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Ducati November 22, 2014 posted by

Tip Top Duc: 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR in Florida


2008 Ducati DesmoseDici RR with GP exhaust on ebay

A lot of motorcycle manufacturers produce race-replica (RR) bikes that they promise are street legal versions of track bikes.   Honda did it with the the RC45, Kawasaki with the ZX7R, even BMW with S1000RR.    But above the RR bikes are the "Halo bikes", outrageously expensive modern day homolgation machines that truly are the same as their raceday counterparts except for a few bits added to make them street legal.  For Ducati, the Superleggera is the current "Halo-level" vehicle, a $65,000 USD street legal WSB bike.

But the Superleggara isn't the first time Ducati has offered a true WSB-level bike for the street;  back in 2007 Ducati produced the Desmosedici RR, a 1500 unit production run of barely street legal moto-gp level bikes.  The Desmosedici RR was essentially the same base unit used by the factory race team on which Casey Stoner won the MotoGp championship by a very wide margin over the competition.  The Desmo came with 197 horsepower, track exhausts, forged Marchesini magnesium wheels, carbon-fiber bodywork, race-spec Öhlins dampers, rigid Brembo monoblock front calipers, and Magneti Marelli electronics and instrumentation.


Here are some  excerpts of reviews regarding the DesmoseDici RR-

"Maximum acceleration pins the rider against the seatback while he crouches under the windscreen, adrenal glands pumping out a charge.  Breathtaking quickness—0 to 60 mph comes in less than three seconds—is matched by the bike’s Brembo brakes. The four-piston front calipers yield such dramatic braking force that even one finger on the lever raises the notion of how easy it would be to go flipping over the handlebars.Cornering manners follow suit. Like many modern sport bikes, the Desmosedici uses the engine as a structural member; the steering spindle mounts on a compact steel trellis bolted to the engine’s cylinder heads, and the aluminum rear swing arm bolts to the crankcases. Together with the highly adjustable front fork and rear shock, the Desmosedici RR corners with uncommon accuracy. Provide a few millimeters of handlebar input or tip a knee slightly, and the bike faithfully follows your lead.

As noted, it’s the nearest thing to a 2006 990cc MotoGP race bike. The U.S. quota of 300 units makes it highly collectible—so much so that one delivery has gone from the owner’s garage to his living room. Having sampled one on the track, though, we think that owner is missing the point. This bike is more than static art—the real art is in the way it rides."


Only 300 of the 1500 produced were allocated to the US and prices when new were an eye popping 72,500 USD.   Apparently the bikes didn't sell that well when first introduced, which is probably due in part with their price being equal to a small condo/apartment and the fact that they were launched while the "great recession" was still underway.  This particular unit is #413 and comes with the "Rosso" all red bodywork (the "Team" version bikes had red and white bodywork and seemed to have been a bit more popular).  The condition looks to be absolutely perfect but the pictures on the ebay auction could certainly be better so perhaps an in person inspection is in order.


Now we get to the question, what is this bike worth?   The seller has a Buy-It-Now price of 65,000 USD which may seem extreme but there are actually several other Desmosedecci for sale right now on CycleTrader and price for those seem to be pretty close to this with variations for mileage and location.   Also, while the SuperLegerra is the current "Halo-Level" ducati and only 500 SuperLegerra are scheduled to be produced, I think this Desmosedecci will actually be the more collectible bike since it was a bike that mirrored Casey Stoners MotoGp mount when Ducati won its first MotoGp championship in almost 30 years.


Tip Top Duc:  2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR in Florida
Kawasaki May 29, 2014 posted by

2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine MotoGP Racebike Ridden by Colin Edwards

2013 Kawasaki Colin Edwards MotoGP

Here's a unique opportunity to purchase a MotoGP bike ridden by Colin Edwards just last year. While obviously destined for a collection, I can't help but fantasize what it would be like to show up at your track day with this! With 345lbs and 245hp on tap, you'd have to ride it at least once right? This listing on eBay UK is actual an advertisement for the Historics at Brooklands auction coming up on June 7th. The ad states the £62,000 ($103,620) price listed with the ad is to be used as a guide.


2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine for sale on eBay UK


an excerpt from the seller's listing:

he NGM Forward Racing Team 2013 FTR MotoGP machines As used by Colin Edwards and Claudio Corti throughout the 2013 season

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one or both of the Forward FTR MotoGP machines with one having been ridden by two times World Superbike Champion, Colin Edwards and the other ridden by the 2008 Superbike runner up, Claudio Corti.

