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High-Spec Hooligan: 2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing for Sale

After the introduction of their RSV Mille, Aprilia knew they needed something a little less extreme, at least in terms of riding position. But while Ducati’s original approach to the naked bike was to put a lower-spec engine into a frame from an older sportbike, Aprilia was forced by necessity to go a different route: they didn’t have a less powerful engine, or a different frame. The resulting Aprilia Tuono and especially this Tuono Racing was never gonna be great for cruising or posing or generally blatting around, at which the Monster excels.

Perhaps most significantly, unlike every other naked sportbike, the Tuono wasn’t detuned at all: the 998cc Rotax-developed v-twin still made 126 hp and 74 lb-ft. torque, while balance shafts meant it was surprisingly smooth, considering the 60° configuration. The frame looks similar to the beautiful aluminum beam design seen on the RS250. I can’t imagine it’s the exact same part, considering the different engines, but I’m sure Aprilia tried that before designing a new one… And the Tuono was actually lighter than the RSV, owing to the lack of a fairing and some additional carbon bits. Throw in some high bars and you’re looking at the original “supernaked.”

The Tuono may not be quite as sexy as something like a Ducati 998 or a Monster, but it’s way more comfortable than the 998, faster than a Monster, more reliable than either of them, and likely more fun as well. It’s a bike to ride, not to look at, and that Rotax twin is famous for being virtually trouble-free and has reasonable servicing costs.

The Racing was the top-spec Tuono and Aprilia wasn’t kidding with the name: it was designed to compete in an Italian series against rival Ducati’s S4R. And they weren’t kidding with the components: suspension was by Swedish specialists Öhlins, a fully-adjustable shock out back and a 43mm fork up front, with a matching steering damper. Instead of a slipper clutch, Aprilia used their Pneumatic Power Clutch that used engine vacuum to disengage the clutch during downshifts to prevent the rear wheel from locking. Top-of-the-line radial Brembo calipers meant you could have stoppies to go with your wheelies.

From the original eBay listing: 2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing for Sale

Up for sale is my 2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing #002

This a very rare bike only 200 produced worldwide and 50 examples imported to the United States. This bike is #2 from the production run worldwide. This bike was sold to the public specifically so Aprilia could qualify to race it against and beat Ducati in the Italian Naked Race Series.

I have owned this bike since the summer of 2011 and I know I’m going to miss it, but I have a new kid and we are getting a bigger house so this has to go. I’ll be hanging on to my two other Aprilias.

I have every original extra part that you received with the 2003 Racing, plus I have an extra Front Race Fairing and Track Belly Pan (most people don’t have any of these parts and I have 2 sets, see below for additional price):

  • Carbon Fiber Front Racing Fairing x2
  • Carbon Fiber Track Belly Pan x2
  • Aprilia Racing Exhaust and Race Chip (both currently installed)
  • Original Stock Exhaust and Chip (in factory original box)
  • Passenger Seat
  • Carbon Fiber Solo Seat Cowl 
  • Passenger Pegs (currently installed)
  • Track Counter Shaft Sprocket
  • Aprilia Racing GP Shift Kit (currently installed)
  • Standard OEM Shift Linkage
  • Brake Light Delete Panel
  • Factory Drilled Bolts for Race Wire
  • Factory Manuals (Racing & Operator)

Non-Factory Parts:

  • Integrated Rear Turn Signals (I have the stock turn signals)
  • Rhino Frame Sliders (they are black and look nicer, I’m pretty sure I have the stock white ones)
  • Rear Fender/License plate Kit (I have the stock rear fender) 

The extra Front Race Fairing and Track Belly Pan would bring a pretty high price all by themselves, but I want to keep it all together.

Its in very good condition with about 10000-ish miles (I’ll have to charge the battery and check). I’ve had it for a long time but put very little few miles on it. The bike is 15 years old and has been ridden so there are a few minor imperfections.

The extra set of carbon fiber race fairings I’ll include for an additional $750.  

None of the parts are for sale separately please do not ask. 

