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KTM February 7, 2019 posted by

Teacup: 2016 KTM RC390 Cup Bike

Right here we have an interesting dilemma. Race bikes are definitely cool, but used machines really need to have some star power and proven history to have value. Track day bikes – also known as hacked street bikes – are relatively cheap but usually thrashed pretty hard. Brand new race-spec bikes are rare, and nearly always very, very expensive. But what if you could find a new and competitive race bike built for a current race series – but reliable and valid for use on practically any track day you might have in mind? And what if it was reasonably priced? Enter today’s cool 2016 KTM RC390 Cup Bike, advertised as NEW.

2016 KTM RC390 Cup Bike for sale on eBay

The little KTM shares a lot of DNA with its bigger brother, the RC8. Sure, it’s a smaller displacement bike – often mistakenly identified as “entry level” here in the US – but that does not mean that technology has passed it by. With a short, straight tube frame chassis in trademark orange, the RC390 features WP suspension including upside down forks. Motivation is provided by a liquid cooled, single cylinder four stroke with double overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. Figure approximately 44 HP nearing the neighborhood of 10,000 RPM (although the sealed race bikes may have slightly less), and more torque down lower on the rev range than any of the small bike twins. A slipper clutch is standard, as is the Brembo designed brakes and fly by wire throttle with fuel injection – certainly not entry level equipment. Dry weight for the standard machine is just about 300 lbs even.

From the seller:
2016 KTM RC 390 Cup Bike. Bike has never been titled and sells as a new bike.

Was $10,000 $ave over $4,000! The KTM RC Cup racebike, it is a track-only (NOT STREET-LEGAL) version of the RC 390. The race-prepared motorcycle is sold ready for competition, with over 40 KTM PowerParts and other improvements to enhance its racing performance. The engine of the bike comes sealed for use in the MotoAmerica series and it gets a performance exhaust by Akrapovic The racebike features fully adjustable WP inverted forks fork and WP racing monoshock with high-/low-speed compression and rebound damping, adjustable preload and adjustable shock length. It also gets a taller windshield with race style tail fairing and belly pan. Throttle response is a very important factor in racing, so the KTM RC Cup racebike receives RC8 R-like throttle assembly. Moreover, there are also CNC-machined race-spec rearsets and foldable levers on the bike, along with many other PowerParts, including front and rear trackstands.

The RC390 Cup machine is likely one of only a handful of turn key racers you could buy new in the past decade, fully set up out of the crate (the Moriwaki 250 and Aprilia 250 Cup are the others). Yes, it fits smaller riders better. Yes, to be fully qualified for MotoAmerica you need to be younger than 22. But adults can hoon on this all day long during track days, thanks to the proven reliability of these tough and quick thumpers. And isn’t that what you want in a track day bike? A ready supply of spares, minimal parts that can be damaged in a crash, and reliability to ensure that you maximize your track time – all in an affordable package that is light weight and easy to handle. For those less selfish, you may even have an aspiring young racer in the house that is looking for a sponsored ride. Either way, the price of entry is a mere $5,995 Buy It Now – super cheap for a racer! Check it out here. I know it does not have three trillion horsepower, but this can carve a line far better than any GX Busja mega displacement streetbike. If a MotoGP bike is out of your price range, this MotoAmerica eligible racer might be a better fit. The only problem you will have is trying to wipe the smile off of your face. Good Luck!!


Teacup:  2016 KTM RC390 Cup Bike
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Featured Listing: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Challenge for Sale

“A man’s got to know his limitations,” Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry famously deadpans in Magnum Force, a film which happens to feature several Italian motorcycles, none of which are an Aprilia RS250 like this Cup Challenge bike. The decision-makers at Aprilia must have been fans of Clint Eastwood though, as they took that advice to heart: when they were planning the RS250, they stuck with what they knew and kept the frame design and styling in-house, while leaving the engine and transmission to an established manufacturer with vastly greater resources and expertise.

