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Ducati August 11, 2011 posted by

1986 DUCATI F1 750

For Sale: 1986 DUCATI F1 750

When the Ducati F1 was originally released in 1985, it was a far smaller machine than the current crop of 750cc bikes. It was, in fact, a serious revolution in the ideology behind how sportbikes were conceived. Instead of bigger and bigger, the Ducati concentrated mass as closely to the center of the vehicle as possible. Instead of more cylinders, Ducati engineers opted for the familiar L-twin arrangement – this time with desmo valves actuated via the new rubber-belt “Pantah” design. More than the sum of its parts, the F1 was a TT1 and TT2 inspired race bike, which just so happened to also have lights and turn signals.

Ducati F1 machines are a pretty rare breed. We have posted only a few here on RSBFS, and you can run a quick search here. The F1 came in the standard flavor as you see here, as well as three higher performance (and even more rare) variants: the Laguna Seca, the Montjuich, and the Santa Monica. And while those three models are worth more than a plain Jane F1, the ’86 model year F1 is a hotter performer over the ’85 (bigger forks, bigger valves, stronger trans) – so if you are in the market for an F1, this is your lucky day!

From the seller:

This auction is going on right now, and bidding interest has been relatively lively thus far. The current bid is just below $8k at the time of this writing, with reserve still in place. The last few F1 bikes that we have seen at auction were all targeted around the $12k mark, so there is still a lot to play for here.

For more pictures, more information and your chance to bid on this wonderful Ducati, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is a bike that would make a great addition to any collection!


Ducati May 27, 2011 posted by

1984 Ducati TT1 for sale in Michigan!

To classify a motorcycle’s importance in history requires different things for different people. For Ducatisti seeking a comprehensive collection of Ducati’s most important machines, the collection would be incomplete without the TT1. Successful in its own right here in the states with several race wins, Ducati’s 1984 TT1 is noted as the bike that spawned the company’s all-conquering superbikes.

While the TT1’s Pantah origins leave something to be desired, it was the pinnacle of that motor’s development, and this example is one of the cleanest around. To see one of these come up for sale to the public is rare, but to have one with racing history is even more special.

In 2007, renowned Ducati collector Louis Saif of New York had this to say about Ducati’s TT1, “TT1s never come up for sale, but if you consider that a TT2–one of 60 or more built–recently sold for $36,000, which I thought was a surprisingly good deal, a re-stored TT1 could go from $60,000 and up.”

So here we have it, a beautifully restored TT1, from the collection of none other than Louis Saif, with racing history. At the time of this writing, less than nine days remain on the auction, and after 13 bids, the price topped the $20,000 mark. The reserve is still intact, but with so much interest this early, I believe we’ll see the final price climb considerably higher.

From the seller:

Up for auction is a 1984 Ducati TT1. This is a very clean motorcycle that I am selling for my Dad who is selling his collection. This one was raced by Jimmy Adamo and completely restored to TT1 specifications by Lou Saif !!
The condition is fantastic. When it came into the collection it was serviced and running. It has been in storage mode since in a heated building with the fuel drained, and oil in the cylinders and exhaust. The engine cases are new and genuine TT1 on this bike but it does come with the original sand cast engine cases. It has a genuine new TT1 pipe. It has NCR Heads, Mag Forks, Magnesium slides in the carbs, Correct electrical, Correct frame, Original TT1 handlebars. The inside of the motor is even correct for TT1. This bike was restored beautifully and very correctly.

** Visit this link to see higher resolution pictures and extra pictures **

In recent months, we’ve seen some very rare Ducatis in excellent condition come up for sale, including a 1996 955SP – one of Fast by Ferraci’s homologation bikes for the 1996 AMA season, a 1996 916 WSBK racer, and the #34 Supermono from 1994. Although the 955SP sold for a relative bargain compared to the values or the other two, the TT1 illustrated here should bring a substantial amount of money, proving that if you’re going to invest in something, put the money into something you love. This immaculately restored TT1 will always have an important place in Ducati’s racing history, as well as in the heart of its next owner. If that’s you, .


