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Racier Ninja: 1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M

Known as the ZX-7 in the United States and the ZXR750R in other markets, Kawasaki’s answer to the 1990s class of 750cc superbikes came in a wide variety of specs over its 14-year production cycle, but the early race special bikes are the ones that truly capture imaginations. In 1993, Kawasaki churned out a few hundred nearly race-ready ZXR-750Rs marked with an ‘M’ model designation. Standard bikes were noted with an ‘L.’ What was not a big divide in nameplate signaled a huge difference in spec and performance.

1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M for sale on eBay

The M bikes rolled out of the factory with a rack of four 39mm flatslide carburetors, a slipper clutch, a close-ratio gearbox, fully adjustable suspension, no pillion post and an aluminum gas tank. Weight savings were something like 20 pounds over the standard street bikes and horsepower was up considerably, to 121 at the crank. While the run-of-the-mill models were sweet street machines with a hard edge when you wanted it, the M bikes made no concessions to comfort or ease of use.

This 1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M is in fantastic, well-maintained, one-owner condition. The clean and nearly mark-free bodywork belies the bike’s 23,000 miles and all mechanical parts appear to be basically free of dirt and debris. The tires and brakes are new according to the seller, and the oil is said to look very good.

From the eBay listing:

This bike is one of few remaining kawasaki racing production model motorcycles. The rules for ama superbike racing during these years specified all manufacturers had to offer a production version of the bikes they intended to race. I think “homologation” was the term used to describe this process.
This motorcycle is the “m” version, not the normal “l” version which was the standard street bike offering. The “m” models had fully adjustable front and rear suspension components, 39mm flat slide carburetors, a close ratio transmission, a slipper clutch, an aluminum fuel tank, and no provisions for a passenger.

This bike needs nothing and speaks for itself all the way from front to back and has brand new tires and breaks and oil is clear as the day shines. Been serviced and owned by journeyman motorcycle mechanic since bought brand new in British Columbia Canada. The bike is just a piece of 1990s art for the sport bike worlds highest times and these bikes are rocketing in price as we all know and this is just the beginning. These bikes that are in this condition are getting sold for huge dollars and continue to rise and before you know it they will be doubled and tripled in price for everyone is importing them for profit and investment due too crashing market possibilities these will never loose there value for they are our generations dreams from the past that will never be forgotten. The rush and the feeling of rolling hard at 240 kph or 150 mph in the 90s can become and a reality and at the same time a serious Blue chip investment you can enjoy. I have 2 of them and a few other Japanese sport bikes I will be selling from my personal collection to make room and raise some funds to open my motorcycle shipping company I August. no chips in paint not damage no accidents just a beauty. Call me anytime for questions on the bike 4035508273 please refrain from asking my buy it now price just call we can discuss.
The warranty ran out in 1994 so the bike is being sold as is.

Bike is located in Red Deer Alberta Canada and is very easy to get across the border and tax international can deliver to your door or fly in to Calgary Alberta airport and ride home. Phone and talk to me before you bid to buy because there is no question asking and bargaining after auction ends. Please treat my auction properly and don’t bid because your board and ask your wife first and don’t bid by accident as I have seen ion the past.

Cheers Kyle Devereaux

Racier Ninja: 1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M
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1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R (ZX-7R) in UK colors

1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R in the UK


What’s wrong with this picture?  The classic “K-model” green/white/blue ZX-7R has been a longtime favorite here on RSBFS… but we don’t see these very often.  This is the somewhat controversial green/white/RED color scheme that was exclusive to the European markets.  As a member of a few Kawi specific forums, I can say that opinions are divided on this look, but I love it.  Aside from the colors and the naming, the technical specs are the same.  The “R” version benefits from a host of goodies to homologate it for WSBK racing including a lightweight aluminum fuel tank, solo seat, lighter subframe, taller first gear and 39mm flatslide carbs.  These modifications, along with different cams and some other engine tweaks resulted in a bike that was approximately 20lbs lighter than the standard version and made an extra 20hp.  While the carbs and the gearing can make it a bit challenging for every day use, it shined on the race track.


This one appears to be in VERY good condition and appears to still have all of those rare goodies that are getting near unobtanium levels for those looking to collect and/or restore.  This would make a fine addition to any collection for our UK readers or even our more ambitious stateside readers with the financial means to clear the customs hurdles.  You likely won’t see another one like it anywhere in the States.

You can check out the eBay UK listing here:  1991 Kawasaki ZXR-750R on eBay UK

here we have a stunning example of this very rare exotic ZXR750R K1, this model of Kawasaki’s very rare machine, was especially made for WSB, made in very low numbers, full adjustable pre-load, anti dive front suspension, gas assisted fully adjustable rear suspension, close ratio gear box, alloy fuel tank, large race flatslide carburettors, DOHC in-line four, 16 valves.
equal bike in its days to OWO1, GSXR750RR and RC30 and made famous by the likes of Scott Russell WSB. champion on the very competitive factory ZXR750’s.
very clean standard example, absolutely spotless, runs and looks superb. very hard to find in this kind of condition with low mileage. getting very collectable. comes with 2 keys, owners manuals and paperwork.


