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Honda April 2, 2015 posted by

Hurricane Season – a pair of mint CBR600 F1s on eBay

Two minty CBR600F1s on eBay


Here’s a chance to jumpstart your vintage sportbike collection with not one, but two VERY clean first generation Honda CBR600s.  The CBR600F1 debuted in 1987 and was Honda’s first fully faired inline 4 cylinder sportbike so there’s definitely some historical significance here.  Dubbed the “Hurricane,” these CBRs featured a 598cc engine pushing out approximately 85hp.  Honda certainly sold plenty of Hurricanes, so they weren’t really rare, but finding a pair in this condition certainly is.  Considering that they both appear to be completely stock, down to the exhausts and even rear mudguards, they would make a nice addition to any collection.



The seller gives some good details on the condition of both bikes, in his eBay auction seen here: two CBR600F1s on eBay

I am cleaning out the shop and have decided to part with my two Honda Hurricane 600 CBRF1 bikes.  I have a 1987 and a 1988 model.  Both are in excellent running condition.  The white (’87) has a little rash on the right side from a standing still drop but the black (’88) in absolutely MINT condition.  Both are all original stock bikes, and I just had both carbs totally rebuilt with OEM Honda parts by Opie Caylor of CaylorMade Motorsports.  Would prefer to sell both together but would consider splitting up the pair.  These are both very nice classic bikes and are in perfect running condition.  Non-ethanol gas used since carb rebuild so no problems at all.  Clean clear Georgia titles in my name.

These weren’t garage queens, with almost 50k miles combined showing on the odometers, but from the looks of them (and the seller’s garage) they would appear to have been very well maintained.  Collectable classics that you don’t have to feel guilty about riding on sunny days are always a good thing in my book!


Hurricane Season – a pair of mint CBR600 F1s on eBay
Ducati December 21, 2014 posted by

Never Started: 1985 Ducati 750 F1

1985 Ducati F1 750 for sale

We’ve seen an unusual number of never ridden Ducati’s this week, and here’s another to add to the pile: A 1985 Ducati F1 750 available in Australia. This one could’ve benefit from a detailing before the pictures were taken, but you can clearly note how shiny the paint is nonetheless. The signals are hanging from their wires, which the seller states is how these were delivered — can anyone shed some light on this? In any event, if you “never ridden” Ducati collection is missing an F1, this might just work.


1985 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay AU


from the seller:

Here is a bike for the serious Ducati collector, a brand new 1985 Ducati 750 F1

I purchased this as is from Dallas, USA about 10 years ago, it has full Australian import approval for road use

VIN # ZDM1AA3L6JB75195

Engine # DA3J7502239

apart from the collapsed blinker stems, which was standard for the F1’s it is a brand new bike, has the factory fitted battery, not activated yet.

I have had interest from overseas and can crate and arrange all shipping either domestic or worldwide, at buyers expense.

Never Started:  1985 Ducati 750 F1
Ducati November 26, 2014 posted by

A shot at the title: 1985 Ducati 750 F1


It always starts the same way. Sitting at my desk doing research in the ultra-plush offices of I find a cool bike that I just know that our readers would love. Then I get the nagging suspicion that I have seen the bike before. Quickly jump into the archives and… there it is. So if you are a regular reader of RSBFS – and you have a decent memory – you will remember having seen this bike last year. But even then this is a story worth re-telling. Because how many 30 year old, sub 500 mile “never been titled” iconic motorcycles are you expecting to find in your lifetime?


1985 Ducati 750 F1 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Never Titled – Comes with its Certificate of Origin (from Ducati) – Mileage – 570 Kilometers = 353 Miles. If you are looking for a jewel to add to your collection, (#499) is a time warp and one of the best! This is a 29 year old motorcycle with 353 miles.

The original purchaser bought the bike from Sunnyvale Imports in Santa Monica, California. The first time his mother saw the motorcycle, she made her son promise he would never ride it again. Somehow convincing, the motorcycle was pushed to the rear of ‘her’ garage. It did not to see the light of day again until 2006 when I found it, still with gas in its aluminum tank. Since owning I have not tried to start and its turn signals have been removed due to the plastic drying.

