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Yamaha November 9, 2020 posted by

Featured Listing – 1986 Yamaha SRX600

Update 11.9.2020: This bike has SOLD to an RSBFS reader in just 5 days! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Practically looking like a custom from the factory, Yamaha’s SRX600 has been the basis for club racers, knobblied flat-track lookalikes, and some cafe racers that make the showroom version look cushy.  RSBFS fan Lee’s survivor is a great starting point for Yamaha’s original ideas or maybe yours.

1986 Yamaha SRX600 for sale on Bend, OR Craigslist

Almost looking to out-simplify the 1960’s British singles, the SRX came to the U.S. with just a kickstarter, and a 96mm bore thump which ran smoothly to 6,500 rpm ( and 45 hp ) thanks to its balance shaft.  Dual front disks and alloy wheels were up to date, the 5-speed relied on a generous torque curve, but dual rear shocks seemed more for show than go.  The very visible chassis and poured-in-place tank and sidecovers show a clear adherence to the design mission.

Lee’s SRX has 13,250 miles, looking good despite the years.  Helping the four-valve 600 breathe freely is almost a requirement, and this one has the Supertrapp exhaust.  Some patina, but nothing unexpected makes it look like a great resto-rider with a good collection of spare parts.  Lee’s comments from his – Craiglist post –

The ultimate cafe bike. Only imported into the US in 1986. Single cylinder 600cc kick start only. All original 13,250 miles with Supertrapp exhaust. Just serviced with new petcock, valve adjustment and oil change. Shorai lithium battery, new seat cover. Spares include unique 2-1 intake manifold for Mikuni carb. Great platform for making yourself a rare cafe bike. If you know motorcycles then you know you don’t see a bike like this.

Lee asks $3,200 for his SRX600. Lee is the US Importer for the Austrian glove brand RACER and can be found here, – –

Yamaha followed their fans back to the basics of motorcycling, but it didn’t result in many sales outside of the home market, where there were 400 and 250cc variants.  The 600 didn’t show up on 1987 U.S. line cards, but soldiered on in Europe for a few more years.  Reviewers and owners praised the honest engine, light weight and crisp handing – and took the kickstarter and single cylinder as badges of motorcycling honor. 


Featured Listing – 1986 Yamaha SRX600
Bimota April 16, 2017 posted by

The Joy of SRX: 1987 Yamaha SRX250

Today we find a fun rare model that is – for once on RSBFS – totally affordable. The Yamaha SRX series included multiple displacements, although in the US we only received the XT-derived 250cc model and the XT-based 250cc machine. Home markets also included a 400cc variant. Based around a nimble, single cylinder air-cooled engine, the SRX models were extremely narrow and light, focusing on nimble handling and flick-ability rather than oodles of HP and straight line speed. The design was neo-British old school, and the overall package was unique and usable. Unfortunately for Yamaha, these were not great sellers, and the US models were limited to only a few editions over the 12-year global run. The 250 suffered the worst fate; a single year availability in the US over a 2-year model span. Then it was gone like it was never there at all….

1987 Yamaha SRX250 for sale on eBay

From the seller:
Up for sale is my 1987 Yamaha SRX250. This bike is super rare and only imported the the US for one year. The motorcycle is super clean for being 30 years old. The bike is all stock and runs, drives, stops and idles very well. It has 10,708 miles. The bike is missing the side mirrors. The engine is 249cc with a 6 speed transmission. The engine shares many parts with the Yamaha XT250 enduro which was produced for many years. The tires will need replacing at some point. Inside of the fuel tank is pristine. The bike has a brand new battery. All controls work as they should, turn signals, horn, kill switch, ect….

I have yet to see another one on the road. The bike gets comments everywhere it goes. The bike is a blast to ride and has plenty of power.

The antithesis of the Ninja 250R and as far away from the Honda 250 Rebel as it could get, the SRX250 looked to have carved out its own niche. But the 1980s were not about small displacement bikes, and although attractive and utterly practical, the smallest SRX lost out to lack of interest. It was a practical bike that held the promise of a lot of fun (as much fun as 17 HP will get you), but small displacement and wild introductions of Hurricanes, Ninjas, Turbos and GSX-Rs ultimately buried that fun in a sea of noisy performance.

Today the SRX is a loved model (the 600 version much more so, since we are all capacity bigots). Honda has come closest to recreating the magic with the CBR250, and with a different era upon us is actually moving a fair number of units. The little CBR will never reach the rarity or novelty of the SRX250, but then again a marketing failure is an expensive way to create a future rare model. Check it out here. Sure it’s more of a toy than a true canyon tool for many – but it’s very rare, very cool, and very, very affordable. What’s not to like?


