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Yamaha FZR750R OW01 with Only 75 Miles in Switzerland!


Here is a stunning and original icon of the niche that defines our website. A homologation special that inspired all of us in period and still resonates with collectors today. While the majority of our audience is located in the United States, the buy-it-now on this Swiss auction is roughly $23k USD. With shipping and import fees, this may interest any serious Yamaha collector worldwide.


Yamaha FZR750R OW01 for sale on eBay.ch

$_57 (4)

from the seller:

New & original FZR750R OW01 for sale.
Type: 3SJ-001145

It’s the model with dual headlights , 100% original.
120km on the clock – driven from the mechanic of the dealer where I bought them at the time.
Comes with form 13:20 A – that means has no identity , because the bike was NEVER redeemed.

Is a pure Collectible – was always dry stored .
No scratches at all …
As I am the owner since the beginning, it’s time that this beauty passed on to another lover – . Eventually he/she moves it finally 🙂


  • Dear Santa……..

  • good god…I want that

  • Drool

  • Dare I say….. “good deal?!”

    Seems very reasonably priced compared to other examples to come up for sale.


  • I would think the deal of the year.. As I have a crated example that i wouldn’t sell for twice that asking price

  • Great bike, even better deal, too bad is in EU, importing it into US could be complicated and expensive. Glws and hopefully someone from the States brings her here

  • Well spotted Dan. I saw this a few days ago on another website and alerted a collector friend of mine. If I had enough space and cash I wouldn’t let this go…

  • Another great diesel, but sigh, Iv’e never thrown my leg over one of these… Were these a wet or dry clutch?

  • From what I can gather,it seems this bike could not be registered anywhere. It has no “identifiers”.

    • I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the “identifiers” myself……?


  • What do you mean that?
    From what I can gather,it seems this bike could not be registered anywhere. It has no “identifiers”.

    I’m the owner of this Swiss OW01….

    • Very…very nice bike Chris…..

      Why are you selling?



    • If you still own the owo1 contact me.

  • And another mileage lie.

    Any cable driven speedo can be disconnected to slow mileage accumulation.

    Lovely OW01 though. Always loved them and thought they where under appreciated. 20 years ago they where changing hands for less than 10 grand. Now the secret is out 🙂

  • The mileage is correct. Please do not judge other people based on your bad experience – it’s not the fine art!

    I’m selling this bike after 18 years.
    Two years ago, Swiss government has decided to increase the penalties for to fast driven dramatically. E.q. 25km/h to fast on the landroad cost 1000 chf + you have to give your driving licence away for one month…. imagine how much we have to pay at 150….
    …now my personally result: i bought a Harley…
    I have had an OW01 before, which I really have used. This here is NEW, as this was my dream since I was 17 years old – you can come and watch it 🙂

    • You didn’t own the bike for its first 10 years – how can you speak to the original mileage unless you witnessed it never being used over that 10 years?

    • That goes both ways doesn’t it RC45? Do you have knowledge of this particular bike and seller, or can we take him at his word until someone goes to inspect it?


  • Before I bought the bike, it was stored at Hostettler Yamaha Sursee Switzerland. It’s our general importer.
    He has had 3 OW01 left till this day. I bought one, another one a friend of mine. The third one I don’t know.
    If you would see the bike, you would trust me.
    R45, it’s disappointing how you dee the world.

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