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Honda July 31, 2011 posted by

’93 CBR 900RR- Setting a New Standard

Location: Alameda, California
Mileage: 16,460
Price: Auction, BIN $3,499

How about a liter bike that weighs and handles like a 600? Hasn’t the goal with the sportbike always been to create the lightest and most powerful package you can? Power to weight. That’s where all the secrets lie. Well, the CBR 900RR was Honda’s effort to get to that very difficult goal. A complete departure from the CBR 1000, the 900 was a laser-focused race bike that would set a new standard in the sportbike world. It weighed 408 lbs, but packed 122 bhp. It was no heavier than the CBR 600 at the time. Other companies would take years to catch up.

It’s also one good looking bike. Check the pics (many more in the auction)-

Here’s the description from the seller-

Super clean 1993 CBR 900RR. This was a one owner bike originally purchased in Florida (49 state bike) and was recently sold to a shop in Las Vegas. They went through the bike and did a complete service, and also installed new tires. The only thing I did was to put a brand new RK chain on it, just for safety ($165! ). The bike runs great, I’ve put several hundred miles on it and it performs well, still pulls hard & handles well for a 19 year old bike. All stock right down to the exhaust! This bike carries a clean Florida Title, and I have the bill of sale from the shop in Las Vegas. I’m only selling it to finance a custom build, time to thin the herd! The bike is in excellent original condition, but keep in mind it is 19 years old. Always kept indoors, paint shines like new. There is one minor flaw in the tail, it has a small imperfection about 1″ wide – see pics. Other than that,please look closely at all the pics, that should tell the story. Selling as-is, please be serious & do your homework before you bid! Mileage may go up slightly, as I still ride this about once a week.

Notes: Rear stand in pics is not included. I don’t handle shipping, but will gladly work with your shipping company – can be picked up at the local motorcycle shop, which makes it easier for the trucks. Also, bike has not been to a California DMV, should be able to register – it has over the 7500 mile requirement – but buyers are responsible for checking with their DMV BEFORE BIDDING! 

This bike looks to be a bone stock factory version, except the chain and tires. Rare for sure for a bike like this that’s 19 years old. The seller also highlights a minor cosmetic flaw as seen in the photos. And while this may not be at the top of everyone’s collector’s list, I think it has the possibility to hold or increase in value as the year’s go on.

This is a clean version of a important bike in the Honda line up and in the history of sportbikes in general. I also think it’s a lot of bike for $3500 bucks.

If you agree, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale July 31, 2011 posted by

Looking For A Winter Project? How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

Looking For A Winter Project?  How About A 1987 Suzuki RG250 Gamma?

It is not the latest and greatest and it isn’t a “10” but it does have the makings of a nice winter  project (aka wife evader).  It is in decent shape, it is mostly stock and complete, it does have a title and there is no reserve.  Read on if intrigued.

They were parallel twins before the V’s came along.  Pictures don’t tell the whole story but they are a good start.  I’m not noticing a lot of major corrosion but there will be some for sure on various bolts, brackets etc.  Rubber that old tends to be cracked or brittle as well.  Factor in all those little parts you know you will need when making a bid.

Not showroom quality obviously but not abused either.  If you are curious about parts, there is a decent supply of RG250 parts to be had.

If you do some research I think you will be surprised how many color schemes these things came in.  They included several Walter Wolf versions and my favorite, the HB Suzuki yellow and white.  There were not any major design changes from the RG’s inception in 1983 to the last version in 1987.

The RG’s details:

This is a rare Suzuki 250 Gamma. It is titled in Washington State as a 1984 but the VIN and the color and the specs indicate it is really a 1987 ( MK4.)
( You may wish to do the research)
I have owned the bike for 12 years. It is a Japanese import which I bought for my son on his 18th birthday. He only rode it for a summer then went to college and after that went overseas.
This is a great little bike. I start it up periodically and it is garaged but I don’t ride it often. It runs and sounds great!  The condition is good but it does have some blemishes-it has a scrape on the engine case, ( pictured) a scrape on the exhaust pipe tips, and the lower fairing is missing ( almost impossible to find one)   The upper firing has some cracks and has been repaired. There is an oil leak from the exhaust pipe where it enters the engine but it is small. It only has the single seat. 19,875 kms not miles.
This bike would suit a two stroke enthusiast . It is fun to ride, runs well, and best of all is street legal. Everything works.


