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1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale in New York

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale

Now here’s a Ducati that is legitimately rare, the 851 SP2. The second version of Sport Production model produced for Superbike racing was upgraded further with a second injector added, larger intake and exhaust valves, larger 45mm Termi exhaust, 42mm USD Ohlins front fork, and power upped to 116hp.

1990 Ducati 851 SP2 For Sale on eBay


The eBay listing has a $20k buy-it-now and has 15 days remaining. Hat tip to Adam on Facebook for the heads up!



from the seller:

1990 DUCATI 851/SP2
5500 MILES


  • Now THIS is special! 20k is a little steep (15k would sell this in a heartbeat, probably to me!), but the market will see what it bares. The Termi pipes appear to just be slip-ons, and while I usually like aftermarket pipes, I hope the stock sp2 mufflers come with it. Termi does still make the spaghetti system, but won’t sell it to you through the US market. If I wasn’t trying to buy a house…

  • That’s a Beauty! You can’t go wrong with this one. Price is on the higher end of the scale but I reckon it will continue it this direction in the future,provided the bike kept in nice conditions…white frame Ducs are always the best looking…

  • $20k may be optimistic, but not outlandish. Easier to come down a little than try to squeeze more out of a buyer later, right? Anyway, beautiful bike and a “real SP” with real upgrades.

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