Instead, they used the 249cc v-twin from Suzuki’s RGV250. Power for the RGV was listed at just 45hp, so the RS250’s claimed 70 horses made it seem like the Aprilia version must have been outrageously modified, tuned to the absolute hilt. The reality was that Japanese restrictions meant all the home-market two-strokes were officially limited to 45hp, and were all capable of similar outputs when properly tuned and de-restricted. In fact, those in-the-know claim that Aprilia’s modifications  pretty much amounted to a set of engine cases with “Aprilia” cast into them, and that 55hp at the rear wheel is a much more realistic expectation.

No problem: the Suzuki twin was plenty powerful and tuneable, with good parts availability and a high-strung character that complimented Aprilia’s masterpiece of a frame, an aluminum beam unit that looked great and worked even better: reviewers then and now often refer to the RS250 as being one of the best-handling motorcycles of all time. Weight was pared to the bone and the bike was kick-start only. With about 300 pounds to stop, the triple Goldline Brembos were almost overkill, considering the same setup was used to effectively halt the much heavier Ducati 916 and the massive Moto Guzzi Sport 1100…

So the bike fit the standard quarter-liter mold: aluminum frame, asymmetrical “banana” swingarm to clear the expansion chambers, kick-start, and agility instead of brute strength. But where the Japanese bikes were often decorated with wild graphics and bold colors, the Aprilia kept things classy in elegant, basic black. Some of the earlier models featured race-replica graphics and colors, but even those were pretty understated, compared to other bikes in the class.

The Aprilia RS250 Cup Challenge version was created to compete in a one-make race series late in the model’s life. It was never really intended to be a roadbike, but did come with an actual VIN so some have been converted, as you can see here: this example does the bare minimum to make it road-legal and looks that much cooler for it.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Challenge for Sale

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Challenge Edition. Original owner. Titled and registered here in AZ since new. Street legal and plated. 2 stroke twin. 6 Speed. Never damaged or raced. Some track days over the last 18 years. 5400 miles since new. RS50 taillight and rear turn signals. Small Piaa headlight with switch and brake light switch to keep the DMV happy. New battery, oil service and fork service. Fresh coolant and brake fluid as well. Carburetors and power valves were also cleaned and synched. Factory service manual and some gearing go with. If you want to show up at bike night and be a bit different here’s your ride. The smell of castor smells like victory. Mechanically and aesthetically in excellent condition.

Well, this might have a couple nods to streetability that will “keep the DMV happy” but your mileage, as they say, may vary, depending on where you live. Honestly, all RS250s here in the US are “grey market” bikes and only quasi-legal at best here in California. That’s part of what makes CA titles so valuable for bikes like these: if your RS250 doesn’t already have one, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get one. Then you’re forced to register your bike in your Arizona-living buddy’s name, and end up riding around hoping the CHP doesn’t give you a hard time when they pull you over… This one has clearly been enthusiast-owned and miles are very low. Although it’s really a converted race bike, the “road legal” equipment installation is pretty slick and unobtrusive. And reversible! Bidding is pretty active over on eBay and there’s plenty of time left to get a bid in, so head on over and take a look!

Featured Listing: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Challenge for Sale
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Budget Blaster: 1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup for Sale

1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup R Side

Not every exotic needs to try and tear your arms out as soon as you twist the throttle, and not every rare motorcycle needs to cost a packet to buy or run: sometimes our need to be just a little bit different clashes with life’s practical considerations. For riders in that particular situation, may I present the MZ Skorpion Sport Cup, a big, thumping single wrapped in sports bodywork and featuring a name virtually forgotten here in the Decadent West.

1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup R Side Front

MZ was originally an East German manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycles back when East Germany was actually a place. All you fans of sporting Japanese two-strokes should be familiar with them: they absolutely dominated two-stroke racing in the late 1950s until MuZ rider Ernst Degner defected and brought their Walter Kaaden-developed expansion-chamber tuning techniques to Suzuki where he helped develop their bikes and continued his racing career.

