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Eddie’s Ride: 1983 Kawasaki Eddie Lawson Replica

For Sale: 1983 Kawasaki Eddie Lawson Replica Superbike ELR Z1 Z-1 GPZ

Up for sale today is a beautiful 1983 Kawasaki Eddie Lawson Replica (ELR). The RSBFS staff have seen a few of these come our way in the past year, some in immaculate condition (this one) and some less so (like this one). Fortunately, today's bike is a pristine, low mileage example of the genre.

From the seller:
Up for auction here is a 1983 Eddie Lawson Replica with 5600 original miles. It has been garaged it's entire life and is in near mint condition. It is 100% stock with the exception of a comp baffle in the factory Kerker pipe and the 591 Dunlops installed several years back. The flaws are few. There is a little discoloration on the windshield which I have not tried to remove. The bike has both original keys, the owners manual and the original tool kit. It is in outstanding condition as the pictures show and I would say it is probably the nicest one available.

In 1983, this was the closest you could come to a race-ready superbike - complete with a Kerker pipe, triple disk brakes, dual "piggy back" shocks and 1000cc of air-cooled, two valve power. If you missed your chance in the '80s, here is a great opportunity to snag one of these rare, green rockets - and it only has 5,600 miles on the clock!

The market value for these bikes has definitely risen in the past few years - especially for clean examples like this one. The wonderful thing is that these bikes are both rideable and collectable, providing great enjoyment and value for your dollar. The auction is on now, and the opening bid is set at $8k with reserve not yet met. I would expect a bike in this condition to go for $10,000 - $12,000, if past history proves to be true. to jump over and start bidding!



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  • I purchased one new in ’83 from a Kawi dealer in Scarborough. At that time I was told there had been 1200 made for the world and that 100 had come to Canda.
    Five had come through the dealership that had mine.
    I remember walking in and freaking out to see one on the showroom floor. They wouildnt let me sit on it. I thought they were discontinued , but this wasa 100R-2 . . . the second edition. . . I found out and they were AVAILABLE . . . two left. It was november . I asked and was told that a $500 deposit was required and one could be mine ! A nervous wreck all of a sudden , I paniced. I was on foot , no money and the bank was over two miles away. I ran like the wind , not stopping until I charged into the bank to make a withdrawal . . . hopped in a cab and flew back in to find no one else had been in since me. ! Yippee !
    I was buying a Lawson !!!
    Had a great time with that bike, wish I still had it ! Life . . .

  • My favorite memory with the R-2 was when I went to the track at Shannonville to see my friend Art Robbins race .
    Art didnt know I had bought one.
    His friend Ken Cope wrenched for Art and Ken and I were roommates . We’d left late as I was having the Kerker switched for a Bassani with comp baffle and Ken had been jetting it back into shape. We were quite late . . . Ken was pissed , knowing Art would be too . So we flew !
    When we got to the track it was packed! There were so many people there it defied driving . We had to get to the paddocks !! The guys with orange flashlights were waving us away from where we wanted to go and so Ken on his new VFR750 Spencer replica with four into four pies and 900 kit started reving loudly at the flashlight wavers to let them know we were coming through. The Lawsone sounded incredible shortt revving. Just lke the track bikes and so everybody was watching. We parted the crowds with thunderous revving and finally approached the paddocks. Art was a Suzuki man aso the Suzuki Paddock was next to Rueben McMurters Kawi paddock , and me riding a replica of Ruebens bike !
    Art saw Ken approach and with some wild gesticulations and a few off color words , he lifted the flag surround to let Ken drive in . . .and dropped it immediatly upon seeing me. No way was his competition coming in HIS paddock !! I laughed and took off my Simpson 32. “Jesus Christ Oxley . . . what the hells going on !!!??? Art didnt want “that thing in here ” . Then he suddenly laughed , lifted up the barrier flags and let me in , while yelling to Rueben “Hey Reuben . . . I’ve got one too “!!
    The best was yet to come. Art asks if he can take it out. So . . . with the stands full , Art takes my bike around the track !!! I was so proud ! Then when he got back he did a huge burn out in Pit Row , covering the inside of my brand new Lawson with freshly melted rubber !! Yikes.

    I had a remote alarm system and at the track on more than one occasion , it would go off in my pocket and I’d fly over to check my bike , finding someone sitting on it most often. I’d ussually compliment them on THEIR bike and they’d reply , “it’s not mine” , leaving me to say . . .Yeah , it’s mine !! Get off !
    One time the alarm went off while it was parked four floors below my apartment window and I poured five gallons of water doen on top of the guy sitting on it. He wasw mad ! But when he saw me . . . I was madder , he backed off.

    Great momories , on a great bike . Wish I had thre cake . . . I’d out bid everyone here !!!
    Cheers ,
    Chris Oxley

  • I am the original owner of an 83 ELR.I broke a valve back in 86 and have been carrying it around ever since. I have started restoring it but have lost the outer race of the outboard crank bearing.(opposite clutch)Anyone know where I can find it or a 81-83 1000 engine? The bike only has about 2500 miles on it because the front tire was always in the air.


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