I am willing to assist in shipping the bike, but it is 100% at the buyer’s expense


Okay, none of the Tuonos are really beautiful, but I think the first-generation is the best-looking of the bunch. It didn’t even bother trying to be subtle, and the styling is just a bonkers mess of in-your-face. I mean that as a compliment. The seller’s $8,000 is high for an early v-twin Aprilia in general, but first-generation Tuonos are pretty hard to find and seem to get snapped up pretty quickly. Given all of the available, often very hard to find extras and the overall condition, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets what he’s asking.


High-Spec Hooligan: 2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing for Sale
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Skin Deep: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory for Sale

Look, I need to get this out of the way  up front: this Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory is a very ugly bike. The proportions are strange, the details are overwrought, there are creases and angles everywhere… Honestly, the only really positive thing you can say about the bodywork on the Aprilia Tuono 1000R is that there is less of it than on the RSV, but that’s definitely damning with faint praise. But before you legions of Aprilia fans whip out your pitchforks and head to Southern California, there are two things you should know. One, it’s been raining here a lot and not only are the canyon roads a mess, the drivers here really don’t know what to do with this kind of weather, so you should wait a month. And two: I genuinely like the Tuono.

2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory for sale on eBay

When introduced, the RSV had the monumental task of being the other Italian v-twin superbike. Ducati had the heritage and sexy looks, so Aprilia desperately needed to differentiate themselves, and went with hypermodern styling that wasn’t a big hit then, and hasn’t aged all that well. But there was surely nothing at all wrong with the mechanical parts, and both the RSV and the Tuono have long been, along with the “touring” Falco, the affordable, reliable choice for fans of Italian handling and sound.

The aluminum alloy beam frame is gorgeous, with clear links to the RS250 and the compact, 60° Rotax v-twin is a bit more coarse than Ducati’s famous L-twin, but also a little happier to rev, with a distinctive character. Packing 998cc and 127hp, up from 123 in the regular Tuono, the Factory makes plenty of power and the right kind of noises, but the biggest advantage is the twin’s reliability. Low prices and low maintenance make it the budget Italophile’s dream, and the odd looks just mean owners can pretend that they’re much more interested in performance than in something as shallow as appearance

Handling is impressive as well, with lightweight forged wheels, Öhlins forks and shock, an Öhlins steering damper, radial Brembos, and the usual bits of carbon that will inevitably fade after a few years of occasional exposure to sunlight, be expensive as hell to replace, and probably saves half a pound compared to the stock machine. Interestingly, the RSV didn’t feature a steering damper, but the Tuono had less weight over the front, owing to the lack of a fairing and the raised bars so the result was a more wayward front end.

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory for Sale

Number 63 of 200 
Bike comes with track kit. 2 factory Aprilia pipes. One in box. Full carbon body work for track use.
Never tracked bike, 19,500 miles. Never down, never dropped. New tires. Just serviced. 
Do not ride this anymore. Have title. Tags just paid. No issues with bike. All Carbon perfect, no scratches, no dents, no nothing. Owned with pride. All stickers removed from street carbon body work. Carbon track kit is hard to find. Some people sell separate. I’m selling as package.

  • Ohlins Suspension
  • Extensive Carbon Fiber Body Parts
  • Carbon Fiber Belly Pan Track – Never Installed
  • Carbon Fiber Headlight Track Shroud – Never Installed
  • Ti Mufflers 2
  • OZ Wheels
  • Brembo Monobloc Brakes
  • Ohlins Steering Damper
  • Sargent Seat
  • CRG Levers
  • 139hp
  • 472lbs wet
  • 408lbs dry
  • Holds 4.7 gallons of fuel

So the Tuono offered up superbike power, great, but slightly hairy handling, in-your-face styling, and reasonable comfort. Top speed was lower than the RSV, but for 95% of riders 95% of the time, the Tuono was a better choice. Tuonos may not be pretty, but they are pretty impressive machines in every other regard, and those low prices make them a great bang for the buck. Of course, “affordable” is relative and the first generation Tuonos have been more valuable than the RSV for a while. I’m guessing that’s because, at least here in the US, they are much less common and it’s been a while since I saw a really nice one up for sale. Miles aren’t collector-bike-low but the bike is in very nice condition, with some desirable extras.


Skin Deep: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory for Sale
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Under the Skin: 2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R for Sale

2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R R Side Front

Although the American motorcycling community seems divided along impractical bikes at either end of the spectrum, journalists and riding enthusiasts long bemoaned the lack of real performance nakeds like this second-generation Aprilia Tuono: bikes that had the performance of a sportbike with all-day ergonomics. A bike you could ride to the twisties and then in the twisties.

