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A Different Animal – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS

As tough as it was to make the water-cooled engine look beautiful, the four valve testastretta ( and 130 hp ) was worth it.  Here’s a powerful creampuff with under 1,000 miles and a veritable mountain of farkles.

2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for sale on eBay

The S4RS was a certain pinnacle of Monster engineering, with the superbike’s 50mm throttle bodies tucked under the fuel tank.  It’s geared more for the stoplight to stoplight contests than the GP course, and excels in traffic.  Öutstanding Öhlins dampers are front and rear, as are wide 17-inch rims.  Ergonomics accommodate the long engine and might require a lean over the tank, and the smooth dry clutch will tone up your left grip.

Out of dry Palm Springs, this S4RS looks better than new, with carbon a major element.  Depending on who did the installation, the upgrades might’ve challenged the purchase price.  Comments and a list from the eBay auction:

Purchased new in 2007 and been garage kept ever since. Only 939 Miles from new. 3 keys. Clean title in hand. Detailed serviced history and all manuals included. Perfect condition. Never been dropped and only adult ridden, in the dry. Has over $15k in extras added on to this motorcycle, no expense has been spare on this bike. All work has been done by either a Ducati dealership or a Ducati Certificated Master Technician. Sorry no test rides.
Items Include: 
  • Termignoni full race exhaust system with ECU
  • Ducati Performance slipper clutch w/ red pressure plate and black springs
  • Ducati Performance Garmin Zumo 590 GPS
  • BST Carbon Rims with Pirelli Diablo Rossa Corsa tires 
  • Custom rear sets from Pro Twins (Ducati dealership in the UK)
  • Black powder-coated passenger foot-pegs w/ carbon fiber heel guards
  • CNC Racing rear sprocket cover and flange bolts in black
  • Ducati Performance carbon fiber chain guard (front & rear pieces)
  • Ducati Performance carbon fiber tail unit
  • Ducati Performance rear view mirror set with built-in turn signals
  • Hyperpro 140 mm steering damper (frame-mounted)
  • Rizoma NEXT fluid reservoirs w/ clear tubing
  • Brembo radial brake master cylinder + lever
  • Brembo radial clutch master cylinder + lever
  • Ducati Performance front & rear turn signals
  • Ducati Performance carbon fiber front mudguard
  • Rizoma open clutch cover
  • DID 525 final drive chain
  • CNC Racing clutch slave cylinder
  • Ducati Performance carbon fiber rear hugger
  • Ducati Performance carbon fiber radiator covers
  • Ducati Performance aluminum gas cap in black
  • Ducati Performance carbon fiber front sprocket cover
  • Evotech bar-end weights
  • Zero Gravity black fly screen.
  • Renthal 42-tooth rear sprocket
  • K&N air filter
  • Shift Tech carbon fiber plate surround
  • HID main headlamp bulb
  • Renthal 14-tooth front sprocket
  • Pro Grips
  • Custom Paint Protection Film on all fairings and tank
  • Front and rear paddock stands
  • Custom indoor cover

Though jamming the 916 engine into the 2001 Monster S4 wasn’t a wild leap, down the road it led to some seriously super naked bikes – right down to this year’s 1200S, with three electronics packages to tame the 147 hp twin.  But the round headlight S4RS has a different feel, with the main computer just north of the helmet chin strap, and the desmoquattro engine quite similar to the World Superbike Ducati from that year.


