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Cagiva November 16, 2018 posted by

9/16ths Scale: 1998 Cagiva Mito

Legendary motorcycle designer Massimo Tamburini had a long and storied career. From co-founding iconic motorcycle manufacturer Bimota, to penning some of the most striking designs in motorcycling history for the likes of Cagiva, Ducati and MV Agusta, Tamburini has been responsible for many a rider’s dream machine. You might have seen some of his design genius in bikes such as the Bimota KB2, the Tesi 1D and the DB1. For Ducati he was involved with the 851/888 and the Paso and had a hand in the Supermono works. But his greatest contribution to motorcycling – his most admired design theme – was around the Ducati 916. Everything that came after it was simply a small step along this theme – including the 748/996/998 and the entirety of the MV Agusta F4 lineup. So strong was this theme that the design language translated to smaller machines as well, which is where we pick up the story on today’s fantastic Cagiva Mito.

1998 Cagiva Mito 125 for sale on eBay

Powered by a single cylinder, liquid cooled two stroke, the 125cc Mito was considered as an entry level sport bike for Europe’s small-bore crazed culture. Popular in areas where larger capacity motorcycles are prohibitively expensive due to taxes or license requirements the smaller scoots are immensely popular and technologically advanced. In the case of the Mito, that technology includes design elements straight off of the legendary 916, including twin headlights and the tail section. Nifty hardware includes the twin-beam aluminum frame, asymmetrical rear swing arm with preload-adjustable rear shock, Brembo binders (that’s a single 320mm unit up front), 40mm Marzocchi front forks (including steering damper), 7-speed transmission and an estimated 34 HP (stock) at 12,000 RPM. Tipping the scales some 15 under 300 lbs, this is a race track replica rocket provided you are of suitable stature with the skills to keep the revs on the pipe.

From the seller:
This machine is virtually new as it only was ridden 399 km since its conversion from a stock 70mph (110 km) bike to one that will show 112 mph(180km) on the speedo.Its collectibility is enhanced by its 7 speed gearbox and of course the styling, which was done in the spirit of the Ducati 916.Being a 2 stroke machine,many states allow small displacement bikes plates for highway use or find a track site to enjoy this super handling lightweight. The mods we performed were not optimized for competition, but were done to keep the reliability and add to the enjoyment of the bike.Recently upgraded, cleaned fuel system,and new battery was fitted.

The seller claims this particular Mito has been hot-rodded, but not much info is included as to what was actually done. Generally this is done via boring out the displacement and porting the cylinder. Expansion chambers and silencers are other popular mods to help two strokes breathe better and make more power. Other than the unknown mods, this is a low mileage example that appears clean in the few, blurry photos. This has all of the hallmarks of an Evo I machine, with both the 7-speed gearbox and the tri-spoke wheels. Later Evo II models went to a more robust 6-speed gearbox and a different set of wheels. Any Mito is potentially collectible – after all we do not see them every day here in the US – but there is not enough data to determine if the 7 cog bikes are any more valuable than the 6 speeders. Either way you are in good company; even the vaunted Barber Motorsports Museum proudly highlights the Mito in their extensive collection.

This is not an auction, but rather a straight-up buy it now listing. Pricing is a fair $6,500 (especially for the low miles!), although the states in which you can register this bike might not be one in which you reside. Even if not used on this street, this little Mito will eat larger bikes alive on a tight and twisty track. Smart buyers are encouraged to check first, ask lots of questions, and do your homework. So who *doesn’t* want to have a mini-916 in their quiver? It’s great for show, and from the mods sounds like it is ready for some GO. Check it out here, and let your inner child racer run free. Good luck!


9/16ths Scale:  1998 Cagiva Mito
Cagiva March 20, 2015 posted by

Bite-Sized Italian: 1998 Cagiva Mito125

1998 Cagiva Mito L Side Rear

At a glance, it’d be easy to mistake this frisky little Cagiva Mito for something else… Looking for all the world like a 2/3 scale Ducati 916, right down to the instruments and the transverse steering damper mounted to the headstock, it’s really just that aluminum beam frame that gives the game away. Ironically, the Mito is much, much rarer, especially in the US, than it’s bigger, more mature cousin.

