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Sport Bikes For Sale November 27, 2012 posted by

Lucky Strikes Twice? 1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22 Lucky Strike Replica in New England

As is often the case in our “feast or famine” pursuit of the rare and collectable, here is another Lucky Strike rendered RGV 250. This bike is clearly not stock, and comes with a pretty long list of goodies.

From the seller:
Don’t miss this opportunity to own a super trick 1991 Suzuki RGV 250 VJ22M / Lucky Strike theme GP replica in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. This bike pulls really hard and handles like a GP race bike….

Has been very reliable , dependable and has been a joy to own and ride. The sound of the SUGAYA’S alone is intoxicating ( if your a 2 stroke enthusiast) and if your not well, there is medication for that..

Over $4000.00 in new / premium performance parts..

So if your looking for a rare , road worthy, legal, high quality, lightweight , unique and reliable screamer, that is far superior than most modern street bikes .. or a killer track weapon to torment those big cc lead buckets in the corners …

Livery-branded bikes rank right up there as the most popular to copy; because these are often originally produced in low numbers, there is a collectability factor that influences prices. But strip away the colors and just focus on the hardware for a moment, and tell me this replica doesn’t have all the right pieces.

From the seller:
Derestricted ( SAPC) and fully kitted for pump gas.
Tyga Performance GP Tail section (will include stock tail section in sale)
SP Heads / Barrels
Carbon Fiber Hugger
Smoked wind screen
6 piston front calipers with new pads ( front and rear) and NISSIN front radial brake master cylinder for eye popping braking
Earls Stainless Steel brake Lines
New Tires Pilot Power — 110 / 70’s and 160 / 60’s
New / power valves – freshly pinned and perfect (will include stock valves in sale)
New Battery
New hi quality air filter.
Wet Clutch/CR gearbox – 34mm carbs – cleaned and synced
Sugaya kit pipes – ( These pipes are impossible to obtain $$$) cans are slightly dented ( have never seen a pair thats not)
Fresh NGK Iridium plugs
Fresh gear oil
Oil injected / injection intact and operates perfectly
New ( aftermarket fairings) Original fairings new = $2200.00 / couldn’t justify…
Trick master cylinder covers
Low miles 7673 (12,350) kilometers
Clear Connecticut title / Registration
Bid with confidence — 100 % positive feedback..

******** Will include a spare , low mile , great running stock motor and carbs, if buy it now price is met $10,500.00) ********

The current bid on this one is only $5,200 with reserve still in place. The BIN number is ten point five large ones, but as you have already noted, this would include another stock motor (perfect for a rebuild project or a winter “hot saw” project for you lumberjack types). There appears to be even more in this bike, as in the pictures I spotted Woodcraft clip-ons – I wonder what other treasures this trove holds. For more info and pictures, click on the link and jump over to the auction. Lucky Strike livery – does it get your motor running? Let us know in the comments!


Suzuki November 26, 2012 posted by

1996 Suzuki RGV250 VJ23 Lucky Strike with 9600 Miles in the UK

Located in Sheffield with a classified ad price of about $10700 is what appears to be a stock VJ23 Lucky Strike RGV250. I have gone back and done some reading on previous Lucky Strike posts to help me with identifying whether this one is real or not but the pictures aren’t great with this listing. What do you see? To my amateur eye I see a bike that’s uncut, stock pipes, no solo seat conversion, and a machine clean enough to each off of. But I’m also humble enough to recognize we have some real experts that read our posts and hope you’ll leave a comment with your opinions.

1996 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike For Sale on eBay

from the seller listing:



Sport Bikes For Sale December 7, 2011 posted by

1994 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike – Sold Before We Could Post!

The RGV250 Lucky Strike holds a special place in 2-stroke sportbike enthusiast’s hearts. That iconic paint scheme evokes all kind of GP racing fantasies that so many of us want to identify with. While these street bikes bear little actual lineage to the real deal, the weight, power, and smoke go a long way to making it feel real!

Unfortunately while we were working to put together a post for this example, it sold quickly for $5500. Congratulations to the buyer and seller.

Check out previously listed RGV250 Lucky Strike’s for sale, and in particular Ian’s Lucky Strike spotters guide.


Sport Bikes For Sale November 3, 2011 posted by

Lucky You! Titled 1994 Suzuki RGV 250 (VJ22)

Location: Grey, Maine

Mileage: 8,500

Price: Auction, Starting at $6,000

Up for grabs here is a ’94 Suzuki RGV 250 (VJ22), one rare and very desirable two-stroke. Photos do not show the bike completely put together, but the seller claims it’s all there and that the bike has been gone through thoroughly with many upgrades.