A Different Animal – 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS
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Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore

This Featured Listing is part of the The Edinger Ducati Collection. Thank you for supporting the site, David! -dc

Ducati took a step away from the “Swiss Army knife” of motorcycles when they put the liter-sized desmoquattro in a Monster frame, but they generated a lot of excitement in the showroom and on the road.  The 2008 eyeball magnet shoehorned the 998cc testastretta engine into ( well, under ) the classic gold trellis frame.  David’s limited TriColore edition has lots of carbon, both factory and upgrades, and premium Öhlins suspension.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS

At 130 hp, power from the 999-spec narrowhead engine is about all that can be used without more recent electronic aids.  Headers and plumbing that would be under a superbike fairing are smoothly integrated into the engine scoop and aftermarket radiator shroud.  The beautifully crafted single-sided swingarm could have been glorified rather “disappeared” in black, but it shows off the wide rear wheel from the right.  The one-piece tapered handlebar is all business, though some might have preferred the clip-ons used on earlier models.  Dry weight is under 400 lbs, superbike cooling woes are largely gone with the full fairing, and the bikini windscreen reviewed as much more effective than appeared possible.

RSBFS reader and collector David chose this Monster for his usual rider, and accessorized carefully.  The carbon engine scoop and Termingnoni mufflers are most evident, with the carbon tank guard and radiator shroud doing their part to hide hoses and scratches.  Almost disappearing are the Rizoma mirrors and revised signals and levers.  As tricky as it is to keep Monsters looking sharp, David has kept up with it, and he asks $10,500 for his example.  Here are his notes:

This is a two owner bike and is loaded with aftermarket accessories including, dark windscreen,
carbon fiber engine covers, carbon fiber belly pan, adjustable levers, carbon fibers radiator
shrouds, Carbon fiber front fender and rear hugger, open clutch cover, rear sets and
aftermarket blinkers front and rear.  This bike is #284 of 400.  I bought the bike from the original owner in 2009 and it was my favorite bike for 10 years and the Tricolore livery and limited number of bikes made for one year only makes this bike a collectable bike. It had plenty of good rubber left on it with Dunlop’s front and rear.  I have every receipt for the last 10 years and it has only been serviced by authorized Ducati dealership.  The bike has 15,298 miles and I am asking $10,500.

The liquid-cooled, 4-valve per cylinder, 998 Testastretta L-Twin engine features a 100mm bore
and short stroke of 63.5mm to limit average piston speed and allow increased rpm.  The result is
a staggering 130+hp and 76.6 lb-ft of brute torque.

Testastretta technology allows a reduced angle between the intake and exhaust valves resulting
in a clean, compact combustion chamber that is highly efficient.  The optimized combustion
environment and linear flame front inside the specially designed heads, combined with cutting-
edge electronic engine control technology, guarantees precise and optimal combustion
throughout the rev range.

The chassis components are unparalleled.  Fully adjustable Ohlins suspension front and rear
complemented by super lightweight Y-shaped 5-spoke wheels ensure outstanding handling,
while 320mm Brembo twin discs on the front have radial-mounted calipers with four pistons
and four pads per caliper to provide incredible race-worthy stopping power.

Beside the TriColore being a single year model, it was also the last S4 variant, with air cooled engines taking up the slack until the 1198-powered Monster 1200 was introduced in 2014.  The TriColore colors wouldn’t be seen on a Monster until the 2018 25th Anniversary edition.  The power to sensibility ratio is off the usual charts, but speaks to a skilled, adult rider.  Please contact David by email – here –.

Featured Listing – 2008 Ducati S4RS Tricolore
Ducati September 20, 2018 posted by

Featured Listing: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore for Sale

Update 1.22.2019: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

The Ducati Monster was aptly named: it was the ultimate parts-bin special, with a frame from the 888, and the air and oil-cooled two-valve engine from the 900SS, along with some non-adjustable suspension and other bits Ducati had lying around: aside from the dash, tank, and seat, just about every part of the Monster was already sitting on a shelf. In fact, Ducati’s intent was to use their liquid-cooled four-valve engine, but a warehouse full of unused 900SS engines and additional profit they promised sealed the deal. Which means that, when they finally slotted their superbike engine into the frame, everything had come full-circle for the Monster, and this Featured Listing S4RS can be seen as the ultimate incarnation of Galluzzi’s original vision, which was sketched over a photo of an 888 sans bodywork.