The 750F1A was Taglioni’s last design and (593) were produced. Few came to the United States and this is most likely the only one in the United States never titled and comes with the (From Ducati) Manufactures Certificate of Origin. If you want one of the best collectible and still reasonably priced Ducati’s (compared to new models), you’re looking at it.


The last time we laid eyes on F1A #499 it was packaged in a trifecta deal with a 600cc TT2 (itself seen multiple times on the pages of RSBFS) and a 996R – bidding started at $50k, and reserve was never met. Now this F1 is back, and is still looking for that next museum parking place (let’s face it; this will never fall into the hands of someone who will ride it). With a BIN approaching $25k the value in this bike is steeped in the story and the certificate of origin. Getting a title would knock out the story, and a good percentage of the appreciation. Roll it into the house next to the billiards table and try to keep guests from using the tank as a drink coaster. Damn shame, but the reality (although someday someone will have to explain how an “untitled – never had a title” motorcycle has plates). Can I rail on the “nobody ever rode this bike” mentality and at the same time question why it looks like it had some out-of-doors time? Why does the MSO list the model year as 1987? Perhaps I am being too cynical for my own good. As always we recommend you do your homework; it can be a tri-colored jungle out there. Good Luck!


A shot at the title: 1985 Ducati 750 F1
Ducati October 17, 2014 posted by

Low-Mileage Italian: 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Side

Okay, so here’s the thing: all of my early opinions about the 750 F1 were informed by Mick Walker’s Illustrated Ducati Buyer’s guide where the bike got one freaking star. I’m not sure where I put my copy, so don’t crucify me if I got that bit wrong, or if you have an updated edition where he revised his opinion, but it really stuck out in my mind.

The review absolutely hated the F1: “uncomfortable, extremely unreliable, and slow,” were words I remember being applied, with a big heaping of distain…

1988 Ducati 750F1 Dash

Powered by a 750cc version of Ducati’s air-cooled, two-valve Desmo v-twin, the F1 was styled after the TT1 and TT2 race bikes. The Pantah engine is eminently tunable to make serious power, and many of the criticisms leveled at the bike can be rectified. Early bikes were definitely down on power and quality, but gradual improvements improved the package, and the 1988 bikes are generally considered to be the best of the bunch.

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Front

These occupy a very interesting place in Ducati history, as they form a bit of a bridge between the older BatBike-looking Pantah models and the much more modern 900SS bikes. In addition, the bike’s rarity has caused values to skyrocket in recent years: for a long time, you could get one of these for less than the price of a good 900SS/CR. But looking at the asking price on this example, you can see just how much that’s changed.

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Grip

The original eBay post reads a bit like a poetry slam and includes lyrics from Chris deBurgh’s “Lady in Red” [seriously]. Excerpted from the full listing: 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale

another RARE beast
that came to AMERICA!!!
the beloved F1

3188 original miles
original dated (dot) coded tires to prove it
close to MINT


fluids have been drained for
about SIX years. seafoam creeper
used in tank and pumpers. this was also the
last time it was running. what’s it sound like…..
exactly like a 427 corvette
NO KIDDING-ask the neighbors

missing bits and pieces, but very, very original.
wrong exhaust (but i love em)

It’s great that the seller is so passionate about the bike. But what “bits and pieces are missing”? And what extras are included? He also may be overstating the “stunning Italian craftsmanship” a bit in ALL CAPS and, as a carbed, air-cooled Duck owner, I’m not sure if calling the bike “high-maintenance” is a good selling point, or even true. Definitely a case where grinning, hard-sell enthusiasm may be getting in the way of important details…

1988 Ducati 750F1 L Engine

There’s something a bit crude about the F1, something sort of clunky-looking, but these do make a staggering bellow when breathing through open pipes: I saw one at a track day recently with a pair of oval high-mount pipes and fresh paint that looked and sounded the business.

With 5 days left on the listing and a $24,500 asking price, this seems very high, even considering the 3,200 miles on the clock. Although with plenty of lurkers… sorry, I mean “watchers,” who knows what this will go for and what the seller might accept as a best offer.