Obviously, if you were interested in this as a project it would all hinge on the price.  It isn’t a basket case but if you are doing a full restore you’d have engine work, paint, worn parts and all those pesky clips, brackets, screws and hoses that would need to be replaced.  I’d ask about the missing fairing pieces as well. 

I’ve never paid too much attention to the older RG250’s but I’ve seen a couple restored recently and they impressed the hell out of me.  If you can stay out of a bidding war on it I think you’d have a diamond in the rough.  Here she is.


Kawasaki July 30, 2011 posted by

’93 Kawasaki ZX-7, the ZX-7 for the rest of us.

Location: Adell, Wisconsin
Mileage: 28,500
Price: Auction, BIN $2,650

Nope, this isn’t the famed ZX-7R (posted earlier this week on RSBFS by Andrew) for sale in this auction. This is the factory non-homolgated ZX-7 that Kawasaki produced in 1993. So why is it being posted on RSBFS? Well, while the ZX-7R is a special machine, they are also not the easiest street bike to own and command significantly more money than this. With this bike you get the great paint/graphics and a bike that will still be fun to ride (107 bhp at 10,500 rpm and 453 lbs. curb weight) for a great price. This bike was big news when it was introduced in ’89 and clean versions aren’t exactly flooding the streets these days either.

Check out these pics-

Here’s a rundown from the seller on this bike-

This well maintained and great condition 1993 Kawasaki ZX-7 has provided me with awesome riding since I purchased it used in the summer of 1999.I am reluctantly selling this great cycle because I have reached an age that the aggressive sport/racing oriented geometry & riding position is no longer comfortable. I will be sad to see it go but I need to sell it to get a new “old fart” cycle.
Upgrades & Modifications
1. Polished frame & swingarm
2. Full Vance & Hince SSR2 exhaust with carbon fiber canister
3. Factory Pro Stage 1 jet kit
4. K&N air filter
5. Accel super coils & plug wires
6. Targa light green windscreen
7. Polished aluminum bars ends
8. Carbon fiber fork crown cover
9. Carbon fiber instrument cluster surround
10. Braided stainless steel clutch cable
11. Rear fender removed & small turn signals installed
1. New Dunlop Sportmax Q2 front tire — Fall 2010
2. New Dunlop Sportmax Q2 rear tire — Fall 2009
3. New EBC front brake pads — Fall 2010
4. Refurbished front rotors — Fall 2010
5. Carburetor rebuild except diaphragms (they were still in good condition) — Fall 2010
6. New chain — Fall 2009
7. New front sprocket — Fall 2009
8. Front & rear brake lines completely flushed — Fall 2010
9. Clutch line completely flushed — Fall 2010
10. Coolant completely flushed — Fall 2010
11. Oil changed at least twice a season with Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle oil 10w-40
12. Air filter cleaned & oiled at least once a season
1. Original owners manual
2. Clymer service manual
3. New 15 tooth front sprocket
4. Remaining parts of Factory Pro jet kit
Cosmetic Defects – Please Refer to Pictures for Details
1. Rear seat as 2mm crack
2. Rear wing/handle as some paint rubbed off from bungee cords
3. Windscreen is crack on right side by first mounting bolt
4. Several other nicks and scratches

The seller does nice job of highlighting the mods to the bike above and also the small cosmetic issues. This bike probably won’t ever command the kind of value the R model does for collectors but at the same time could continue to increase in value, so modifications should be taken into account. The mileage on the bike is getting up there too. Making sure it runs strong is important although the maintenance on the bike looks to be solid.

Again, I view this bike as an opportunity to get into something that looks great and still represents a great era for the sportbike for relatively little cost. If the bike speaks to you as well, make the jump!


BMW July 29, 2011 posted by

Is this from Tron? – 1990 BMW K1

OK so this won’t be to everyone’s taste but no denying BMW were thinking ahead when they designed the K1. Here we have an example from 1990 in Red and Yellow, you’ll be noticed!  The design of the K100 that BMW used to produce was a cruiser/tourer design and BMW marketing wanted a sports orientated tourer to appeal to a more youth orientated market perception, and compete with the Japanese factories. BMW was committed to the manufacturer imposed 100 bhp (75 kW) limit for motorcycles sold in Germany, so decided that to address both issues it needed to turn to aerodynamics to solve the problem.

