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Suzuki September 11, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing – 1988 Suzuki GSX-R250

Most of us can probably count on one hand the times we’ve seen small displacement super-sports in the flesh, outside of an auction or show.  Grabbing the most power out of a quarter-liter, two-strokes predominate – but here is an inline four from Suzuki, with 2-inch pistons and a sound like few other boy-racers from the eighties.

Accompanying the second-generation GSX-R’s, the 250 used water cooling, and though specs are hard to come by, some sources show a single carburetor.  Limited to junior-spec 45 hp, peak power comes at 14,000 rpm, and the tach doesn’t even register below 3,000.  Elsewhere the build is more like a larger bike, conventional forks and Full Floater rear, as well as 300mm dual front brakes and 17-inch cast wheels.  Dual seat and passenger pegs are there, but probably not for adults.  The dash is full-featured and the fairing also, but the package weighs under 350 lbs. with a full tank.

Coming from Gary’s surprisingly deep collection, this GSX-R has under 2,000 miles and Utah road title.  Factory fairings are in outstanding shape, and the 4-into-1 exhaust has been chrome plated, which in a Lite beer ( tastes great / less filling ) kind of way, shows well inside the fairing and is easier to keep nice.  Imported earlier rather than later, this GSX-R escaped the outdoor storage and multi-riders almost expected in the gray market.  Comments from the eBay auction:

This baby GSXR is one of my favorites in my collection because it’s one of the funnest rides in a tight canyon that you can ever have. 

Up or sale is a RARELY seen 1988 Suzuki GSX-R250 inline four with only 3,119 kilometers (1,938 miles). Engine redlines at 18,000RPM. It’s a screamer! Bike is completely stock. Runs like new. Gorgeous cosmetic condition with only a few tiny stress cracks and handling marks. Right side cowling has been repaired. There were some little stress cracks under the right blinker. Bike looks amazing! Ultra hard to find in this condition from Japan. Hardly any corrosion or rust. Very little patina. All fairings are 100% genuine original Suzuki OEM. Bike sits as it came from the factory except for the chromed OEM exhaust. Originally it was black.  This baby Gixxer has been pampered and well taken care of. A true garage queen.

The buy-it-now seems fair for the sporty rarity, though the new owner should cultivate friendships down at the Suzuki dealer since except for a few expendables, parts for the R-250 might take some doing.  But with ultra-low miles this will likely remain a special sunny-day ride or show machine, guaranteed to be the only one at the rally or coffee stop.  For a fan of the marque with a stable of 750’s, this could be just the accent…


Featured Listing – 1988 Suzuki GSX-R250
Honda July 28, 2017 posted by

Not-So-Basic Black – 1990 Honda NSR250R in South Africa

Most often seen in much racier livery, the 1990 Honda NSR250R / MC21 was a comprehensive update from the previous  MC18.  This South African example creates a subdued excitement in black with grey accents, and quite original with 3,800 miles it’s a great candidate for re-location.

1990 Honda NSR250R ( South Africa ) for sale on eBay


The 249cc two-stroke twin ( and its 45 hp ) on board the NSR250R remained quite similar throughout the nine year life of the model. The electronic control unit controlling ignition, carburetion and reed valves was frequently updated, and PGM-III incorporates throttle and gear position sensors in the interest of widening the torque band.  The revisions for 1990 included a beefier chassis and curved “gull” swingarm, which allowed more room for expansion chambers near the footpegs.  Wheel sizes were matched at 17″ and the rear was widened to 4-1/2 inches.


Coming out of Cape Town, this NSR250R has very low miles for its age and appears to have had careful garage mates.  Often gray market offerings have led a full life of junior licensees, and sometimes pictures only cloud the issue, but this one looks excellent.  Part of the ECU was tasked with restricting top speed and this has been worked around, as well as an aftermarket exhaust.  From the eBay auction:

Derestricted, jetted for sea level and fitted with full JHA expansions.The engine is in superb condition, starts first kick everytime even when cold.Low mileage combined with mind blowing performance makes this one not to be missed.The screen has some discolouration due to age. The tires were replaced recently as the original factory tires had plenty of tread but were cracked from being on the vehicle for 22 years. A complete service,including replacing brake pads and and two stroke oil has been done less than 500 Km ago.


