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Starting Off with a Bang – 2008 Ducati 1098R #117 of 450

If you’re ready, the first ride of the new year could be on a rather special Ducati.  Many 1098R’s have more accessories than miles, but someone enjoyed this one enough to farkle sensibly and keep maintenance is up to date.

2008 Ducati 1098R for sale on eBay

Ducati returned to the side-by-side headlights in 2007, with a perceptible cat-eye composition.  The -R was meant for the racetrack, with many advanced components which had to be on board to allow them on the factory’s racers.  A high-horsepower testastretta engine, trellis frame, single-sided swingarm, and underseat exhaust are found on every 2008 Ducati superbike.  But the -R homologates the sand-cast 1198cc engine of 180 hp, with twin fuel injectors pointing down each 64mm elliptical throttle body.  The Öhlins twin-tube monoshock allows ride height to be set independent of pre-load, and the fork ends are cast to receive Brembo’s monoblock 330mm brakes.  Marchesini Y wheels speak lightness as does the generous use of carbon on the bodywork.

Offered by an enthusiast in eastern Pennsylvania, who states it has 4,356 miles, but doesn’t show the dash lit up.  Rizoma levers, clutch cover and rear sets are sharp, and no damage is apparent.  Photos are good but not exhaustive, and either way a pre-purchase inspection is in order.  Just a couple of comments in the eBay auction:

1098R #117 of 450. Clean, well maintained. Never raced, never abused. Never wrecked. Pristine example. Choice Rizoma controls and bits. Serviced for belts and valves last year. No issues, ready to go collector’s piece.

With its modernized electrical and cooling systems, the 1098 was almost a practical superbike.  Traction management and a data-analysis dash pushed it well into the 21st century.  The semi-trellis frame lends an accessibility to the 1098R, that riders of previous superbike generations can appreciate.



  • When Iconic has one with less miles for less money……ya know your ebay listing is over priced.


  • This 1098r has been on ebay for awhile; I agree it is overpriced. I bought one two years ago for $15k with 7000 miles in perfect order. I have a mid 90s 900ss and a 998 for reference and I must say the 1098r is something else again. I’ve only put a couple hundred miles on it mostly because it pretty much frightens me. As far as I’m concerned these bikes are way too vicious for street use which sort of explains why with only 500 made, there are always two or three for sale. But then I’m 70 now and toning it down somewhat. At any rate, when I sell mine next year I should only lose a grand or so.

  • Those prices at Icon are truly outragous.

  • Jerry it’s the new year, are you selling yours yet? 🙂

    I agree on the price comment on this one. I actually won the auction at 14k before and then he canceled the sale

  • Well I wasn’t going to undertake that until summer but I enjoy talking Ducati; I can be contacted @

  • Cheers sent you an email – the 1097r is definitely the wildest of all the Rs

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