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Honda November 26, 2015 posted by

Have Prices Peaked? Very Clean 1990 Honda NSR250 MC21 for Sale

1990 Honda NSR250R MC21 R Side

Although the Honda NSR two-stroke sportbikes were by no means “starter bikes” and were very high-performing motorcycles, they were still relatively affordable and often bought by riders not flush enough to afford the taxes on bigger bikes. Basically: young hooligans bought them. Because of this, nice examples are pretty thin on the ground in their home markets.

The recent flood of affordable “grey market” Japanese two-strokes here in the US offers up our first real opportunity to sample bikes that still get the British motorcycle press all dewy-eyed and nostalgic. Unfortunately, caveat emptor is the order of the day, since many of these little nippers were thoroughly thrashed when new.

1990 Honda NSR250R MC21 L Side

The NSR250R featured a 90° liquid-cooled 249cc v-twin backed up by a six-speed cassette gearbox and, from the factory, these were limited to 45hp by Japanese regulations. But there is plenty of additional power waiting to be unleashed by a US owner and, with a sub-300 lb dry weight, this could certainly embarrass many bigger sportbikes in anything but a straight-line race.

This MC21 wasn’t just a continuation of the earlier MC18, it was a ground-up redesign and featured a banana or “gull-arm” swingarm, PGMIII electronically-controlled carburetors, and 17″ wheels at both ends, making tire choice a bit easier today. Although the bike used carburetors, the PGM system created a three-dimensional ignition map for each cylinder, based on throttle-position, revs, and gear.

1990 Honda NSR250R MC21 Gauges

From the original eBay listing: 1990 Honda NSR250R MC21 for Sale

I am selling my 1990 Honda NSR 250R MC-21 two stroke motorcycle. For those unfamiliar with this bike, it is the street version of Honda’s legendary 250cc Moto GP race bike, the NSR250. Despite it’s small displacement, this is not a beginner’s motorcycle! The two stroke engine is very powerful for its size and the bike weighs in at less than 300lbs. On a twisty road, it will leave larger displacement bikes in the rear view mirror. Plus the sound, feel, and power delivery of the two  stroke engine is unlike any four stroke motorcycle. The MC-21 model was brand new in 1990, and was a huge step up from the earlier MC-16 and MC-18 models. In addition to new body work and the super sexy gull-arm swingarm design, the MC-21 utilized the PGMIII ECU from the RC30 superbike, giving it true 3D ignition. Suspension was upgraded and the rear wheel diameter was decreased from 18″ to 17″ to fit the most advanced tires. The bike is in overall great condition, with 11,117km (<7,000 miles) on the clock. There are a few minor scratches on the bodywork (see pictures) but no other significant damage. The bike kick starts from cold on the first try and runs/revs very smoothly.

Honda never sold this bike in the U.S. as the EPA banned most two stroke powered road vehicles in the ’70’s. As such, they are extremely rare. There are a handful of these bikes in the U.S., some here legally, and others illegally. In general, two strokes less than 25 years old are still banned by the EPA, so use caution if you are looking at a similar bike that is newer than 1990. This bike was imported legally by myself directly from Japan, and I have all the US Customs paperwork to verify its legality. I also have a clean and clear Virginia title in my name, which has an 11 digit VIN that matches the bike’s frame number.

Photos: The first seven photos show the bike from various angles, front & rear tires, the speedo/odometer in km. The remaining photos show the following marks & scratches: left front fairing, right lower fairing, right upper fairing, left lower fairing, right seat fairing, left seat fairing, and right handle bar.

1990 Honda NSR250R MC21 Front Fairing

This bike isn’t in showroom condition, but looks very clean and appears to start easily and run well from the included video. There’s a bit of surface rust on some of the fasteners and some scuffs at the edges of the bodywork, but nothing jumps out that should scare off potential buyers.

There are just four days left on this auction, with no takers yet at the starting bid of $5,000. Considering these were virtually unobtainable just a few years ago, has the market been flooded?


1990 Honda NSR250R MC21 Rear

Have Prices Peaked? Very Clean 1990 Honda NSR250 MC21 for Sale
Sport Bikes For Sale April 13, 2014 posted by

Weekend Auction Updates: OW01, RZ350, NS400R, MC21, 999R

Yamaha OW01 FZR750R for sale

The Automania OW01 is back on eBay. This one has been relisted twice since we first posted it and failed to sell with a high bid of $26,500 on the last auction. This time it wears a $28k buy-it-now, which is $2k less than the listing price on their website.