1998 Cagiva Mito Dash

The Mito was introduced in 1989 and powered by a water-cooled 125cc two-stroke single that put out 34hp and used a seven-speed gearbox to keep the peaky little motor on the boil. Ridden to victory in the 1994 Italian 125cc championship by none other than Valentino Rossi, this little race-replica is a sharp-handling little machine, and while 30-odd horses may not sound like much, consider that it’s coming from just 125 screaming cubic centimeters…

1998 Cagiva Mito Cockpit

Earlier bikes had a less 916-ish design, but the bike was restyled in 1994 by, not surprisingly, Massimo Tamburini himself.

1998 Cagiva Mito R Side Rear

From the original eBay listing: 1998 Cagiva Mito for Sale

When I saw this  machine for the first time I was sure that it was a 916 Ducati like the one I have owned since 1995.(designed by the same designer). The difference was the 7 speed gearbox which was my first clue that it wasn’t a 916.The Mito is quite rare in the USA cuz the 2 strokes are not popular here in the states. They are very popular in Europe and in fact in some countries can be ridden by younger riders with the speed reduced. In fact it would only register the equivalent of 65 mph(its KM equipped).After modifying with racing parts I was seeing 112 mph(180 km) on the speedo. My investment is over $8000.00 plus labor. The machine has only 399KM and now is for sale(too many toys).

This machine has never been raced ,only ridden on the street to prove the package. If you are an inspiring racer there is a class for it here in the USA ,or its a crazy cool street rod.

1998 Cagiva Mito Front

The Buy it Now price is set at $6,000, with plenty of time left on the listing. That is a lot of cash for a 125: an Aprilia RS250 would provide similar lightweight performance for less money. But, as good-looking as that bike is, the “baby 916” aesthetic of the Mito really can’t be beat and, if you’re a collector, you’re unlikely to find a more original, low-mileage example. Especially with just 399km on the clock, it’d be a shame to thrash this the way the builders intended.


1998 Cagiva Mito R Side Fairing

Bite-Sized Italian: 1998 Cagiva Mito125
Cagiva December 11, 2014 posted by

Small and Mighty: 1998 Cagiva Mito


If you were hoping to park a 916 in your garage but don’t have the stature – either physically or financially – this Cagiva Mito might just be for you. Highlighted in the past as a mini-916, the Mito is a 125cc single cylinder two stroke sport bike that resembles a much larger machine. That resemblance is far from accidental, as the famed Massimo Tamburini had a hand in restyling the bike after its initial introduction. Mk I machines were shipped from 1989 – 1993, while Tamburini’s Evo I & II models started shipping in 1994. The three spoke wheels and 7 speed gearbox identify this as an Evolution I model.

1998 Cagiva Mito for sale on eBay


From the seller:
This machine is virtually new as it only was ridden 399 km since its conversion from a stock 70mph (110 km) bike to one that will show 112 mph(180km) on the speedo.Its collectibility is enhanced by its 7 speed gearbox and of course the styling, which was done in the spirit of the Ducati 916.Being a 2 stroke machine,many states allow small displacement bikes plates for highway use or find a track site to enjoy this super handling lightweight. The mods we performed were not optimized for competition, but were done to keep the reliability and add to the enjoyment of the bike.Recently upgraded, cleaned fuel system,and new battery was fitted.


If you live in a state with emissions laws, this might be a challenge to register and would best be a track-day only bike. If you are concerned with the Mito’s tracking creds, you will note that Valentino Rossi’s first championship race bike was a Cagiva Mito. He certainly has no issues with credibility; just look what the Mito did for him! If you *are* able to register this little gem in your state, please don’t rub it in; we’re jealous enough. Really.


This bike is located in Syracuse, New York. Action has been moderate, with the latest bid sitting below $3k and a reserve in place. It’s impossible to tell what the seller has the reserve set for, but it is unlikely to be met at the current rate with the time remaining. Check it out here and share your thoughts. What’s a fair price on a unique Italian smoker here in the States?