2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R L Side

Triumph and Ducati got it right, mainly owing to a lack of budget I think: take an actual sportbike in your lineup, rip off the fairings, and tack on some risers and a set of handlebars. The Japanese manufacturers all built their own performance nakeds, but inevitably overthought things, crafting new, heavier frames, bodywork, and instruments for what should have been minimalist exercises, and reviews [if not sales] suffered as a result. When Aprilia threw their hat into the ring with the original Tuono they created what may have been the best package of the bunch, if not the best-looking machine.

2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Lights

The v-twin RSV’s relative lack of straight-line performance compared to Japanese rivals mattered very little in a more road-focused package like the Tuono, and all three generations of the bike received positive reviews from the motorcycle press. And that funky mini fairing, while a bit aesthetically-challenged, at least does provide some functional benefit and certainly is very distinctive. The odd, 60° v-twin developed by Rotax is compact, powerful, and sounds like an Italian v-twin should while being reliable in ways Italian twins often aren’t. Prices have remained relatively low for these, possibly owing to the unfortunate looks, or maybe just because they’re too new to be classics, and made by a company with less name-check cachet than Ducati.

2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Clocks

This Tuono R is one of the nicest, lowest-mile examples I’ve seen. Probably, because Tuono riders ride the hell out of their motorcycles. They carve canyons, tour on them, and everything in between. Wind protection is pretty minimal, but is better than nothing, and the bike is otherwise the “real-world sportbike” Aprilia advertised. These currently offer up a pretty killer bargain for riders who want v-twin character and performance, without the Ducati headaches. This one is priced way outside the realm of most Tuonos, although we’re still talking about just a couple grand over what you might normally expect to pay.

2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R L Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: 2009 Tuono 1000R for Sale

MINT condition – only 1,735 miles!!! Price posted ($6,745) is for the bike WITHOUT the upgrades (see below). With the upgrades, as seen in the pics., the price is $7,745. Buyer MUST specify which way they want the bike. If you pay the $6,745, you will get an OEM bike without any of the upgrades. If you purchase the bike with the upgrades, you will get that + all of the OEM parts (I have all of them in new condition).

You will not find a nicer, documented very low mileage Aprilia Tuono 1000 R, anywhere! ~ a must see! Everything works GREAT (needs nothing). It looks and drives perfect. 2009 was the final, and best year, of the great Aprilia Tuono V-twin. In 2010, they switched to the V-four, which to many (including myself) lost much of the character the V-twins had in abundance.

Up for sale is my 2009 Tuono R. It is in mint condition and only has 1,735 original (and documented) miles. Always garage kept, appropriately maintained, and babied. The only reason for the sale is that I very rarely get a chance to ride it. I do 99% of my riding two up with my girl on the back of my other bike (2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000) and I work about 50 hours a week. So, very unfortunately, my Tuono lives under the cover with a trickle charger attached. Thus, the ultra-low 1,735 miles.

I can’t overstate just how much fun this bike is to ride. It induces more smiles per mile than any bike I’ve ever ridden. Also, this bike gets lots of attention. Almost every time I’ve ridden it, people will walk over and compliment me on what a nice and unique bike it is (often adding “I’ve never seen one before”). I have had some tasteful high quality aftermarket items installed as listed below. No internals have been touched or altered in any way. If you prefer an OEM Tuono R experience, all of these parts are very easily removed for easy conversion back to the original from the factory, state. I have all of the original OEM parts, in new condition, to convert it back if you wish. I have priced the bike two ways – in its current state with the upgrades – and in its original OEM state without the upgrades. If you prefer it without the upgrades, I would be happy to convert it back for you.

2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Hugger

Okay, it goes without saying, but offering up two alternate prices on an eBay listing seems… problematic at best: the platform is set up as an auction site, so I can see a whole lot of back-and-forth emails in the seller’s future. And he’s making the usual eBay mistake of believing the aftermarket bits in some way retain their value after they’ve been installed. Really? You’re going to include the cost of consumables like a chain and sprockets? Frankly, that’d be like including the labor costs of valve adjustments and belt changes in the selling price of your Ducati. Other than the fact that it indicates no expense was spared maintaining it, no one’s likely to be impressed.