Here’s the seller’s information-

Up for sale is my 1994 Suzuki RGV 250 ‘Lucky Strike’ Replica. It has 12,000 Kilometers. These bikes were produced to compete in the Moto GP series. I have brought this bike back to life and it’s just sitting in Storage not being used. Bike is complete from front to tail. The only thing I haven’t done is bleed the front brakes. Pictures were taken while re installing fairings. Bike does have tank. Painted solid red to match. I listed this on Craigslist for 10,000 but due to the time of year have dropped it to half that. Any questions please send me an email. NO RESERVE!



Is also insured through Progressive w/ correct 11 Digit VIN

List Of Mods:

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersports 160/60 Rear 120/60 front

Cermanic Coated subframe

Stainless Steel Allen Bolts (90% replaced)

O-ring Chain & Sproket Kit (From tuning works)

New Triple Tree Top Nut (ti)

New Speedo Cable

Used front discs

New Brake & Clutch Lever

New Headstock Bearings

34mm Carbs (from RS250)

22D30 SAPC

New Fork/Dust Seals

New Mirrors

New Tinted (Black) Windscreen

Lucky Strike Fairings 

Matching Lucky Strike Leathers 

New Fuel Lines

Stainless Steel Brake Lines (front & rear) 

New Harris Racing Rear Hugger 

New Battery

Used Passenger Foot Pegs

Street Legal Oil Injected 250 2Storke. Super Fast and will Out-corner anything. Have owner and service manual (in english) along with perforance guides. I have put less then 500 miles on this bike in the last 4 years. Runs and rides excellent. Practicaly brand new. 

I have done a build thread on the forum. If you would like to read it let me know and I will get you a copy.

And the pics-

Photos are a little strange for a bike like this, to be perfectly honest. You would expect something a little more thorough, especially for a build that has been chronicled on a enthusiast site. I would definitely want to see that thread and get the lowdown on exactly how the bike has been put together. And  personally I would like to see some pics of the bike completely put together. Maybe I’m paranoid, but it would make me more comfortable.

The seller is asking $6,000 to start and since the auction has no reserve, that’s what it will take to take the bike home. I have seen these bikes run up to the $10k mark, usually low mileage and SP models. The seller said the bike was listed at $10k and now is almost half that. Even thought the seller lists it as a replica, this could be a good deal. However, I would want to make sure the bike is complete and the build has been done right.

So here’s an opportunity for a great two-stroke with a title, in one of the best looking packages ever. If those things matter to you (and they should) give this bike a look!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 9, 2011 posted by

Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You: 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike (VJ22)

Your Eyes Aren’t Deceiving You: 1993 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike (VJ22)

{Note: Our research suggests this may be 1994 based on images in the brochure. -Ian}

Quick! Hit those sofa cushions and sell all the old gold jewelry you have laying around! You don’t want to let this amazing Suzuki RGV250 get away. 2,311km (1,435mi) Suzuki RGV250? Check. Rare Lucky Strike paint work with graphics on the frame? Check. Unmodified, excellent condition bike that was part of a display and is now in road going condition? Check. California title, registration, and plated? Check that as well!

I bet you’ve seen this paint scheme duplicated a hundred times.  Rarely is it done correctly.  It is easy to spot the real thing with the powder coated frame  replicating  the works RGV500’s of Schwantz and Beattie.  I’ve never seen someone do a replica that took the time to powder coat the frame and dye the seat red.  Among Lucky Strike models these are indeed among the rarest.  Before you say it; yes,  there are the ubber rare Team Suzuki bikes (50) that went to Australia and the hundred or so Lucky Strike VJ23 “V” models.  Having said that, I’ve seen more 23 LS  “V’s” running around the states than these.    I believe the production run on these was 500 and they would be the last until the VJ23 (T and V) Lucky Strikes in 1996.

Spec wise they are a standard Japanese domestic RGV250.  These are eye candy to hopefully entice you to buy more smokes!  The story I’ve heard is they were part of the contract attached to the sponsorship of the grand prix race team.  If true, I wonder why Suzuki took the time to make 50 in 1991 with Team Suzuki on them?

The seller provides an excellent description of the bike, and even drops a RSBFS link in the eBay ad (this one from earlier this year which is very informative on the Lucky Strike models). So without being redundant, here is the seller’s description:

“This is possibly the rarest version of the original factory Lucky Strike models — the graphics extend onto the frame (powercoated), and was made in very limited quantities, perhaps between 300-500, for the Japanese Domestic Market in 1993 after Kevin Schwantz won the 500cc world title that same year with the Lucky Strike Suzuki team. Rare doesn’t even begin to properly describe this bike — this model is far rarer than any VJ23 SP Lucky Strike model, VJ21 Pepsi etc etc……you may never see another one, let alone for sale!