Small and Mighty: 1998 Cagiva Mito
Cagiva September 6, 2014 posted by

Unicorn Sighting: 1995 Cagiva Mito with Cali Title for Sale

Introduced in 1989, the Cagiva Mito was restyled in 1994 by… Well you get three guesses. If, after a quick look at that front fairing and headlight arrangement, you guessed “Massimo Tamburini”, you win a cookie! Either that or you’re quick with a Google search…

1995 Cagiva Mito R Front Rear

Looking for all the world like a miniature, aluminum beam-framed Ducati 916, the Cagiva Mito was powered by a water-cooled 125cc two-stroke single that put 34hp through a 7-speed transmission. So it was a genuine miniature sportbike, not some feeble learner’s tool: this baby 916 actually gave Valentino Rossi his very first title, in the Italian 125cc championship.

1995 Cagiva Mito R Side Bar

With no power to mention below 8,000 rpm and a redline at 11,400, it needs all seven gears to keep the power flowing. The bike is extremely narrow and your knees can nearly touch. Like riding a very angry mountain bike…

With the typical American aversion to anything two-stroke or under 1000cc’s, these are exceedingly rare on these shores. In fact, the seller claims that only 25 were imported to the US, although I assume he’s referring to this specific model year.

1995 Cagiva Mito Front Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Cagiva Mito for Sale

Designed by the late Massimo Tamburini is a pearl white 125 Cagiva Mito with an Evo1 motor (7 speed). It’s powered by a 2 stroke racing engine that makes it a light, fast and a extremely nimble bike with a California pink slip and registered with custom CA plates. The mito was rebuilt from the ground up, every bolt, nut, and part is either brand new or professionally refurbished to better than new.

1 of 25 imported to America!
CA plated and current registration
Italian made using the best European race parts available.
Digital dash
Aluminium frame
Steering damper or dampener
Upside-down Marzocchi forks
Four-piston Brembo front brake caliper
Super light race fiber glass bodywork
updated Evo 2 wheels
De-restricted from Europe
Engine has been tuned and serviced by CN racing

As the seller mentions, he’s updated this bike with Evo II wheels. This is a very cool little motorcycle, although why a bike from 1995 needed a “ground up” rebuild is something to ponder. These aren’t the sort of bikes one does big miles on… The pearl-white bodywork with minimal graphics looks great: the original featured a good bit more badging and racy sponsor-decals. And that Vapor digital dash is very slick-looking.

1995 Cagiva Mito Brake

But it does beg the question: why? Was it crashed? The title is listed as being “Clear” so that increases confidence somewhat, and the bike does feature a California title and registration, also big marks in the “Plus” column.

There’s a nice start-up video as well:

Bidding is active, although remains a bit low, and the Reserve Has Not Yet Been Met. There’s a couple days left on this, so jump in if you’ve had a hankering to wind through seven gears and aren’t put off bit a bit of cosmetic updates to your miniature masterpiece!


1995 Cagiva Mito R Side

Unicorn Sighting: 1995 Cagiva Mito with Cali Title for Sale
Cagiva August 23, 2012 posted by

Who Shrunk The 916? 2000 Cagiva Mito 125cc EVO II (CA Title!)

Who Shrunk The 916?  2000 Cagiva Mito 125cc EVO II (CA Title!)

You have to give it to Massimo Tamburini, the man’s designs are classics.  It takes skill to make people appreciate a 125cc bike designed for teenagers.  Yeah, it might not have come from a fresh sheet of paper but it has some sexy lines for any size of bike.  Of course we American’s lust after them like  teenagers because of the stroker factor as well.

The Evo II is differs from the Evo with a 6 speed gearbox (Evo is 7), 6 spoke wheels and solid color lowers and white number plates on the tail.