The world has certainly gotten smaller and the owner’s shipping estimate seems to make sense even from that far corner.  Perhaps an inspection by a local shop could be arranged, putting some condition questions to rest.  Still the number of tasks to legally bring this bike to your garage shouldn’t be underestimated.  This excellent NSR250R might be worth the effort for the collector with the right-sized opening in his garage…


Not-So-Basic Black – 1990 Honda NSR250R in South Africa
Honda February 9, 2017 posted by

Frosh – 1987 Honda NSR-250R MC16

Honda had tested the market with the NS250F/R in 1984, and sampled in the MotoGP waters.  On the heels of Freddie Spencer’s 1985 championship in the 500 and 250cc classes ( ! ), the factory introduced the NSR-250R in late 1986 as a 1987 model.  This early example of the winning two-stroke twin is almost a blank canvas – ready for a quick once over for the road or a big restoration.

1987 Honda NSR-250R for sale on eBay

Just square with 54 mm bore and 54.5 mm stroke, the 249cc MC16 engine used hard coating on the cylinder walls to help the 45 hp last, and computer controlled exhaust port to extend the torque band.  The alloy frame was lifted from the GP bikes, as was the cassette transmission and Pro-Link rear.  Just over 300 lbs. fueled, the NSR-250R came with dual front disks and three spoke alloy wheels.  Tires are 17″ front and 18″ rear which will require some attention when buying new rubber.

This  NYC-based example has more miles than most but doesn’t look to have been abused.  The current registration is a help at the very least.  Cosmetics and mechanicals might be freshened up, or you could explore the edge of the slippery slope.  The owner doesn’t divulge much history but says this in the eBay auction:


This was a brutally competitive market segment and time, and Honda won the 250cc championship 11 times from 1985-2009.  As the MotoGP 250cc class fed improvements into the showroom, the later bikes have more and higher tech, but the first year machine has its appeal.  This one has a rather realistic cost of admission, and the early year might ease the pain once renovations get under way.  From a time when championship-winning innovations quickly found their way into the street machines, the NSR-250R is purely speedy and lightweight, no room for anything artificial…


Frosh – 1987 Honda NSR-250R MC16
Suzuki May 12, 2016 posted by

Feel the Burn – 1990 Suzuki RGV250

In the middle of its ten model-year life, the RGV250 was nicely updated and a critical and popular success.  The lightweight 250 was equipped like a superbike, and with the right rider could keep up with one.  Though the two-stroke era had already ended here, grey market machines pop up occasionally and have almost a cult following.

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right

1990 Suzuki RGV250 for sale on eBay

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 left

With Suzuki’s electronic power valve and 34mm Mikuni carburetors, the V-twin two-stroke claimed 62 hp at 11,000 rpm.  The newly designed controlled exhaust valves were problematic unless maintained, but worked well when clean.  Much attention was paid to the chassis for the 1990-96 models, with upside-down forks, banana swingarm ( making room for the expansion chambers ), aided by a weight of just over 300 lbs.  Brakes are  300mm front disks with 4-piston calipers, and a 210mm disk at the rear.  The full fairing is quite sculptural and the seat fairing is crowned by a pillion seat, but not sure two-up operations aren’t a little mission creep.

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 dash

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right front

Evidently a serial restorer, the owner of this RGV250 has the skills.  With 20,000 miles, it has been refinished and rebuilt in every way.  The paint and graphics are particularly well done, with some photos from the body shop.  More restored than upgraded, though the exhaust has been replaced by a beautiful Tygra expansion chamber system.  The owner goes over some details in the eBay auction:

New paint on OEM Suzuki panels, not the cheap replacements that don’t fit. This is the 3HS color scheme and some consider the most desirable. Correct Pearl White paint with reproduction decals that have been cleared over. Rear shock is from a late GSXR 600 and direct bolt in.  Rebuilt brake calipers with new sintered pads and rotors. New windscreen and mirrors too. Most bolt on steel parts have been powder coated. There is a dent on the back of the tank, right next to the seat. Tank was lined so I didn’t want to damage the coating to remove the dent. I didn’t notice until paint time when we removed the tank pad that covered it. I have a carbon fiber tank pad that will cover it.