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Ducati May 26, 2011 posted by

1986 Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich For Sale

It is always nice to see a rare Italian bike and this 750 F1 is a perfect example. The F1 came about from being the road going version of the TT1 race bike, albeit a few years later. This particular version was created to celebrate the by Grau, de Juan and Reyes in the 24 hour race at Montjuich Park. This bike had hotter cams, bigger Dell’Orto’s and a freer 2 into 1 Verlicchi exhaust. This is one of 200 produced.

This looks like a nice example:

quote from seller’s listing:

If you are reading this you probably know what this bike is. This is a Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich. The
first of 3 limited editions that Ducati made of the F1. The Montjuich is the rarest of the 3 with the most
upgrades over the stock F1. It has approx. 1600 kilometers (will post actual later) and has been dry
stored for at least 10 years. I purchased the bike on E-bay on 09/27/07 for $27,000.00 . This bike was
once owned by Guy Webster and was the actual bike pictured in The Standard Book Of Ducati by Ian
Falloon. The man I bought it from was acknowledged in this book by Falloon.

I have never had the pleasure of hearing this bike run, that will be my biggest regret of letting it go!
There is a scratch on the front fender, I tried to show it in a picture. There is also some spiderwebs on
the right side below the seat. I also noticed some pitting starting on the exhaust and the handle bars.
This is exactly how the bike was when I purchased it. It is #153 as you can see on the tank badge.
The rest of the bike is in great condition. If you have any questions please let me know and I would
also be happy to get more pictures for anyone interested. This is a very special bike and it is also a
large investment, I don’t want any surprises to anyone so please ask questions!

Also, I purchased the bike with only a bill of sale. I do not have the title. Thanks and good luck!

OK, actual miles is 1545 Kilometer approx. 960 miles. Sorry for the confusion I did not have actual
miles when I posted the listing. Also have only 1 key. I tried to post more pictures but was not able. If
you would like to see any pictures of the exhaust or handlebars please let me know. Thanks

Clearly there has to be a concern on the state on the engine as it has not turned over for some time but even so this is a very rare bike. It is original in all aspect and has been cared for in the way it has been stored. Also it has a history with famous owners which will only add to the value and of course gauging the value is tough given the rarity. Already however bidding is brisk with 5 days still to go and so it seems that the seller will certainly get back what he paid for the bike in 2007even though the economy has been tough since then.

– AS

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Cagiva April 3, 2011 posted by

Back to kick-ass motorcycles: 1987 Ducati 750 F1

For Sale: 1987 Ducati 750 F1

Fresh from our April 1 escapades (you DID realize it was April Fool’s Day, didn’t you?) comes this fantastic 1987 Ducati F1 in classic Italian tri-colore livery. Built during Ducati’s dark days of the mid-to-late 1980s – sales were way down and Ducati was struggling financially – the 750 F1 was intended to evoke the company’s TT racing success. The bikes were fantastic pieces: trellis frames, air-cooled desmo twins, Brembo hardware on both ends and Marzocchi suspension components. But with demand way down, Ducati simply did not import many – making these rare models to find today.

From the seller:
1987 Ducati 750 F1

Loud and fast Italian .40mm carbs,dry clutch,Open megaphone exhaust.Original condition,some nicks and scratches but excellent condition.Clear title.

This auction is current right now. The opening bid is set at $12,000, with no takers as of yet. The starting price seems a bit steep for a non-Montjuich model (which had higher performance and upgraded componentry), but this is indeed a relatively rare model and a significant piece of Ducati history. This is a no reserve auction, so the higher starting price is somewhat understandable. With a claimed 600 miles on the clock, this looks to be a relatively well preserved model ready to be ridden by its new owner.

For more pictures and more information, click on the link and . And let us know if you like this sort of stuff – or if we should go back to trikes and ‘Busa customs. Send us some comments, as operators are standing by…


Classic Sport Bikes For Sale March 10, 2011 posted by

Italian Connection: Rare bike collection for sale in Italy!

For Sale: Ducati TT1 F1 NCR 900ss 998R NCR Evoluzione 888 916 Honda 250GP CBX RC45 Lambretta

RSBFS was recently contacted by an Italian entreprenuer who was putting his collection of rare racebikes and streetbikes up for sale. And what a collection! Above witness a Honda 250 GP racer (left) as prepped by HRC and ridden by Stefano Caracchi, a Ducati 888 NCR Superbike (middle) also raced by Stefano Caracchi, and a Ducati 916 that won the 1995 San Marino GP in Monza with Pier Francesco Chili aboard! And that is just the start of this amazing private museum.