The seller included a lot of info on the bike so I’m going to let him take it away:

This is an extremely unique motorcycle here in the US.  Designed by legendary Ducati/MV/Husqvarna designer Massimo Tamburini, this little Italian two-stroke single delivers Ducati looks and 125cc GP performance in a complete 7/8-ths sized motorcycle.  This California clear-titled and currently licensed and registered example shows only 4,527 km on the clock (2,813 miles), and only 350 km (217 miles) since a fresh top-end and service was done.  De-restricted and capable of 11,500 RPM, this light and very flickable ride is a true blast in the twisties, and will be one-of-a-kind wherever you go.  These were only imported briefly in 2000, and they are incredibly rare.  The good news is that there are parts all over the world if you need something, as this is a far more common bike in Europe and Australia. Also, many parts on this bike are common to other models that Cagiva produced, again helpful when in search of a part.

The GOOD thing is that this bike is close to stock, including those ‘sponsor’ stickers.  It is about a “9” cosmetically, and about a “9” mechanically. It has brand new tires and a freshly serviced carb and top-end, and comes with a handy box of spares (including an extra cylinder to ready your next top-end job “on the bench”).  There is nothing that NEEDS to be done right this second, turn the key and ride away. Auction includes the bike, the spares including the tool-kit, and the original owner’s manual (not pictured). EVERYTHING WORKS, and nothing leaks.  This bike starts on the first push of the button, warms right up and is ready to ride.  The Michelin Pilot Powers have only 217 miles on them, the carb was completely cleaned with the new top-end, oil injection system works fine, and it is pre-pig tailed with a hidden plug for a standard Battery Tender.  The rear passenger pegs are not currently installed, but are in excellent condition and are included in the sale (see spares photo)

The BAD is that there are a few items that will need attention soon:  A new chain and sprockets will be a good idea for next season maybe, although these have some life left in them.  The brake pads will be up soon, but new sets from GALFER (front and rear) are INCLUDED with my spares (see spares photo).  The bike originally had large “MITO” stickers on the rear number plates, they were ugly anyway, but the prior owner removed them.  New ones could be ordered to get the stock look back easily.

The UGLY is really not that bad:  Previous owner has cut the rear-fender to flush with the tail, and moved the rear signals inside the tail, viewable through the rear-tail vent holes.  To go back to stock, a new stock undertail fender would be needed, as well as the rear-signals, these items can be ordered.  Also, the front R turn signal and front L turn signal don’t exactly match, they are slighlty different, I believe the R side was replaced, but the stock ones are easy to find anyway.  The previous owner let the kickstand wiggle loose, and it looks like it struck the swingarm a few times on the L side.  I immediately tightened the stand and it no longer can make contact, but a small paint repair here would be ideal…I just never bothered with it, please see swingarm photo to see the scratch.  There are only a few chips in the original paint, the chips were filled with matching red but you can still see them from closer than 5 feet away.  It is missing ONE lower fairing rivet, lowest rivet on the R side (see R side photo) you will see is slighlty larger, it is currently just a plastic screw being used as a placeholder.  These are like the metal rivets on the Ducati 916, I am sure they can be ordered, I just didn’t get to it.  There are some small chips on the underside edge of the R rear side of the swingarm, just in front of the rear caliper.  Lastly, I believe this bike may have fallen over on the previous owner.  There is a tiny scuff on the lowest corner of the (right-side mounted) pipe, it is TINY.  There is a tiny scuff on the stock R side bar-end (not currently installed, but included in the spares), and then there is that non-matching R side front signal.  The good news is that there is no damage to the tail or the mirror, so it must not have been more than a tip-over IMO.  I have tried to photograph each of these issues, look carefully at the shots but please understand that overall, this is a beautiful machine with great paint and only a few minor blems.  Besides, if the small scratch in the swingarm gets you down, swing around the back and just look at that California License plate and current registration, that should cheer you up (I didn’t install the month upside down, previous owner did that…)

I have taken very good care of this machine, always garaged, never rain-ridden, and it has not been crashed as far as I can tell…I know I didn’t crash it.  I had designs on doing the few things it still needs to make it absolutely perfect, but I found riding it required none of these things. 

This is a beautiful bike, a blast to ride, and it is hysterically rare in the US, but easy to find parts for…What a dream. 

I’ve never owned one or talked with an owner but I just get a sense you would end up neglecting other bikes if this became part of your collection.  By the way, if it even crossed your mind that some parts might interchange with the 916; forget about it.  There was actually a forum thread discussing that exact topic.

