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Ready For The Street- Rare NSR80 On Ebay

Ready For The Street- Rare NSR80 On Ebay

How can one of these not be fun?  Anyone remember riding an 80cc dirt bike around when they were a kid?  Yeah, you get the idea,  this is a ticket waiting to happen.  Not because of out right speed but just the shear hooligan factor.  Some even say these bikes are a good way to improve your riding/racing skills.  Maybe but I bet most of us would just be pretending we are Michael Doohan ripping around the neighborhood and pissing off neighbors.  From what I can tell by the pictures this thing looks bone stock.  It is ready to be added to your prized collection or ripe for tinkering with to see what kind of power you can get out of that little cylinder.

From the auction:

Up for auction is one of my most prized toys. It’s an almost perfect 1998 Honda NSR80. This bike was never available in the US market and indeed is a rare find here. As you can see from the license plate it is completly street legal. For the past few years I have not put it on the road due to other interests. ( it has been stored inside my house out of the elements)The bike is in near mint condition with only some minor scratches on the tail and the decal on the lower left fairing. The pics really speak for themselves. The speedometer reads in kilometers so the 3800 is actually less in miles. Any questions just ask.  


Now you know you have to pay to play.  The bike has a buy it now price of $3900.  Of course that is high for a small bike but you aren’t paying for cc’s.  You are paying for a bike that was never imported here, is immaculate, has low miles/kms and is titled.  Is it worth it?  Depends on how much you like little bikes and how badly you want to be the coolest guy in the neighborhood.  YSR’s beware! 

I’ve posted this video before but it is worth watching again if you are into these bikes.  It shows all the paint schemes over the years.  As you can tell they didn’t change much from year to year.  Basically pick the paint job that appeals to you and lay down your money.


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale August 31, 2010 posted by

1974 Yamaha TZ250A Freshly Restored In Washington State

This is a freshly restored TZ250A from Washington on eBay!

Bike:  1974 Yamaha TZ250A

Location:  Camano Island, Washington

This TZ250A comes to us from the same seller who is parting with his RG500.  They appear to be liquidating quite the desirable motorcycle collection and I wouldn’t hesitate adding them to your favorite sellers list.

This TZ250 has been completely gone through with a fresh engine rebuild, new bodywork/paint, NOS rear shock, redone expansion chambers and a redone tank.  A small spares package is included.  This A model looks perfect with it’s wire wheels and large disc breaks, which were changed for discs on the C variant.  This should definitely be considered if you’re looking for a TZ to vintage race or just add to the collection.  See the other TZ250’s that have crossed our desks here.  See this bike on eBay with a $10k opening bid.


Honda August 31, 2010 posted by

Rare Honda NS400R-3 Cylinders-No Valves

Rare Honda NS400R-3 Cylinders-No Valves

The Honda NS400R;  probably the rarest of the big two strokes and also probably the least popular.  The big Honda just didn’t have the allure of the RG or RZ of the same time period.  I think Honda kind of shot itself in the foot by limiting the bike to 400cc’s where the RG and RZ where both a full 500cc for the export markets.  In general I think the NS400R suffered from the impression that  it was a little soft.  True or not I think that Honda didn’t quite make the bike as “racey” as the RG or RZ.  Honda haters claim Honda was never were really into building two strokes and eventually killed them by being the leader in switching to four stroke technology.   Damn you Honda! 

This particular bike is a clean but well used example.  It has just over 29,00 kms on the  clocks.  Not a problem for a well maintained bike but woth noting.  It also is sporting a nice set of Jolly Moto exhausts.  Check below to hear the different exhaust notes of a stock NS and an unplugged one.  The bike is located in Canada where they were legally imported.  It should have a Canadian title but you will have to work you magic here in the states.  The seller did list the VIN on the bike and it is a 17 digit VIN.  Just thought you might like to know. 

Not much in the way of details from the ad:

Extremely rare 2 stroke 3 cylinder Moto GP replica in original colors with Jolly Moto pipes (stock available). Looks, runs, and sounds great. Certified and just tuned up. ONLY 29,167 KM. Plus tax and license.

The good stuff:

The seller has the listing set as a classified ad.  He is asking approximately $6100 but he is also taking offers.   Make the man an offer and get another two stroke down here where they should have been years ago.  Be sure to swing by your local Honda dealership and belittle them for killing two strokes (I’m just having a little fun)!  