The Joy of SRX:  1987 Yamaha SRX250
Yamaha July 4, 2013 posted by

Young and Single: 1986 Yamaha SRX600


When Yamaha introduced the SRX600 to America, it was the second coming of the British invasion. Modelled after stripped down thumpers, the SRX was unlike anything seen in the US. It was basic and raw. It lacked the tons of plastic and tons of cylinders required by sportbikes of the day, yet had an unmistakable sporty characteristic to it. Impossibly narrow and very flickable, the SRX was a commercial “miss” in the Big Four’s game of sportbike battleship.


Fast forward nearly 30 years and the SRX comes back to life as a refreshing return to minimalism. This bike looks like it has purpose, if only because it is not trying to hide behind bold graphics and boy racer fairings or compensate for something by offering an engine big enough to power a small bus. No, the SRX is about simplicity and balance. And what might otherwise come across as boring does quite the opposite in this package.


From the seller:
SUPER CLEAN AND RARE. Includes everything pictured & Yamaha OE owners manual.


Not a whole lot to say from the seller here, but we like to let the bikes do the talking on RSBFS. This one has fewer than 2,500 miles on the clock – which averages out to less than 100 miles per year. The motor is based on the tried and true XT dual purpose unit; not exactly a high RPM screamer, but certainly adequate for the torque needs of this particular bike.


This bike is located in Iowa, and is available via auction right now. When we last checked, the auction was up to $3,050 in very light bidding. There is a reserve in place, and a BIN set at a surprising $4,500. SRX600s are rare machines, and finding one with so few miles is a real score. Unfortunately, these bikes do not seem to demand high dollars today. Sounds like a fair price might still exist between the reserve and the BIN – click the link to jump to the auction and check it out!


Yamaha February 22, 2013 posted by

One Year Wonder? 1986 Yamaha SRX600


This wonderful survivor – a 1986 Yamaha SRX600 single – was offered for only one short year in the United States. Utilizing a single cylinder, air cooled motor, the SRX was impossibly narrow, and very nimble and flickable. Ultimately it lost out to the multis of the day; light weight and great handling were no match for serious RPM and horsepower (think GSX-R, Ninja, FZR, VF-R, etc) – at least in the US.


The SRX actually spanned about a dozen years in various markets outside of the US, including a 400cc variant for Japan. That is a pretty good shelf life for a bike derived from the humble and lowly XT600 DP offering. This model lineup even spawned a 250cc version, which lasted just as long as its bigger brother in the States. The timing was not right, and the SRX became one of the forgotten.


From the seller:
Offered here is a VERY RARE ONE-YEAR-ONLY 1986 Yamaha SRX-6 Super Single, in VERY GOOD, VERY ORIGINAL RUNNING condition! Made for one year ONLY in 1986, the SRX-600 was Yamaha’s entry in the “retro-pseudo-British-single-cylinder-revival-market”, which apparently both Yamaha and Honda (with their GB500) had high hopes for, unfortunately it did not work out that well for either manufacturer, motorcycle buyers in 1986 were apparently not impressed, and production ceased after only one model year. Fast forward some 27 years, and now both of these minimalist, light & lean super-FUN singles are now Cult Classics and highly sought after the world over… Funny how that works! In my opinion the Yamaha SRX-6 is a better motorcycle than the GB500 – lighter, more power, better handling, plus a huge selection of after-market go-fast goodies – and it is definitely a much better value, as nice clean GB500s are regularly offered at $5-6K or more, but you can get a clean good-running SRX-6 (like this one!) for around half that amount…

This one is remarkably original and in EXCELLENT running condition – Original frame & engine, cosmetics are very nice with original bodywork in factory candy red with silver side covers, original seat cover in great shape with NO holes or tears, it even has the STOCK airbox with built-in battery tray and COMPLETE STOCK EXHAUST system with original stainless steel header pipes and HUGE factory can & heat shield, which is pretty much unheard of since almost all of these stock cans were immediately tossed in the dumpster and replaced by a lightweight Super Trapp or something similar. As far as I can tell, the only things on this bike that are not original are the mirrors, the bar ends and the very tasty Progressive Suspension rear shocks!


The seller has also shared the good, the bad and the ugly.