1988 Ducati 750F1 R Side

Low-Mileage Italian: 1988 Ducati 750 F1 for Sale
Ducati August 12, 2014 posted by

Tri colored glasses: 1986 DUCATI 750 F1


The Ducati 750 F1 model series (which includes the base F1, the Montjuich, the Laguna Seca and the Santamonica) represented the next step for the racing oriented company. Armed with a newly designed L-twin “Pantah” engine, this is the spiritual and victorious successor to the bevel drive racers such as the fabled green frame 750 SS. The tri-color F1 was the base model of the group. In and of itself, it is relatively rare and certainly a collectible. But everything is relative, and the specials based on the F1 are where the bigger bucks hang out. Still, the F1 is a striking, booming machine worthy of interest, and many have graced the pages of RSBFS.


1986 DUCATI 750 F1 for sale on eBay


From the seller:


The seller has this bike listed with a BIN of $8,900. While F1 models have sold for twice that price, they were more than twice as cared for. This bike certainly is in need of some love. If you are in search of a classic project, this might be calling your name. However if you are looking for a clean F1 for collecting purposes, you might be better off continuing your search. Acquiring a F1 is a noble goal, and any one of the F1 series bikes deserves a worthy place on the bucket list – but with the cost and limited availability of parts this one may not be much of a bargain. Check it out here, assess your goals, and share your thoughts in our comments section. Good Luck!


Tri colored glasses:  1986 DUCATI 750 F1
Ducati February 4, 2014 posted by

Almost Gone! 1986 Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich


Caught with fewer than two days left on the auction, this 1986 Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich edition is looking for a new home. Among the rarest of the F1 models, the Montjuich was one of 3 “specials” Ducati built on the F1 line (the others were the Santa Monica and the Laguna Seca). Each of the specials was named after a race track, the Montjuich being no exception. This model celebrates victories at the famed Barcelona, Spain course. We don’t see these often (fewer than 1 per year on RSBFS), so better move quickly if you want it!

1986 Ducati F1 Montjuich for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Ducati 750 F1 Montjuic
production year 1986
Don’t confuse it with the more common other F1’s models, this is the VERY RARE race specs road going Montjuic, the rariest, the most collectable!! Restored mint conditions, “on the button”. It went under a complete restoration process in 2011 and rarely used since!! UK V5 registration document.

Can you find a better one??
Ride and collect! Bulletproof investment.

Bike is currently located in Italy


For those doing homework, check out the official Ducati site for more historic info.



Almost Gone! 1986 Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich
Honda June 17, 2013 posted by

One-Owner Survivor: ’87 Honda CBR600 Hurricane

Bradley, IL – 8,149mi — $3,550 No Reserve


Long before the days of bikes and cars only being identified by alphanumeric codes and acronyms, there was the CBR600 Hurricane. The name just makes it sound awesome, and it is kind of sad that U.S. doesn’t have the Fireblade name for our 1000RR. Only a couple years after its introduction, Honda dropped the stormy moniker in favor for some numbers and letters.


Obviously, this bike isn’t going to compete with today’s 600 supersport class, but that isn’t how you should think about this bike. For the same price as a new 250cc from Honda you can have this inline-4 rocket. Also, if you wanted one of these so bad back in the day, but there weren’t enough lawns to mow to cover the cost, now is your chance.

From the seller:

NO RESERVE !!!!! 1987 Honda CBR 600 Hurricane.Only produced 2 yrs with the Hurricane script on the tank. I am the original owner of this bike . Always stored in inside, covered and meticulously maintained. Never raced or dropped and dusted, debugged ,and waxed after every ride. Has never been in the rain. The bike is completely stock with the exception of a few things that I will elaborate on. The F1 all-aluminum silencer is probably the first thing that will be noticed. I do not have the original silencer anymore. Tires have been changed only once since the removal of the stock rubber and Pirelli Sport Demons were installed which now have approx 500 miles on them. Photos will show the manufacturing cast tips on the tires to give you an idea of how new they really are.