In 1984 at the Cologne Motor Show, BMW design created the aerodynamic “Racer” mockup, based on a standard K100 chassis. At the 1988 Cologne show, the production K1 used the same large and all enveloping two-piece front mud guard mated closely to a seven-piece main fairing, that included two small panniers. The resultant drag coefficient was 0.34 with the rider prone, the lowest of any production motorcycle in 1988.

Lowered since new and includes all replaced OEM components, new progressive front springs, newly rebuilt master cylinders with new pads front and rear. New paint, tank badges, windshield, AGM battery, front tire, coolant hoses, fuel lines, smog hoses, fuel cap gaskets, front wheel bearings. New powdercoat on all black small parts, custom engineered, chromed front bearing dirt shield, other small parts also chromed. K&N, fresh synthetic oil w/new BMW filter, new fuel filter. Matching BMW, new in box saddlebags and tank bag currently being used.

I bought this bike in 1991 with 770 miles on it. With a few other bikes and sports cars in my stable, the milage on this bike has been kept low. This bike is a daily rider so milage is increasing.

You can find the eBay Listing here

They are certainly unusual bikes but like so many BMW’s seem to again high mileages with little effort.  You want to be noticed at bike night then this might just be the bike for you.  After all there are loads of lowered ‘busas out there!


Ducati July 28, 2011 posted by and Weekly Recap!

Can’t get enough of all the awesome bikes on RSBFS? Then cruise on over our sister sites and for a chance to check out even more two-wheeled-awesomeness! This week, CSBFS has offered us a couple classic Ducati’s as well as a Moto Morini. Also on CBFS, we get to check out a nicely done Honda CB750. Take a look and don’t forget to check out the sites for even more bikes!

Jump on this classic 1976 Ducati 750SS before it hits the open market!

1986 Moto Morini 350 K2 Up For Auction!

Italian Classic: 1981 Ducati 500SL Pantah!

Clean 1972 Honda CB750 For Sale on CBFS!

Make the jump to ClassicSportBikesForSale and CafeBikesForSale!


Honda July 28, 2011 posted by

1986 Honda NS250R For Sale-

1986 Honda NS250R for sale in super rare silver??

Location: Pompano Beach, Florida
Mileage: 5,321
Price: $3,000.00 will put it in your garage

Soooooo, I’m guessing this isn’t the most desirable color combo for the NS250r? But it still makes for a fine bird chaser and it comes complete with enduro style rubber for those back yard excursions….er….were those considered ‘sticky’ back in the day?

What the hell because either way it’s a perfect fit on and here’s why.
-Grey market import
-No title
-Low miles
-it’s a smoker!

What more could you ask for from us here at That’s what I thought!

Now, on to my blabber 😉

45hp was standard issue for the NS250r and that was put to the pavement via an 18″ rear and 17″ front Comstar 5 spokes. I know you liter bike die hards are laughing at 45hp, but these tip the scale at a mere 317#’s and 45 ponies is plenty to put a smile on your face.

How many of you noticed the ‘kickstand coolness’? Check it out again if you missed it. It has it’s own little aerodynamic fairing attached to so when it is up it’s clean and tucked away. Those crazy Honda engineers thought of everything-

From the seller:

The bike starts, runs, and stops.

This bike is in original unrestored condition. As you can see in the pictures, the bike does have some scratches and scrapes (nothing bad), the aluminum is a little oxidized in spots and I noticed some light surface rust in spots (again, nothing to bad).

If your a 2-stroke fan and looking for a project vintage street bike to restore or just want to own one of these hard to find Honda’s to ride this bike would make a great addition to your garage.

Okay, so we have a few bumps and a little oxidation- Not too bad all in all.

Check it out here if you’re interested in having the only NS250R on the block.