The two-valve Monster worked great at a time when there really was nothing else on the road like it, other than the retro-styled Triumph Speed Triple. Sure, there had been sporty nakeds previously, but in the era of the sportbike, the Ducati was something fresh and new from the Italian company, a practical exotic.

But by the 2000s, plenty of other manufacturers had jumped on the bandwagon and were making much faster, more modern bikes. So in went Ducati’s liquid-cooled four-valve, in this case, the 998cc Testastretta version, distinguished at a glance by the triangular oil-cooler beneath the radiator that adds a bespoke touch to a bike that otherwise remained true to its parts-bin roots.

The result was a huge bump in power: the original two-valve engine is rich in torque, but you’re really looking at 75hp at the wheel from a healthy example. In this application, the Testastretta made a honking 130 claimed horses, kept vaguely in check by the Öhlins suspension. Unfortunately, although the later Monsters actually used the frame from Ducati’s ST bikes that offered more stability than the original 888 part, the power really overwhelmed the chassis, and the riding position was not ideal for controlling what really was a pretty wild ride. It ended up being a bit less refined than bikes from Aprilia and KTM, but it’s really no contest in terms of curb appeal and, while the dynamics are ultimately limited, it’s great fun to hoon around on!

The bike is currently in Canada, and the listed 18,500 kilometers equates to 11,495 miles, so it’s certainly no garage queen, but has obviously been well cared-for. And while it’s not hard to find Ducatis with far fewer miles, the big question is, “would you want to?” If you plan to simply display your bike and wait for it to increase in value, sure, a 900 mile bike makes sense. But sitting or occasionally running doesn’t really count as exercise, and a bike with a few more miles under its belt might be better for those looking to ride as well as collect.

From the Seller: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore for Sale

Showroom condition. Needs nothing. Collector owned. Runs perfectly. #130 of 400. Eligible for BC Collector Plates in about 4 years. Arrow Full Carbon Fiber Exhaust (personal opinion- it sounds a million times better than the Termi that is more common. A fairly representative video link is ). Power Commander III Ohlins suspension Brembo brakes CRG levers tail tidy and bar end mirrors

OEM parts (exhaust, levers, etc) included in sale.

Originally a USA bike. I imported it 4 years ago. Currently plated in BC and bike is located in Victoria, BC.

No trades. If ad is up it’s still available. Low balls will be ignored.

Thank you for looking.

The $15,500 CAD asking price equates to just a shade over $12,000 USD and occupies a bit of a middle-ground in terms of S4RS Tricolore pricing. Certainly you’d also have to consider shipping and all that if you plan to bring the bike back to the US, but I think it’s a good bet that, down the road, this will be one of the most collectible Monsters.

Featured Listing: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tricolore for Sale
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Monster Mash: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale


This Monster S4RS was the ultimate incarnation of Ducati’s first-generation naked bike. The very first air-cooled Monsters were sporty and fun, but quickly outpaced by bikes like Triumph’s updated, bug-eyed Speed Triple, Aprilia’s Tuono, and the wild naked bikes from KTM. Luckily, Ducati already had the right engine for the job, and fitted their four-valve, liquid-cooled 998cc Testastretta engine into the bike for a huge jump in power that catapulted the bike back into class contention.


Unfortunately, although the bike had the parts and the pedigree, the resulting bike didn’t really gel. In terms of pure numbers, it put Ducati back in the hunt, but it worked better in theory than in practice: the engine is stunning, but overpowers the bike a bit, handling isn’t quite as good as it should be given the quality suspension components, and the uncomfortable riding position and limited tank range make this more of a toy than a daily rider. Basically, it was more hairy than fast, and was cursed with Ducati’s frequent servicing requirements.