Both machines are offered with their Kawasaki ZX-10R engines tuned by Kawasaki's French based tuning company partner, Akira. With the power output and dry weight of only 157kg and 245+ bhp of available power, these machines are capable of speeds in excess of 325 kph. An FTR MGP13 aluminium tri-spar chassis provides the framework with Öhlines suspension, Brembo brakes and an Akrapovic exhaust system mated to the Kawasaki power plants.

"FTR technical support post sale will include a test run of the machine with a grand prix technician to ensure the customer is fully briefed with the workings of the machinery and also two VIP paddock passes for the British round of the 2014 MotoGP World Championship at Silverstone on August 29-31 and hospitality with the NGM Forward Racing Team."


2013 Kawasaki Forward FTR Machine MotoGP Racebike Ridden by Colin Edwards
Ducati December 3, 2013 posted by

2008 Ducati DD16 Desmosedici in Portland, Oregon

Ducati DD16 Desmosedici for sale

While 2008 model years are rarely included here, I think we all agree that this limited edition Ducati isn't a just a sticker and number job. With some of the most exclusive technology ever offered on a production bike for the street, these are very special indeed and still draw lots of attention when seen in the wild. That's because many were instantly added to collections and used more for display than for riding. But this one is different having covered over 2700 miles for which we applaud the seller. This particular example is being offered by MotoCorsa in Portland which is right in my backyard. Wish it was me doing the shopping!


2008 Ducati DD16 Desmosedici for sale on eBay


from the seller:

This Ducati has been well loved and ridden as it was intended. It's in excellent condition with only 2274 original miles

Incredible Moto GP technology, sound, power, and performance in a undeniably potent and sexy exterior. The D16RR is literally a Moto GP bike built for the street. At the heart of the D16RR is a compact 989cc V-Four engine inside a version of Ducati's trademark tubular-steel trellis frame. The engine uses the same bore and stroke as that used in the 2006 race bike the D16GP6. It uses the "twin pulse" firing order in which the crankpins are offset by 70 degrees to generate what Ducati terms as "soft pulse timing."

Equipped with the race ECU and exhaust system the D16RR achieves 180HP at 13800 rpm at the rear wheel. Don't miss your chance to own not only a work of art, but a motorcycle with true World Championship winning DNA! This bike comes with everything that came from the factory when you purchesed a new D16RR as picured below.




2008 Ducati DD16 Desmosedici in Portland, Oregon
Sport Bikes For Sale April 1, 2012 posted by

MotoGP Promotion: Snag a RSBFS hat for $12.95!

MotoGP is almost here - and RSBFS can't wait a minute longer! To make sure that you are ready to fly the colors for the upcoming MotoGP season, you can snag a high-quality, RSBFS stiched logo hat for only $12.95! (plus taxes and shipping) Supplies are limited, and the offer ends when the green flag drops in Qatar on April 15.

These embroidered logo hats feature white piping on the brim and a velcro enclosure at the back. Perfect for a day at the track, or a day indoors watching the action on TV.

Be sure and order soon, as supplied are limited. $12.95 is a real bargain, and represents more than 30% savings. We have another batch of hats on order, but we're blowing these out at rock-bottom prices for now.

Help us celebrate the opening of the MotoGP season and be sure to let us know who you are cheering for! Hit up the RSBFS Merchandise Store for more info.

Ducati December 15, 2011 posted by

Low Mileage Nicky Hayden Ducati 848

Location: Modesto, California

Mileage: A whopping 188

Price: $14,000 BIN

Not sure how much we need to discuss Nicky Hayden here. Good old American MotoGp racer from Kentucky who happened to pull a world title in 2006. Of course he did that on a Repsol Honda. Since, Nicky moved to Ducati and hasn't had the same success. Neither has Valentino for that matter. But in honor of his being at Ducati, they put out the limited production Nicky Hayden edition seen here. Who knows if they'll drop a Rossi edition on us. Hope so.

