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I remember back in 1994 I was at my local Ducati dealer looking at bikes. He had a new ’93 SPO there and he said because the bike was like $13,500 at the time they were slow to sell. I was at the 1994 AMA Superbike round at Loudon and watched Fast by Ferracci pilot Troy Corser on the 888 kill the competition and ended up winning the AMA Superbike Championship that year. Also at that race they displayed the NEW 1995 Ducati 916 street bike and my whole  life changed in a matter of minutes. In 1995 I had a new 916 and an 888 SPO, life was good.

This one seems pretty nice but the mileage is a bit steep for any collector. It looks good via the pictures and what’s better is that it hasn’t been heavily “molested”.  The carbon bits look okay until you get to the Lockhart Phillips carbon triple clamp protector (I just hate those things). The rear license plate holder has been cut up and that’s a complete under tray you’ll be buying to make it more original, but all in all the bike could clean up. Located in NY it’s on EBay with a “Buy It Now” of $11,495  click

So where does this leave us? Well, again, from the pictures the bike looks to be pretty nice and taken care of, it’s serviced up and ready to go which is a plus. The “Buy It Now” is  $11,495 which isn’t too far off, I think the bike would be well priced at  the $9000 range. These bikes really seem to hold a decent value, I mean I bought mine in 1995 used with 500 miles on it, Termignoni slip-ons, for $9500. Sold it about a year or so later for $10,500 with 1500 miles, I guess I just rode the 916 too much but given the choice again these 888’s sound like no other, the 916 is “so 5 min ago”. With their specific bore and stroke, you get  a true badass V8 muscle car tone like no other.


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Clean 1991 Ducati 851 In PA

Low mile Ducati 851 in PA on Craigslist

It might be a 1991 but doesn’t this Ducati still look the business?  A reader found this nice example hiding on Craigslist in PA.  It has roughly 12,000 miles on it and some tasteful upgrades.  The 851 was Ducatis’ first step back into racing dominance and 1991 was the last year of the 851 before the release of the 888.  It combined four valve heads, liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection into a package that we still lust after today.

From the seller:

This is the motorcycle that began 20 years of racing success for Ducati. This beautiful RED Duc. has 12K miles, runs perfectly and had recent full service w/belts replaced. Extras incl. GioCaMoto Hi-Exit Carbon pipes, Carbon frt. fender & rear hugger, Ohlins shock, new Mich. Pilot Powers. Aesthetically very good to excellent

Unless there is a flood of these on the market the price sure seems in the ballpark.  It is a little below book and who would raise their nose at an Ohlins shock and a couple of carbon bits?  Take a look at it here on Craigslist

Here is a little race action from 92 between Falappa (remember him?)  and Fogarty on a couple of 888 you couldn’t buy.  Doesn’t it just sound good in Italian?

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1994 Ducati 888 SPO #31 Of 100 On Ebay

This SPO has some use but it looks to be in very nice condition!  Located in Wrentham, Massachusetts is a 1994 Ducati 888 SPO with 20,700mi.  The seller has owned this bike since 2002, says that it’s always been garaged, and has received regular servicing. 

Ducati 888 SPO Limited For Sale

The modifications are:

1. Fast by Ferracci (FBF) light flywheel

2. FBF alloy vented clutch cover

3. FBF carbon fiber silencers and hangers

4. FBF kevlar brake lines

5. FBF Smoked windscreen

6. Carbon fiber counter shaft sprocket cover

7. Upgraded battery and voltage regulator

8. Upgraded chip

9. 45mm Farne exhaust

10. White Brothers steering dampener

11. AFAM 39 tooth rear sprocket

12. Race Tech fork springs woth gold valves

13. Cast iron full floating front rotors

14. Fresh Michelin Pilot Powers with only 450 miles

15. Trimmed undertail

The bike has three spider cracks in the tail, scratches on the shifter & foot peg from a tip over, dent in the exhaust pipe from the same tip over and the wheels have been powder coated black–I also believe the front number plate isn’t correct.  This looks to be a pretty straight forward, used, Ducati with plenty of life and enjoyment left in it.  The condition of this bike allows you to actually enjoy an 888 SPO without the nagging feeling of the odometer approaching another millennium–or it’s first. 

If you’d like to enjoy the last of the


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1994 Ducati 888 SPO In California

Just in is another 888 SPO for sale!  Located in Mountain View, California is a 1994 Ducati 888 SPO.  The wording in this ad is a little odd but, as with any rare bike, contact info is all that is really needed which this ad has.  The seller states that this example has 2,500mi on it since the motor was built by a local Ducati dealer.  Built as in built to the hilt or, rebuilt?  Anyway, this bike also has new tires, brakes, chain and some new paint.  The seller also states that this bike has some small blemishes from a tip over during an earthquake.  Stock exhaust and an aftermarket system are included in the sale.  The asking price is $8,500.  This SPO dosen’t have a perfect history, or the best price, but it’s still a–possibly–very nice SPO in California!  See this bike on Craigslist here.


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1994 Ducati 888 SPO #61 of 100

1994 Ducati 888 SPO #61 of 100 is for sale and located in Chicago, IL.

#61 is said to have 13,000 on the clock, is 99% Red-n-Ready and priced at $8,800.00. Since I started authoring on I have been exposed to a whole lot of bikes that in the past I would have ignored. The 916 used to rank at the top of my personal Ducati fav’s list, but has since been replaced by the 888. That’s right I like the 888 SPO’s better than any other Ducati that has ever been offered. I assume that I am not alone in my thoughts on this one and the odd thing about it is that I can’t even tell you why I like them. Maybe it’s the old school thought of something being labored over by craftsmen or the thoughts of Doug Polen winning races. Whatever the case may be for me it shouldn’t distract you from this one.

