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Slabbie Import – 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition

The first few years of GSX-R750 production had a simple race-derived seat fairing and refreshing performance.  The 1986 update included a lengthened swingarm to tame the handling, and introduced a Limited Edition homologation special with dry clutch and solo seat.  This Japanese import is in rare Yoshimura colors and just under 8,000 miles.

1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 Limited Edition for sale on eBay

Thirty-odd years ago, the GSX-R750 broke a lot of new ground and was pretty close to an endurance racer with lights.  The air/oil-cooled 749cc’s were good for 100 hp, and the small-tube alloy frame helped keep the wet weight within a gallon of 400 lbs.  18-inch wheels, 310mm brakes, and Full Floater monoshock combined to spell capability.  Fiberglass seat console and full fairing with dual headlamps had a no-nonsense look.

The year after introduction, the Limited Edition had all the nice things the race department wanted to use, dry clutch, 41mm forks with Suzuki’s New Electrically Activated Suspension ( NEAS ) anti-dive system, remote reservoir shock, wider rear wheel, and a host of lightened assemblies.

This Northwest GSX-R is a special import, the red and brown Yoshimura colors jangling a bit with the black seat and exhaust, and gray engine paint.  The VIN indicates a machine for the Japanese market, as does the lack of reflectors, tinted turn signals, and lack of heat shield on the muffler.  The overall condition shows that it must have been ridden very carefully and stored or displayed with a curator’s care.  From the eBay auction:

All of the body panels are in excellent condition, there no cracks or major nicks anywhere. The original Suzuki exhaust is in excellent condition with no scratches or dents anywhere, The wheels are also in excellent condition with good paint and no major chips anywhere. Even the windscreen is original and in great condition. Basically the motorcycle is a 9.5 out of 10 cosmetically.  Mechanically the bike runs and rides perfect, there are no oil leaks anywhere and all of the engine paint still has the original GSXR shine with out any major dings or chips. All of the electrical components work as they should; lights, blinkers, horn, speedo, tach, fuel gauge, all work properly. The bike just had a full service tune up including new tires, all fluids were changed, and mechanically everything was inspected and replaced if necessary with original Suzuki parts.

Offered by a vintage parts house, the story of how this LE came to be isn’t told in the auction, so bidders will have to send a query or go on wondering how so few parts appear to indicate use or even to have aged.  Maybe the preservation or restoration question doesn’t even matter much, but as the auction goes on and the “reserve not met” sign remains lit, someone will want to know…



  • These really are my dream collector bike. Probably because I had a hefty deposit on a left over US version in 1987. I pulled out of the deal to become self employed leaving a stable utility company job. Ahhh… if I knew then what I know now. Both decisions. Can’t look back but makes good comments. 🙂

    • ….8 classics in my cellar now including 3 gray market 2 strokes. I guess I made up for it.

    • You ain’t missing much owning one of these. I have one. To actually ride, the seat is comfortable. The two biggest problems are replacement plastic if you fall over and the clutch. Never had an issue with either, but it’s always in the back of my mind. It kinda takes the pure joy out of the experience.
      I much rather ride my 86 “regular” 750. In my mind if “something” happens, it ain’t the end of the world. I look at the thing WAY more than ride it. The Yoshi colors are cool.

  • Does the frame color look a little off to anyone else? In the last pic of the post the area above the weld…it kind of looks like it was rattle can painted? Perhaps its just the light…

    • just the transition to the cast steering head I think…

  • It’s refreshing to find a seller intelligent enough to remove the bodywork from the bike to show buyers actual existing condition. This one looks really nice, and the close up pictures show almost zero corrosion underneath the plastic- nothing to hide, this backs up claims on condition. Interesting to me to notice all the little differences between the U.S. LTD version and Japanese market- nobody’s mentioned the two obvious ones: the non-cv carburetors and the fact that this has a fuel gauge. Never saw a first generation GSXR with an apparent factory fuel gauge instrument cluster. Left foot peg heel guard also slightly different. Lovely example!

  • Best colors ever on a GSXR. What a great looking motorbike.

    I think the fuel gauge was a JDM requirement.

  • Sorry for dumb question, but this is Japanese version of the GSXR-ltd? I bought the one that was on here last week, to go with some other homologated bikes I have. All my bikes are american bikes though. Is there any difference in price/desirability with a bike meant for a different market?

  • Beautiful bike. All JDM models of the era had some Japanese requirements such as the fuel guage, 90Km speed indicator light (55mph), and in the LTD case different carburetors. It is also true, although not indicated in the ebay ad that all Japanese 750cc bikes had a max bhp restriction of 77 bhp by regulation until 1993, at which time over 750cc bikes could be sold but with a max of 100bhp.

  • No Sale at $13,700. If it wasn’t purchased outside of eBay, perhaps we’ll have a chance to see this beauty again.


  • it will be purchased outside eBay for sure

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