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right rear

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 right front wheel

He also relates a tale of title and registration woe, and while it has a legal green mountain title, a California pink slip will take more work.  Shame that there’s not a uniform standard for registering historic vehicles, but maybe the new owner can put a shoulder to the problem.  Looks worth the effort, though it was never offered here, it will always turn heads, on the road or maybe in the dining room…


20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 left rear

20160511 1990 suzuki rgv250 exhaust

Feel the Burn – 1990 Suzuki RGV250
Honda October 5, 2012 posted by

Silver Surfer: 1984 Honda NS250R MC-11

For Sale: 1984 Honda NS250R MC-11

Update 10.5.2012: Originally posted last November, this bike is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

For such a rare bike, this is the second 80s vintage NS250R in this color scheme to be posted on RSBFS in a few months (see Doug’s excellent post on a similar bike HERE). Designed in an era where rounder, more bulbous shapes were utilized, this NS250R was the hottest small-bore bike we couldn’t get in the US of A. Nearly 30 years on, how does it stack up?

With full fairings and a windscreen to encourage tucking in (with only 45 bhp on tap, a tidy aerodynamic profile is encouraged), the NS250R pre-dates the more famous and collectable NSR250R series bikes by a few years. Still, the engineering might of Honda bleeds through and through: Aluminum perimeter frame, aluminum swing arm, Astralight wheels front and rear (17″ and 18″ respectively), TRAC front fork, triple disc brakes and the ATAC system (Honda Automatic Torque Amplification Chamber), which modified the volume of the exhaust chamber to boost low end torque. And of course there is the kickstand fairing; slightly more than a gimmick, and probably the best known feature of the bike.

From the seller:
Super rare, first year production MC-11 in great running condition and in surprisingly good shape. This bike has a unique history of previous owners which includes Hall of fame formula 1 racer Mike Baldwin, award winning stunt-woman Christine Ann Baur, and Superbike champ Thad Wolff before I acquired it for my collection. I assume the bike was used for street riding as it is street legal and not set up for racing, all gauges and lights work good as does the charging system, gauges and handlebar switches in excellent condition with no fading. It is missing one front turn signal which I have not replaced. I bought an after-market set but did not install them as they are not perfect matches to originals, they go with bike as does a new set of fork seals.

This bike appears to be in original condition with only 7,324 miles on it. The speedometer reads in kilometers (11,789 km) and there is extensive writing all over in Japanese, this bike was shipped here from Japan many years ago and was not sold in the U.S.

Bike fires right up and shifts great through all 6 gears with no clutch slippage at all. The gearbox is a close ratio 6 speed and the top speed is rated at 121 MPH which is unbelievable for a 250 cc street bike, it is so fast I believe it will really do it.

Over all this bike is in very good condition and appears to run fantastic, I have only put about 30 to 40 miles on it in the two years I have owned it, it always fires right up.

Bike has a California license plate and was last registered in 1997 and comes with a bill of sale as the Pink Slip was lost.

I am selling this bike because I am drastically reducing my collection and this bike is just too rare to put miles on it, it belongs in a collectors living room or museum.

While I don’t enjoy staring any flame wars, I do bristle when sellers indicate that something should be in a museum rather than being ridden. This particular bike, patterned after the 250cc GP bike that brought Freddie Spencer 2 titles in the same year (both 250 and 500), really deserves to get out and ridden. Unfortunately, a close look at the pictures indicates somebody did just that – and poorly. The right side looks like it’s been rashed, and the HRC sticker on the right side tail looks suspiciously different (larger) than stock. Is it covering something? Careful buyers will want to ask some questions.

On the plus side, this is a very rare motorcycle that will not likely fetch huge dollars – making it an affordable collector. The last one we posted sold for a mere $3,100, which is low bucks for a mini-GP smoker these days. For more information and your chance to bid on this silver rocket from the 80s, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Honda August 23, 2012 posted by

Threesome! 1982 Honda MVX 250 Sports Production

For Sale: 1982 Honda MVX 250 Sports Production

This beautiful sports production racer comes to us from Rimini, Italy, courtesy of the same seller who brought us this beautiful Ducati TT2 Replica. This time, the result is a crisp racer based on the Honda MVX 250 three cylinder model. You may be familiar with the Honda V3 from the GP racer, but this is the first of the street going two strokers offered by the company. You might think that this is an offshoot of the more popular NS400R three-banger from Honda, and you would be sort of right; the MVX 250 came first.

The MVX 250 was not the racer that you see here. No, the MVX250 was a slightly sporty commuter, not unlike the VT250 twin that was to come years later. What we have here is the engine and chassis from the MVX 250 wrapped up into a nice little racer. This thing looks pretty trick, and I’ll bet it is a blast to ride. The stock MVX pumped out about 40 ponies for a 300 pound machine – this one with pipes and other engine mods must surely be stronger – and lighter.