Here's the info from the seller-

CONDITION: Vehicle is in immaculate condition. With only 188 actual miles this motorcycle has stayed covered in a garage ever since it was purchased new from the dealer in february 2010. The motorcycle has never seen rain and has no dents or scratches. Bike is started about every two weeks and stays plugged into a battery tender to the factory installed lead. The bike is still under factory warranty! ALL OFFERS WITHIN LOGIC WILL BE CONSIDERED

FEATURES: The bike is completely stock as it came from the factory. Absolutely no work, tuning, modifications, or replacing of any parts has been performed. This is an original limited edition, autographed Nicky Hayden 848, ONLY 150 BIKES EVER MADE! All dealer information, original paperwork, two keys, battery tender and bike cover come with the sale. This is as close to a brand new bike as it gets without paying full sticker price. Save money and avoiding paying sales tax from a dealer.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY: Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and delivery fees. However, I have a truck and will transport near the west coast free of charge depending on location. I am pretty open to that agreement so contact me for details.

And more photos-

So this appears to be one clean, original, no excuses bike. Not much more to say than that. The bike is limited with only 150 being built. It has the obvious special paint scheme and Nicky signature on the tank. Otherwise, it's your standard Duc 848. This one also has extremely low mileage, so if your interested, here's a chance to own an original Hayden edition that hasn't even been broken in. The seller also includes all the extras and paperwork that came with the bike. Important if you are really looking to collect this bike.

The seller is offering the bike for $14,000 BIN and is also accepting offers. MSRP was $14,500 so maybe you can pick it up for a little less and get an essentially new bike and save some dough. If you're a Nicky and Ducati fan, then take advantage of this opportunity and check the auction out.


Ducati November 4, 2011 posted by

Bargain MotoGP Replica? Track Day 2008 Ducati DD16 Desmosedici

Bargain MotoGP Replica?  Track Day 2008 Ducati DD16 Desmosedici

This Desmosedici caught my eye today because it is one of the few I've seen for sale that has actually been used for its' intended purpose.  I think most owners of these pricey machines barely tip toe to their favorite hangout, let alone tempt fate with it on the track.  This owner has tempted fate around the track with his DD16 and lost a couple of times.  This bike has its' share of bumps and bruises but that is what was interesting about it.  Is the price to condition ratio close enough that it might be  a bargain?

Lets see what we are dealing with.

From the seller:

Selling my 2008 Ducati Desmosedici 600 Mile Service and recall work done at Rockwell Cycles. Oil changed once a year. Bike is in Attack trackonly body work. BST Carbon Fiber Wheels 17" you can run ANY tire you want and not the crappy Bridgestone 16" rear that it came with. Original Wheels included as well. Bike was lowsided. It did not flip. The damage was cosemetic. The bike still has scuffs on the clutch cover, Right clip on, and front brake lever. The fairing stay developed a crack, but was repaired, same goes for the carbon fiber part that goes around the Radiator (just a cover). Right footpeg has scuffs. This is NOT an immaculate Bike. It has the RACE Exhaust and ECU installed. I tried to ride this bike like it was designed to be ridden, unfortunately this bike is simply TOO MUCH bike for me. If you have a desmo already, this is a great track body double so you can keep the babied one pristine. If you have never ridden a desmo...DONT BUY THIS BIKE....on the street this thing is SO LOUD it hurts. The only time i rode it on the street was from the dealership to my garage. Since then its been all track miles. The bike runs perfectly. I converted the bike to 520 chain and sprockets which have less than 150 miles on them. DID ERV3 Chain. I sold the original forks, because nobody could set up gas pressurized forks. So these are OHLINS RT 1198S forks. If you really want to ride this on the street, I can include the headlight, tail light, mirrors and turn signals (integrated into mirrors) for an additional $500. You would then need to source yourself a nose fairing or carve your own. I had it professionally repainted the correct color that it should have come in originally.

What stood out to me was the bit about the forks.  I am not enough of a suspension guru to know if the forks on the bike are an upgrade or downgrade.  Can anyone comment on this?  The carbon wheels sound cool but I can't say I've had any experience with them.

The owner said it isn't mint.  I guess your biggest concern would be that the bike hasn't suffered any major damage and that everything is straight.  The seller has a buy it now price of $26,000.  For comparison, I saw a couple of mint Desmosedici's sell in the $40,000 to $45,000 range last fall.  My gut reaction is that the BIN price is reasonable.  That price definitely makes the bike available to a lot more buyers.

If Ducati happens to make another replica it might not have that trellis frame.  I saw they were scheduled to test a more standard aluminum dual spar frame this week.  The luster of their GP program sure has suffered since Stoners heyday on the bike that inspired the Desmosedici.

Click here for one mean track bike.