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Suzuki Saturday – 1988 Suzuki GSX-R750

1988 brought the first comprehensive update to the 750 Gixxer, with a revised frame and shorter stroke engine, “slingshot” carburetors and 17-inch wheels.  A little heavier than the introductory GSX-R, the 1988 was still lighter than the competition and had the more rigid chassis and additional power to improve overall performance.   Looking very original and excellent for its 22K miles, this GSX-R750 has had some nice mechanical care as well.

1988 Suzuki GSX-R750 for sale on eBay


In the engine re-design, Suzuki took 4mm from the stroke and added 3 to the bore, more oversquare and with lower reciprocating losses than before.  Peak power and torque are at 11,000 rpm, while the redline is at 13,000.  The high-volume SACS oil cooling system was also heavily revised, with larger, less restrictive tubing, and a 4-into-2 exhaust was required to limit muffler size.  Brakes and forks are built for the era, and dual headlight fairing has fresh air intakes running back to the airbox.


The Illinois owner of this GSX-R has preserved the cosmetics, and actively maintained the running gear.  Suspension has been updated in the rear, rebuilt in the front, brakes improved, and engine maintenance is up to date.  From the eBay auction:

This gorgeous GSX-R is completely stock except for tasteful/safety modifications, including:
-New Pirelli Rosso II tires
-Galfer steel brake lines, front and rear pads
-Penske rear shock
-New EBC clutch and springs
-Forks are serviced, new oil, new seals
-Swing arm and link have new bearings and seals
-New oil and filter
-New wheel bearings
-Valves adjusted
-All electrical components work as they should


The GSX-R750 reviewed as a quick-handling powerhouse, with serious racebike ergonomics, and very nearly beat the company’s own 1100 to the 1/4-mile traps.  A nicely resolved update to a ground breaking design.  This particular GSX-R is a win-win, great factory cosmetics and all maintenance issues addressed…



  • I have been trying to buy this bike to add to my collection. He is very firm on his price. Cool bike for sure. I wish it was blue.

  • I have a blue one sitting here I have run out of time restoring (original bodywork and paint). Not quite as clean as that but my price is also a quarter of what he wants. It is in Canada though.

    It amazes me these are not more valuable bikes (present being fairly expensive IMO) given their race history and the tendency to eat cams and be crashed.

    • What part of Canada are you in. I may be interested?

    • Calgary.

      evancgy@gmail.com if the mods let it through.

  • If I remember correctly, there was a MINT 90 red/white GSXR on here a year back or so that sold for $8350. Seemed high at the time, but that thing was perfect. I was a bidder on that bike as well. I think, given the mileage, that this bike should go for $5000-5500. What do you guys think? Am I way off? (Seller turned down both of those offers)

    • I think $6k on a very good day.

  • 75 watchers with 8 inquiries. Best of luck to the buyer and seller.

  • I offered 5000 and 5500 right when it opened as well and was countere me at 7k. Too much for me but a very cool bike just the same. For me to come up to 7k I would need much less miles and blue/white. That’s just my 2 cents though.

  • There cannot be many available in this condition therefore the vendor is exercising his right to demand top dollar. It appears to have been maintained to a high standard which costs time and money which one must factor into their decision. The non original mirrors aren’t to my liking though.

    If this is your thing I’d jump at it. In Australia these bikes are typically pigs in comparison.

    Yes I’m a gsxr fan and owned one years ago. Sluggish down low but they rev to great heights…….heavy, fat and sexy machines.

    We are talking bikes right?

  • I bought my 88 mint stock with 6,000 miles on it 3 years ago for $6k and was the one who paid $8k for the 90 with 2,000 miles on it..these bikes are extremely hard to find in good condition let alone mint to museum quality.. my opinion if you have to pay a little more for the good ones, then do it. You always have to factor in what’s your time worth searching for these bikes and when might another great one pop up🤔. My thought on this one, too bad he modified it at all, when he had such a clean bike to start with.

  • Guys, a bike of this quality is not likely to come along again anytime soon. I do agree that the desireability of the model puts the price in perspective. If this bike floats your but, I’m just saying that even at this price, you may not get another shot. Most of these got trashed decades ago. If I ever se a ’93 zx-7r again, the price is not likely going to be something I get to shop around. Just my .02

    • I agree with a lot of what your saying. To pull the trigger at 7k, you had to be a guy who bought a red one new in 88 and miss the bike a ton. Most guys on here, I think, prefer the blue and white color, and will pay for a perfect absolutely mint one (aka the 90 that sold for $8350.
      I’m not knocking the bike. I really really like it, for what it is. I just don’t love it enough to warrant the price. (I’m the guy with 6 of these things). 6k is fair for both sides, which has been turned down by the seller.

  • Great post and I love to read all the comments. Two quick notes, the mirrors are stock and the air inlets do not go to the air box, they are just exit above the engine. It’s super rare to find these, in any condition, with the stock dual exhaust. So cool! I did a light restoration to an 88 blue/white one. These are fun bikes to ride, that’s what mine was built for.

  • Owner sent pictures and video, per my request. Starts right up and sounds great. Honest pictures show marks and scratches, typically from a mild tip over. Offered 6k, which was declined. After giving it more thought, $5-55 is a fair price. It ain’t mint and it ain’t blue.

  • Comments have run their course on this one. Please note in the future that I’d prefer not to disclose price negotiations between potential buyers and sellers in the comments.

    Thank you for everyone’s input.


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