The bike is in museum-quality condition — ALL original, NO modifications, just over 2300 kms on the odo, just amazing condition. It was in a private collection for much of its life, as a display piece. It runs perfectly, rides like new. It is restricted (as all Japanese market models are) to 40-45hp, and can be easily de restricted, but I thought it would be a shame on a rare model in original condition like this. Plus, even restricted, it will still do 90-100mph with incredible acceleration etc—unless you’re a racer, this will have plenty of power for street riding. It still has all of its JDM features – KPH speedometer, all labels written in
Japanese etc, it is exactly as exported.

Original paint and graphics are clean and in excellent condition — other than replaced air filter, battery, some replaced fairing hardware (couple screws), rebuilt(original) carbs and new tires— all parts are original! The bike sat for quite a while in a collection and was put “back on the road” in regards to any replaced parts. The bike does have a couple very minor paint dings or scrapes. There are a couple touched-up dings in the red paint, a couple digs in the graphics, some dings in the wheel edges and some scrapes at the very bottom of the fairing – all pictured below in detail. These are all very typical wear marks for a bike this age, with this mileage etc. The only unusual thing is that the bike is missing its clutch-side bar-end weight, but it is as-I received it.

Runs great! Starts 1st or 2nd kick, often without choke! Shifts nicely through all gears and doesn’t smoke too much without the choke on (perfect!). Always run with high-quality Yamalube synthetic 2T oil.

Best part of all —-the bike has current California registration, title and plates!! (registered as SPCNS with full VIN and engine #) This rare piece of sportbike history can be yours for the low BIN price –you would be hard pressed to find another one, in any condition, let alone this clean and original !! Frame VIN –VJ22A123XXX Engine: J2XX…”

Check out all those photos, the seller goes to great lengths to show you what little imperfections there are.  I’m only noticing a missing bar end and an added tank pad.  It does have some chips here and there but they are all pointed out.  Rare indeed but maybe ultra rare is a better description considering the stock condition.  Almost everyone add’s something to an RGV over time but not on this one.  What you end up with really would be a nice bike to complete a collection.  Add it up:  rare model, stock condition and titled.  I think it would be an excellent way to make the 23 owners very jealous.

Make this bike yours today!


[AffomaticEbay]Suzuki GSX-R[/AffomaticEbay]

Quick Spot January 4, 2011 posted by

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike? Don’t Be Late For Class

1992 Suzuki RGV250 Lucky Strike?  Don’t Be Late For Class

I know anyone who is shopping for a RGV250 or a Lucky Strike RGV250 is cringing right now.  Sellers:  buyers need photos and lots of them, especially when you are dealing with a model like  a Lucky Strike RGV250.  This may be the most copied paint scheme on the planet.  It is extremely difficult to find the real thing nowadays.  Even more rare is finding one that has not been modified.  I normally wouldn’t post a bike with so few pictures but I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about what to look for if you might be looking for a Lucky Strike RGV250.  RGV’s are the one area I can claim some decent knowledge so let’s do a little Lucky Strike RGV Class 101.

To be honest it is difficult to even find a photo of a stock Lucky Strike RGV250 on the net.  This Youtube post is the best example I’ve seen in a while.  Not stock are the solo tail cover (ultra rare and a great find if you come across one), the Arrow exhaust and the Motul, Michelin and NGK stickers and the Schwantz signature.  Excluding those items it is a great example of what a home market Lucky Strike RGv250 should look like.  When I say “home market”, I’m referring to Japan.  There were a certain number of resprays done in England by the Suzuki importer there.  I guess I’m a snob, I don’t consider those true LS RGV250’s.  A Japanese spec Lucky Strike will be restricted to 45hp, as well, since they were home market bikes.  Lucky Stirkes are not SP models.  They will have the less adjustable suspension and no remote reservoir for the rear shock.  The Lucky Strike edition was simply a paint scheme.  If want that cool dry clutch you have to stick with an SP.

Here is the info from the ad:

1992 suzuki rgv 250
factory kevin schwantz with registration
super sweet light and nimble
this bike screams
if your reading this you already know
im looking for best offers
this bike is rare
xtra rebuilds/ rims/parts and pipes and factory manuel
make me a serious offer and i will write back
bike has been well kept and always garaged

 The photo is so poor, it is hard to judge the bike.  What I notice right away is it almost looks like the stickers say “Team Suzuki” instead of “Lucky Strike”.  Suzuki ran those stickers in in the GP’s in countries where you could not advertise tobacco.  Obviously, if the stickers do say that, this is not an original LS.  The wheels are also the wrong color for an original LS.  I will hedge my bets though, if the stickers are correct (some have been added though) and for some reason the wheels were painted or changed it could be an original LS.  Then again I’m noticing three louvers on the tail section.  Three louvers are a sign of 1991 model.  1992 onwards have two louvers.  See how it turns into detective work?  Now, would I totally dismiss this bike?  If I was a collector, yes.  If I’m just looking for a nice RGV I’d at least make a call.  In my opinion that title is worth more than whatever paint is on the bike.  Like I said the LS RGV’s were just normal RGV’s excluding the paint.  You could even argue they are less appealing because they are  restricted in stock form.  With some planning and some $$$ you can get a nice Lucky Strike spray done yourself.  If you’d like to know more about this particular bike you can find out more here.