1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R (ZX-7R) in UK colors
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Deal Of The Year? 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R

zx right

Deal of the year?  It just might be for the Kawasaki  boys.  The BIN of $3,250 is quite pocket pleasing for a double R ZX. It obviously isn’t in original condition but it doesn’t look abused either.

zx left

The info:

THE REAL DEAL * Yes it is the R Model * * 39mm Flat slides * Aluminum tank * Fully adjustable suspension * Close ratio gear box * Slipper clutch * Race body work *

zx front

Winter restore project or ride the hell out of it as it is?

zx right rear

Click, click, click if you want it.


Deal Of The Year?  1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R
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The Same, Only Different: 1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M1

The Same,  Only Different:  1993 Kawasaki ZXR750R M1

I never get tired of them.  We’ve all seen our share of ZXR750R’s but I always take a second look when I see them wrapped in this bodywork.  That bodywork reminds me of what I think are some of the most exotic race bikes ever built:  the endurance and TT-F1 bikes of the 1990’s.  Pick your manufacturer, they were all one off specials.

If these two don’t do it for you I don’t know what will.  In these cash strapped times with  production based rules these bikes are a distant memory.

Someone in the UK has been hiding this one away.  It has seen only 1165 miles of pavement!  It had been stored since 1994.  The current owner had a full service done on the bike and it is road worthy.

It might have a German accent.  It is a UK spec bike but was sold to someone in Germany before being brought back home.

Boring photo but I think it proves the point that this thing is mint!

1993 was the first year of ram air on the ZXR.  I knew the RR had the adjustable swing arm pivot but did not know you had to have some race kit parts to actually adjust it.  This one is nice enough that I hope the new owner keeps it absolutely stock.

The asking price?  $16,144 to us in the New World.  That is,  until the dollar tanks even more.  Peso, here we come.  Has anyone seen one with this bodywork running around in the states? I sure haven’t.  To add it to your collection click here.


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UK Kawi Homologation Specials: 1992 And 1994 ZXR750R’s

UK Kawasaki Homologation Specials: 1992 And 1994 ZXR750R’s

Here are a couple beauties courtesy of my Aussie hook up Chris.  Why couldn’t that red/white/green 94 be a little closer to home?  Me like.  Looking back through the RSBFS computer files here at RSBFS Plaza, we have had a nice steady stream of clean ZXR750R’s over the past year.   These two continue that tradition.  The 92 is a low mile bike, the 94 is higher mileage but carries that very unique paint.  I’m a Suzuki guy through and through but this is one of those bikes that I’d jump at the opportunity to buy (just need it on the same continent).



Man, I wish the Japanese manufacturers would get back to making homologation specials.  Maybe they will never come back since a lot of race series have been steadily moving to production based bikes.  Their race features were a waste on the street  but who would turn their nose up at a chance to have one?

I bet this is what you are after, right?  I’m kind of partial to the aluminum tank.  Women like shoes, I like tanks.


 Details, details:

Here we have a genuine Kwasaki ZXR750 M1 1994 m reg: 121 BHP. This is Kawasakis version of the rc30, 0w01, rc45, gsxr750k, Comes as standard with the flat slide cr carbs, alloy fuel tank, close ratio gearbox, high compression pistons, race cams etc etc, Fitted with a muzzy exhaust, good tyres, These zxr750 are now becoming a collectors bike and this particular machine would look good in anyones collection, Also comes with lots of reciepts old MOTs original factory workshop manuel, UK bike not an import, Bought from Daytona motorcycles in London, Part exchange welcome.

Good looking behind!  It has just over 30,000 miles on it but you sure don’t see that color scheme often.  The bike is listed as a classified ad and the asking price is roughly $7,500.  .


The more common green/blue/white but it still has those classic ZXR good looks.  This is a slightly older 1992 but it has only covered 9,500 miles.  I think they need some larger license plates in the UK.  I can’t quite see that…..from space.

A little salesmanship:

This is a rare and incredibly well kept Kawasaki K1, which if you know your bikes is a very Special and Collectable bike. It was introduced for Homologation in to the World Super Bike Series, which of course it Won against the likes of the fabulous Honda RC30.


What set the K1 appart were the following changes, which transformed an average bike into a Razor Sharp Racing Machine:


*Flat Slide Carburettors

*Revised Camshafts

*Fully Adjustable Suspension

*Magnesium Engine Covers

*121 Brake Horse Power

*Single Seat only 

*Close Ratio Gearbox

*Hand Welded Aluminium Fuel Tank


Recently fitted with Diablo Corsa 3 Tyres and new Front Brake Pads. No dents or scratches present but a couple of small chips on the rear wheel. Not much in the way of service history but plenty of old mot’s to confirm the mileage. If you wanted one of these machines for your collection, and you want the best then this is it.