Click it for the auction.


Cagiva February 23, 2011 posted by

Italian Teens Commuter Or U.S. Exotica? Titled 1995 Cagiva Mito

Italian Teens Commuter Or U.S. Exotica? Titled 1995 Cagiva Mito

It is kind of funny how something can be very ordinary in one place an exotic in another.  These little Mitos, in my opinion, are classic bikes.  Their design/look is timeless much like, say a Ducati 916.  Could it be because the same pen designed them?  Maybe but park this next to an Aprilia RS125 and tell me which is the newer bike.  What makes this impressive is that the Mito is considered a beginners bike and they usually look like, well:  beginners bikes.  Only the tiny exhaust and single disc give away its’ lack of cc’s.

You may recognize this garage, as it has been producing some extremely nice grey bikes for sale lately.  Lucky for us the seller has decided to thin out his herd.  Lets go down the checklist for the bike.  Title: check.  Low miles: check.  Extremely clean: check.  There really isn’t a whole lot to say.  If you’ve been waiting for a Mito to come up for sale here it is.  It has everything you could ask for.

Can you see the 916 now?  This one is just smaller and smokes.  I’d love to see some comments from owners about these bikes.  Do they motivate pretty good?  I think back to my RM125 dirt bike and remember that thing was pretty damn strong.  Did Cagiva plug it up with restrictions and if so, are they easy to remove?  What is the fit and finish like on a Cagiva as I’ve never seen one in person.

I think this is one of those bikes that if you got it in your garage you’d find yourself riding more than you thought you would.  I’d take in a heart beat if my wallet would only cooperate.  This one is another Ebay bike and it looks like it has attracted a few bidders although the price is still well below what I think the seller would let it go for.  .

Since I compared the two, here are the RS125 and the Mito together. In all honesty, they are both sharp looking bikes.


Cagiva August 19, 2010 posted by

1993 Cagiva Mito In North Carolina

1993 Cagiva Mito In North Carolina

In my opinion, the Mito is one of those bikes that just has classic lines.  I actually favor the styling of the older model Mito’s like this one.  Nothing wrong with the Cagiva red either.  This one has a few issues but might be had for a decent price.  The seller is asking $2000 or best offer for the little red beast.  No mention on title status.

From the ad:

1993 Italian race bike Cagiva Mito 125cc 2 stroke. I have not had it run in years brought it with me from Italy needs some work but is in good condition. Think the stator is bad and missing the intake manifold, was lost while at a shop and never got it back before i moved to the US.

Help keep two storkes alive, give the man a call.  You can find his number here.


Uncategorized May 28, 2010 posted by

Today We’re Celebrating’s Second Birthday!

Dan’s brain child,, was born two years ago today!  To celebrate, Doug and I are sharing our favorite feature bike’s and what we think are the best values we’ve had!  We’ve come a long way in the past two years and we would like to thank everyone for their support. We hope our site continues to provide you with helpful information and, hopefully, the bike of your dreams!  On to the picks!

Alex’s Best Deal:

1985 Yamaha RZ500 In California For $1,800

The value of RZ500’s fluctuate with mileage, condition, and originality but, this bike was a steal no matter which category you focus on.  I have no reason to doubt this ad was genuine; the photos haven’t been seen before, the ad was up for a very short time and the ad was never seen anywhere else or at any other time.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff on Craigslist for more than $1,800 that I wouldn’t dare own or ride–this bike isn’t one of those things.  Twenty-five years later, this bike won’t be the fastest thing around the track, or the most composed, but it would be a blast and cooler than anything else with it’s asking price.  Regardless if this bike had a title or it’s actual condition, it was a steal even if you chose to part it out–a better deal than even the $900, 750 LE.  This bike is proof of why all of us scrounge Craigslist everyday looking for that elusive deal.

