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Ducati April 19, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute

Update 5.3.2022: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations buyer and seller! -dc

Legendary as the Ducati 851 was, the racing department made several updates which were offered in the guise of the SP2.  A previous owner and Northwest European’s present client honed their 851 into this sharp-edged SP2 replica, beautifully presented here.

1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute

Arguably Ducati’s first superbikes, the 851 was powered by their first desmoquatro, with water cooling and fuel injection also firsts for the model.  The SP2 had well over 100 hp per liter available at 116 hp, pushing the full fairing through the speed traps north of 150 mph.  The trellis frame, single rectangular headlight and hinged fuel tank are classic now, but new then.  But it was largely the components that the SP2 was sold to homologate – a close ratio gearbox, fully adjustable inverted forks, Öhlins monoshock, and cross-drilled Brembo brakes. 

Jason at Northwest European is a friend of RSBFS, and has helped the owners of this SP2 replica preserve and maintain this excellent tribute.  Though not an 888, so many SP2 details have been up-cycled that it is a dead ringer for the unicorn.  Most evident are the monoposto tailcone and SP2 triple tree with number plate, but look underneath for the alloy seat and fairing supports, billet brake calipers, and braided lines.  The carbon rear mudguard and large diameter Ferracci exhaust are more modern upgrades.  A few of Jason’s notes from the Northwest European web page:

Visually, the overall condition of this Ducati beguiles the 30 years since original construction. Essentially every detail of this machine from the lightweight bodywork, front and rear aluminum subframe, OEM Ducati tail section, machined details, and refined mechanical features are beautifully polished, honed, and properly maintained to factory specifications. The tires, massive Brembo brake calipers, drilled disc brake surfaces, and drive chain are all in excellent condition. The engine fires off brilliantly with crisp throttle response, fantastic exhaust note, and blistering acceleration even on mild throttle. Every aspect of this SP2 tribute confirms the magic and iconic status of these original race-bred bikes.

This Ducati is accompanied by a factory owner’s manual, service manual, original tail section and subrame and a support stand dolly for the rear wheel. Also includes original exhaust. Featuring fresh fluids throughout, and less than 50 miles on the cam belts, it’s a true museum piece, or ready to ride this weekend as desired.

Please contact Jason Harris at 206-355-7727 for more information on this 1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute.

Rarity for the 851 is assured, with production well under 1,500 in any of its five years, though seasons might pass between SP2 sightings.  And while not sure the 37cc difference from the 888 would be easy to discern, DMV will quickly point out that SP2’s were never intended for the street, but this replica can be ridden and not only trailered to an event.  This might be a perfect compromise for a rider / collector – skillfully conceived and executed, impeccably maintained, and ready to show and register.

Check out – Northwest European’s page –  or give Jason a call at 206-355-7727 to discuss.


Featured Listing – 1991 Ducati 851 SP2 Tribute
Ducati January 25, 2013 posted by

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale in New York

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale

Now here’s a Ducati that is legitimately rare, the 851 SP2. The second version of Sport Production model produced for Superbike racing was upgraded further with a second injector added, larger intake and exhaust valves, larger 45mm Termi exhaust, 42mm USD Ohlins front fork, and power upped to 116hp.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale on eBay


The eBay listing has a $20k buy-it-now and has 15 days remaining. Hat tip to Adam on Facebook for the heads up!



from the seller:

1990 DUCATI 851/SP2
5500 MILES

Ducati June 4, 2012 posted by

Ducati Sport Production Second Series – 851 SP2 (Germany)

Second in the Sport Production limited series, the Ducati 851 SP2 is one of the most significant models for any Ducati enthusiasts. The model here is a rare find in such conditions:

Introduced in 1990 with a first production of 200 samples to be able to enter the bike in the Superbike championship , this was the first upgarde from the previous year’s SP1. The upgrade included the following changes:

Engine capacity of 888 cc. instead of 851 cc.

Larger intake and exhaust valves

Larger exhaust diameter

42mm USD Ohlins front fork

Weight of 188kg (dry)

Power up to 109 hp at 10500 pm

In race spec versions it looked like this:

And in the hands of Raynold Roche in 1990 Ducati won its first of a long lasting saga of World Super Bike championships.