How does roughly $6,400 sound for this one?  Sounds like a price where I’d be making more room in my garage.  This bike is also listed as a classified ad and you have the option of making an offer. .

Now I need some help from some UK readers.  Both bike ads say they have previous MOTS.   Why are old MOTS important?  Are they showing past maintenance on the bike? 



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Project 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R K2 on Ebay

Project 1992 ZX-7R K2 Homologation Superbike on Ebay

Location: Gageslake, IL
Price: $2,200 B.I.N.
Mileage: 26,000 or 32,000

Hmmmm, something interesting here for the tinkerer.  This is not a garage queen by any means but might be a nice gem in the rough for the right person.  It is a fairly high mileage bike with 26,000 miles (for some reason the seller has listed the mileage at 32,000 in the auction) on the odometer.  It looks like it has had a  small slide as evidence by some rash.  I guess the big question mark is the countershaft.  It is apparently stripped where you mount the sprocket.  Good news is the seller is including the replacement part.  Bad news is what might have caused this.  Might be a simple fix, might not.  The bright spot here is the seller realizes the bike needs some work and has it listed at a very modest price.

From the seller:

Super rare 1992 Kawasaki ninja zx7r 750r only a few hundred ever brought to the states. This bike came with aluminum gas tank adjustable suspension 39mm flat slide carbs and much more . The bike is in very good shape with tons of new parts on it like a brand new stainless steel full muzzy exhaust system.There is a minor crack in the fairing and some scrapes and scratches but not real bad for a bike this age. The bike runs but will need some work the carbs probably could use a cleaning and The front fork seals will need to be replaced.the worst part about the bike is the shaft were the front sprocket goes on is stripped . I have a replacement shaft for the bike it just needs to be installed. The bike is in very good over all condition and road fine before the shaft stripped out

If  you have the tools and the time I’d jump over to the auction quickly.  Project bikes at reasonable prices seem to go pretty quickly and the seller has a buy it now price of just $2,200.  It’s not everyday you can pick up a rare bike for a modest price.  .


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Phil’s 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R for sale

Here’s my own personal 1991 Kawasaki ZXR750R homologation special for sale. I bought it initially with the intention of restoring to it’s former glory, but with our new baby daughter arriving in May, it’s probably not the best time to take on such a project, so would prefer to see the bike to go a new owner who would take good care of it.


The ZXR750R is the homologation special of the standard ZXR750, with Keihin flatslide carbs, close ratio gear box, aluminum gas tank, single seat (the previous owner added rear pegs and a passenger ‘pad’) and even a slipper clutch (called a ‘Back Torque Limiter’ – bet you didn’t know that!)  There’s a wealth of excellent ZXR750R info on Andy’s ZXR750R site. This specific sample has 19,493 km on the clock bike has new fork sliders plus Racetech gold valve internals, Ohlins rear shock, Akrapovic header with Micron carbon exhaust, and new Michelin tires.  Cosmetically it’s a bit ratty and could do with some restoration (or you could get some race bodywork from Airtech and turn this into an awesome 90s track bike!), but then again I’m only asking for $2000 or best offer. There is a slight catch though – the bike is located in Hong Kong.

In any case, please allow me to share my vision of what I had planned for this ZXR750R – I’ve always had a thing for endurance racers (as in the bikes, not the riders!). Inspired by the original endurance racing ZXR-7 (see attached photos below), I wanted to restore the “Zed” with a complete strip down, and rebuild it with completely new body work and paint it up as a ZXR-7 endurance replica.  Actually, a limited number of ZXR750R were available in the red/white/green endurance colour in the UK back when:

And just for reference, here’s one of the original ZXR-7 race bikes for sale. Even more info on the  ZXR-7 and older ZXRs in general, click HERE, HERE and HERE.


So if you’re in the market for a Homologation special on the cheap, cheap hit Phil up and help him buy some diapers

🙂 dd

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1991 Kawasaki ZX7R K1 Ninja

Located in Winter Haven, Florida is a 1991 Kawasaki ZX7R.  This example has 7,900 original miles, is a one owner bike, and has a clean title.  Information about the K1 & K2:

The race version had the same frame as the J models, but it sported 39mm Keihin Flatslide carburettors, full power engine, close ratio gearbox, alloy tank, fully adjustable suspension front and rear, single seat and was 5kg lighter than the J models.  121BHP & 190kg dry.

The asking price of $6,500 seems a bit high compared to a very similar K1 we’ve posted previously–but the other one did seem to be a steal at $4k. See this one on Craigslist here.