The MVX 250 was not without its share of problems. Honda utilized a larger connecting rod on the 3rd (back, vertical) cylinder in order to quell vibration, and there were several revisions over the model’s run. Even so, high mileage examples or abused machines tend to fail in this region as a general rule.

From the seller:


YEAR 1982



I could not find any information concerning a “sports production” version of the MVX 250, and so my assumption is that this is a unique build. If I am wrong I’m certain that the RSBFS readership will correct me in the comments section, and then we will have all learned something new. Regardless, this is a very clean looking bike, and one that I would love to take out on my next track day.

This bike is based in Italy, so that might add a bit to the final charges if home is somewhere in North America. The seller has an opening bid of $10,000 USD with no takers thus far, and a reserve still in place. I am curious to see who finds this bike interesting, and if anyone is willing to pony up $10k + to be part of the action. To check out the details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


EMC December 8, 2011 posted by

Rare and Unique: 1985 EMC 250 ROTAX vintage racebike

For Sale: EMC 250 ROTAX vintage racebike

Update 12.7.2011: Back on eBay and with updated info: This bike definitely has a Harris frame. Links updated. -dc

Up for grabs today is a legendary racing brand: EMC. EMC is the better known name of the Ehrlich Motor Company, a British-based racing concern headed by Joe Ehrlich who immigrated from Austria in the 1930s. Ehrlich was a two stroke tuner, and mass produced road bikes under the EMC banner until the early 1950s. From that point onward Ehrlich concentrated mainly on racing, and developed numerous competitive vehicles – both cars and motorcycles. Even after he was no longer associated with the official EMC venture, Ehrlich continued to develop one-off racers and this 1985 250 Rotax powered bike is one such example.

With an aluminum box perimeter frame and Rotax power, this bike is kitted in fine fashion for its era. EMC motorcycles were always known for handling, and the list of victories is a long one – from Mike Hailwood’s win at the Saar Grand Prix in 1962 through numerous wins at the Isle of Man TT races during the 1980s (including eclipsing the 110 mph average – never done before on a 250) and many car and motorcycle victories in between.

From the seller:
EMC 250, Rotax tandem twin 2 stroke, aluminum delta box type frame and swing arm, aluminum gas tank, astralite wheels, Forcella Italia forks,frame made by Harris or Spondon or? still trying to get info. possibly raced Isle of Man, poss Donnie Mcleod, raced in AHRMA late 80’s, 90’s. bike was white and green , painted all black by world famous painter few years ago, comes with spare complete engine, exhaust, carbs, radiator, pistons, etc. really nice piece in excellent condition. If anyone can shed light on history, please let me know, winning bidder responsible for shipping etc.

Joe Ehrlich was well into his 70s when this bike was created, and continued to develop successful racers well into his 80s. This bike is a monument to his accomplishments, and the storied EMC brand in general. Vintage racebikes will always be an interesting lot. When it comes to one from Joe Ehrlich, though, things become even more interesting. As these were one-off racers, specifications and details might be a bit hard to come by. Unfortunately the seller does not have all the details at his disposal. Could our sharp RSBFS readers help out here?

If you are looking for a collectable or just something unique to clean up at your next track event, this might be one to consider. This auction has just started, and the opening ask is only $6k. The reserve setting is unknown at this time, so this will be a good one to watch. For more details, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good Luck!


Sport Bikes For Sale November 5, 2011 posted by

Import Chicken Chaser: 1988 Yamaha FZR 250

For Sale: 1988 Yamaha FZR 250

From an importer in Florida comes this neat FZR250. Ian wrote about a pristine example in his FZR250 post here, and some of the same comments apply. Unfortunately this particular bike is nowhere as well loved as Ian’s example. This is the dark reality of many imported bikes: these are commonplace in home countries such as Japan, and as such are not afforded the kind of treatment “rare” bikes might deserve.

From the seller:

So let’s look at what we have here. The basic package is the tidy FZR250, but the bike is not exactly in museum condition. With a little effort, it could look like Ian’s bike in the post linked above. But there could be a lot of unknowns lurking beneath this little beast.

The upside to the collector is the cost. The last showroom condition bike went for less than $5k – which is not a lot of change to be the only one on your block riding a quarter-liter FZR. This particular bike has an opening auction ask of $2,200 – which might be a bit on the high side given the condition and the unknown history. Click on the link for more pictures and (slightly) more information.

We on RSBFS want to bring you the very best bikes found on the ‘net. This one is perhaps not the best ever found – but all the bits are there and it is exceedingly rare and worthy of note. Good luck!