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Suzuki July 26, 2013 posted by

Already Met Reserve: 1989 Suzuki RGV250

1989 Suzuki RGV250 For Sale

Another spot from Doug is this restored and upgraded 1989 Suzuki RGV250 in Lucky Strike livery. Ian is our RGV expert but he’s on a well deserved vacation in Montana at the moment. I mention that only because I’m not as well versed in these models and not sure I’ve seen an 89 Lucky Strike before. That said, it’s already met reserve at $6500 so buyers are liking what they see regardless. Help me out in the comments!


1989 Suzuki RGV250 For Sale on eBay


from the seller:

For sale Fully Restored 1989 RGV 250.
Brand New top end (will have to be broken in).
Brand new NOS Fuel tank and factory lucky strike body work.
Has brand new radiator, tires, brakes lines, etc.
Brand new Tyga expansion chambers.


Already Met Reserve:  1989 Suzuki RGV250
Aprilia June 20, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: May 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged a record 85 bikes in May and witnessed an all-time high of 29 of our picks getting sold. In fact our readers bought 23 bikes in May! Here is a review of 29 of the 85 posted, most having sold.

Lowest sale price: $1380
Highest sale price: $25099

Congratulations to May’s buyers and sellers!


In no particular order, we start with this 1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP with 2000 miles that sold for $3650:

Ducati 900 SS/SP

A highlight last month is this 1986 GSX-R 750 Limited Edition with less than 900 miles that sold for $22,400!

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750R Limited

This 2001 Ducati 996SPS failed to sell after being bid to nearly $12k.

Ducati 996SPS

This very tidy but tiny Aprilia RS50 sold for a pint sized $2700 to one of our readers.

Aprilia RS50

This stock 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma sold for $12,400.

1985 Suzuki RG500

This heavily modified 1986 Suzuki RG500 in Lucky Strike livery failed to sell the first time at $10,500 but sold after one relist for $16,000!

1986 Suzuki RG500 Lucky Strike

This 1990 BMW K1 with just 4200 miles sold for $13450, McDonalds colors be damned!


This very clean 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 sold for $7000, even with 30k miles!

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750

This 1996 Suzuki GSX-R 750 might have been the bargain of the month selling at just $2550.

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 750

This amazing low mileage and stunning 1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100 sold for $13100.

1987 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Someone scored on this 1986 Kawasaki ZX1000R Ninja that saw just 7400 miles. Sold for only $3750!

1986 Kawasaki ZX1000R

This 1991 Yamaha TZ 250 B racebike sold for $17500 but was relisted and sold again for $15500. Hopefully for good!

This well looked after 1993 Moto Guzzi Daytona 1000 sold for $8200.

Moto Guzzi Daytona

This later 1997 Daytona 1100 with less than 7k miles failed to sell with bids reaching $9100.

Moto Guzzi Daytona 1100

Another great buy was this 1982 Honda CB 900F with 205 miles for only $6655. This won’t be depreciating any time soon.

1982 Honda CB900F

Here’s a nearly new 999R with less than 1k miles that failed to sell at $16100.

Ducati 999R

This restored 1988 Suzuki GSX-R sold for a mere $6100 to one of our readers.

This 1996 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike was no reserve and sold for $7500.

Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike

Here’s a Yamaha RZ500 that sold for a scant $6500.

Yamaha RZ500 RD500LC

This 1998 Yamaha R1 failed to sell at $8500 and has been relisted for $7500.

Yamaha YZF-R1 For Sale

This cool 1985 Yamaha FZ750 survivor sold for $3850.

1985 Yamaha FZ750

Here’s a 1987 Suzuki GSX-R50 that sold to one of the RSBFS superfans for $1380.

1987 Suzuki GSX-R50

This 1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo is one of several we posted recently and it sold for $5451.

1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo

This 1994 Yamaha YZF-750R was also well bought at just $2200.

1994 Yamaha YZF-750R

This 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited sold for $12721.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Limited

A very striking 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE sold for $17000.

2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE

This spotless 1998 Aprilia RS250 set a new record selling for $9950.

1998 Aprilia RS250

This 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R ELR failed to sell the first time at $8500 buy-it-now, but was relisted twice and sold for $6500.

1983 Kawasaki KZ1000R ELR

The top seller this month was this 1979 Kawasaki Z1R TC2 Turbo for $25099.

1979 Kawasaki Z1R TC2 Turbo

This 1994 Bimota DB2 appears to have sold for good this time at $7400.

1994 Bimota DB2

The great pumpkin 1982 Laverda Jota sold for $20255!

1982 Laverda Jota

This 1993 Ducati Superlight failed to sell at $9499.