The seller didn’t have much to say about his special production Ducati, but I found a nice article where someone was quoting Ian Falloon

The 1994 version differed in details only with the change of color to the colors mentioned above and it got a carbon fiber front fender and the larger diameter front axle. It also got a number plaque.
The SPO was an amalgam of the Strada and the SP5 and was made because the SP5 could not meet US DOT requirements mostly the noise regulations. The motor was identical to the Strada but it shared many chassis components with the SP5. It had the stainless steel, round hole, front brake rotors and Showa forks from the Strada but the Monoposto seat, Ohlins rear shock with eccentric ride height adjuster and the up swept pipes. It did not have the aluminum sub frame for the seat. Numbers of bikes made was a little bit of a surprise for me, there are a lot more of these bikes out there than I envisioned, still relatively limited but more than I expected. I will not separate out the US models with 49 state versus the California models and the same for the rest of the world I will not separate out the different countries.

1993 SPO 290

1994 SPO 100

I just love guys like Ian who are so passionate about bikes. Can you imagine the research time that was put into his book? For me it’s a staggering thought….

You can contact the owner of #61 here.



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1990 Ducati 851/888 One Owner Bike With 1,800 Miles

This is a one owner, low mile, 851 with some very nice parts.  Located in Tampa, Florida is a 1990 Ducati 851 that is fitted with a factory 888 kit and only has 1,800 miles.  The seller states that this bike was purchased from Eraldo Ferracci (Fast By Ferracci):

“Prior to delivery, Eraldo installed one of the first Factory 888 race kits which included 94mm pistons and factory race rods along with completely blueprinting the engine, including porting, polishing, matching ports and balancing the engine as well as new FBF eprom chip which raised the redline to 10,500.”

And even more interesting is the story behind the exhaust:

Exhaust is a prototype set built by Rob Muzzy of Muzzy Kawasaki and has an incredible sound.

A Muzzy prototype exhaust is a very cool, and insanely rare, piece of unobtainium.  The seller states that he is the original owner so all these claims should be verifiable with receipts/correspondence.  I hate to always be pessimistic but, as I’ve said before, if you’re paying for something special, make sure it is actually special.  The seller states that this bike is in perfect mechanical and cosmetic condition.  The asking price is $6,450.  In summary, this is a one owner 851/888 that has very low miles and two very nice extras.  See this bike on Craigslist here.


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1993 Ducati 888 SPO In Virginia

This is a very nice looking 888 SPO located on the East Coast.  Located in Varina, Virginia is a 1993 Ducati 888 SPO with 17,500mi.  The ’93 SPO is what was offered in the U.S. because the SP5 couldn’t pass U.S. regulations and they needed something to Homologate the 888 for AMA Superbike.  These are more closely related to the 888 Strada than the SP5 bikes.  Some more information about the SPO:

The SPO engine was identical to that of the 888 Strada, but many chassis components were shared with the SP5.The stainless-steel front discs and Showa fork were shared with the 888 Strada, but the SPO had a single seat, upswept exhaust pipes, and an Ohlins shock absorber with eccentric ride height adjustment. Even though it was a Monoposto, there wasn’t an aluminum rear subframe as on other Sport Production models.

Doug posted one of these SPO’s with 13,696mi for $8,900 just less than two weeks ago and it can be seen here.  The asking price for this example seems to be a very fair $7,000 in comparison.  This bike looks to be in perfect, original and unmodified condition.  If you’re looking for art that you can take out on the town and into the back-roads, see this SPO on Craigslist here.


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1992 Ducati 888 SP4 For Sale in the U.S.

Feast your eyes on one of the most coveted Ducati Superbikes of all time: This very rare, and in the U.S., 1992 Ducati 888 SP4 for sale on the forum:

quote from the forum listing:

Due to health reasons, I am having to sell both my Ducati motorcycles. My 996 SPS has now sold, but I have decided to list my 1992 888 SP4 for sale on this forum first in the hope that a fellow forum member will purchase it before going to other usual routes. It has covered 40,220 kms (25,000 miles). I am the fifth owner since brand new. It has a complete documented service history dating back to the first owner. It had a major service carried out by JHP Ducati at a cost of £1400 in April 2008. It was first owned by the service manager at NCR, Italy back in ’92. The original owner’s manual, warranty booklet and service booklet have always followed the bike. Over the years, the following tasteful modifications have been carried out by the various owners:

– 5 Spoke black Marchesini magnesium wheels
– Brembo billet brake & clutch master cylinders
– Gia Co Moto billet rear sets
– 888 SPS rear brake set-up
– Ohlins steering damper
– CF exhaust hangers

The bike is in beautiful shape and has not been in any accidents. Currently runs on a 14/39 sprocket setup. I want to say that it’s one of only three, maybe four SP4’s in the United States. I guess that makes it pretty rare. Also provided with the bike are the original black three spoke wheels, a brand new SP4 gas tank (rare), if I can find them, the OEM rearsets and last, but not least, an 1993 888 frame from a US 888 SPO that has been powder-coated white but with the 17 digit VIN number still visible which comes on a clear title. Knowing how rare these bikes are in the US, the overall condition of the bike, the proper adult Ducati mods carried out and the service history provenance, the selling price of $31,000 obo reflects all of this.

By now you know I’m Ducati Superbike fan boy, and porn like this really gets me going! Naturally only serious collectors need apply, and for the rest of us, enjoy the pictures!

And here’s some more SP4 goodness from other spots around the web (not the bike in the listing):

Here’s a great dialog on the forums on the difference between the SP4 and SP5

And here are some books at Amazon that are relevant to the Ducati Superbikes of this vintage:

Our thoughts are with the current owner and hope his health conditions improve.