Either way, the price is pretty stiff for a Tuono, but the seller is correct about this being a very nice and very low-mileage bike. If you’re looking for a v-twin Tuono, you probably won’t find one nicer and the initial outlay might pay dividends in the long run.


2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R R Side

Under the Skin: 2009 Aprilia Tuono 1000R for Sale
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Release Your Inner Lion – 2008 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory

Aprilia’s winning entry into the super-naked / streetfighter sweepstakes was the 2003 RSV Tuono, and many updates and editions later, the 2008 Tuono ( thunder to some ) 1000R Factory was more than an unfaired sportbike with raised handlebars.  With its own frame design and bodywork, the Tuono makes excellent use of the Rotax 60-degree V-twin and provides a flexible platform for around town, cafe circuits, and track days.

20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory left

2008 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory

20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory right

Capitalizing on larger intakes, exhaust valves and exhaust tubes developed for the RSV Mille, the 997 cc engine boasts 139 hp, and has a countershaft vibration damping system.  The big twin is equipped with Aprilia’s Pneumatic Power Clutch, a system to relieve clutch plate pressure on overrun, with resulting stability similar to a slipper clutch.  Two-into-two exhaust has upswept mufflers and stays away from the rider.  The gorgeous gold-anodized aluminum frame matches well with the forks, 43mm fully adjustable Ohlins.  Aprilia’s Progressive System rear suspension also uses a 3-way adjustable Ohlins monoshock.  Brakes are Brembo Gold Line, 320mm front and 220mm rear, with braided stainless lines.

20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory cockpit

20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory front  20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory left front wheel

The Tuono bikini, tank and seat complement each other well, though they stay busy.  Super-naked design can be a bit of a head scratcher for sportbike fans.  Little fairings and guards help the air into the radiator and protect the rider from hot stuff, and the bikini fairing has sculpted ram-air inlets, but things like hoses and fillers are out in the breeze.  There’s quite a bit of carbon in the belly pan, fenders, and side panels, each with graphics in the clearcoat.  The contrasting blue on the forged alloy wheels is anodizing instead of paint, careful when cleaning.

20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory left front

20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory right detail  20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory left muffler

Offered by an Austin, Texas dealer, this Tuono has a little over 13,000 miles and looks very good.  Showing just a Leo Vince exhaust and Puig windshield as modifications, it’s also pretty stock.  From the eBay auction:




20151006 2008 aprilia tuono 1000r factory binnacle

Maybe the second big twin in your garage, a change up bike when your shoulders get tired, this Tuono looks like a handful of fun.  Early models reviewed as wheelie monsters, geared a little bit higher since then.  It has a plastic tank so you’ll need a strap-on or filler-mount tankbag, maybe a small tailbag, a backpack if you’re out overnight.  Don’t forget a can of chain lube, maybe every third tank, and hey, let’s be careful out there…


Release Your Inner Lion – 2008 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory
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Practical Exotic: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R

2004 Aprilia Tuono R Side Front

The Aprilia Tuono is bike with a style only an engineer or a racer could love, someone who truly appreciates what something does, rather than how it looks. I’d like to call it “form-following-function,” but Aprilia always manages to include plenty of random styling bits that seem to do neither, so I won’t. But it looks wicked, in the same way a medieval warrior on a heavy metal album cover done up in impractical spiked armor looks wicked: we know it ain’t practical, but the design is a sort of short-hand for “bad ass”.

2004 Aprilia Tuono L Side Front

The Tuono is exactly the type of naked bike journalists and riders keep asking for, but Japanese manufacturers never seem to be able to deliver: a headbanging sportbike stripped of its fairing, with more humane ergonomics for street riding. The Tuono followed Triumph’s recipe for success, matching an uncompromisingly sporty frame and quality suspension to a just slightly retuned and regeared powertrain to create a comfortable streetbike that can get a wiggle on when twisty roads beckon.

In Aprilia’s case, the beating heart of the frisky beast was their liquid-cooled 998cc Rotax engine that featured a pair of balance shafts to cancel out the vibration the 60° v-twin might generate. It’s generally considered to be extremely reliable and very strong, if slightly less refined than comparable machines from Ducati.

