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Forgotten exotic – 2006 Ducati 749R

Being the baby superbike of the family the 749 I think is often overlooked.  This however is an R model so that is something we shouldn’t do. The 749R was designed for homoligation for World Supersport racing which allowed few modifications and Ducati built the bike so that it was really rather close to being a race bike with lights.  A short stroke engine meant that it rev’d hard and along with all the carbon fibre looked rather special.  As you would imagine all the equipment is of the highest standard. Ducati however didn’t manage to shine in World Supersport in the same way that they did in World Superbike. The engine in stock form made 121 bhp and this was aided by the use of exotic materials internally such as Ti con rods.

The seller doesn’t give us too much detail apart from minor cosmetic issues:

2006 Ducati 749R 749 – #135 –  only 2900 Miles. bike is VERY good condition. bodywork nearly perfect. small scratch on swingarm from rear stand is about only thing on the bike. runs great no issues at all.

You can find the auction yourself over here on eBay.

The asking price is $11500 which may a be a bit high given what 999R’s can be found for but this is a low mileage example and certainly looks in great condition from the photos.



  • unfortunately the only carbon on these bikes for the 05-06MY was the belt covers…

  • i am also curious as to why the tail has been changed? notice the seat pad is missing and there isn’t any holes drilled for the velcro pads that hold it on…

  • Typical overpricing at consignment by a motorcycle shop…

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