Styling too is a bit compromised, with Miguel Galluzi’s elemental design burdened by several bulky radiators stuck to the front of the engine, with hoses and tubes running this way and that. Modern liquid-cooled Monsters have more thoughtfully-routed coolant systems, but the earlier bikes look a bit like a lash-up if you look closely. If posing and wheelies are your thing and the standard Monster’s power just doesn’t cut it, these make very fun and very fast point-and-squirt motorcycles with tons of sex appeal.


From the original eBay listing: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

This is my  2007 Ducati Monster S4Rs Testastretta. I bought this bike brand new in 2007. It currently has 7,400 miles, with brand new tires, a new Shorai lithium-ion battery, and is up to date on all services. Service work has all been performed at Hall’s Ducati in Springfield Illinois. It has well over $13,000 in extras and performance upgrades. I’m not sure I can list everything it has, but I’ll try.

  • Full Termignoni exhaust system
  • Ducati Performance ECU
  • Ducati Performance airbox and high flow air filter
  • Nichol’s light weight fly wheel
  • Ducati Performance silicone coolant hoses
  • Oberon clutch slave cylinder
  • Fast By Ferracci clutch pressure plate
  • Speedy Moto clutch springs/caps
  • PSR clutch cover
  • PSR inspection plate cover
  • MPL tuning billet frame plugs
  • Rizoma bar ends
  • Rizoma bar end mirrors
  • Rizoma Graffio LED front turn signals
  • LED taillight with integrated, sequential turn signals
  • Rear tail chop/license plate relocation
  • Oberon billet gas cap
  • Ducati Performance rear sprocket carrier
  • RK Racing gold X-ring chain
  • Rizoma clip-on handle bars and triple clamp
  • Custom Ducati fluid reservoir caps
  • ASV control clamps
  • Pazzo Racing adjustable levers
  • Zero Gravity smoke windscreen
  • Custom fairing stabilizers
  • Dunlop Q3 tires-less than 500 miles on them
  • Stainless steel oil filter housing w/reusable filter
  • Shorai lithium-ion battery

The starting bid is $8,900 with no takers as yet and plenty of time left on the auction. For some people, a “custom bike” involves an Indianapolis Colts paintjob and chrome spikes. Seriously, you guys have no idea what sort of horrors we have to wade through to bring you these bikes featured on the site… Luckily, for Ducati owners, “custom” means a veritable smorgasbord of lightweight carbon, titanium bits, and booming exhausts, expensive updates to their already expensive machines. Honestly, you can pretty much buy a decent early carbureted Monster for what that full Termignoni exhaust costs…



Monster Mash: 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale
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White Sale – 2007 Ducati S4RS

Time was when retailers would put their sheets and towels on sale mid-winter to find a way out of the January doldrums.  A naked 998cc Testastretta would be a more RSBFS path to a winter thaw, and while the buy-it-now isn’t really a bargain, the whopping white twin would be a special second or around town bike.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs left (2)

2007 Ducati Monster S4RS for sale on eBay

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs right

After several years of leading the brand in sales, the factory introduced the S4, with the water-cooled 916 engine.  Things naturally got out of hand and using the 130 hp 4-cam engine from the 999, S4RS performance is well above any sensible naked, more of a rolling trophy case for Ducat-ista.  Trellis frame in beautiful red sets off the red-striped white bodywork, this one with red coolant pipes as well.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs cockpit

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs front

Accents are also gold-anodized, the Ohlins forks ( fully adjustable along with Ohlins monoshock ) and on this bike, aftermarket controls, clutch hub and clutch slave.  Brembo brakes are oversized for a Monster but right for a Superbike – 320mm front disks with 4-piston radial-mounted calipers, and 245mm rear.  Carbon mudguards, side and belt covers match the black seat, and are helped by the upgraded carbon mufflers.  Special light alloy wheels help keep the weight under 400 lbs.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs right front

Tucked away in the lake-effect snow belt, this Monster hasn’t reached oil-change miles, and whatever the pity,  looks great for it.  From the eBay auction:

Collectors bike in “like new” condition with only 519 miles. Upgrades including Rizoma, Speedy Moto, Sato Racing & carbon exhaust. Title, factory manuals & “Red Key” in Sellers possession. This Ducati is one of a kind; a one-of-a-kind ‘Monster.’ Included are thousands of dollars of high-end components.