Ducati Superlight

This XN85 Turbo sold for just $4000.

1983 Suzuki XN85 Turbo

While we were having a little fun with this CBR1000RR trike, it did find a new home for $9900.

CBR1000RR Trike

This 1985 RZ500 failed to sell when bid to $9100 while wearing a $11800 buy-it-now.

Yamaha RZ500

Suzuki June 9, 2013 posted by

Lucky in California: 1990 Suzuki RGV 250 Lucky Strike


Do you all know what we are looking at here? Correct. This is a bona fide TITLED IN CALIFORNIA two stroke. After that part, I’m not even sure I care what two stroke it is – but for the sake of our readership, I shall continue. If you are looking for a museum mint Lucky Strike edition smoker, you may wish to avert your eyes. For the rest of the drooling Golden State enthusiasts itching to get into the two stroke action, read on!


From the seller:
1990 SUZUKI RGV 250 Lucky Strike

Currently registered with a clean title for street use in California. Registration is good through April ’14.

I currently have a set of Lucky Strike replica bodywork on it, I do have the original panels, but the previous owner sprayed them matte black. Most of the stock panels are in good condition, but some of them have had plastic welds and repairs made. From what I can tell they were white with blue decals. (see pics)

I upgraded the suspension with a Fully adjustable rear showa shock and rebuilt front forks with Race Tech Gold Valve Emulators, and stiffer springs. It also has Vortex fully adjustable rear sets. (see pics, I have the stock shock)

It has been fully de-restricted, with the larger 34mm carbs and the unrestricted ECU. (as you can see in the pics, I have the 32mm carbs and the restricted ECU)

It is currently set up for pre-mix, but all the stock oil injection parts are included and could be set up to use the oil injection easily.

There is a small chip in the paint on the left side of the upper fairing, I have included a pic of it. Also this bike was laid down by the previous owner(I assume thats why the some fairings have had repairs and were sprayed matte black). There is some rash on the exhaust.

It does not have blinkers or mirrors, but all the electrical works and the blinkers could be added easily. There currently is no battery, no need since it is only kick start. It usually starts on the 1st or 2nd kick and runs perfectly. Please check out all the pics and ask any questions. I am sure I have forgotten some stuff. It comes with all the extra stock parts I have.

I have owned this bike for 4 years now, I spent a lot of time cleaning it up and doing some repairs and upgrade. It is a great running bike and and is a blast to ride. Its rare to find a 2 stroke that is street legal in california.


So, the good, bad and ugly appear to be as follows: This was not an original Lucky Strike bike, as the replica L.S. bodywork is replacing a different set of plastics that may or may not be original, but certainly not L.S. livery according to the seller. Besides, the L.S. livery did not even show up in Suzuki’s lineup until 1996. The bike has been down at some point, and probably seen its fair share of abuse. You will likely need a mirror and some turn signals to keep from being hassled by the man. If you can live with that and are willing to tote some oil around for refueling purposes, perhaps this is your sign.


California is home to the killer combination of more great roads and more sunny riding days than practially all of the other US states (no flame wars please). Yet bikes like this elude riders due to the restrictions of the DMV. PLEASE somebody in California buy this thing. Keep smog layers alive in our valleys and the noise pollution of a twin on the pipe in our cities. We NEED your help! Click on the link to jump over to the auction and check out this RGV 250 Gamma. Did it mention is has a CA title?


Sport Bikes For Sale May 29, 2013 posted by

No Reserve Kids! 1996 Suzuki RGV250SP Lucky Strike

ls right

Interesting, very interesting.  Yes, it is the real deal. Yes, it has a title and Yes,  it is going home with someone (unless the auction is pulled).  Other than that, there isn’t any real info on the bike.  From the sound of the sellers info it kind of sounds like a flip type sale.

ls left

Too bad the pictures aren’t more clear.  It looks complete and in great shape.  The pictures show a missing passenger seat and a different gear oil cap.  It looks like it even has the OEM rubber brake lines still on it.  Warning sticker on the tank shows it is original paint.

ls rear

I’m not sure about the Florida plates but the seller claims it has a Montana title (it is located in MT as well).  Mileage is said to be at 5,000.  Stop reading and buy the darn thing.

Click it, fast.


Aprilia May 16, 2013 posted by

Month in Review: April 2013 Sales Report


Welcome back to our latest sales report, where savvy buyers and sellers keep an eye on market values. We blogged 60 bikes in April and here is a review of 20 of them, most having sold. In fact 4 of them sold to our own readers. Lowest sale price was $1900 and highest was $64k!

Congratulations to April’s buyers and sellers!


This Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike failed to sell even though it was bid up to $8100.