2004 Aprilia Tuono Radiator

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R for Sale

I bought this Italian bike at this same time of year in 2010 to add to my stable of bikes (9 at the time).  I wanted to round out my riding skills and learn to road race so a couple times a year I would put a set of clip-on bars on this bike and head to the track.  Over the past four years I have done about a dozen track days – six of those days while being a student in Jason Pridmore’s STAR School.  Most everybody at the track knows what it is and yet is surprised just how much drive it has coming out of a corner, provided that you’re not spinning the rear tire.  Having said that, I learned that if I am to get more serious, continue to do track days and hone my road racing skills I best do it on a bike that won’t make me cry if I lay it down.  This bike is just too beautiful to go through that and have to rebuild it after an incident.  

This is an incredibly flexible motorcycle.  It can a beast, a bike perfectly suited for hooligan behavior.  It can also sport tour quite comfortably, I took it on a three day Baja trip last year and it ran beautifully.  The engine is very smooth and reliable.  The brakes stop with a vengeance.  These Italian Aprilia’s have been dubbed “…the best Japanese bike to come out of Europe…” because of their Honda-like reliability and usability.

I changed out the original plastics for carbon fiber because (A) I love how it looks and (B) the carbon components are more readily available and less expensive than OEM Aprilia parts.  I included a photo of how the bike looks with the original plastics.  ALL of the original plastics are included in the auction – faring, front fender, coil covers, rear faring, fender, passenger seat pillion and factory belly pan.

I swapped out the original plastic gas tank for a metal black one (goes with the carbon fiber).  Stock tank is included.

2004 Aprilia Tuono Front

Some minor flaws, cracks and scuffs aside, this bike should offer a TON of bang-for-the-buck, with just a bit of Italian funk thrown into the bargain. It looks clean and well cared-for, with some minor scars and wounds earned in 20,000 road and track miles. That GPR exhaust ain’t the prettiest choice, but neither is the bike, and it does look pretty cool, and is definitely visually slimmer and a whole lot lighter than the original part.

2004 Aprilia Tuono L Side Rear

The Tuono has long been the darling of motorcycle journalists, although they haven’t exactly sold like hotcakes… Maybe something to do with the fact that Aprilias don’t get snapped up by weekend warriors and collectors the way Ducatis do. Or maybe their styling is an acquired taste. Whatever the reason, Aprilias represent an amazing value on the used-bike market, combining Italian charisma with excellent reliability to create the perfect low-cost exotic.


2004 Aprilia Tuono R Side

Practical Exotic: 2004 Aprilia Tuono 1000R
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Friday Mailbag! [Tuono Racing, RGV250 SP, 750 F1, ZX-7RR N1]

Happy Friday guys! I found myself with some left over time last night and decided to try and keep the mailbag more current by posting what’s come in this week. I can’t promise it again for next week but I’ll try to stay more on top of this post. Have a good weekend,


Steve has this outstanding 2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing available with less than 2000 miles for $9450 in Los Angeles. Steve is “one of us” as they say and has been a long time RSBFS supporter. Good luck with the sale!

2003 Aprilia Tuono Racing For Sale

I actually spotted this one myself and had to ask Ian if we had posted it previously. To my surprise it’s new to our pages. This plated 1998 Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23 is listed on Craigslist in California for $10k.

1998 Suzuki RGV250 SP VJ23 For Sale

John submitted this 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for sale in North Carolina. It has just 3200 miles and carries a $20k price tag.


From Giovanni in Italy, he submits this very sharp Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1 for sale, 4500 EUR (~$6000 USD).

Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1 For Sale

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Before The RSV4: 2003 Aprilia Tuono “Racing”

Before The RSV4:  2003 Aprilia Tuono “Racing”

As far as Aprilia sport bkes go I think we now have to look look at them in a “Pre” or “Post” RSV4 world.  Once that RSV4 came out it made everything seem a lot older.  I’m not saying there is not demand for older Aprilia’s just saying they do seem a bit “older” now.  Now that I think about it,  the RSV4 has made everything not dripping with electronics feel/look old.

