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The Lost Limited: 1994 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SP (U.K.)

spsp right

The forgotten one of the limited edition GSX-R’s.  The design had gotten old and heavy, they were never imported into the Untied States and only a few hundred were produced;  it all adds up to one rare and highly collectible bike.  What it lacks is the wow factor of the 89 RR and 86 LTD.  Instead it has a list of small targeted upgrades to help reduce weight and help scoot it around the track.  I’ve highlighted a few below but the seller has included the full list on the auction.

1994 Suzuki GSX-R 750 SP for sale on eBay

sp carbs 2

The larger 40mm flatside carbs.

sp carbs

You can just see the magnesium head cover.  Those would be fun to try and order from your local Suzuki parts man.

sp frame

The seller describes a feature I had not heard of, tuneable head pipes via an adjustable bolt to help fine tune carbs.  Kind of interesting the engineers would waste even a single yen on this since the exhaust system is the first thing tossed for racing.

sp brake

Six pot brakes lifted from the 1100.  Wheels are lighter as well.

sp front

The seller claims only six were imported into the U.K. by Crescent Suzuki.  I thought I’d never see one for sale but in the last couple of years we’ve seen 3 or so listed (all in Europe).  Bid accordingly if you are trying to finish off a collection. 

The auction is right here.



  • Erm, they all came with magnesium cam covers- nothing special. I’ve loved and owned many GSXRs from 1986 on, and the only thing of value to me on this one is the carburetors.

  • sixth gear is right, the US 1994 stock model had all the same magnesium pieces as the European exclusive sp model. However, I’ve been told that the rest of the worlds stock 1994 750 did not come with magnesium covers, somewhat of a cross over year like 1992 when the rest of the world got the water cooled WN models and the US market didn’t see water cooling until 1993.

    The carbs on the SP are very cool and I would add the exhaust was somewhat exotic for the time over the standard model.. I have a 94 sp Germany market bike sitting right next to my 94 standard US model and there are other minor differences for sure. The most noticeable is the head light assembly.

    This particular bike for sale has a few none stock parts from what I can see but does have all the rare pieces in tacked. if you’re a gixxer collector and have the other homologated bikes it’s a must have for the collection, in my opinion… 🙂

    one other note. importing is tricky on bikes not 25 years old.

  • Eh…, “highly collectible?” I kinda don’t see it that way. This won’t fetch much at all, I’m guessing.

  • Wow,only ever seen pics of this elusive weapon and this is the first I’ve actually see for sale.Brings a tear to my eye just seeing that distinctive frame.
    Amazing to think just 2 years later we were blessed with the wt!

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