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Live from Hollywood – 2005 Ducati 999R

Long ago when V-twin Superbikes made do with a mere liter, Ducati made a smashing revision to the 916 series.  Like some other revolutions, it was voted down – but the monoposto 999R is the apex of the short-lived Tamburini design.

2005 Ducati 999R for sale on eBay


Ducati produced just 200 of the R-spec for homologation purposes, and while not quite race-prepared, they had the equipment that the WSBK team wanted to be able to use.  For the 999R, that meant a slightly different engine with revised heads and a lot of titanium, resulting in 150 hp at a low 9,750 rpm, and a flat torque curve.  Headstock angle is adjustable, as is the seat console position.  Öhlins are found front and rear, fully adjustable with revised valving and nitride-treated fork legs.  Clutches were “free” or unconstrained by the rule book, so the factory was not compelled to add a slipper clutch, though the big twin calls for one.


Looking very stock and showing just under 10,000 miles, this 999R is apparently in the care of a specialty dealer in Florida.  Maybe not subject to the endless polishing and re-farkeling it would get at home, but very good shape with only one scrape, though how it got there without a lot of collateral damage is a mystery.  From the eBay auction:

This motorcycle is in excellent condition, and has been cared for properly since day one. Starts runs and drives perfectly. 2005 was the first year of the deep sump 999R 150HP motor, and big swing arm. The previous year came with a weaker motor, and less robust swing arm. It also has the full carbon bodywork.
There are a few tiny scratches, and a small bit of road rash on the underside of the belly fairing, but overall it is in amazing condition.


The base 999 has a lot of awe-inspiring details, and the -R has them as well, but executed in carbon or forged alloy, and often adjustable.  But turning some of these knobs requires some expert knowledge, besides open track time and a mechanic or two.  Like winning the lottery, it would be fun to give it a go.  Not sure if there is a “starter” 999R, but this might be it – ready for a valve adjustment, new rubber, a little paint work, and maybe a personalizing update or two.  The Make Offer button beckons…


Live from Hollywood – 2005 Ducati 999R
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Glamourpuss – 1994 Ducati 888 in Britain

The 888 was designed by Pierre Terblanche and a light update to the muscular 851, Ducati’s first desmoquattro.  American Doug Polen had won the 1991 Superbike World Championship on an uprated 851, and the 888 homolagated the changes for the next year, returning with the #1 plate.  This 888 has been treated to a silky resto-mod and a day in the photo studio.

1994 Ducati 888 ( Britain ) for sale on eBay

The architecture of Ducati’s original four-valve desmo led to a distinctive sound, the rat-a-tat exhaust announcing 104 hp.  Often seen with number plates front and rear, the fairing has fresh air intakes and snug monoposto seat.  Showa forks and Ohlins monoshock were constants throughout the build, and for 1994 a carbon front fender was added, and wheels were painted to match the bronze frame.


Just about everything about this English 888 has been updated and/or re-finished to a very high level.  The robot-faced front end and engraved triple-tree won’t please everyone, but the owner says most stock parts are included in the eBay auction:

Some features include:
Twin injector throttle bodies.
Full 50mm race exhaust system. New.
Corse slipper clutch.
Alloy subframe.
Vented engine casing (clutch side).
Rear ride height adjusters.
New brakes (Braking rotors), pads and lines.
New Nitron race prepared rear shock.
Revised and updated front nose with new lights.
Extended/strengthened side stand. Now does not lean over too far or spring up.
AFAM alloy chain & sprocket set.
New Bridgestone tyres BT016.
Revised one off airbox with foam filter & 916 style bell mouths and 916 throttle.
Billet rear sets, handle bars, petrol cap, levers, pre-load, reservoir caps and clutch slave cylinder.
Carbon belt covers, front mudguard, hugger, instrument surrounds.
Engraved top yoke by Don Blocksidge. Plain mirror polished top yoke also sold with the bike.
Rear swingarm, yokes, suspension linkages and fork lowers have had casting marks removed and then mirror polished.
Paintwork brought back to top standard.
Every nut and bolt changed to stainless steel.
New hoses.
Heads removed from bike and full service with valves brought up to race specs with new belts.
There’s been a lot of bespoke parts made for this bike and 100+ hours spent on the build.