Seen one lately?  You don’t count if you have one sitting in your garage.  I guess I could sum this bike up by saying this was Aprilia’s attempt to attract buyers who liked naked bikes but still wanted top quality components and itched for some track time.  I know, that was a lot words to say it is an RSV1000R without the fairing.   The bike came with a nice little track package:

Head light cover

Ti exhaust with matching EPROM chip

Enclosed belly pan

Reverse patten gear shift linkage

Carbon seat cover

Plus some other tidbits I’m too lazy to list


Yeah, it is kind of funky looking but I think bikes like this are a nice way to get a quality bike at a relatively cheap price.   I don’t know if it helps the performance but I’ve seen quite a few pictures with a dual exhaust set up.  It really sharpens the bike appearance in my book.

I’ll let the seller talk you up:

If you are looking for a rare find and one that will most likely stand out in any bike crowd, than this could be the bike for you. I applogize in advanced for those ‘Aprilia’ enthuciast that already know this..but for most riders, here is a little bit on what makes this bike rare.

In 2003 Aprilia wanted to race in the AMA series, but in order to do so legally it had to offer a minimum of 50 bikes for sale to the US market. This was under the holologated rules. When Aprilia came to the US, they definitely came with a bike that could win. Below is a brief description of what this bike has and the factory spares that also came with it. As you can see in the photos the body work (both sets) are all in beautifuly finished carbon fiber.There is a street fairing and track fairing, a street belly pan, and a track (oil catch) belly pan. There is a matching carbon fiber cowl that snaps into the rear seat spot. There are two exhaust systems, a street chip and track chip to match performance. Front and rear suspension are Ohlin’s best as is the steering damper.Radial brakes with Brenbo gold calipers handle the stopping duty.The wheels are OZ forged alloy ( new set runs ~ $3,000). I also have the factory racing reverse shift linkage, racing countershaft sprocket, passenger pegs and factory manuals…street and track.

The tank is painted black and all the rest of the carbon is a high gloss clearcoat. The tires have less than 1000 miles on them and I put in a new battery 30 days ago. This is a bike you will not see in your weekend club ride. It really is a great conversation piece of art. The last really cool thing about this bike that really makes it a collectors it is serial number 2 built out of Italy. The gentleman I purchased it from also had number 1.

Here is a comprehensive write up on the Tuono Racing Edition.  Caution, I can’t tell if this a Aprilia PR release on the bike or just a writer smitten with the Tuono but it goes over what made the Tuono Racing different.


This is another Ebay bike and the auction is starting at $8,500.  I have nothing to compare it with but that just seems a bit high for a starting price.  The pieces on the bike might add up to that number but I’m not sure the demand out there will make that number realistic.  As we all know though,  there only has to be one person that really wants it and we all like having something unique.  It can be.


Aprilia August 25, 2010 posted by

Naked Thunder: 2003 APRILIA RSV-R TUONO Limited


You learn something new everyday.  While working feverishly researching the Tuono Carbon here at the plush RSBFS offices I learned that “Tuono” means “thunder” in Italian.  Thunder and V-twins go hand and hand no doubt.  This is one of the those bikes that really goes under the radar.  I had really forgotten about these bikes until I started reading up on it.  Aprilia definitely did not skimp on it component wise.  For the visually challenged, the Tuono is basically a naked Mille R.  The limited was an initial run of just 200 bikes.  The gold frame being the key identifier.

Here she is:

The details:

APRILIA TUONO RSV-R CARBON LIMITED N° 190 of a 200 production

Only 50 pcs in the States

Very rare and lightweight superbike

Carbon, Carbon/Kevlar, Titanium, Magnesium and Ergal parts.

Lots of options (original Aprilia) and all original parts come with the bike

Newprice with options was over 21,000 $

Magnesium racing Exhaust with Touno RSV-R Chip

Original exhaust & manual come in the original box

Ergal Aprilia Racing footpegs (original come with it)

Carbon Kevlar screen (original come with it)

Carbon Kevlar woven seats   ”                 “

Titanium Oil tank

Ohlins fork and shocks

OZ Racing lightweight wheels

Lots of Carbon and Carbon Kevlar parts

New battery, good tires,

comes with manuals and magazines


If you are into naked sport bikes and want something Italian but not red, this seems like it could be a nice find.  I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the guy next door having one with only 50 brought in for sale.  The bike is being offered for $10,000 and the seller is open to offers.