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Kawasaki January 12, 2011 posted by

Eddie’s Ride: 1983 Kawasaki Eddie Lawson Replica

For Sale: 1983 Kawasaki Eddie Lawson Replica Superbike ELR Z1 Z-1 GPZ

Up for sale today is a beautiful 1983 Kawasaki Eddie Lawson Replica (ELR). The RSBFS staff have seen a few of these come our way in the past year, some in immaculate condition (this one) and some less so (like this one). Fortunately, today’s bike is a pristine, low mileage example of the genre.

From the seller:
Up for auction here is a 1983 Eddie Lawson Replica with 5600 original miles. It has been garaged it’s entire life and is in near mint condition. It is 100% stock with the exception of a comp baffle in the factory Kerker pipe and the 591 Dunlops installed several years back. The flaws are few. There is a little discoloration on the windshield which I have not tried to remove. The bike has both original keys, the owners manual and the original tool kit. It is in outstanding condition as the pictures show and I would say it is probably the nicest one available.

In 1983, this was the closest you could come to a race-ready superbike – complete with a Kerker pipe, triple disk brakes, dual “piggy back” shocks and 1000cc of air-cooled, two valve power. If you missed your chance in the ’80s, here is a great opportunity to snag one of these rare, green rockets – and it only has 5,600 miles on the clock!

The market value for these bikes has definitely risen in the past few years – especially for clean examples like this one. The wonderful thing is that these bikes are both rideable and collectable, providing great enjoyment and value for your dollar. The auction is on now, and the opening bid is set at $8k with reserve not yet met. I would expect a bike in this condition to go for $10,000 – $12,000, if past history proves to be true. to jump over and start bidding!


Kawasaki December 8, 2010 posted by

1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica #5!

For sale: 1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica #5

In 1980, a very young Eddie Lawson was just beginning his ascension to the top ranks of road racing. He won the AMA Superbike Series in 1981 and 1982 as a Kawasaki factory rider, and the KZ1000R – henceforth forever known as the Eddie Lawson Replica (ELR) – was his tribute.

This excerpt from Motorcyclist magazine describes what the ELR is all about:
“When you bank the R over, it stays where you put it. It steers quickly and precisely with little effort no matter what the radius or camber of the corner, and remains willing to change direction, attitude and speed. It handles fast sweepers with the solidity of a Ducati, yet it is capable of far greater lean angles and therefore, greater cornering speeds”

From the seller:
1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R #5. Very rare bike.

Yup. That and four marginal pictures are it. The VIN is listed (JKAKZCR11CA000005) which helps with the authenticity of the bike, but there is not a lot of information. We know that the mileage is 22,886. The opening bid is set at $12,000.

Now we here at RSBFS have seen and posted on the ELR before. For example, check out this post, containing an extremely clean and well-documented bike. Note that the ELR in the previous post sold for $10,000. The bike in today’s post starts the bidding at $12k, with a reserve firmly in place.

This bike is indeed quite rare, not to mention historically significant. It does not appear to be in as good condition as other ELRs we have seen, and therefore it will be interesting to see how the auction fares given its relative price-point. To follow along click on the link and


Kawasaki October 21, 2010 posted by

Before Yamaha, Honda And Cagiva Eddie Piloted A Kawi

1982 Kawasaki KZ1000R Eddie Lawson Replica

I still find it hard to believe people used to race these beasts.  Well, some hearty souls did and bikes like this helped catapult them into the world of grand prix racing.  This was Kawasaki’s tribute to Eddie Lawson winning the superbike title for them here in the United States.  What caught my eye was  how dog gone shiny this thing is.  I figured that it was just too shiny and had to be a respray.  After looking at some photos though,  I think it is the original paint.  Kawasaki just lacquered em up back in the day.  I’ve commented before that you could practically eat of  some of the bikes we post because they are so clean.  Check out the picture below and tell me that isn’t true about the bottom of the engine.

I don’t know if I own anything that is that clean.  I guess I’ll have to assume some this cleanliness comes from the restoration the seller describes but overall just a beautiful example to survive the years unscathed.  It isn’t bone stock;  you can see the airbox has been removed and I can’t quite tell if that is the original Kerker pipe.  In a couple of photos I found on the net  the muffler did not seem to slant up like this one does.  It may just be my poor eyesight.  The seller can you give you the details much better than me:

Up for bid is my 1982 1000R EDDIE LAWSON REPLICA I bought this bike from its original owner and have owned it for almost 20 years .This is production # 611 of 750 built in 82″ engine # KZT00JE03527, This bike has a complete full restoration with new tires, brakes, sprockets , grips ,ext. This bike has a total of 16,000 original miles on it with a Wisceo 1035cc bore kit installed 500 miles ago. Bike looks ,runs, and sounds better than new and is in show room condition. A must see to appreciate and would make a great addition to any collector who wants to own a piece of superbike history.

Only know problems with bike are the trip meter on odometer does not reset and speedometer works but is getting a bad signal from front wheel speed sensor making needle jump back and forth a little on actual speed.

This bike is decribed to the best of my knowlage listing any know problems and is being sold AS-IS condition with no written or implied warranty it has a clean NYS. title.

This bike is for sale locally so I reserve the right to end action early if needed.

Pay Pal payment excepted terms $1000 down remaining balance due 1 week after end of auction needs to be received in full before any shipping or delivery

Buyer responable for veichle pick up or shipping , Please contact me by e-mail with any other questions on bike or possiable help on ship

It looks like that shiny engine has caught a few people’s attention as the bidding has been active on this one.  As of this writing, in the fabulously plush RSBFS offices, the auction stands at $9,100 and the reserve has not been met.  I can honestly say I don’t know how high this one will go for a little Kawi superbike history. .