Alex’s Favorite Bike Overall:

2000 Cagiva Mito Evo II With Very Low Miles In California For $4,000

Now, I know, this bike isn’t the biggest, baddest, two-stroke to be produced but, the majority of the bikes we post on here are pure sex so some personal preference is the only thing that seems to separate desirable from black-market-organ-sale-worthy.  These little Cagiva’s are beat to hell in the UK/Europe but, here in America, we (I) lust over them like they were built by God’s–for surely they were.  I had an opportunity to purchase one of these in very similar condition and I still beat myself up, daily, for not going through with it.  A lightweight, 125cc two-stroke, with the looks of a Ducati but the sound of pure, you-can’t-smoke-in-here-sir, pleasure!  This looked to be a fantastic, completely original, example with less thank 1k km and was/is titled and registered in California.  I realize that both of my posts are two-strokes but realize, I’m just gearing up for this weekend!  See you at Miller!



Doug’s point of view-

I remember the day exactly… I was using Google to search for Rare Sport Bikes For Sale and I kept changing the keywords around to locate as many FZR 400’s and Zx7r’s that I could. I started getting pissed because I kept getting the same site popping up in the search results. That site? You guessed it I told my wife “Hey, I just found this site that looks pretty cool, but some of the posts are old and the links broken.” Her response was half baked at best and she said “Just keep looking and you’ll find one.” Do you think she heard me? So back I went to searching and I found some pretty nice ones that day. My curiosity was getting the best of me so after searching on Google I went back to RSBFS and flipped through almost every page that was available. That was August 17th, 2009 and I submitted these to Dan for consideration.

Keep in mind at that time I wasn’t sure what or if any criteria existed for your submission to make the cut. So a few days pass and I was back on the prowl again for FZR 400’s. But, instead of 400’s I found a sweet, all original FZR 1000 and I thought “What the heck, I’ll submit it to that site again.” August 25th was the day that Dan posted the FZR1000 and August 27th was the day Dan gave me “his sales pitch”


You mentioned helping with the site the other day, but have not responded to my response.. But, my curiosity is up now. What did you have in mind?


There’s the first email – I must have taken my stupid drug that day…..

Here’s the second email.


Long story short, would you like to become a regular contributor to the site? I had been working on a plan to add 2-3 more authors when you went on your tear this week, so it seemed like maybe my first new author might be you! I’m looking for authors who are passionate about rare sporting motorcycles who can make a commitment.

Other obligations will include helping to grow traffic to the site, joining the blogging community by monitoring other sites for opportunities, social media, etc… Time commitments will vary. For instance, I can make a post in about 20 minutes, but it will probably take you twice as long as you get started. The other obligations will probably account for about an hour a week. But the good news is that we work together and I can assist getting you up to speed where needed.


Dan Crouch, owner of MotoringBlogs

Okay, let’s see
1. Passionate – Check!
2. Commitment – Check!
3. 20 minutes per post – Check!
4. 1 hour extra per week – Check!

So, from 8.27 to 8.31 I spent most of my waking hours stumbling through HTML code that I knew and still don’t know anything about 🙂 My first mock up post was of a 1992 ZX7r K2, but my first real post was a Ducati 916 And as they say “The rest is history!”

As for Dan’s criteria and quoted time allotments- well…. Yes, I’m passionate, I’m definitely committed (or you wouldn’t be reading this), 20 minutes per post.. HA!, 1 hour per week is more like 10 hours per week. But, I enjoy all them all…

I’ve been trying to think of my own personal favorite post and as best that I can remember it would be this one of a 1098R or of this K1 The K1 post was especially exciting for me since these are my favorite scooter and because this one pulled such a high bid. I now own one of these and it will be a sad, sad day when I have to sell it.

I would like to say that my favorite duty working for RSBFS is being site supervisor and getting the opportunity to chat with our viewers. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and befriending people from all over the world. That’s right, if you were unaware or just never give it any thought, we have viewers from every continent on the planet and I now have friends in Australia, England, Hong Kong and Corvallis, OR. But the absolute best benefit from being involved with the site??? You get first dibs on the bikes we love and can’t get enough of. Below are my two favorites that I now own and found because of RSBFS 🙂

So my first 9 months authoring for RSBFS have been great and I’m glad to be a part of it. I appreciate Dan affording me the opportunity and I look forward to the future when our site can offer more information and be the only place to look for “Rare Sport Bikes For Sale”.