Wow, turn up your speakers and compare the sounds of these two clips.  Honda really plugged up the stock NS400R.

And how it should sound. I must say, it is a pretty bike in the old Rothmans colors.


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale August 30, 2010 posted by

1981 Suzuki RG500-VI On eBay!

This is a draw dropping RGB500MK6 on eBay!

Bike:  1981 Suzuki RGB500MK6

Location:  Camano Island, Washington

If you’re into motorcycles, it doesn’t get much more serious than this!  According to the seller, this bike was purchased new from Heron Suzuki in 1981 and run at Daytona & other U.S. National events.  It’d be nice to know more details but, I’m sure you can contact the seller and he could speak of this bike’s history for sometime.  This bike has just been fully restored using all OEM parts and comes with an extensive spares package.  This bike has been restored to Heron Suzuki GP colors and looks fantastic.

This bike looks ready to go and hopefully the spares package can make it feasible (22 pistons included!) to run the bike at an event or two through out the year.  Unfortunately, I do not know the market on these big Suzuki’s but, the asking price of $50,000USD doesn’t sound completely unrealistic based on condition but, I’m sure the history will play into it’s value depending on who has ridden it.  If you can provide any insight into historic values of the RG/RGB series, we’d love to hear from you!  See the RGB500 that Doug posted previously that had a $60k B.I.N. here.  See the seller’s TZ250A on eBay here, too.  See this RG500 on eBay .


Sport Bikes For Sale August 30, 2010 posted by

Original Condition And Titled RZ500 For The Taking

1985 Yamaha RZ-500

Original Condition And Titled RZ500 For The Taking

Ok RZ fans, this is one of those bikes.  If you have been waiting for an original condition RZ5oo to come along, take a look at this.  RZ500’s pop up for sale on a semi regular basis but ones that have not been tinkered with are a rare find indeed.  From the sound of it, this one has only had a set of aftermarket pipes installed and the jetting to go along with it.  You really have to look a the pictures.  This thing is 25 years old and look just look at those pictures with the bodywork off.  Clean as a whistle.  The bike only has 10,665 miles/kms (not sure which) as well.  The seller states that he is only the second owner of the bike and didn’t ride it much.  I believe him, the pictures don’t lie.

A thing of beauty:

Auction details:

This is the pride of my collection.  Clean Clear Legal New York state title in my name.  I have owned this RZ for a decade, and it spent most of its time just collecting dust.  This Spring I did all the service work to ride her this year but a leg operation ended that.  Service included: fork seals and carbs, air filter, brakes and fluid (front) and new tires.  Yes, the oil injection is working and other than the Spec 10 exhaust and jets, this RZ is 100% original, NOT a repaint, NOT restored!  YES, all lights and electronic work perfectly!  You can ride this bike anywhere!  Please look closely at all the pictures and watch BOTH VIDEOS to see what you are bidding on.  The TEST RIDE VIDEO demonstrates just how good (and fast) my bike runs.  I don’t need to tell you how rare this bike is and what it is worth.  I am not giving it away and you may call me  with your questions.  Shipping is at buyer’s expense.

As he states in the text be sure to link on over and see the videos he has included in the auction.  I know some clean/low mile RG’s have gone for over $10,000 lately.  I would assume this would fetch a similar price.  I would assume even with a saturated bike market this RZ will still command a high price.  You simply don’t find 25 year old bikes that have not been modified or molested.  To top it off it is a titled 4 cylinder two stroke!  Enough said.  Get the check book out, break out the credit card, sell the stock and jump on over and .


Update: This posting is pretty outdated. Check out some of these current listings on eBay for bikes and parts right now!

[AffomaticEbay]Yamaha RZ[/AffomaticEbay]

Bimota August 26, 2010 posted by

2000 Bimota SB8R in Chula Vista, CA

2000 Bimota SB8R with 2852 miles located in Chula Vista, CA listed for sale on ebay.

It’s Italian, has a v twin engine (although this one comes from Hamamatsu, Japan) inside, and it’s generously endowed with carbon fiber bits, Paoli forks, and CNC machined parts.  It can only be the Bimota SB8R (well, it could also be an SB8K, but those come up later):

Gorgeous Ultraspecial Machine. Collectors or serious Bimota fans only, please

This beautiful handcrafted italian motorcycle sold in very small numbers (+/- 150 units produced). This is one of the few opportunities you will have to get your hands on one with very low mileage and impeccable condition. Carbon fiber, titanium, Paioli suspension, Antera wheels. Only the highest quality components were used by this boutique italian manufacturer of dream machines to produce this highly exclusive work of rolling art.

