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Aprilia July 24, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1997 Aprilia RS250 with 3,400 Miles !

Update 7.24.2022: This bike has SOLD to an RSBFS reader! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Aprilia had a championship winner on their hands with the 1991 RSV250 road racer, and took it to the streets in 1995 in the RS250.  RSBFS reader Phil has been caretaker and occasional rider of this original and exquisite Mk. 1.

1997 Aprilia RS250 asking $12,500

Engineers put their sweat and tears into the RS250’s artful chassis, formed and welded alloy parts to make it rigid and light if not easy to understand.  Knowing that bringing their racing 249cc engine to the road would take some doing, Aprilia tapped Suzuki to supply their V-twin from the RGV250, and made their own intake, exhaust and ECU – resulting in 72 hp.  Suspension is leading edge with USD forks and asymmetrical magnesium swingarm, and the brake sizes would have been seen on a superbike just a few years before.  Ergonomics take no prisoners but make the rider ready for the next squiggly line on the map, and the peaky powerband coaches the left foot to keep 8,500 revs at a minimum.

Phil’s RS is a grey market import, and the metric odometer indicates 3,400 miles.  A friend owned it before him, and let it sit for an extended period, which Phil has reversed by a generous application of maintenance.  We’ll let him pick up the story –

My 1997 RS250 has a gray origin history, but the last 2 decades are clear. It is an Italian market bike, imported into the USA sometime in the early 2000s. It is a 17 digit VIN. It was purchased in 2004 by an acquaintance as a track day toy. He intended to ride it on occasion at the Autobahn country club. He had it prepped for use including tires, fluids, adjustments, etc. Not wired. It was stored in a garage awaiting that first ride. Time passed and it never turned a wheel – either on the street or track! I acquired the bike in April 2021 and had it shipped to me in UT. It showed 4,998 km on the clock. I went through a thorough reconditioning replacing the tires, fluids, hoses and fuel lines, complete carb rebuild, caliper rebuild, rear master replace, chain, air filter, and new battery. All with correct parts where available, sourced from APR and European suppliers. The engine was not disassembled. Oil pump, power valves, carb sync and choke cables were all adjusted to specification. New oil pump lines were installed. High altitude jetting was installed to complete evaluation rides in my locale and all was good!

The bike was trailered to Road America to participate in a 2 day trackday in July on stock jetting. The bike was awesome! The odo now shows 5,482 km which is where it will stay for the time being. Jetting remains at stock settings with the tank and carbs drained. Bike starts first kick every time.

The bike is cosmetically a 9/10+. No corrosion anywhere. The V-shaped portion of the belly fairing shows some stone damage. Two other minimal marks exist on the painted surfaces. A couple of rock chips on the nose fairing. No peeling or blistering anywhere. The frame is polished and shiny like it should be with no marks. The OEM key fob left a rub mark on the triple clamp so it has been removed from the key and placed with the original tool kit. The bike is stock save Jolly Moto expansion chambers with carbon silencers. Pillion seat and footrests are missing as are the stock exhausts. All lights and indicators are present and working. I have a clear UT title in my name. The bike can be registered in UT without restriction.

The unfaired pictures show this gem has been detailed even underneath it all.  The only bit showing any wear could be easily replaced and the next owner could show or go.  Phil is asking $12,500 for his RS250.

And here’s a short video-


The next owner of this RS250 could go either way, hit the back roads and embarrass four-strokes with double the displacement, or get the safety wire pliers out and join the like-minded at the nearest track day.  Or in this case do either occasionally ( and carefully ), and show it off in between dates.  The original design still looks great 25 years on, and the basic black shows off the chassis beautifully.


Featured Listing – 1997 Aprilia RS250 with 3,400 Miles !
Suzuki July 17, 2015 posted by

Road Legal: Titled 1991 Suzuki RGV250 for Sale

1991 Suzuki RGV250 R Side Front

In countries where riders prefer their roads twisty and their exhausts smoky, bikes like this little Suzuki RGV250 aren’t all that rare and don’t command the prices they do here in the US, and titled examples of the little two-stroke sportbikes are even more difficult to find.

1991 Suzuki RGV250 R Side

Introduced in 1988, the RGV250 Γ “Gamma” replaced the parallel-twin RG250 as Suzuki’s GP-replica backroad ripper. The new liquid-cooled, 90° v-twin produced in the neighborhood of 55hp at first and weighed in at under 300lbs dry, making for a very entertaining ride. Aprilia saw the potential in Suzuki’s snarling little twin and used the same motor to power their RS250.