Lucky Strike Suzuki

From the Michigan collection, this 1996 Bimota DB3 Mantra did end up selling after one relist for full price of $16900.

Bimota Mantra For Sale

This 2002 Ducati MH900e with under 1000 miles sold for $22900.

Ducati MH900e For Sale

The 1983 Honda CX650T Turbo sold for $15100! These really do have quite the following!

Honda CX650T For Sale

The 4k mile Honda RC30 failed to get much love when first listed with spares at $30k and then relisted without it failed to sell at $17600.

Honda RC30 For Sale

This adorable and exceptionally clean 1983 Kawasaki GPz 305 sold for just $1625!

Kawasaki GPz 305 For Sale

The first of two 86 Honda NS400R’s that would sell this month, this one sold for $10099!

Honda NS400R For Sale

The second NS400R sold for just $6100 in comparison.

Honda NS400R For Sale

This 1987 Honda NSR250 looked pretty tidy and sold for just $3800.

Honda NSR250 MC16 For Sale

At $4000, this has to be the cheapest RVF400 we’ve seen sell. Congrats to the lucky new owner!

RVF400 For Sale

This little 1983 Ducati 350 Desmo sold for only $1900, which is probably the cheapest Ducati we’ve ever seen sold either!

1983 Ducati 350 For Sale

Here’s the 1983 Suzuki GS550ES which sold for $3450.

Suzuki GS550ES For Sale

Sold to one of our readers, this 1998 Ducati 916SPS sold for $12900.

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

Also sold to one of readers was this 1993 Ducati 900SS Superlight for $9200.

Ducati Superlight For Sale

This stunning 74 Ducati 750 Sport, original and unrestored, sold for an eye popping $64k!

1974 Ducati 750 Sport For Sale

Back to the blue smoke, this 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup sold for only $5300.

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

This 1985 Honda VF1000R sold for a tidy $8000.

Honda VF1000R For Sale

A good month for classic Honda’s as this 1983 CB1100R sold as well for $23600.

1983 Honda CB1100R For Sale

Sold to one of our readers was this very handsome 1997 Aprilia RS250 for $8100.

Aprilia RS250 For Sale

Finally, this 85 Yamaha RZ500 sold to one of our readers for $14500.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale

Sport Bikes For Sale May 7, 2013 posted by

How Do You Like Them? Stock 1985 Suzuki RG500 Gamma And Heavily Modded 1986 RG500 Gamma


rg right

ls right

Same bike but the buyers will be extremely different.  We have one, that the last hands touching it were in Hammatsu and another, well; who’s hands haven’t touched it?  Of course I’m exaggerating but you get the idea.

rg rear

Lets go stock first.

The stats:

  • CARBS REJETTED W/ INDIVIDUAL AIR FILTERS ( I have stock air box and air channels)
  • TINTED WINDSCREEN AND MIRRORS (I do not think they are original )
  • Bike is being Listed Locally, I reserve the right to end the auction early…

rg close

 It has been a while since I’ve seen a RG with mileage that low.

rg left

Check out the auction here.

ls left rear

If you can’t leave well enough alone then this 86 RG might be of interest.

The list of mods is long:

After 15 years of ownership, almost 10 years in the making, and 2 years of indecision, it is time to part with my favorite toy, my 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma.

What you see in the pictures is the result of almost 10 years of evolution. Professional help was enlisted for the engine, suspension, and paint. I performed all other assembly.

The motor is a fresh Lance Gamma rebuild with approx. 500 miles since rebuild.

The carbs have been bored. The intake trunks have been removed in favor of the Lance Gamma air filters shown. The pipes are Jolly Moto GP style that have been Ceramic coated in black.

The trans is factory with all the factory offered upgrades.

The clutch is new.

The front forks/wheel/brake are RGV 250. The forks are inverted, tuned by Max/Traxxion Dynamics.

The front fairing is factory RGV250 modified to fit the RG500 frame. The mirrors and fairing stay are RGV250.

The rear seat unit is for a RC45 narrowed in the seat area to fit the RG500 frame.

The seat is a one of custom piece, made by Corbin to fit this bike.

The body work decals were supplied by Morgan Graphics in the UK. The custom paint is numerous coats of color with numerous coats of clear coat applied over the decals.

The swing arm has a top brace fabricated from 1” square alum tubing with square tubing gussets.  The swing arm was brush finished and clear powdercoat applied.

The rear hugger is from a Ducati M900

The rear shock is a Penske fully adjustable unit built for the RG500.

There is also a ride height adjuster.

The rearsets are fully adjustable with carbon fiber heel guards. The rearsets were brush finished and clear powdercoat applied.

The brakes and chain are one year old with less than 500 miles of use.