Some review material for Lucky Strike RGV Class 101

A few nice pictures of 1992 VJ22 LS.  Solo tail, end cans and a few small stickers are not factory original.  As I mentioned above the solo tail cover was a factory made item and is uber rare.

 I honestly don’t remember is these were produced in 1991 and 1992 or just 1992.  A real one must have the banana swing arm that wasn’t produced after 1992 (Honda sued them over a patent infringement).


 If you ever see one that looks like this snatch it up as fast as you can.  I believe only about 500 were produced in 1994 for the Japanese market.  Still a VJ22 but with the updated Lucky Strike paint work.  

1996 VJ23 Lucky Strike.  It was produced in both the restricted “T” model and the derestricted “V” model.  If you think about it, as rare as these are, we’ve seen a lot more of these VJ23 LS’s lately than the older VJ22 LS’s.  Which would you rather own? I know, I know….both.


Suzuki March 5, 2010 posted by

1998 Suzuki rgv250 vj 23 in Lucky Strike racing colors!

1998 suzuki rgv250 luck strike edition vj23 for sale on ebay.

Located in Visalia, CA is this pristine, low mileage all original example of a classic Suzuki. I added a lot of the pictures from the auction, but there are more to be seen. The seller also lists his phone # for any interested parties.

Last year one of these came in at #5 on the RSBFS “Top 5”, most viewed postings and I can see why. Last years bike had an asking price of $16,000.00 bucks so it may have made the list because everyone was looking for gold plated parts. However, this one has been listed with a reserve and currently sits at $2,247.00 with the reserve still on. Based on past RSBFS Lucky Strike listings I can only imagine this one will need to exceed the $10,000 mark to be within the atomic range. I’m guessing closer to 14g’s and it would be sitting in your living room. I know these are as rare as any that we post on RSBFS, but the prices that the Lucky Strikes command is really hard to digest. I think I’d take my 10,000 go buy a NSR and have 4,000 to play with, but I’ve been known to be a bit of a cheap skate too.

Quotes from the auction:

All oem, all original with 2,600 miles. Everything works perfect and the bike is a 9 out of 10 to play it safe. New Dunlop Sportrax tires and 520 gold chain. No dents, scrapes, or bruises, runs and operates perfect. Fuel tank had some very light rust inside and was sealed with Caswell two part epoxy for good measure.

. It’s listed as a 7 day auction and it will have about 5 1/2 days remaining by the time you see this on RSBFS. So should you decide that you absolutely can’t live without a Lucky Strike rgv vj23 you will have plenty of time to count your Benjamans before the auction ends.

I almost forgot… Has anyone else noticed that sometimes the emblem on the gas tank reads to the rider and other times it reads to the front of the bike??

Here’s a RGV at idle for your viewing pleasure:



Suzuki October 31, 2009 posted by

1996 RGV250 Gamma VJ23

Available in Northern California is a 1996 RGV250 in what looks to be amazing condition. The ad as posted by the seller:

I am sad to say that I am forced to sell my 96 RGV250. I have spent the last 3 1/2 years building the bike.

This is a extremely rare 1996 RGV250 VJ23. There were only 2218 bikes made between Feb 96 and Sept 96. The bike has a unique 70 degree motor based on the Suzuki GP bikes. There are maybe 15 to 20 of these bikes in the USA.

Here is a list of the modifications I have done:

– Ohlins radial front forks with the Brembo radial calipers
– Galfer wave rotors
– Yoshmura billet triple clamps w/modification to fit stock ignition lock
– Penske triple clicker rear shock
– Marchesini magnesium 10 spoke wheels f/3.5″ and r/5.5″
– New Michelin Pilot Power 2ct tires
– Custom rear caliper bracket with brembo caliper
– Sugaya race pipes (Not the Lomas as seen in the pictures below)
– Sugaya R2 cdi
– Has oil injection (not premix)
– Ca titled with new registration(November) for the next year
– Recent complete rebuild

I want $15,000 firm for the bike. No tire kickers please…and no test rides until there is cash in hand.

Sorry no trades of anykind.
Feel free to contact me with any questions…

** The pictures below show the bike with Jim Lomas pipes….the bike currently has Sugaya race pipes and thats whats being sold**

The asking price is $15,000 and is titled and registered in California.  See the ad on Bay Area Riders Forum here.