If you like the racebike them but are more intereseted in street legal machinery, then how about this flawless Honda RC45 – better known as a RVF750R to some. Developed by Honda as a homologation bike to qualify for the Superbike World Championship, the European versions were good for a reported 118 horsepower!

If Ducati is more your speed (pun intended), how about this NCR Ducati 998R. According to the seller, this bike was the number 1 996R. It was used by Ducati for internal testing and media events. It was then sent to NCR, and was transformed into the original and unique 998R NCR Evoluzione.

What collection would be complete without the iconic Ducati 900ss? This particular bevel twin was prepped by NCR specifically for endurance racing and includes bigger valves, bigger carbs, a Conti silencer and Campagnolo alloy wheels.

According to the seller, only 7 of these Ducati TT1 F1 NCR exist! These were first produced for Mike Hailwood, and the initial 2 bikes were delivered directly to Hailwood (to commemorate his Isle of Man TT victory and the World title). This particular bike is the third one built by NCR.

In a collection of this caliber, this CBX looks positively pedestrian – although it is certainly a rare and desirable bike. This bike just does not quite have the same racing history as the others in the collection. It is in fully original condition and looks perfect.

And if all of the above beasts are too much bike for you, then here is a wonderful little Lambretta Innocenti Li125. This 4-speed scooter was introduced as a 1959 model.

From the seller:
My business activities require my full commitment and I have very little time to dedicate to my passion and to take care of my unique collection. In addition, my family does not share my same passion for motorsports and has other interests. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of having to witness the slow but inexorable decline of my “creatures”, I have decided to sell my collection. I hope that you will take care of my “precious” masterpieces.

Tel. +39 0731 245999
Mobile +39 348 3962712 (only in italian)

For more information and tons of pictures of these fabulous bikes, please visit the seller’s website (available in both Italian and English). Good luck to the seller – these beautiful bikes certainly deserve a good home. If you are interested in any of the bikes you see here, please contact the seller at the above address and tell him you saw it on RSBFS!


Norton December 26, 2010 posted by

1990 Norton JPS F1

Update: 12.26.2010

1991 Norton John Player Special F1

Location: Hudson Valley, NY
Mileage: 1,360
Price: $45,000.00

One of only a handful (less than 5) said to be in the states, and 1 of 70 in the world is this beautiful Norton JPS F1 (F55). This is a stunning example of an already classic British motorcycle. Not many sport production motorcycles can command attention and respect like the Norton F1’s do, but when a company as special as Norton, builds a motorcycle of this caliber, people take notice.

This F1 is equipped with a 588cc, twin-rotor Wankel engine that produces 90hp and is said to be both smooth and powerful. Norton only produced the F1 in JPS racing colors and black and gold were the colors of choice.

From the seller:

This F1 Norton rotary machine is one of about 70 that were made in the early 1990s in Great Britain, very few of which are known to be in the US. It is a street-legal racing machine known for its high power-to-weight ratio.

The motorcycle is in very good condition with 1,360 miles. For additional pictures and information, visit

Bike is located in the Hudson Valley.

Serious inquiries only, and please include “F1 Norton” in the subject and your phone number in the body of your email.

Please email us with inquiries on behalf of the seller.


Ducati October 20, 2010 posted by

No Matter The Year They Are Just Plain Cool!

1957 Ducati 175 Sport, 1974 Ducati Supersport, 1981 Ducati Pantah and 1985 Ducati F1 Endurance Replica

This post boils down to one thing:  motorcycles that are easy on the eyes.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Since there were a few older unique Ducati’s listed I thought it be a good excuse to post some cool pictures if nothing else.  I think I’m still on my kick of vintage bikes anyways.  I claim no great knowledge of older Ducati’s so please post comments if you have some good insight into the bikes or their prices.


Lets work our way from old to new.  First up is this 1957 Ducati 175 Sport.  As usual I had no idea Ducati had produced smaller cc bikes.   What caught my eye in the text was the open megaphone exhaust.  I bet you can hear this bike coming around the track with no problem.  It is kind of funny, the bike looks simple yet technologically advanced at the same time.   Even if you are just the slightest bit interested in this bike click the link to check it out.  It is simply a pretty bike in the photos.