1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup Dash

But then in the mid-1990s, seemingly out of nowhere, an entire range of new machines sprouted up, all badged as MZs. The modular design recalls Triumphs of the same era, and the line of bikes included the dual-purpose Baghira, the supermoto Mastiff, sport-touring Traveller, and the various Skorpion variants. All were built around Yamaha’s 660cc five-valve single backed by a five-speed gearbox. 48hp and a weight not much over 400lbs with a tank of fuel means that the lightweight Skorpion was capable 110mph with excellent handling and good reliability.

1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup R Side Front Wheel

From the original eBay listing: 1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup for Sale

Conceived by the acclaimed UK design firm SeymourPowell, the MZ Skorpion represents a motorcycle design perfect storm of sorts. The elegantly simple, yet rigid chassis inspired by (some might say stolen from) the work of Tigcraft’s Dave Pierce contains an ultra simple and reliable XT660cc engine as well as electrics from Yamaha. The world class Grimeca and Paoli suspension and braking components come from Italy. All of this was designed and assembled by the German engineers at MZ – one of the oldest, most venerable marques in the history of  motorcycling.

The Skorpion didn’t sell in large numbers, but had a solid following in the racer community. It’s exceptional handling and simplicity spawned single model MZ Cup series all over Europe and the United States in the 90s and the beginning of the 21st century. This particular variant – the Sport Cup – came with a full fairing, and was made to compete in the US and UK MZ cup series as stock, with no modifications allowed. Because of the popularity of the class, few unraced, clean Sport Cups exist today.

The Skorp also appeals to every day riders. It is refreshingly small in size, light weight and has the broad power and bulletproof reliability inherent in the Yamaha dirtbike inspired power plant that is still being built today. Simple and reliable, it is an easy bike to maintain and, unlike many exotics, most of the wearing components interchange with various Yamahas of the period and are therefore quite available. Motorcycle News calls it “light, lithe, generally reliable, and reassuringly practical” and “one of the best singles of modern time”.

This particular bike is in truly excellent condition. It was garaged all of its 3,500 mile life and has been kept clean and well maintained. The only non-stock component is a center stand from its sister model, the Traveller. While not the norm on the club racer, it makes for easy wheel and chain maintenance, and is easily removed. It also comes with the full original toolkit, the factory solo seat cover to replace the rear seat, and the original owners manual.

1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup L Side Rear

These bikes are virtually forgotten now, and can be had for very small sums on the rare occasion you can actually find one. This example has almost insanely low mileage, considering the bike’s nature, and appears to be in very good condition. The Buy It Now is just $3,000 with very little interest so far. A one-make racing series was available for the bikes at the time, and they are very popular for use in single-cylinder racing classes today, but it’d be a shame to see one this nice get chopped into a track bike.


1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup L Side

Budget Blaster: 1997 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup for Sale
Aprilia January 21, 2016 posted by

Thy Cup Runneth Over: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup R Side

The Aprilia RS250 was the first two-stroke I actively lusted after. Keep in mind that I grew up in an era when two-strokes, at least here in the US, were basically found in off-road bikes and really annoying yard-care equipment. Not really the sexiest of associations. I still think that the sound of a two-stroke is more a pragmatic noise than a beautiful one, but you can’t argue with how effective they are, and the narrow powerband combined with the light weight performance of a two-stroke sportbike makes for a highly involving, giant-killing ride.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup L Side Front

Aprilia is a relatively small company and, instead of starting from scratch and building their own engine, they spent time developing a highly-effective chassis and powered their creation with a tuned version of Suzuki’s RGV250 engine. With a claimed 60hp and backed by a six-speed gearbox, the 249cc v-twin gave the 300lb machine serious performance although, in typical two-stroke style, you had to work pretty hard for it. But for motorcycling fans, that just sweetens the deal.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Stingers

The RS250 Cup was intended to compete in the Cup Challenge, a one-make racing series designed to raise brand awareness and offer competitors a level playing field, since modifications were not allowed. It’s obviously not road -legal, so café racers need not apply.