Kawasaki July 28, 2011 posted by

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R

It is that little R that makes all the difference. I think this excerpt from the article ‘Appreciating Older Sportbikes’ by Tim Kreitz says it all:

“It seems a little hard to believe in this modern age of super-light, ultra-powerful motorcycles, but the comparatively heavier and somewhat tankish 7RR was the unquestioned king of the AMA for the better part of the ’90s. The bike brought Kawasaki into an era of awe-inspiring dominance at the hands of riders such as Scott Russell and Doug Chandler, whose combined efforts resulted in an amazing four AMA championships over a period of seven years. Russell also took the Kawasaki 750 to the World Superbike Series, where he silenced all the critics with his historic 1993 WSB championship. The ZXR750/ZX7RR, for the greater part of the decade, was the quintessential high-performance motorcycle. Its impact on racing and even modern culture was so great that, even to this day, most sportbikes — Kawasaki or not — are referred to as ‘Ninjas’ by the general public.”

1992 Kawasaki ZX7R For Sale

For sale is a 1992 Kawasaki ZX7R. This is the bike Kawasaki built in limited numbers to homologate their Superbike effort.
The “R” version came with full race factory upgrades to include a close ratio transmission, slipper clutch, hotter Cams, bigger 39mm flatslide carbs, bigger brakes, adjustable suspension, aluminum gas tank, and solo seat cowl. This was a bike I lusted for from the day I first saw it. I remenber seeing those scoops thru the tank for the first time, it just screamed “Superbike”
Brand new the bike was close to $12,000 back in 1992.
After looking for several years, I found a very clean example about 4 years ago, which I purchased. The bike came with a full race stainless steel Muzzy exhaust, Woodcraft rearsets, Penske rear shock with resevior, and braided lines. These were all very attractive selling features to me, mosty because I love upgrading the bikes I own. I’m a collector, but first and foremost I’m a rider.
I upgraded the front end on the bike to a brand new 2009 GSXR750 unit. This included the forks, lower triple clamp, front wheel, rotors, master cylinder, calipers, clipons, carbon fiber front fender, and Superbike braided lines. The conversion was done by Wyn Belorusky, master bike buider and fabricator. Look him up. He machined the top triple clamp out of a solid piece of billet aluminum to replicate the stock upper triple. It looks amazing and no one can believe its not the stock upper. This conversion saved about 15 Lbs. over the stock unit and is simply awesome. It handles like a new modern bike. I also added brand new tires front and rear, as well as new chain and sprockets. I had the front GSXR wheel along with the stock rear wheel freshly powdercoated Kawasaki green to look correct and new.
The motor has been completely gone thru with a fresh top end and dyno tuned by Randy Voth of Full Spectrum Racing in Orlando, Florida. I have receipts. The bike is very strong, temp stays cool on even the hottest Florida days, and the Muzzy pipe sounds soo sweet.
Cosmetically, it has a few blemishes in the bodywork. Nothing major, and I’m pretty picky. The pipe has a very small dent in the midpipe, I mention this for completeness and took pictures.
Overall its a very sweet machine, and has a very special history in the evolution of the superbike. Just ask Scott Russell.  Someone is gonna get a very nice bike. I have and will include in the auction the stock complete front end thats ready to go,  you can bolt it up easily if you like.

eBay Link here

While the bike does have 15000 miles on it and minor cosmetic issues my guess is the owner knows his stuff and looks after the bike.  It certainly is an exciting bike to own.  I think we may have seen this before,  Interesting that the mileage is the same now as it was back then: Old RSBFS Entry


Ducati July 27, 2011 posted by

RSBFS Reader’s Rides For Sale!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another edition of our Reader’s Rides For Sale here on RSBFS. This week we have a diverse group of bikes for sale, and even have a Moto Guzzi over in Spain for our reader’s across the pond. Also, if you’re in the market for a older small displacement Honda that is in exception shape, check out this VTR250 Interceptor! Don’t forget to check out the one-owner Ducati 996 for sale that the seller states will come with an extra set of Marchesini wheels. Enjoy!

1999 Ducati 996 For Sale in Columbus, OH for $6,995!

1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor for sale in Beaverton, OR for only $2,500. This bike has only 1,400 original miles and looks to be in excellent shape! Check out the for sale ad here!

2004 Moto Guzzi LeMans Nero Corsa for sale in Spain for 7,800Euro. Not many of these were built, so if you are looking to get one of these, then check out the seller’s ad here!

Don’t forget to check out the RareSportBikesForSale Facebook page to see more awesome bikes for sale that didn’t make it on to this site!




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