Rare 1957 Ducati 175cc Racer!!

This wonderful 1957 Ducati race bike has been highly engineered & developed over many years of racing in Europe & is wonderfully preserved in “as raced” condition. It has attended numerous races including the Moto Giro in Italy. It also has been shown at the Quail, Ducati Concourso & many other events.

Some of the special features of this gem are,

 twin plug cylinder head,

 Akront deep flange alloy rims, original Oldani magnesium brakes front & rear,

Dellorto SS1 remote float bowl carburettor,

alloy gas tank & seat/tail section,

Marzocchi GP front forks, frame & swing arm have been slightly modified for endurance racing & razor sharp handling

. The engine has enhanced oiling as per the F3’s of the period.

Open megaphone exhaust & is fully safety wired.

Veglia tachometer built into headlight shell, top triple clamp has an extra bracket for a stop watch.

Don’t miss this RARE opportunity!!!!

Will be sold with a bill of sale.

There appears to be some interest in this bike as the bidding looks pretty active.  Where do you guys think the reserve should be on this beauty?   .


We skip the 60’s (like a lot of people did) and jump to this 1974 Ducati750SS.  This is also one for those with deep pockets.  The starting price is a cool $60,000.  With a quick search of the internet you can see these bikes do sell for big money.   This particular bike has been restored and modified so how much does that affect its’ value?  I’m going to assume it is a bit overpriced since there seems to be no bidding activity on it.  Again, I’d love to hear some comments on what you Ducatista think.  Price aside, it is a beautiful bike that I think any motorcycle enthusiast can admire.


I am very reluctantly selling what is arguably one of the most coveted bikes in the world in a no reserve auction starting at roughly 50% of the going price for an original, unrestored example. Granted, this bike is neither unrestored or original. It is, however, a very real modified 74 750SS that had been raced & then restored in Italy.

I purchased this bike in Rimini at a Mostra Scambio (monster sale) from a fellow from San Marinoin November of 2001 along with an NCR. I was asked by several people there where I would be displaying the motorcycles ie. museum. I responded that they would be displayed under my but when I rode them. Both of the bikes required some work and although the NCR is not yet done, this one is in amazing shape. When I bought the bike in Rimini it was cosmetically very nice, but it was modified. It had twin plug heads, oil cooler, Imolacams, milled side cases, bolts drilled for safety wire, Veglia tach, longitudinally drilled front rotors & possibly other bits & pieces. It has since visited Tim Frutiger @ Wheels Unlimited south of Rochester, MN. These guys are some of the best in the business when it comes to early bevel drive Ducs. Tim replaced pistons, rods, bearings, & shimmed the bevel gears among other things. It now runs incredibly well & is mechanically perfect. It truly hauls ass. Original top speed on these stock was listed at 220kmh…Tim claims before he did the engine work on this bike it was still pulling strong at225kmh. For those in the Midwest that don’t know about Wheels, you are truly missing something. They were a Ducatidealership since the late sixties & are willing to confirm authenticity of this bike (507 288 5630). I have pulled off the original glass tank as the clowns in this state like to put corn (ethanol) in our gas & it will destroy fiberglass. The original tank as well as the other rotors will come with the bike.
Again, even if you aren’t bidding, as there are some really nice shots of the bike.

Boy, does this Pantah have the 80’s written all over it?  Styling in the 1980’s  was unique to say the least.  I guess you can say the Pantah housed what was the beginning of the current generation of Ducati engines.  The Pantah was the first Ducati to use belt driven camshafts in the engine.  Thankfully the styling has progressed along with engine technology.  What stands out is the fact that this bike has less than 12,000 miles on it.   Pretty nice if you are looking for a little back to the future action.

There wasn’t much in the auction, details wise, so if you have questions .