The stock air filter has been replaced with a K & N product. Passenger footrests were removed shortly after the purchase of the bike to streamline the look in the rear. The original brackets that supported the foot rests were taken to a body shop and a friend of mine at the time did the work himself by cutting them off and smoothed all the roughness away and repainted both with a high gloss black finish. The end result is a look that turned out factory perfect. The front fairing has a small crack directly to the lower right of the headlight as you face the front of the bike. (See photo of headlight area) This crack is a factory defect and it was on the bike when it sat on the showroom floor. The seat is in perfect condition without a single flaw.

The tank has not a scratch or dent in it. All of the bodywork pieces have the original fasteners that secure it to the frame All bodywork and paint is ORIGINAL. Absolutly no scratches.No key fobs or other matter were attached to the starter key so as not to scratch the top clamp,If that will give you an indication on how picky i am.The actual mileage is 8149. Every gauge on the dash works perfectly including speedometer and tachometer. All lights work and switches too. There has never been any electrical issues. Brakes and calipers are in perfect working order . Last year I installed new float bowl gaskets; OEM float valves and an OEM petcock. Absolutely no oil or radiator leaks. Shocks and forks are original equipment and never an issue with either.

Also note; the plastic housing on the rear view mirrors has discolored slightly simply due to age and the inevitable breakdown in plastic properties through the years, which is, sadly, unavoidable.Not a showstopper but it still needs to be mentioned because the photos won’t be able to show the hue difference compared to the color of the fairing they’re attached to.The rear 42-tooth sprocket was replaced with a 44-tooth sprocket and I still have the original. Chain is original too.Original owners manual and Honda Service manual is also included with the bike and yes, all pieces in the tool kit are also intact. Swing arm stand included with the sale of the bike.

This one was featured on the site back in 2011 with a premium starting price. It didn’t sell back then, but it is going to sell now. This is probably the cleanest Hurricane 600 I have seen and being a one-owner bike, it is clear someone has loved this bike it’s entire life. I know a certain RSBFS author that is going to be pissed that this bike isn’t closer to his location… If you want to take home is super clean survivor, you can check out the auction here!


Bimota March 4, 2013 posted by

Italian Treasures: 1987 Ducati F1 750 Laguna Seca & 1987 Bimota DB1 W/Corsa Kit

laguna right

db left

If you only had money for one, which would you choose?    The seller that brought us the Ducati Santamonica at the end of February has found some other gems in the back of his garage.  Like the Santamonica, these bikes are actually located in Italy but listed on Ebay UK.


laguna right

Another fine example of an F1.  The bike is listed with 10,000 KM’s but the seller also mentions a complete restoration.
laguna clutch

Hmm, a dry clutch and folding rubber foot pegs.  That just seems like an odd combination to me.


laguna carb

 Who has ridden one?  Do they make a lot of intake noise?  Is it the equivalent to a mechanical symphony?

 laguna left rear

 The auction on the Duc is winding down but the reserves has yet to be met.  Check out the auction here.


db left

 Apparently also taking up too much space in his garage is this interesting ‘Corsa’ kitted DB1.  The seller states only two DB1’s were produced in 1087 with this kit.  I could find no mention of the kit on the internets.

It sounds like this is what the kit included:

Engine specs as the Ducati F1 Montjuic: special cammes, special pistons, 41mm Dellortos, 2into1 exhaust, delivered also with road exhaust and double front fairing, race and road/headlight.
Mileage is a scant 2,900 miles.

  db dash db bodywork

Road bike dash but with a pretty race upper.  Who is into the tech on the forks?  Is that whole contraption on top some sort of air bleed off system?


db tank

As soon as I saw ‘Corsa’ I thought we had a full on race bike (DB1R) but as you can see from an earlier post on a DB1R Corsa, they are quite different.  If you were curious, there was the DB1, DB1S, DB1SR,  DB1SR Serie Finale and DB1R.  It looks like toal production of all the models combined was under 700.


db frame

Nice, simple and tidy.

db engine

No dry clutch here my friends.  That is not not slowing the bidding though.  The bidding has jumped over $21,000 and still not hit the reserve with only a little over a day remaining.  Here is the auction.