1991 Suzuki RGV250 Dash

The RS250 was certainly fast, but Aprilia didn’t see fit to grace their bike with any cool acronyms. Of course Suzuki couldn’t resist: the “SAPC” on the tail section stands for “Suzuki Advanced Power Controller” and refers to their proprietary power-valve system found on the second-generation VJ22 that was introduced in 1991. Power was up a bit above 60hp for the VJ22, although weight was up a bit as well, in part due to the distinctive curved swingarm that allowed room for the expansion chambers to tuck in close and maximize cornering clearance.

1991 Suzuki RGV250 L Side Rear

It’s worth noting that the power-valves on the VJ22 can stick in the low-rpm position, but the seller’s listing mentions that they’ve been “pinned” which I’d assume means it’s locked in the full-open position. This will hurt low and mid-range power a bit, but will ensure that the power valve won’t stick closed and murder the top end kick.

From the original eBay listing: 1991 Suzuki RGV250 for Sale

In good condition with clean and clear Florida title in my name. Bike has approximately 4,665 miles (7,465 KM’s) miles on it. It produces approximately 55 hp and weighs approximately 282 lbs. Power valves have been pinned, and it has fresh tires.

Bike does not have any corrosion or rust that is typically found on these 250’s. This is a rider and not a museum piece so it does have a few scratches. USD forks, banana swingarm, exhaust-valve controller etc..

I have owned lots of other 2 strokes and none compares to a RGV250.

I have 3 bikes with not enough time to ride them all. I want to do a frame-off restoration on a vintage 2 stroke I have, so I need the funds from one of my bikes to get that done.  Bike is listed elsewhere so auction may end early

1991 Suzuki RGV250 R Side Rear

As the seller points out, the bike isn’t perfect, and has a few signs of wear-and-tear that result from regular use. I’d prefer those easily fixed or lived-with scuffs to the cancerous creep of decay that results when bikes sit too long on display…

This one’s ready to go, as this video of the bike starting and running shows.

There are no bids yet, but the seller lists a Buy It Now price of $6,999.00 which seems reasonable, given the rarity of the RGV250 here in the US, especially titled and in such solid condition. Except for those purple bar-end weights: they hurt my eyes.


1991 Suzuki RGV250 L Side

Road Legal: Titled 1991 Suzuki RGV250 for Sale
Aprilia May 16, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: 1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right

Forty some-odd years into Aprilia’s history they added road racing to their off-road program, with remarkable results – ten 125cc championships and nine in the 250cc class.  Bold names from this year’s Moto GP grids like Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, and Jorge Lorenzo all were 250cc champions for Aprilia.  Built from 1995 through 2002, the RS250 uses the Suzuki RGV250 engine, with Aprilia’s own intake, ECU, and exhaust.  This low-mile RS250 Cup is set up for the racetrack, though it’s too nice to have spent much time there.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup left

The massive aluminum box frame appears to belong to a much larger cycle, though the RS250 Cup weighs only a bit over 350 lbs.  A sculpted alloy “banana” swingarm allows the expansion chambers to inhabit the underside of the bike.  The 300mm front disks could also brake a larger machine, but on the track, you’re either wide open or hard on the brakes.  Fully adjustable suspension will allow you to tailor the ride to your style.  Multi-function digital dash has a built-in lap timer.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right detail

The seller states:

Nothing like the sound and smell of a 2-stroke! This is a great, low maintenance track bike. Well cared for and at around 60 – 65 bhp it’s easy to ride. This bike is in exceptional condition and has been ridden conservatively by an older rider. A couple of small nicks and blemishes, but nothing obvious. Note: As a track bike this is sold without a title and on a Bill of Sale only.

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup front  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup rear

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right front wheel  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup left rear wheel

20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup binnacle  20150516 1999 aprilia rs250 cup right rear wheel

Ready for track days, the RS250 Cup is large enough for an adult rider.  The 70hp supplied by the Suzuki is more lively between 9,000 and 12,000 rpm, so the neighbors will know you’re testing.  With 56 watchers, the auction has a lot of interest and a buy-it-now of $6,700.  Someone could have one hell of a father’s day !

Please see the eBay auction here or contact the seller via email.


Featured Listing:  1999 Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale
Aprilia December 28, 2010 posted by

1996 Aprilia RS250 w/ Cali title for sale

1996 Aprilia RS250

Location: Rancho Cordova, CA
Mileage: speedo says 27,217
Price: $9,000.00

As I was shopping ‘the bay’ this morning for a few bits I ran across this Cali titled RS250. Not a bad looking bike, has a title, has a newly rebuilt motor along with a few other bits and pieces.

I’m not really down with the asking price, but ‘to each their own’ I guess. Personally, I hope the seller gets every penny of the $9000.00 because that means you’ll be seeing my RS on here in a New York minute for $8,000.00.