From the seller:
There is a short list of issues that need to be pointed out, so I will get them out of the way: The tank had some rust and a few pinholes (shown in the photos below) when I got it, so it has been thoroughly cleaned and lined with POR-15; there is some light pitting on the top part of the fork tubes, between the two triple clamps – the seal travel area of both tubes is flawless, with NO pitting, scoring or wear in the chrome; the previous owner shot some rattle-can silver on the engine covers (his attempt to “deal with” the usual discoloration and clear coat peeling); there is no “SRX-6” sticker on the right side cover; the left front turn signal body is cracked; there are some dings on the speedo bezel; the rear seat cowl has some sun fading; and lastly the only mechanical issue that I am aware of is some clutch slip under very heavy throttle (this is a simple adjustment, just requires removal of the outer cover, I have not gotten to this but I do have the cover gaskets, which will go to the winning bidder)…

On the upside, the following work has been done within the past 6 months: New drive chain along with new countershaft & rear wheel sprockets; new steering head bearings; new fork seals & fork oil; valves adjusted; carbs cleaned & adjusted; engine oil & filter changed… Mechanically, this bike is in great shape – actual mileage on odometer shows 21,260 miles (and counting), relatively low mileage for a 27 year old bike, and with regular oil changes these engines (also used in the XT600 dual sport Yammies) are known to be pretty much indestructible. The SRX-6 is kick-start only – as you surely know – and this one is an easy starter when hot or cold, once you master the thumper starting drill… NO unusual engine noises, NO smoke, engine performs flawlessly up & down the rev range and wow does this engine love to REV! Clutch, transmission, suspension, brakes and all electrics work great, this bike is WAAAAYYYYYY FUN, no doubt about it! Both tires are very good – bottom line is this bike needs nothing other than the clutch adjustment in order to be ridden, and ridden HARD if you are so inclined!

Sold with clean California title in previous owner’s name, last registered in 2001, no longer in the DMV system here in California… As a bonus the winning bidder will also get a genuine Yamaha Factory Workshop Manual and a stack of NOS gaskets!!!


The SRX was noted as a ton of fun to ride – and I would imagine that is the same today as it was 27 years ago. The British look is back in style, and here you have a cafe racer of sorts that doesn’t need to be modified or hacked to achieve the look. Who knowns – something like this might even appreciate in the coming years. The current bid on this one is only $999 with reserve still in place. This one just might turn out to be lots of fun for not too much cash. Check it out here!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 8, 2011 posted by

Old School 250: 1987 Yamaha SRX250 For Sale

Location: Greenville, NY

Miles: 2,139

Price: $2,498 ($3,000 BIN)

The SRX250 wasn’t a bike that made everyone one stand up and take notice when it arrived on the scene. In fact, we only saw it here for one model year in 1987. All that aside, I still think these are cool little bikes that can offer up some serious fun in the twisties or just ripping around town with it only weighing 270lbs.

There isn’t much to gripe about with this particular SRX. It has very low miles for its age. It hasn’t been dropped or downed. There are no ‘stories’ and the only imperfection with it is a small crack on the underside of the chin fairing.

From the seller

1987 Yamaha SRX 250. With the exception of a new battery,
this SRX 250 is ALL ORIGINAL! Truly, “One-of-a- Kind!” It always turns heads
and attracts attention. I am the second owner. Those familiar with the SRX 250
know this motorcycle was only offered in the USA once, in 1987. Extremely rare.
Extremely collectable. The uniqueness of the SRX 250 is its single cylinder,
double overhead cam, dual header, dual carburetor, 6 speed engine. The bike was registered from 1987 to 1995, then stored until I purchased it and registered
it. Highlights: original tool kit, all rubber original including Dunlop tires,
original body work, 2193 original miles. No damage, no dents, no scraped paint.
The only item not perfect is the underside of the chin fairing which had a
crack and was not perfectly repaired. I have tried to show this in the photos.
It has a Clear Title and is currently licensed and inspected. Starts easily,
runs flawlessly. Although, it is a little cold blooded until completely warmed
up. A real pleasure to ride. Weighs only 273 pounds. Also included: Yamaha
SRX250 Factory Service Manual, Original October, 1987 RIDER Magazine with the cover story article on the SRX, YSR50 and FZR1000, and a copy of the 1987 CYCLE Magazine SRX 250 Road Test. In 2012 this bike can be registered as historical using the “Liberty Plate” in NYS.

If you’re a big fan of the SRX250 or have been in the market for one, then give this one a serious look. We have seen a handful of these on the site over the last few months, and this one looks to be the cleanest and low-mileage one so far. The BIN price of $3,000 is definitely on the upper range if not a little above where I have seen these go for before. But, for a bike that didn’t sell big and was only produced for one model year, I can’t imagine finding more of these in this condition. If you think this bike would look better in your possession, then take a look at the auction here and place your bid!


Yamaha July 16, 2011 posted by

Two stroke alternative: 1987 Yamaha SRX 250

For Sale: 1987 Yamaha SRX 250

With all of the grey market two strokes on these pages, you would think that there is no love for the lowly otto-cycle engine. Well, I am here to tell you that is simply not true! Sure, we here here at RSBFS love to mix oil with gas as much as the next guy, but there are times when that is simply not very convenient. If you are looking for a rare, 250cc sportbike that you can fill up with the same swill that you save for your lawnmower, this little SRX just might be the ticket.