Hard to argue with a Euro-spec 888 – brawny, rare and championship-winning, and there are a lot of nice touches here.  The alloy seat frame and improved side stand are my favorites, and the undressed pictures are at least as interesting as the studio shots.  Finding the rider to pay this kind of premium might take a little doing, but the current owner can enjoy the view while the search goes on…



Glamourpuss – 1994 Ducati 888 in Britain
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Featured Listing – 2001 Ducati 748R

Update 8.2.2017: SOLD!

Update 7.21.2017: Price dropped to $10,500 OBO. Additional pictures added in the gallery below. Thank you to Jay for supporting the site and good luck to potential buyers! -dc

The Ducati 748 was built from 1994-2002, in three variants – E, S, and R ( with factory racers identified as SP or SPS ).  Though the E can be a biposto, and the S a base model with upgraded components, the R is a single-seat homolagation special for World SuperSports racing, with parts the race team wanted to be able to use that year.  In the case of the 748, special parts include the frame, engine, suspension, airbox, and slipper clutch.  The 748 presented here has been lightly updated and very lightly used, and its time on display has left it looking excellent and ready to ride or display.

20160802 2001 ducati 748r left

20160802 2001 ducati 748r right front

Interestly, the desmoquattro engine as requested by the Cagiva brothers in 1985 was a mid-size 748cc’s, though Ducati’s bike had to wait until Tamburini had styled the 916 Superbike, with now-classic trellis frame and single-sided swingarm.

20160802 2001 ducati 748r left rear

20160802 2001 ducati 748r left engine unfaired  20160802 2001 ducati 748r underseat

The 748R has a much different engine than the base or S, 106 hp available thanks to high-lift cams, titanium connecting rods and valves, and fuel injectors centered in the 54 mm intake horns.  The frame was lightened and altered to accommodate the large carbon fiber airbox.  The suspension was up-spec’ed to Öhlins front and rear, 43mm front forks and fully adjustable.  Wheels are cast Marchesini 17’s.  The underseat exhaust has been upgraded to an Arrow system.

20160802 2001 ducati 748r right 20160802 2001 ducati 748r binnacle 20160802 2001 ducati 748r left rear wheel

Here are the owner’s comments :

This rare example is nearly stock with a full Arrow exhaust, Yoyodyne slave cylinder and a few carbon bits. I bought this bike about 13 months ago from a dealership in outside of San Francisco. Right before I bought her a major service including valves, belts, all fluids, chain, brake pads, tires and a few things I forgot were done (the bill was over $3000). I cleaned her up, rode her 100 miles then I drained the tank, pulled the battery and stuck her in my buddy’s office for a year. I pulled her out of the office a week ago, added some 100 octane to wake her up with a kick, installed a new battery and cleaned and polished every bit of her. she runs GREAT. She needs nothing, she is ready to be ridden or she can be display piece like she was for me.

20160802 2001 ducati 748r left front

20160802 2001 ducati 748r right muffler  20160802 2001 ducati 748r left front wheel unfaired

Number 817 of the required 1000, the 748R is a rare sight here since only 100 or so made it to the states.  Rare also that it hasn’t been raced or damaged, and has only 1796 miles on the clock.  After a long display career, the previous owner treated this bike to a full maintenance service.  The present owner added only 100 of those miles before draining the fuel and bringing the bike indoors again.

20160802 2001 ducati 748r office

748’s reviewed as diminutive knife-sharp handlers, and though the -S was said to be better for the road than the 996, the 748R may be better suited to the track.  Maybe your office manager will turn up their nose and your “new” 748R will have to live in the garage and drive on the street.  Or it could resume being a rare collector machine.  The owner asks $12,000 $10,500


Featured Listing – 2001 Ducati 748R
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11 Out of 10 – 1984 Yamaha RZ350

Evolving from the now-vintage RD350, Yamaha made a splash with the first perimeter frame for the RZ350, along with the YPVS power valve and rear monoshock.  Due to emissions concerns it was short-lived in the U.S., but this example is better than excellent.