We usually don’t post a lot of bikes that are non factory replicas but I’m making an exception for this one.  I love the look of endurance bikes and this rep just looks the business.  Since it is a replica I’ll let the seller do the talking:

   This bike started life as a 1985 F1A. It’s been completely rebuilt by the owner to replicate the 1985 Ducati factory endurance racer. You can see a pic of the factory bike it replicates here:

  The current owner is the second owner. He bought it with about 3500 Kilometers on it. It has no speedo, but he’s sure it has less than 5000 kilmoeters on it- hence the 3155 miles in the listing.
  It was built with the intention of being a racer so it has all sorts of race goodies and LOTS of titanium hardware and drilled out parts. It turned out too pretty though and has been mostly a show bike. Always kept in a heated garage and very well loved.
   The bike has been sitting for quite a while, that said, the bike starts right up and runs nice. See it run in this video:

  I should also mention that this bike was built with a lot of care and attention to every detail. The owner who built it won the first Ducati Concourso for “Best SuperbikeOverall” in 2007 withanother bike he built so you should bid with confidence that this is a quality built machine. Also want to mention this bike was in a Hemmings calendar (not sure which year) and featured in Hemmings News. 


MOTOR:     Original motor was replaced with an F1 B motor
                     Supermono (lightened) primary gears
                     Magnesium valve covers
                     Magnesium cluctch housing
                     Lightened clutch basket
                     Vented clutch cover

EXHAUST:  NCR titamium open exhaust  ** super rare **
                     custom titanium hanger
                     billet exhaust flanges

CARBS:       Stock Dell’Ortos with Malossi screens  

WHEELS:    Marchesini magnesium wheels.  17″ x 3.75″ front and 17″ x 6″ rear
                     Old racing rain tires– should be replaced

BRAKES:    Brembo4 piston GP Mach 1 calipers up front with quick release and braided lines
                     Goldline Brembobrake master– both brake and clutch masters have remote resevoirs and are freshly rebuilt
                     300mm full floating cast iron rotors in front
                     260mm full floating cast iron rotor in rear
FORKS:      41.7mm M1R Marzocchi forks

CHASSIS:  Verlicchi aluminum swingarm
                    Fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock
                    Custom made fairing stay/ subframe withoil cooler and quick detach headlights
                    Pro Italia pegs
                    Ohlins steering damper

BODY:       Aluminum fuel tank with drybreak
                   Custom fiberglass seat with altered seat cushion
                   Custom front fender and brace

OTHERS:   Veglia competition tach. No speedo
                    Brand new dry cell battery
                    Lots and lots of titanium hardware 

                    Tires & belts for starters
                    The bike has been mostly sitting the past few years so the owner recommends that whoever buys it goes through everything– put a wrench on all the hardware, clean the carbs and maybe re-jet, change fluids etc.
                     Rear brake has no fluid- just add and bleed
                     Brake light is not hooked up. Wires are run to the front, but a pressure switch needs to be added.
                     *** Bike is not completely perfect. There are a few small paint chips in the wheels and frame. A lot less than what you’d expect from a bike that was put together 15 years ago, but you should know the bike is not perfectly mint. I have pictures of these paint chips, but the listing only allowed me to post 24 pics and I didn’t want to waste a bunch with zoomed in shots of small chips. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll e-mail you these pics (you can see some of the chips is the close ups of the wheels). 

As with the other bikes be sure to  for more pictures to enjoy.

Mmmmmm, sounds nice.


Ducati June 17, 2010 posted by

Ducati Collection In Maryland

This is a nice Ducati collection in Silver Spring, Maryland!

1995 Ducati 916

This Ducati 916 is from the last of Varese factory bikes and features 4,000mi.  The bike looks to be a Bi-Posto model.  The asking price is $7,500.

1988 Ducati 750F1

This bike features the rarer solo seat rear.  The asking price is $16,000.

1983 Ducati 900MHR

This is the electric start Mike Hailwood Replica.  The bike comes with an original Kangol helmet.  The asking price is $20,000.

2000 Ducati MH900E

This bike has 400 miles and the asking price is $14,000.

1996 Ducati 900SS/SP

“Low, Low Miles”  The asking price is $5,500.

Ducati 750 Paso

Showroom new, asking price of $5,000.

It sounds as if there are some great bikes in here that are worth a call if you’ve been looking for one.  The price don’t sound to be deals but, the seller also appears to be a dealer (The photos might be file photos removed from eBay and not actual photos of the bikes for sale).  Regardless, this may be worth a look.  See the bikes on Craigslist here.