Just last week I messaged Steve from the AF1 forum and asked him what he thought my bike was worth considering all that it has and the super low miles. His response was between $3,000 and $3,500. But, as we all know, including the seller of this bike, OUR bikes are always worth more. Don’t get me wrong, this bike has a lot going for it, but also has a lot going against it like high/unknown mileage, Suzuki forks and the signs of several crashes- none of which have been disclosed in the listing.

Have a look:

Recent maintenance includes:
Engine disassembled and cleaned and resealed with new gaskets.
New pistons and wrist pins
Power valves cleaned.
New power valve pulleys and springs.
New 520 chain
New front and rear sprockets
New shift rod
New Woodcraft rear sets
New Brembo RCS 19 brake master and reservoir
New Ignition coils, wires and plugs
New Air filter
New Battery

Front forks, triple tree, wheel and brakes are from 2007 Suzuki GSXR 1000.
New ohlins springs for 165lb rider and new fork seals.
Due to the forks, the speedometer is no longer operational.

I will include high quality front and rear pitbull stands and factory repair manual which is super rare.
Registration is up to date.
These bikes are becoming more rare each day, especially street legal ones as most are for the track.

Still interested?

I am digging the foam grips and the Brembo Master….



Aprilia November 2, 2010 posted by

1994 Aprilia RS250 Reggiani

1994 Aprilia RS250

4,100 miles

$7,495.00 BIN

Here we have a 1994 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani replica. If you’re thinking that you’ve seen this bike on RSFS before, you are correct. 1994 was a banner year for Aprilia as they wrapped up the 125 and 250cc World Championships with Kazuto Sakata and Max Biaggi respectively. This bike is a race replica of the version Loris Reggiani rode prior to his step up to the 500 class on behalf of Aprilia.

The seller states that a portion of this bike has been repainted and I see some of the vinyl decals are not up to OEM spec, if such things concern you. This bike has a coveted California title, huge bonus points for that. More from the seller:

im thinning out the herd and this one is the nicest. its a 1994 aprilia rs250 the bike has 3900 km and is in near perfect condition. the aftermarket parts are tyga side by side pipes and silencers, mild steel headers. new tires with 40 miles on them, and new chain, are replaced only due to age not wear. the bike had some minor but annoying scratches on the tail section and the the left and right lower fairings so as anal as i am i had them repainted with the reproduction decals. i could not get the tail section decals that said rs250 so i had a sign shop make some up. the bike looks new and runs awesome.

This bike comes with the original pipes, Tyga pipes, new tires and overall it appears to be a clean offering. All in all, I believe this is a strong representation of the RS250 and the asking price is well within precedent for similar Reggiani models posted. Jay offers a great tidbit on the fork seals here, recommended reading if you are serious about purchasing this model. My wife has declared me out of the bidding for this one (something about too much debt?), so I leave it to you RSFS readers. Check out the sellers phone number, more photos and a video in the .


Aprilia June 16, 2010 posted by



Well I gotta tell you, I know these bikes real well and this my friends is the “dogs bollocks”. I’d bet my Max Biaggi blow up doll that this bike is as the owner claims. I’ve scanned the pictures pretty good and this bike looks perfect and correct, right down to the owner’s manual, pillion seat, tool kit, passenger pegs, etc. I haven’t seen one this clean since they were new and this one even sports a title. Built to commemorate Max Biaggi’s World 250 Championship with major cigarette sponsor “Chesterfield”, the “Roman Emperor” cleaned up the 250 class in style. The 90’s were the best Aprilia days ever and Ivano Beggio (president/owner) was the driving force behind all this. I was part of Aprilia back then and now all I have is a bunch pictures with some great memories to remind me how good it was to be involved. Anyway, this mofo is coming at you on EBay out of New York State with a B.I.N. of $12,000 (cheap!). Jump into 1995 .

The ad reads: 

Up for auction is my 1995 Aprilia RS250 Max Biaggi Race Replica.  I have owned this bike from brand new. I bought it at a Ducati dealer in Florida in 1997 from their showroom floor (I have the original bill of sale).  I was able (no small feat) to eventually title and register this bike in New York. The bike only has 1996  km (1250 miles) on it.  I put all these miles on the bike.  The bike has never been raced, dropped or abused (I am 53 yrs old).  I stopped riding the bike in 2004 and put it on display in my home (all the gas was drained).  I have the original tools, owner’s manual (in Italian), both keys and the passenger pegs with passenger seat (which I removed when I bought the bike).  The bike is entirely stock with the exception of carbon fiber front and rear fenders.  I have the original fenders that will go with the bike.  The bike is in pristine immaculate condition.  There is only one small mark on the “e” in the Chesterfield sticker on the right side (can see in photo).  Otherwise the bike is perfect.  This is not a refitted Challenge bike but an original factory Max Biaggi replica.  It has full lighting and can easily be registered (not sure about California…please check if you live there). The tires are original and should be changed if the buyer is going to ride it.   I hate to part with the bike but it is time. Other interests call.  Anyone looking at this auction knows what this bike is all about.  It is an incredible machine with close to 70 hp and razor sharp handling.  This bike is on display at the Barber Motorcycle Museum. It is truly a legend and very collectable.  Two strokes of this type are no longer produced by any manufacturer.  This bike is expensive and well worth it for someone looking for one.  You will find none better.  It has low mileage and has never been abused.

