducati store for any info regarding this bike.  He is a racer and knows whats up
My feedback is perfect cause I take great pride in being 100% honest.  I have sold Harleys, boats, motorhomes, and more and never had a problem.  Please do not ask reserve because its going to sell as long as the price is not at a level that I would keep it as ART work instead of selling it. This bike has never been down.   I love this bike but times are different and extra stuff has got to go.

The auction can be found here on eBay.

Currently it is at $6400 and has not met the reserve.  I would expect this normally to go for around the $12000 mark but the Bostrom relationship may well push that higher.


MZ September 1, 2011 posted by Andrew

German Intrigue – 2005 MZ 1000S

MZ is an old German bike manufacturer that can trace its history back to 1906.  They are noted as an East German manufacturer due to their location ad after WW2 of course they ended up in the east.  The MZ name is actually an abbreviation for VEB Motorradwerk Zschopau and the company has had a successful racing career in road racing and also the International Six Day Trials competition.  During the cold war year the company did not get support from the East German government as so its racing successes faltered and the bikes stagnated somewhat.  This particular example is the largest engine they produced and is also noticeable in that it is the first four stroke engine, all others before it were 2 strokes.

The seller has the following to say:

“You are bidding on a fairly rare(around 30 imported into the USA) 2005′ MZ 1000S sport bike in excellent condition,and not even broken in yet with only 2,055 miles!This bike is highly underated,with superb German engineering & craftsmanship that rivals many of the Europen marques!All top rate components are used throughout,and this bike is really a “sleeper” in the sport tourer market.Check out this link for a period roadtest,and to get an idea of the bike’s engineering at .Also,parts are readily available from Grahams Motorcycles in the UK at ,and arrive usually within 7 business days.

This bike is in excellent condition throughout,with no issues,flaws or problems.Fuel injected 1000cc twin fires right up and runs strong through the 6-speed cassette transmission.The original owner installed a Power Commander to map the fuel injection,and a set of HMF Performance pipes,but the bike has not been Dynoed yet which will really make a difference in both the performance & response.This bike is geared for top end,and would make a perfect sport touring mount to both eat up the miles,and have fun in the twisties.Also,I recently installed a set of R&G upper fairing crash protectors.

The front forks are Marzocchi,the rear shock is Sachs,the brakes are Nissin,and the tires are Michelin Pilot Sports-All first class components.The engine is of MZ’s own design,and is very smooth & balanced.Very useful power band,with alot of smooth power delivery on the top end.The chassis & handling provide light,stable,and predictable feedback,with no surprises.Really alot of fun to ride in the twists!

These bikes retailed when new for around $11K,but you can get this one for half of that!And thats before you add the extras such as the pipes & Power Commander!Also included with the “Buy It Now” price is a copy of the factory repair manual,parts manual,a brand new set of plugs,along with unopened bottles of Fuchs/Silkolene ProCool radiator fluid,and brake/clutch fluid.

You can see the auction for yourself here on eBay.

Pricing a bike like this is always hard but this example has a low mileage of not quite 2,100 and personally I think you get an awful lot of bike for the money which here is $5999 (the seller is also open to offers).  The bike has a style of its own with a strong V Twin engine, so if you fancy turning up on something a little different for your next bike night then this could be for you.


Sport Bikes For Sale August 25, 2011 posted by Andrew

1988 Yamaha FZR750RU

Now this takes me back  few years! I wonder how many of these remain with only 200 being imported for AMA homologation.  This was one actually raced but is now titled in CA.  Sounds like some fun!  When these were originally released they were not available in California as they were only 49 state compliant.  However our seller here has managed to obtain a CA title for this example.  This bike was previously listed on Craigslist back in May of 2009 at a price of $3750 which means you can get a lot of bike for a reasonable outlay.  For reference the you can have a read here.

For sale is a very rare Yamaha factory racer introduced for the 1988 AMA Superbike Series,This machine has 5,554 miles on the clock, with 350 miles since a complete engine re-build using OEM factory race parts, with  a total of almost $6,000 spent including new tires, brakes etc, with receipts for the work.

Wikipedia article,
The Yamaha FZR750RU was only available in 1988 in a limited quantity (200 to USA) at a then price of $6899, which was more expensive than most liter bikes at the time. This was the only 750cc Yamaha sportbike offered for model year 1988-89, period. The following is from a 1988 Yamaha Product Sales Guide:”Yamaha’s FZR750R is a fully fledged road racer designed and built for AMA Superbike racing. Unlike other racers, though, to meet AMA rules, the FZR750R is fully street legal and available down at local Yamaha street bike dealers. Quantities are limited to the 200 required for AMA racing homologation, but for riders with the ability and desire to win races, there’s never been a better or easier way.” Just briefly, the bike weights 448 pounds dry, fuel capacity is 5.3 gallons, and tire sizes are 120/70 ZR 17 front, and, 160/60 ZR 18 rear. Brakes are 320mm front and 267mm rear. Forks are 41mm with spring preload and rebound damping. Delta Box frame, Genesis five-valve-per-cylinder motor and the same close-ration 6 speed gearbox as the factory racer were part of the package.”

This machine is in excellent condition and comes with a host of parts, manuals, receipts, etc.
It was raced in Superbike in the late 80’s by Williams Racing and the engine was race prepped by Vance and Hines “Suicycle” it also has many race upgrades such as strengthened swing arm, race suspension, quick remove calipers etc, also a host of the original parts removed for racing.
The bike has a current California registration, tagged till May 2012

The auction can be found here on eBay

I love the fact that the bike comes with its history documented as well as the service manuals and a lovely collectable called “microfiche”.  For the youngsters out there it is what was used before DVD service manuals. It is going to put a smile on someones face for not a great deal of money.


Sport Bikes For Sale August 19, 2011 posted by Andrew

Oh my…. 2001 Ducati 996 R

Before the R model was just part of the model range Ducati produced enough bikes to get going racing under homologation rules.  So 500 of these were built. The 2001 996R was the first Ducati to use the new Testastretta engine and was only sold over the internet.  The chassis was the same as the 996 SPS with changes to the front end brakes and a revised fairing that lost the side vents to lower drag.  With the engine being much more powerful that the previous 996 the bike was a great foundation for Ducati in World Superbike.

In 2001 Ducati introduced the limited production (only 500 were built), 996 R, the suffix standing for ‘Racing’, which featured Öhlins suspension (rear and front), carbon fiber bodywork, a revised and more streamlined fairing, but most importantly the newly redesigned engine, the Testastretta (narrow-head) which actually displaced 998cc. The engine got its name from the narrower angle between the intake and exhaust valves, down to only 25 degrees, which was designed by Ing. Marchetti, coming from Ferrari F1. It featured more aggressive camshafts, titanium conrods and a shorter stroke and wider bore, which allowed it to rev more safely at high RPMs. It produced 98.5 kW (135 bhp) at 10,200 RPM with a maximum torque of 105 Nm at 8000 RPM. Most of the chassis was the same as the 996 SPS, but using a new Brembo braking system, with thinner discs and 4-pad, 4-pot calipers with 34mm pistons.

Carbon wheels, and long race swing arm added.

You can start your bidding over here at the eBay auction.

I for one would love to have this bike.  The owner has done a couple of changes such as carbon wheels and a longer swing arm from the Corse group at the factory.