It has been ridden occasionally, always maintained at the local Bimota certified dealer, and displayed with pride. It has never been raced. No damage, no modifications, no accidents. Ever.

It looks and feels like nothing else because there is nothing else quite like a Bimota.

*** Offers above $11,000.00 get a new (never installed) set of custom built race exhaust pipes ***

I only accept communication from prospective buyers, no publicity requests are welcome.

I’m slightly confused about the last sentence – so does listing it on RSBFS qualify as a “publicity request”? If you are the seller and are reading this and have a problem with this listing, please let us know. Seriously. =)

OK – back to the bike.  The SB8R, with a Suzuki TL1000R engine inside, is a fab bike no doubt. And this one, I would wildly guess, probably has a reserve price set at $11,000, which also buys you a set of custom built race pipes.  Most of the SB8Rs have been floating around this price range.  Here’s a list of previously featured SB8Rs.

The beauty of the TL1000R engine is that it gives you Japanese reliability with the best of Italian motorcycle handling.  Some have even said that the Suzuki v-twin engine is better than ones from Bologna (shhh…don’t let the Ducatisti hear this)!  In any case, if you want an Italian v twin without all the Italian “personality” traits, give this one a go.  Oh, did I mention that it’s a Bimota (which is one-up on a Ducati) as well?  .


Honda August 25, 2010 posted by

1994 Honda NSR 250R MC28 SE

1994 Honda NSR 250R MC28 SE

Location: New Zealand
Mileage: 25,000km
Price: $5,500.00 (about)

All you guys looking to sell your RSB’s take note of this listing and the quality of the pictures. This is how it’s done….

RSBFS viewer, Tom from New Zealand, is letting go of his stunning Honda NSR250se. Tom has done a superior job of accessorizing it with a few choice bits from Tyga (I’m going to give a shameless plug now).

Ever since I’ve become interested in 2 strokes I’ve noticed a lot of strange part manufacturer names along the way. In talking to any 2 stroke guy they are sure to tell you who they “use” for upgraded parts. Tyga seems to rank high on everyone’s list and after a quick view of their website it became very clear as to why this is. I spent countless hours flipping through their pages of parts and offerings. Much to my surprise they even offer a lot of items for 4 strokes. My favorite item is an exhaust they call “The Moto Maggot” It sounds wicked and if by chance Paul or any of the other guys at Tyga read RSBFS and want to let me give the Moto Maggot a test run and review you can contact me through this posting. Thanks in advance 😉

Okay, back to Tom’s NSR-

Oh wait a minute.. that is more of my shameless plug for Tyga, but it looks pretty damned nice on Tom’s bike. Don’t you agree?

From the listing:

If you’ve found your way to this listing you probably already know what you’re looking at. If not, this is a 249cc, 90 degree v-twin two stroke race rep with adjustable suspension, dry clutch, single side swingarm, PGMIV credit card ignition. I have owned this bike since December last year and in that time have put about 9,000 km on the clock. I have done a lot of work to this bike and have de-restricted it using TYGA Performance parts.

– Replaced battery with a gel type (no maintenance)
– New DID gold chain
– Replaced steering stem bearing
– Fitted stainless steel TYGA expansion chambers and silencers
– Fitted TYGA reed blocks and valves
– Fitted an MC21 flywheel
– Fitted TYGA fork caps
– Fitted MC21 exhaust hangers
– Fitted TYGA titanium levers
– Fitted TYGA carbon meter surround and carbon radiator shrouds
– Rebuilt clutch with new fibre plates and heavy duty springs
– Replaced lots of fasteners and rubber bushes
– Fitted TYGA screen
– Lots of spare parts

That is quite a laundry list and as I stated before, the bike looks SICK! I’m guessing this little gem wouldn’t last long at all in the states because at this price he’d be giving it away. Tom was gracious enough to make a few video’s of his NSR so make sure you scroll down and check them out.

You can view Tom’s listing here.

Does anyone have a contact that can import bike parts from down under? I need to get a quote and fast!

I almost forgot that I wanted to point out one of the pictures.

Aren’t you envious of Tom for getting to ride his NSR back home?

Good luck with the sale Tom!



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