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178 Miler: 2002 Ducati MH900e

I know it is early in the year, but I'm going to go out on a limb and proclaim this advert as one of the top 5 worst presentations of 2018. Fortunately, the bike is a MH900e - the Terblanche-designed internet wunderbike that put Ducati collectables on the map. Sold in limited numbers and online only, the Y2K re-interpretation of the Mike Hailwood replica classic is a little bit of eye candy artwork, a little bit of a modern torture rack and a little bit of a parts bin special. It is also a great investment vehicle for those who don't like to ride.

2002 Ducati MH900e with 178 miles on eBay

Based around the ubiquitous Ducati L-twin, the MH900e started life out as a 900 Supersport. With air cooling, two valve desmodue heads and dry clutch the MH900e exudes all the coarseness of the lower echelon Ducatis. The rest of the bike is pure Terblance, with stylish extremes at every angle. From the front the circular headlamp and fairing calls to mind the late 70s and early 80s Ducatis that were so successful on the track. At the rear the offset rear shock draws the eye to the unique swing arm, the shotgun exhausts and the wheel that seems to hang out in space. Even the splash of colors combine with the chrome accents to stand out. The presence of the bike is amazing, making the MH900e one of the most popular bikes NOT to ride.

From the seller:
Part of a collection. Rare 2002 Ducati MH900e. Well babied from day one. Never raced, abused or even wet for that matter.

Between the lousy pictures and the non-existent text, it does not appear that this advert was created by an enthusiast. It is listed as "Ducati Sport Touring" and the listing has no VIN number. How about one or two pics in focus? It is too hard to actually move the bike to a point where you can take a decent photo? What is the history of the bike? What collection is it part of? Why is the collection being sold off / liquidated? When was the last time this bike ran? A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a poor pic simply prompts a thousand questions.

According to the limited info in the advert, this particular example sports but 178 miles. That is closer to being new than many we have seen. However it is interesting in that mileage does not really seem to affect the MH900e values; perhaps it is because so few MH900e models actually accrue road yardage (rumor has it that they are too uncomfortable to ride much), or perhaps it is simply because these are rare bikes that always have a market. Regardless, this example appears to be a well-cared specimen that is looking for a new home. The starting ask is Canadian $18,000 (approx $14.5k USD), which is well-below market value. There is a reserve in place, and you can expect the seller to be looking for somewhere in the $20k USD neighborhood. Check it out here and then let us know if you would like one of these in your collection - and why. Good Luck!!



  • I’ve been trying to get hold of this guy with no luck. He also has a desmosedici listed. Would love a low mileage MH but this listing is a questionable. I keep seeing these ads with no explanations, horrible pictures and zero history…really? You can’t spend more then 3 minutes of your precious time to sell something for $15K plus??? Saw an add last week on eBay where the guy couldn’t even roll his bike out, pics were just of the back! Hahahah. Wow.

  • The bike is very cool – and if it checks out it should be an excellent example. But the presentation is the bane of an RSBFS writer’s existence….

    Good Luck on this one, Motoman!


  • I’m done with half a$$ ads. If they can’t spend the time to write about it, quite sure they didn’t spend the time maintaining it. Funny thing is…most bike guys will share their whole life story with you which is one of the reasons I love the motorcycle brotherhood. When they are short on words…it makes you wonder…..One will come up someday!

  • Hey I have long arms, can you get riser bars for this duc?

  • I have a serious question. Is there any actual riding review of MH900e? I really want to know what it’s like to ride it.

  • Just spent 5 mins digging around. No actual riding reviews came up. There was a comparison to the Paul Smart saying the PS had better components otherwise similar. If this is the case and the MH suffered the same problems then I wouldn’t want to ride one. The PS came with incorrect geometry from factory. Even after correction they were not great bikes. Then again, maybe I just don’t get Ducatis but I was happy to get off the PS when I could.

  • JB21
    I have one. Don’t like it much at all. I haven’t ridden it in years so I’ve forgotten all the quirks.
    Tiny gas tank. Some bits on it are cheap plastic (the cover behind the oil cooler, and if I remember right it is only there for show).
    Clipons seem narrow so more effort for steering (I think similar to 996). And of coarse the seat is paper thin and riding position is uncomfortable. The tach stopped working at 400 miles.
    Maybe I’m spoiled from Japanese bikes but I remember not being impressed by it.
    Also have a 996, 750F1 and 750 Sport than seem better built and more fun.
    It is unique and looks cool with the carbon fiber body kit

    • Thank you Steve!! I really really like the way it looks, and always wanted one, but I’m not a collector, so I’d need to use it, on pretty regular basis. Every time those show up, I get tempted to let go of my 899, but thank you for your honest assessment, it took my desire a notch down to a realistic level.
      Me, too, looked for it and cannot find a real review of this bike anywhere. It seems very odd to me.

  • I also have one. Brought last year from a collector who had never started it since purchasing (from Nick Cage) in 2004. It had 600 miles on it and now has 950 miles, so I don’t have a massive amount of riding experience with it, but I can say:
    – small tank – 90 mile range
    – mirrors completely ineffective
    – reasonably tall, but not problematic. Feels very narrow though.
    – seat thin, but actually not a weak point.
    – stock exhaust sound – meh.
    – poor turning circle
    – Actually rides OK. Balanced, easy to turn through sweepers. Power is appropriate for chassis and brakes.
    – Definitely a head turner when riding and definitely looks great on display. Perfect bike if you want people to talk to you at gas stations!
    You could definitely use it as a riding bike, but there are less expensive and better options. Great as a 2nd or 3rd bike (or my case 6th) for monthly outings on a Saturday afternoon.
    I will continue to ride for pleasure, but mostly look at for pleasure – it really is a piece of art.

  • SOLD for $28,000 Canadian (about $22,197 USD). Congratulations to the new owner!

    – Mike


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