Going back to the beauty spotted in Germany, this is on sale on eBay at the link at the bottom of the article. It has 22.600km and it is in immaculate form as described by the private seller:

“In dieser Auktion kann eine sehr seltene Ducati 851 SP 2 ersteigert werden. Sie ist die Nr. 95 voninsgesamt Weltweit nur 380 Stück . Die Ducati 851 Sp 2 ( SP steht für Sport Production) hat einen888 ccm großen Motor und Öhlins Gabeln. Der große Service (Zahnriemen, Öl ) ist bei 21589 Kmgemacht worden ( Rechnung ist vorhanden). Die Reifen haben reichlich Profil (siehe Foto).Batterie und Tüv sind neu . Beide Seitenverkleidungen und der Hinterradkotflügel sind aus Carbon.Zu der Ducati gehören 2 Schlüssel und eine Bedinungsanleitung sowie die letzten drei Tüv Berichte.Ich bin eine Privatperson und verkaufe daher ohne Garantie und Rücknahme. Spaßbieter bekommeneinen Brief von meinem Anwalt. Die Ducati muß nach Auktionsende innerhalb 7 Tagen in Wuppertalabgeholt und Bar bezahlt werden. Die Ducati kann selbstverständlich nach Terminabsprachebegutachtet werden. Kein nachträgliches verhandeln. Die Ducati sieht noch gut aus. Natürlich hatein 22 Jahre altes Motorrad ein paar kleine Gebrauchsspuren. Sie ist meines Wissens nachUnfallfrei.”

The last service (including replacement of drive belts) was made at 21-589km and a receipt is available. The battery is new. The side panels and rear hugger are carbon fiber. The bike is sold without a guaranty and needs to be picked up within 7 days from the end of the auction. The owner confirms that to his knowledge the bike has never fallen.

Currently at 3500 Eur, expect to pay much more than that by the end of the auction.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 in Germany


Ducati September 3, 2011 posted by

Italian exotic that started it all – 1990 Ducati 851 SP2

The Ducati 851 was the bike that started the modern era of racing success.  It was the first water-cooled 4 valve twin that has been the foundation of all the engines through to the current 1198 in the Superbikes. While the bike has 851 as its designation the engine actually displaced 888cc which by 1993 became the foundation for the 888 Superbike.  Over the years Ducati have frequently bumped the capacity for the racing homoligation bikes over the rest of the bikes in the model range.  Most recently we saw the 1098R displacing 1198cc as it continued the tradition.  The SP2 has a number of improvements over the SP of the prior year with full Ohlins suspension an increase in valve size and more serious Brembo brakes.  The engine also gain two injectors per cylinder from the previous year’s single injector while the gearbox was a close ratio version previously seen on the 851 Superbike Kit. By 1990 standards this was an exceptional bike and it was $23,000 new all those years ago.  A total of 380 were made worldwide.

The owner gives quite a detailed account:

The 1990 Ducati 851 SP2 is the homologation bike built by Ducati to qualify to race the 1990 World Superbike series.  With eight victories in the 1990 season, Raymond Roche won the first World Superbike Championship title for Ducati. It soon turned out that Ducati would turn out to be the team to beat in the SBK of 1991 too as Doug Polen was winning the championship on his Ducati 888.  This is the bike that started it all.

This bike is a little bit of Ducati History.

#245 is in wonderful condition as it has only 8900 Km on it (~5600 miles).

Cosmetics :
Body work is all original, complete, no blemishes or cracks, and no scratches.
The Frame is nearly perfect with no dents, bends or structural issues.  There is one small scratch less than a 1/3 inch.
Seat, tank, controls are all perfect.
Mirrors are NOT original and I don’t have the original.

Mechanical :
Engine is perfect.  No leaks or sepage.  As far as I know the engine has never been out or disassembled.  That would be normal at 8900Km.
Cooling system is perfect.  No leaks or repairs.
Suspension is perfect.  No seal leaks or damage.  One side fork slider is mission the Ohlins sticker.
Wheels are perfect. No scratches or dents (Tires are Michelin and should probably be replaced despite have ample tread – simply old rubber)

Clear Title
This bike is NOT registered in CA and is NOT street legal in CA.
Exhaust is NOT original.  A pair of Fast by Ferracci carbon cans attached to stock exhaust
Reat Sets are NOT original.  A pair of Fast by Ferracci rear sets are installed.  I do not have the originals.
As previously mentioned the mirrors are not stock.

I will assist (but not pay for shipping) in shipping this bike anywhere in the world.  My only requirement will be payment in full and cleared prior to shipping.

I will consider other 888 (non SP) with clear title and CA registration as partial payment.

Please Note :  If you are unfamiliar with the Ducati SP bikes you may not like the price or understand why the SP bikes command such a price.  I understand, but please do your research before being critical.  The SP2 was sold in 1990 for a MSRP of around $23,000 and only to qualified racers.  This is not your ordinary ’90 851.


The auction can be found here on eBay.

While the bike as noted is not 100% original it is still one hell of a bike and should command a decent price.  It as always tough to try and see where it will sell at but my guess would be the $10k to $15k mark.  Any other opinions out there?