Powered by an air cooled single cylinder with 4 valves, the SRX was Yamaha’s answer to the 250 Ninja. A lightweight and willing performer, the SRX was a one hit wonder – it was gone from the US lineup the following year. That makes it rare and unique…which has upsides and downsides. The upsides: the fan base for these bikes is fairly rabid, and they continue to look unique and like a much larger bike than the 250cc engine belies. Downsides: Hard to find, hard to obtain parts. An additional downside is that it is very difficult to find one in decent condition; as these were inexpensive newbie and commuter bikes, they were rarely well taken care of (garaged, serviced, etc.). The rare keep getting rarer.

From the seller:
1987 Yamaha SRX250
~ 4000miles actual. The speedometer has been replaced w/ one that shows 15,400.

I’ve owned and ridden this bike sparingly the past 6 years. It is a nice, smooth riding sport bike that offers great value in performance and economy. It suits the vertically challenged and those who like to show up bigger bikes, well at least on some downhill curves.

The engine revs to or above redline to 10Krpm in 1st, 2nd & 3rd without a hiccup or miss. It shifts in to all 6 gears smoothly and with ease. I am selling as I still have two other SRX250s and also want to enjoy other toys. It is for sale locally.

It’s not perfect, but very nice & I’ve only seen a few bikes in as good a condition, some in Japan. I’d say an 8.95 out-of-10 ?

The bike has:
New fuel petcock
Front & rear tires & tubes 4 1/2 years new… plenty of tread
Flash to pass switch & battery saver
Seat w/ no tears or rips & the passenger strap is still there
Fuel filter
Fresh oil, premium gas always
Brakes w/ new fluid & bled

All the turn signals, horn, headlight, kill switch, kick stand switch, instrument lights and gauges are in good working order. Two original mirrors, no cracks. Very nice front fairing condition w/ just a scratch, hard to find engine cowling is complete… there is a 5″ hairline crack on the underside w/ some glue showing. The gas tank has ~ 5 small rust spots by the gas cap & one minor dent at the tip of the seat that’s hard to see. Inside the gas tank is clean and there’s no gas tank or petcock leak

The ignition lock was jimmied in the past. A new Yamaha key was made that works the locks on the ignition, forks, seat & gas tank. A drop or two of fork oil has started to seep out of the seal so this will eventually need to be watched and corrected… not serious enough yet. The bike likes about 1/4 of the fast/cold choke left out after it’s warmed up. It’s the only sensitive aspect of the bike to tinker with. Idles correct at ~1500rpm

There is very little dirt, grease or grime on the frame or engine parts. Rust is nothing to speak of but some light surface rust is seen if you look closely towards the underside of the chrome or steel parts.

The only negative thing about the SRX250 bikes is that I wish it had dual front disc brakes for better stopping power. Yamaha’s advertisement in the 80s stated that this bike passes cars, trains and other things.

This 25 year old bike is in very good condition, runs out great, and has not been beat up on.

Keep your expectations in line with reality – with a reported 32 horsepower this 250cc scoot is not going to drag you down the quarter in the 10 second bracket. A 250cc bike does, however, have a lot less mass than your average liter rocket, making it a blast to ride in the tight stuff. If you’ve got a road like that near you, this might just be what you need to rail like your favorite apex-strafer without the worry of a ticket or worse. Best of all, these little bikes – despite being rare and unique – are cheaper to aquire and maintain than their bigger brothers.

This SRX is available now, with a starting bid of $990 plus reserve. That might prove to be a steep starting point, although the value of an SRX is certainly above 1 G these days. Take a look at the pictures and, as always, be sure and contact the seller for more information if you are interested. To see all of the details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Cafe Racer June 8, 2011 posted by

Catching up at Our Sister Sites: and

Yep, did you see how I snuck that in there? I’ve started a new site just for cafe bikes and conversions for sale. I can’t deny that I’m on the bus and love what they represent. But for the most part, we try to only post original or lightly modified machines on both Rare SportBikes For Sale and Classic SportBikes For Sale. So I figured why not make another site dedicated to these great rides and show off some of the better looking cafe’s and conversions for sale! Here’s a taste of some recent picks:

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If you’re a fan of cafe bikes, or curious like me, I hope you’ll consider subscribing and discussing these bikes with us. I’d really appreciate feedback as we get started there!


And over at CSBFS, there hasn’t been any shortage of beautiful bikes either. Please welcome our latest contributor, Tad, on CSBFS!

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Thanks for looking and feedback is always appreciated!