The rear sprocket is a polished Vortex unit with 44 teeth. The front sprocket is Suzuki with 15 teeth.

The brake lines were custom made by Goodrich. They are braided steel with blue vinyl sleeve. The fittings are anodized red.

The front and rear wheels  are powdercoated  white.

The rear wheel is a GSXR 750 wheel, 4.5 x 17”

The tires are Michelin Hi-Sports with 5 mm tread life left. Front is 110/70 ZR17. The rear is 160/60ZR 17.

The speedo is a MPH unit sourced from the UK.

The top yoke has been anodized red as were the rear swingarm stand bobbins.

The bike had a valid Illinois title as a Suzuki RS500

The winning bidder will receive stock body work, front end, and wheels

The gas tank was signed by none other that the man himself, Kevin Schwantz!

That is all I can think of at the moment. The bike is offered for sale locally so I reserve the right to cancel this auction at any time. This bike will sell to someone. Shipping will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. The reserve price is far below my monetary investment and will not be revealed until it is met. Feel free to ask any questions.


ls naked
I admire all those who take the challenge to build a race replica.  It is tough to get a street bike built in the 80’s to proportionally look like a factory race bike in the 90’s.

ls front

It’s a dead ringer for a VJ22 from the front.  Bet it doesn’t quite sound like on though.

Check out the auction here.


Sport Bikes For Sale April 5, 2013 posted by

Feeling Lucky? 1996 RGV250 Lucky Strike

Indianapolis, IN – 6,404mi – $10,500 BIN


Feeling lucky? Up for sale here we have an RGV250, not only shrouded in awesome Lucky Strike livery, but also shrouded in mystery. With only two partial photos of the bike and a couple of sentences in the description, it has peaked my curiosity. Now this doesn’t look like a factory LS model, as they came with a black/red frame and slightly different variations on the graphics. The earlier models came with a different variation on the graphics. You can check out Ian’s RGV Lucky Strike School here.


It’s hard to offer much analysis on this bike as so little is offered up by the seller. It is stated as an SP with a dry clutch. Maybe those RGV nuts out there can chime in and offer anymore insight about this claim. Bidding is active and up to about $3,500 already, but the reserve still remains. The BIN is pretty hefty in my opinion with out more information and pictures. Take it from someone who looks at tons of for sale ads a day, more details are ALWAYS better. However, I am still intrigued and feel almost a gambler’s high when thinking about this ad. It’s a roll of the dice. Feeling Lucky? Then check out the auction here!


Sport Bikes For Sale January 31, 2013 posted by

Detective Work: 1997(?) Suzuki RGV250 VJ22

Update 1.31.2013: Back on eBay but with a dramatically lower opening bid of $5900. Links updated. -dc

Update 11.14.2012: Back on eBay a month later, now with a lower opening bid of $10k. Links updated. -dc

Another Lucky Strike RGV250 and another case of detective work needed.

Lets dive right in. Is this a 1997 RGV250 (VJ22) from the factory in Hammatsu? Absolutely not. Is this a Dream Machine spray out of the UK commissioned by the Suzuki importer there? I seriously doubt it. Lets start with the model year. All the parts indicate a 93-95 VJ22. Turn indicators are Euro spec so I’m ruling out a Japanese domestic bike. I’d lean towards a UK spec bike but they were imported to several European countries and Australia. The SAPC will give you more clues to the bikes country of import ( head over to for the list of SAPC’s). So, for fun lets run with a UK bike. As you may know, the UK importer had some RGV’s sprayed in Lucky Strike colors by Dream Machine. As far as I know, those sprays were all of the earlier Lucky Strike design, not this later version.

The Lucky Strike paint is copied often but rarely done correctly. I would say this one falls into the average category. I’ve seen a lot worse. The official factory versions will have the blacked out frames to go with this paint scheme and they were 1994 models.

I’m not trying to embarrass anyone by pointing out what the bike is or is not but the fact is, sellers ask a premium for Lucky Strike versions and a buyer has the right to know what they are getting.

Once I got past the paint I have to admit it looks like a decent example of a VJ22. There are very few modifications and the pictures don’t indicate much corrosion, scratches or dents. What is missing are the big questions buyers usually have with these bikes. Is it titled? Is it running on injection or premix? Is it in restricted form? If I remember correctly German VJ22’s were restricted but not to the extent as the Japanese domestic market bikes.

If the mileage is legit, it is extremely low mile. Do UK spec RGV speedo’s go up to 150MPH?

I know I focused on what this bike is not but overall it could end up being a really nice find if you can get a few more questions answered on it.

There is actually on last problem. The seller is asking a very steep premium. I’ll let you click on the auction to see the starting bid. Make sure you are sitting down and have oxygen handy.

Here it is.