20160105 2007 ducati monster s4rs right rear

As the Monster was early to the naked party, the S4RS foresaw the super-naked revolution with power more than adequate to peel the unprotected rider right off.  Despite the mileage, cam belts will want changing before this bike takes a serious ride, though it could perfectly be retired to the gallery.  Maybe after a sparkling new chain with red, or maybe gold side plates…


White Sale – 2007 Ducati S4RS
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The Sum of Its Parts: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS R Side FrontThe water-cooled Monster S4RS was a great engine in search of a bike. It was spawned from the original Monster that was itself the proverbial Franken-bike: frame from an 888, suspension and wheels from the 900SS-CR, and a dash that looks like someone ripped the idiot light cluster straight out of a Fiat. They’ve got very poor steering lock, thanks to that superbike frame, they’re terrible for highway riding, and only seem to fit you if you’re  5’8″… But they were an affordable, almost practical way into Ducati ownership, and were originally powered by the classic air-cooled L-twin engine that had all the performance most riders would ever need.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS R Side RearSo when they sold like the proverbial hotcakes, Ducati of course had to up their game, adding carbon bits and adjustable suspension for the “S” model and number of limited editions. Eventually, they gave the fans what they’d been clamoring for by sticking the water-cooled four-valve engine into the bike to keep it competitive compared to more modern alternatives from Triumph and KTM.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS DashBut to me, that’s when the bike really jumped the shark. Obviously, a water-cooled engine needs a radiator, and then the RS version added a very trick, but still sort of tacked-on-looking oil cooler below the not-so-trick-looking radiator. And all those extra bits and associated plumbing looked like the afterthoughts they were, cluttering up what was originally a pretty clean design.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS L Side Front

And then there’s the handling. While other bikes got the sport naked package right, the Monster RS didn’t quite live up to the hype, in spite of top-flight Öhlins front and rear and superbike brakes. Basically, the 130hp 998cc Testastretta engine overwhelmed the chassis, making riding the bike less of a dance and more a back-alley street fight. And I mean, what’s really the point of a 150mph naked bike? Aside from bragging rights?

From the original eBay listing: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale

This is a 2008 Ducati, S4R Tricolore Testastretta.  This is a very rare bike, and to my knowledge is the only model in Utah or surrounding states. There were only 400 of these motorcycles produced in 2008.  This bike is number 52, as verified by the tag over the alternator cover.

This is a 999S, fully liquid cooled engine, Brembo brakes.  Mileage is a little over 18K.  Tires have approximately 85 miles on them.  They are Pirelli Diablo Rosso II’s.  Pipe for Termignoni black carbon fiber pipes.  Chain is new and tight zero rust.  

This bike has never seen rain.  Stored inside and covered during winter months.  No damage, never been in an accident, layed down or tipped over.  All scheduled maintenance performed on or before schedule date by authorized Ducati mechanic.  

Includes bike storage stand


The parts that went into the S4 didn’t quite gel into a complete motorcycle and, unless posing and wheelies are your game, the water-cooled Monsters might prove a bit of a disappointment. Fine, if that’s what you’re into, since the S4RS is very good at both activities. But there are better choices out there if you want a fast, naked twin.

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Cans

That being said, the Tricolore S4RS is really the best-looking of the water-cooled Monsters, and this one looks like it’s in extremely nice condition. It comes with a pair of shotgun Termignoni pipes already on the bike which, to my ear, sound much better than the Arrows often fitted. It otherwise appears to be completely stock, and that factory rear fender has my right hand itching to grab a hacksaw… The miles aren’t the lowest, but Ducati engines can last a long time when well-maintained.