1984 Yamaha RZ350 for sale on eBay


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-left-rear  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-engine

Yamaha’s 347cc parallel twin is water cooled and has oil metering, making its 50-plus hp at least less troublesome.  An early adopter of catalysts and vapor canisters, the RZ had a temperature warning light on the dash for the cats.  Emissions were also reduced by the YPVS ( Yamaha Power Valve System ) moveable exhaust port, and its rudimentary computer control extended the twin’s powerband.  Elsewhere the bike was well-equipped for the day, with 32mm conventional forks, preload-adjustable rear monoshock, and 267 mm disk brakes disks all around.  The flowing lines of the tank and seat fairing were complemented by the handlebar mounted bikini up front, available in red/white or Kenny Roberts yellow paint.


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-binnacle  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-rear

Not often seen so original, this RZ350 comes out of Illinois with just under 7,000 miles.  Exhausts have been updated to expansion chambers and mufflers, but elsewhere it’s surprisingly unfettered, and the factory finishes around the bike are beautiful.  Most often seen with a dual seat, this one has the sporty monoposto.  From the eBay auction:

Up for sale is a 1984 Yamaha RZ350 K/R. This bike is in Museum quality condition. Paint on entire bike is original and in like new condition. This bike comes with the single seat option. All dual seat parts are included with this sale. Bike has Chamber exhaust from HVC cycle. Carbs have been jetted for exhaust and a Y boot with a K&N air filter attached. Look, at all the pictures and check out the video attached, lots of info can be had from this. If you are looking at this bike then I’m sure you aware of its heritage and the somewhat rareness of it. There are only 3 minor flaws, 1- the windscreen on the bike has a crack about 1 inch in length. There is a brand new NOS screen in a box that will go with the bike. It has never been installed. 2- The speedo is what I call sleepy. After the bike sits for some time the bike has to be ridden approx. a mile before the speedo will register. This has been this way since I’ve owned the bike. Always works so I’ve left it alone. 3- There is a super small ding in the tank in the very front right side than cant even be seen unless your really looking. Just want to be real honest.  I didn’t see it until I owned the bike for several years. I’ve owned the bike approx. 5 years and have never had a ounce of trouble with just regular maintenance.  The bike is being sold without a warranty and shipping is up to buyer. I can store the bike for a short time in a heated garage.


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-left-rear-wheel  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-front-wheel

Light weight was always the RZ’s unkept secret, fully fueled it was still under 400 lbs., allowing the limited horsepower, bargain suspension and diminutive brakes to work their magic.  Many of the model found their way to the track, or were modified for the street, but the RZ350 presented here has been spared most of that agony.  Likely to continue as an occasional rider or show bike, the original equipment and finishes make this Kenny Roberts edition very special…


20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-fairing  20161123-1984-yamaha-rz350-right-front-exhaust


11 Out of 10 – 1984 Yamaha RZ350
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Quite – 2004 Ducati 749R

Produced to homologate the 749 for World SuperSport racing, the 749R borrowed a great deal from the 999, but there was a lot particular to the introductory 2004 749R.  The example presented here is quite original and very well kept, ready to ride with new tires and recent maintenance.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right

2004 Ducati 749R for sale on eBay

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right rear

The 749R has a very different testastretta engine than the base model, the wider bore and shorter stroke making higher rpms possible.  Internals like valves and connecting rods are titanium, and help make the 118 hp, and much more with a less restrictive exhaust.  The classic trellis frame has an adjustable steering head, and supports Öhlins suspension front and rear.  The rear has progressive linkage to a box-section swingarm different than the sculpted swingarm on the non-R machines.  Brakes are radially mounted Brembos, 320mm fronts and 245mm rear.  Marchesini forged wheels are a very light Y design.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right front

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left rear

Only the 2004 version of the 749R has carbon fiber fairings.  For 2005 a new plastic fairing was produced, one way to know the difference is the number of intakes in the nose, four for 2004, but just two for ’05 and ’06.  Interestingly, the 749R has a somewhat larger fuel tank, 18 liters over the usual 15.  For the 2006 model year, a standard 749 tank was fitted.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left grip