So, this bike is a real piece of history and the motors are exactly the same as a 2004 RS250 so you’ve got a good 60+ rwhp. Known as one of the best street 250’s you can get, get out the Visa card and start bidding, you won’t be sorry!

Ciao for now….Jay

Aprilia June 15, 2010 posted by


Ahh, probably my favorite bike of all time. Bought my first one in 1995 and never looked back, just something about these things. Like the first “hot” girlfriend you had, the memories never go away nor do the stories. Anyway, enough of that, I know this bike as it came from here in Oregon as a very good friend of mine owned it before selling it to this guy in Seattle. This bike was pretty nice and original when my friend owned it which was about a year ago, the new owner added the Rossi “46” decals and RS Taichi stickers. Otherwise the bike is pretty much like when he bought it about a year ago. These things just keep climbing in price as the years go on and there are less and less nice low miles ones available. Located in Seatlle on Craig’s List  for $9000,click “Rossi’s-out -for-the-season” to jump on to it!

The ad reads:

2000 WA street titled RS250 with 68xx miles is for sale. The bike is in excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. I bought this bike from an Aprilia privateer race team (Veloce) in Oregon as a collector item. This RS250 is not a converted cup bike. It is imported by the previous owner with 17 digit VIN. It has not been raced or tracked – a true collector’s dream especially for Valentino Rossi’s fans. If you are not familiar with the history of Aprilia RS250, this may not be your bike. The bike has the orginal street fairing (Rossi replica) with the Woodcraft rearset and Jollymoto pipes. All original parts are available including rear passenger seat and footpegs with the exception of the original exhaust.  My asking price is $9000. Reason for selling is due to having other toys (09 C63 AMG & 07 GT3) and too little time with my work schedule. I am not planning to get back to motorcycling anytime soon so trade is not an option

I believe the tail section has some scrapes from perhaps transport/etc but all in all the bike was nice and I assume it is in the same condition. $9000 is a pretty fair price for a decent mile “nice and clean” RS250 even if the paint scheme isn’t the coolest.

Ciao for now….Jay

Aprilia May 16, 2010 posted by


That’s right, 15 miles the owner claims. If the bike is “in the wrapper” then you’ve got yourself a pretty rare one plus the fact that it’s an 03 which here in the US are beyond rare. Hard to tell from the pictures but the bike looks “all there”, the only drawback is that there is no title or registration but the owner claims he can get this. These bikes are unchanged from 1998 except paint schemes and Aprilia stopped making the 250 in 2004 I believe. Using basically the Suzuki RGV250 motor, these bikes are pretty bullet proof and probably one of the best 250 streetbikes you can buy. Located in Lake Forest, California, with an asking price of $9500, see it on Craigslist here.

The ad reads:

Yes, you read correctly. This is a brand new Aprilia RS250 with 15 miles on it. I brought this bike over from England a while ago. I purchased it from a dealer that had one left in a crate. He had fogged the engine for long term storage as he was going to keep it forever. This protected the engine perfectly, and he cranked it over every so often to prevent anything from sticking. This bike stays covered in my insulated garage and has not a scratch or ding anywhere. This bike is absolutely perfect. I take it out and heat cycle it every month or so to keep it fresh. This is the last year of production for the road version of the RS250. The USA version (RS250 Cup was sold until 2004 but only had a 15 digit VIN making it very hard to register.) This bike has a 17 digit VIN. I never bought this bike with the intent of riding it (I have another RS for that.), but I do have a contact that can take care of the registration for you. Please no outside requests for getting your bike registered.This is NOT a converted cup bike. Trust me, you don’t want somebody’s run-out track bike. This is the road version that was never available for sale in the US. As far as I know from many of the message boards and bike clubs I am part of, this may be the only 2003 road version in the US. I am 100% happy to answer any questions you may have pertaining to the sale of the bike, but please spare me the lowball offers and rude emails about the price. Serious inquiries only.

Maybe not the prettiest paint scheme but a real 15 mile 250 streetbike is worth the asking price. If you do indeed get a title and registration that will just increase the value quite a bit. The only other thing I would do to the bike is flush out the coolant and probably a new set of tires just because of age; otherwise have fun in the Malibu canyons!

Ciao for now….Jay