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Semi-Finalist – 1983 Laverda RGS1000

Laverda was already reeling from overseas competition in the early 1980’s, but had the gumption for one more design project.  The RGS was based on their recent 1000cc air-cooled triple and rode more like a Beemer than a finicky Italian exotic.  This one has been enjoyed, but is quite original and well maintained.

1983 Laverda RGS1000 ( Canada ) for sale on eBay

For the RGS, Laverda civilized the 981 cc engine with rubber mounts and quieter exhaust, but the 83 hp didn’t suffer.  Marzocchi  suspension is found front and rear, but triple 280mm Brembo brakes are a little undersized for a 135 mph streamliner.  Designer details like the Veglia dash, removable pillion fairing and the tank filler in the front ( out of the way of a tank bag ) are sweet period items.

Over the age of EPA, this Laverda should be an easy import from British Columbia.  Seems cared-for despite the mileage – though my back-of-the-napkin ( ok, google ) conversion shows 57,000 miles from 92,000 KM.  Making it sound like a recent acquisition, the owner isn’t a slave to details, but says this in the eBay auction:

Hello, have my beautiful almost all orig RGS to sell.  Wolfgang recently went thru her before my purchase with full tuneup, fluids, tires, rejet, etc.  He has most history on it, has had top end done plus small items.  Most normal upgrades done with ignition, etc.  Runs very strong, and smooth.

After the Laverda family abandoned ship in 1985, the company was fits and starts until industrialist Francesco Tognon was nearly successful with a couple of new models in the 1990’s, making the RGS almost the last design from an icon dating back to 1873.  Fast, quiet, and smooth, the Laverda was unfortunately slower, heavier, and more expensive than its Japanese rivals.  But if you’re after a continental 1980’s experience, the RGS is one of a very few…



  • I must look away. Hideous!!

  • My good friend opened my eyes to the early turbo bikes and their growing on me more and more but it’s always the dash areas that throw me off…I just love the machined or magnesium or…but I don’t know about this one. Dash reminds me of those 80’s caprices or whatever they were with those weird boatlike interiors. It’s getting lots of bids though so good for them!!

  • If Wolfgang Haerter has had his hands on it, then it should be good to go for a tear.

    I don’t get the padded triple tree cover either, but it was done on a few higher scale Italian bikes back in that time period.

  • You may not care for the styling,but the RGS is an amazingly capable sport tourer. Handles well, great power/torque curves and wonderful noise. It eats miles as well or better than a BMW RS or any other sport tourer from the era. More pleasant to ride than a Jota with the same (or nearly so) triple growl. This one’s missing the Johnny Rocket bags though (the ones that would make the posters above cringe even more LOL!) but other than that, looks like a nice bike.

    Chuck S.

  • You aren’t familiar with the RGS1000 Executive model, which this is not. There’s no “Johnny Rocket” bags missing, it’s a proper and correct RGS1000. “The differences between the Executive and the standard RGS: Fairing extensions that protect the rider’s hands on cold mornings, the bars sit higher than on a RGS to provide a more comfortable sport-touring stance, but it is really all about those fabulous, color coded hard bags.”

  • Sixthgear,
    you’ve taken me a little too literally 🙂 I know the differences between the two models and own an Executive. For all intents and purposes, they are the same motorcycle except for the bags (and the small fairing extensions to keep your hands warm). Anyone that objects to the styling of an RGS will likely turn even greener at an Executive! LOL! And you’re right, ” it is really all about those fabulous, color coded hard bags!”

    Been playing with Laverdas since the 70’s when I rode for Team Lester (you may remember Lester Wheels from those days?) on Tom Lester’s 750SFC endurance racer. I’m too old now to be comfortable on an SFC or a Jota, so the RGS (Executive) works well for me. I also currently own a ’77 BMW R1000RS that I’ve had for many years (along with about five more RS’s that have come and gone). I enjoy them both but the RGS has a much nicer sound!

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