20160829 2004 ducati 749r binnacle

Not often seen in such cherry shape, many 749R’s went directly to the race-preparer and then the track.  Not that there very many – Ducati was required to build just 500, and though numbers are hard to come by, less than 200 made it to our shores.  This particular bike shows very well, with just over 3,000 miles.  From the eBay auction:

Completely original, collectable 2004 Ducati 749R – Number 185.  New tires (less than 10 miles), new battery, and recent service (changed fluids and belts).  No modifications. Bike is in very good condition.  Minimal scuffs and scratches to the paint or carbon fiber (see photos).  Owner has all keys.  Bike was never on a track/crashed.  All service performed by Fast by Ferracci in Philadelphia and Ducati of Santa Barbara.  One owner bike. Bike located in Southern California.

20160829 2004 ducati 749r left front wheel

20160829 2004 ducati 749r right rear wheel

Reviewers found great power and handling, though Ducati legacies as weak cooling and starting systems weren’t revised until the next generation.  Unfortunately the marketplace frowned on the departure from the 916/996 styling, and the 999/749 were built for only a few years.  On this 749R the immaculate cosmetics, recent tires and heavy maintenance indicate overall good care.  If beautifully shaped carbon fairings have an effect on you, 2004 is likely the best year for this significant model.


20160829 2004 ducati 749r right tank

Quite – 2004 Ducati 749R
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Still Truckin’ – 1986 Ducati 750 F1

One of Ducati’s earliest racey replica’s the 1985-88 750 F1 was based on the engine from the Pantah.   Rather than retire and restore, this owner has continued to ride, update and repair the bike.  The result is a rider, not a museum piece, but one you could throw a leg over and enjoy today.

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 left

1986 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 right

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 dash

Presented as the factory was struggling with cash flow issues, the engineering done for the 750 F1 was limited, and the bikes lightweight, focused on sport.  The desmodue achieved 76 hp, routed through a dry clutch and 5-speed transmission.  Suspension was fairly basic with single-adjustable 40 mm forks and monoshock.  Stoppage provided by triple 280mm Brembo brakes, fronts semi-floating.   Now a classic Ducati look, the trellis frame peeks behind the tricolore endurance fairing.

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 right rear

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 tank detail

Showing a little over 27,000 miles, this 750 F1 looks great, as its age translates to less that 1,000 miles per year.  Beside only the normal patina of a road bike, the maintenance history is good news.  From the eBay auction:

1986 Ducati F1 (ZDM3AAALXGB751485) in excellent overall condition with very few minor cosmetic blemishes: two small dime sized dings on right top edge of tank, some spider crazing on fiberglass fairing, some minor paint scratches and touchups where needed. See pictures for some details. 3rd owner from new.

PHF 38mm carbs fitted. Two into one original Conti exhaust sounds great. Kill switch and switch gear from Bevel Heaven. Belts changed end of 2013; in 2014, less than 700 miles ago, new tires, new chain, replacement rear Hagon mono shock; overhauled front and rear brake calipers; new vacuum petcock. Has slight leak on front fork seals, need replacing sooner or later.

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 right fairing

20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 left seat

In hindsight, Ducati’s laser focus on getting the F1’s out the door, while depriving them of the latest innovations, made for a lighter, more raw, and sportier build.  It also got them over the hump, and with Cagiva’s ( note Elephant decals ) help, they were on to bigger and better, as the belt-driven desmoquattros were just over the horizon.  Total production of the 1986 F1 was around 1,200 machines, now how many could say they were kept operational, ridden, maintained and updated over that 30 years ?


20160606 1986 ducati 750 f1 left tank

Still Truckin’ – 1986 Ducati 750 F1
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1993 Ducati 900SL Superlight For $6,500

Here is a very nicely priced Superlight in California!  Located in Los Angeles, California is #922 of 1000.  This bike is a one owner example with 18,800 original miles.  It features Termignoni exhaust, stage 2 jet kit, and a vented clutch cover.  The asking price is a very agreeable $6,500.  Personally, I feel this is a very good price as the Superlights aren’t that much higher spec. than the SP 900’s making it a good deal if you actually plan on riding the bike.  Also, see this very similar example that is still available with an asking price of $9,500.