Unfortunately, there’s been zero interest in the bike so far, with just about a day left on the auction and no takers yet at a $7,850.00 starting bid. I think these will one day have some real value but right now, prices of the early Monsters have bottomed out, possibly dragging these down with them.


2008 Ducati Monster S4RS L Side Rear

The Sum of Its Parts: 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS for Sale
Ducati June 20, 2015 posted by

Beauty revealed – 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tri-Colore

This naked superbike appeared recently and expired without a bid.  When it was re-listed, it seemed worthy of a closer look.  An bikini-faired 998 Superbike, the numbered edition Tri-Colore was only available in 2008 and shares a lot of the go-fast engineering from the faired 998’s.

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore right

2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tri-Colore for sale on eBay

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore left

With 130hp pushing a sub-400 lb machine, the S4RS has mountains of power.  With modern fuel injection and water cooling it’s still rideable around town ( even more so if you add a tooth to the rear sprocket ).  Very easy on the eyes, the gold trellis frame complements the forks and exhaust, and makes the tri-colore tank sing.  All the beauty hidden on the Superbike is shown – the curved water and oil radiators with little carbon bumpers, the carbon cam belt covers, single-sided swingarm, and the spindly cast brackets for the radial disk calipers.

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore left front  20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore binnacle

Appearing on the lot of a powersports dealer in North Carolina, this S4RS looks excellent and has just a few mods, a slightly larger windscreen, Arrow mufflers, and left saddlebag.  From the eBay auction:

Some of the most sought after Ducati models are the striking ´Tricolore´ versions. Produced in limited quantities, this bike represents the best-of-the-best and can now enjoy legendary status!

This bike is pre-owned, with only 13,828 miles. Maturely owned, this bike also includes a record of service, owner’s manual as well as Service and Parts catalogue on CD. Both keys are included as well as the code card that has the electronic and mechanical codes needed for service. For added traveling convenience, a saddle bag is also included; genuine Ducati product!

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore rear  20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore tank

20150619 2008 ducati monster s4rs tri-colore left rear wheel

Though the subsquent 1100 had more displacement, the S4RS was a very special Monster, one of two 4-valves and the most powerful naked bike in the Ducati line until the 1200 arrived last year.  Perhaps not as much cachet as the 2001 Carl Fogarty championship commemorative, but the tri-colores also have a special place in Ducati history…



Beauty revealed – 2008 Ducati Monster S4RS Tri-Colore
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Weekly Mailbag Report

Hey guys,

Sorry for the late mailbag entry this week. Our offices took a little break for the holiday but we’re back this week. Here are your bikes for sale and your submissions. Enjoy your week!


Simon and Oliver both emailed to alerts us to the 1991 Norton F1 they have on sale in the UK — brand new bike! The bid is currently over $25k with 5 days remaining.

Randy from BellissiMoto forwarded this incredible custom 2007 Ducati Monster S4RS with a reported $38k in upgrades!

Tony spotted this Bimota DB2 on eBay UK though the bike is located in Germany. Unusual to see the half fairing. Asking 6900 GBP.

Another one of regulars, Speir, shot me this link for a clean 86 Kawasaki GPZ 600R in California. While not exactly rare, it is a good looking survivor for just $2550.

Mario from Speed Freaks emailed to let us know about two friends bikes that are for sale in the Atlanta area: A nicely modded Ducati 1000SS and a great looking Triumph Daytona 675.

Justin emailed us his 1989 Suzuki GSX-R 750. It has less than 6k miles and he’s asking $5000. And thank you to whomever tipped Justin to our site!

Rob emailed us from Australia and is needing to move his 2000 Suzuki GSX-R 750. He has a new baby on the way and was hoping someone locally might see this as we have a growing audience in Australia.

Finally, “Big Bubba Brush” email us this spotless 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 in Canada for $5500. With just 4400 miles, this looks really good!