2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Dash

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale
The bike comes as pictured plus spares which include stock rear sets, multiple sprockets, front spring sets, oils and more. This is the Cup Edition, which does not have lights or electric start (kick only). It was sold as a race bike and never titled.
A true time capsule…This bike was removed from the crate and prepped in the winter of 2008. Ridden a few times between 2009-2011. It was stored away indoors and covered from the end of the 2011 season until early 2015. The resurrection in 2015 included a thorough cleaning, fluid changes and fresh battery and rubber.
The bike has always been ridden at open track days and never raced. Last tracked in late August 2015 at Buttonwillow, this bike held its own around bigger bikes and was able to embarrass a few of them….
This bike has never been down and looks practically brand new (aside from a scuff here and a nick there). With only a little over 540 miles this little 250cc Moto GP Replica is hardly broken in.
…. You won’t find another this clean or this original anywhere!!!!
Buy it and ride it, race it or put it on display.
 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Front Wheel
I like the zip tie on the fork leg: a cheap-and-cheerful suspension-tuning trick that allows you to gauge suspension travel under braking. The seller mentions that the Cup Edition does not have electric start, but actually none of the RS250 models had an electric start: they were all kick-only. Considering the bike has seen some genuine track use, it’s in very nice condition. It would certainly look good on display, but this bike is just crying out to be used in anger. Hopefully, the new owner will do the right thing… and let me ride it.


2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup L Side Rear

Thy Cup Runneth Over: 2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale
Aprilia November 21, 2015 posted by

Can you guess from the first pic?:
HINT: Carbon + Banana

Here on RSBFS we normally start our posts with a full profile pic of the bike but I just had to break with tradition and start this post with a pic of the sweet carbon arrow dual pipes and the banana swing arm. Can you guess what they are attached to?

If you guessed/knew that the shown bits of motorcycle pron are attached to an Aprilia 250cc Cup racer (which is always a top bike here on RSBFS), then have a piece of leftover Halloween candy and read on. If not, then read on anyways…


For anyone whose personal collection still lacks a 250cc member, the Aprilia RS 250 is probably a top 3 candidate. The 250cc product by the Noale company was offerred between 1995 and 2002 and uses a late generation Suzuki RGV250 engine with Aprilia’s own intake, ECU, and exhaust.  The engine makes most of its power near its peak/when the engine is sounding its best, the whole thing is very light and everything is wrapped up in a top notch aluminum frame.

Reviewers loved the standard 250 edition, calling it “one of the finest handling machines machines of all time” and this is the cup edition, the one turned up to 11.   Basically the Aprila 250cc Cup racer is a bit of track-day oriented goodness/madness that looks still looks and sounds like pron…and its still about as close as you can get to a 250 cc MotoGP bike of the era for a fraction of the cost.


2000 Aprila 250cc Cup edition on ebay

This particular Aprilia is one of the Cup racers, a model dedicated to use on the track.  This orientation was supported with larger than standard front disks, a fully adjustable suspension, and multi-function digital dash with a built-in lap timer.


Here is what the seller has to say:

  • Removed from the crate and prepped in the winter of 2008, ridden a few times between 2009-2011.
  • From the end of the 2011 season until early 2015 stored away indoors and covered, resurrected in 2015 with a thorough cleaning, fluid changes and fresh battery and rubber.
  • Only a little over 540 miles- this little 250cc Moto GP Replica is hardly broken in.
  • Never been down, looks practically brand new (a scuff here and a nick there).
  • The bike has always been ridden at open track days and never raced, last tracked in late August 2015 at Buttonwillow
  • Bike comes as pictured plus spares which include
    • stock rear sets
    • multiple sprockets
    • front spring sets

Will be sold as a race bike/never titled.


Is this little italian track machine worth the asking price of $7,750 USD?    Well the last one we saw here on RSBFS looks like it went for about $5,600 USD and also had low mileage so the asking price seems a bit high.  This is one is located in California so some price inflation is to be expected but I still think a fair price is somewhere around $6800 USD.  It probably won’t appreciate in value much but it could be “una grande quantità di divertimento”.


Can you guess from the first pic?:  </br> HINT: Carbon + Banana
Aprilia May 16, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right

Forty some-odd years into Aprilia’s history they added road racing to their off-road program, with remarkable results – ten 125cc championships and nine in the 250cc class.  Bold names from this year’s Moto GP grids like Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, and Jorge Lorenzo all were 250cc champions for Aprilia.  Built from 1995 through 2002, the RS250 uses the Suzuki RGV250 engine, with Aprilia’s own intake, ECU, and exhaust.  This low-mile RS250 Cup is set up for the racetrack, though it’s too nice to have spent much time there.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup left

The massive aluminum box frame appears to belong to a much larger cycle, though the RS250 Cup weighs only a bit over 350 lbs.  A sculpted alloy “banana” swingarm allows the expansion chambers to inhabit the underside of the bike.  The 300mm front disks could also brake a larger machine, but on the track, you’re either wide open or hard on the brakes.  Fully adjustable suspension will allow you to tailor the ride to your style.  Multi-function digital dash has a built-in lap timer.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right detail

The seller states:

Nothing like the sound and smell of a 2-stroke! This is a great, low maintenance track bike. Well cared for and at around 60 – 65 bhp it’s easy to ride. This bike is in exceptional condition and has been ridden conservatively by an older rider. A couple of small nicks and blemishes, but nothing obvious. Note: As a track bike this is sold without a title and on a Bill of Sale only.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup front  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup rear

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right front wheel  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup left rear wheel

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup binnacle  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right rear wheel

Ready for track days, the RS250 Cup is large enough for an adult rider.  The 70hp supplied by the Suzuki is more lively between 9,000 and 12,000 rpm, so the neighbors will know you’re testing.  With 56 watchers, the auction has a lot of interest and a buy-it-now of $6,700.  Someone could have one hell of a father’s day !

Please see the eBay auction here or contact the seller via email.


Featured Listing:  1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale
Aprilia March 4, 2015 posted by

Almost Too Nice to Track. Almost: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

1999 Aprilia RS250 L Side

Much has been written about the little Aprilia RS250 on this site, about its “GP machine for the masses” character and handling, and its snarly little two-stroke v-twin borrowed from the Suzuki RGV250 and revised for improved power. Introduced in 1995 and produced in several iterations that were road-legal up until about 2002, the RS250 represents a purity of purpose and a balance of power, handling, and character we may never see again.

1999 Aprilia RS250 R Side Fairing

The “Cup” in the name refers to a one-make racing series run in the USA as emissions laws were strangling the little two-stroke and forcing it into an early grave. Cup races pit riders [or drivers] against each other using virtually identical machinery, making for fantastically close competition and drawing positive attention to the manufacturer.

1999 Aprilia RS250 L side Swingarm

This example is almost perfect, considering its original mission as a race bike and would make an ideal mount for a track-day junkie who still want their ride to look as good as it goes. If your fairing is currently held together by zip-ties, this is probably not the bike for you.

From the original eBay listing: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale

In excellent condition. Not quite “show room” but close. A few small nicks and scratches but no dings or dents or major detracts from its overall appearance. Clean and well cared for by older enthusiasts. This bike is in exceptional condition and has been ridden conservatively all it’s life by an older rider. We raced one back in the day and finished 2nd in the Aprilia Cup Championship in 2000. Bike located in South Carolina. Nothing like the sound and smell of a 2-stroke! Re-live the “Aprilia Cup” on your own RS250. This is a great, low maintenance track bike for any track junkie. At around 60 – 65 bhp it’s an easy ride.

1999 Aprilia RS250 Front

Well, the power may not be overwhelming, but handling is top shelf, making this is a great bike to hone your skills in the art of cornering. And the nice, but-not-perfect condition just makes it even more ideal for use as a track bike: a few scratches mean you won’t be gutted when you forget it doesn’t have a side-stand and drop it in the pits…

1999 Aprilia RS250 Dash

This is one of my favorite color combinations for the RS250, and the chrome “racing” on the fairing is just a tiny touch of gaudy that works well with the otherwise muted design. I very much prefer the earlier, more traditional dash with the separate tach and easily-removed speedo/idiot light cluster, although this design is very clear and includes a lap-counter to chart your progress.

I really, really want one of these.


1999 Aprilia RS250 R Side

Almost Too Nice to Track. Almost: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup for Sale
MZ December 6, 2014 posted by

The People’s Sportbike: 2001 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup

2001 MZ Skorpion Cup L Front

If you’re looking for something a bit different that won’t break the bank to buy or maintain, the MZ Skorpion offers something different for folks who don’t mind being on the receiving end of the occasional double-take, a 660cc sportbike with just one cylinder… Built from 1994 to 2004 and a very popular choice for club racing in “Sound of Singles”-style classes these days, they offer handling and versatility in an unintimidating package that stresses finesse over raw power.

2001 MZ Skorpion Cup L Rear

MZ, formerly known as “MuZ” was an East German company that dominated two-stroke racing, until defecting racer Ernst Denger fled to the west, taking their expansion-chamber tuning secrets with him to Suzuki…

There’s a bit of “people’s bike” DNA still here, and the entire MZ range of the time featured the same Yamaha 660cc five-valve single, here wrapped in fully-faired sporbike bodywork. Instead of chasing top speed and horsepower numbers, a single-cylinder sportbike offers useable midrange performance, reliability, and character.

2001 MZ Skorpion Cup Dash

Like some Communist dream of a sporting motorcycle for the proletariat, the MZ is good-looking, handles well, and fast enough to challenge all but the best riders, assuming their egos can cope with the mere 48hp produced by the thumping single, a bike with racy looks and a working-class heart.

From the original eBay listing: 2001 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup

The MZ Skorpion Cup is a very unique and super fun alternative to all the other 600 sport bikes out there. This one is a super clean version and sure to bring a smile to your face everytime you throw a leg over it and go for a ride…….street or track? You decide……..these things make great lightweight road race bikes or can be the perfect track day bike!! And your buddies will not be riding one! This bike is ready to go with all new fluids and brakes and perfect Michelin Pilot tires. You will not be disappointed!!!  Why be NORMAL when you can ride an MZ Skorpion cup bike?

Yamaha XT660 single engine
Grimeca Brake with new Dunlop Race pads
Factory steel braided brake lines
Michelin Pilot tires
Factory adjustable rear sets
Factory Clip ons
Rare Yellow color
Solo seat and rear passanger seat included
All fluids just changed

The seller also includes a picture of the included passenger seat to replace the solo cowl, and a nice aftermarket M4 slip-on that should make a pretty cool, thumpy dirtbike snarl when fitted. Because of course you’ll be fitting that: there’s really no point in trying to be subtle when you’re riding a bright yellow sportbike.

2001 MZ Skorpion Cup L Rear Wheel

This bike isn’t perfect, but it is in excellent, road-ready condition with very low miles. And while a Buy It Now price of $4,000 is on the high side for these, it’s still well within the impulse-purchase range. With a very unusual combination of rarity and bulletproof reliability, this is the ideal bike for the rider who wants to be different, but lacks any interest in designer-brand namecheck tomfoolery, the kind of rider who also probably drives an old SAAB 900 when their VW Bug is laid up for the winter.

Someone who appreciates the funky.


2001 MZ Skorpion Cup R Front

The People’s Sportbike: 2001 MZ Skorpion Sport Cup