Yamaha RZ350 for sale

This RZ350 is one of our Featured Listings, which failed to sell in it’s first auction with a high bid of $5800. The current bid is $5100 with about 5 days remaining.

Honda NS400R for sale

We first noticed this Honda NS400R on eBay in February and it’s been relisted a few times but no takers at $6500 no reserve, which frankly surprises me. Here is the original post.

Honda NSR250 MC21 for sale

Speaking of surprises, this NSR250R MC21 we posted on Thursday has since had a buy-it-now added of $8500, which seems strong to me. Current high bid is $4100 with 3 days remaining.

2005 Ducati 999R for sale

Last but not least, this 2005 Ducati 999R was posted in our classifieds and is now on eBay for the same price of $17800.


Weekend Auction Updates:  OW01, RZ350, NS400R, MC21, 999R
Sport Bikes For Sale April 10, 2014 posted by

Revisit: 1993 Honda NSR250R MC21 availble in Washington

Update 4.13.2014: A buy-it-now has been added for $8500. -dc

1993 Honda NSR250R MC21 For Sale

We’ve seen this NSR250 before in 2009 and 2010, and both times it presented itself as an affordable entry into two stroke sportbikes. It’s not a perfect example but an honest one that appears very complete. The opening bid is set at $4000 reserve not met, which would suggest the seller is looking for a price similar to what we’ve seen previously on this one.


1993 Honda NSR250R for sale on eBay


from the seller:

1993 Honda NSR 250R PGM -3 ; This is a 2 stroke street bike imported from japan. It is titled in Washington state and the tabs are current. These are gray market bikes and are not legal in every state so check before bidding. The bike is stock but has had the first two wire splices done.If you don’t know what that is it would be better that you Google it then me trying to explain it. Bike is in good running order ,starts on 3 or 4 kick after it has been sitting for a month( yes I don’t ride much).It has some scratches, the back tail has a small crack and the forks are showing there age. The bike is quick and fun to ride and handles every well being so light and every thing on it works (lights, oil injection,horn,) It is a R model so it has a wet clutch. It is a nice clean 2 stroker. I use only synthetic oil and non-ethanol gas . It comes with spare parts I have collected over the years, see pics to much to list. All the parts are extras the bike is all stock like I said but it never hurts to have extras since they don’t make these anymore. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions but I don’t know much of the history of the bike . Navy guy based in japan took bike home with him. If you have a negative feed back or no history you will need to talk to me before bidding. If the bike does not meet its reserve the highest bidder will be told what its set at.



Revisit: 1993 Honda NSR250R MC21 availble in Washington
Honda March 13, 2014 posted by

Rothmans Ready to Ride Home: Honda NSR250 SP MC21 in Nevada

Update 3.18.2014: 4thUP tells me this bike and the 6 others they had for sale have all been sold to an RSBFS reader. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Honda NSR250R SP Rothmans for sale

I received an email from the folks at that have several JDM imports that they are preparing for sale and this Rothmans NSR250 is the first. The good news: It’s been imported properly and has all the accompanying paperwork, it’s an SP, and it’s dressed in that awesome race livery. The not so great news is that it has some bodywork damage. But it’s being advertised as a street legal rider and not a minter. Contact 4thUP directly if interested or just to see all the pictures and details for yourself.


Many thanks to 4thUP for helping to support our site with a Featured Listing.


Honda NSR250 SP Rothmans for sale


excerpts from the seller’s website:

NSR250R SP Rothman’s edition imported straight from Japan. The SP is highest trim level and has awesome factory upgrades like magnesium wheels, adjustable front stabilizer, fully adjustable rear shock and dry clutch.

It has 27,000 kilometers on the odometer which is only 16,700 miles.

All lights and electronics are in proper working order. Brakes, headlight, high beams, low beams, front and rear turn signals, dash lights, etc. are all good. Brakes are in great working order. Dual large front brakes and discs work great. All gauges are in proper working order.

Bike is not in museum show quality. That is reflected in the price. The pictures show any blemishes or cracks around. It’s used. It’s been loved. It’s meant to be ridden and enjoyed.

Exhaust’s are missing bracket to hook muffler to rear frame. They are very solid in place but could use either the OEM Honda small bracket or something can be fabbed up VERY easily. It’s just and arm with a hole at each end. Easy. Most rash is on the lower right fairing. Lower left has rash too but not bad. Bike is straight. Not tweaked. Tracks perfect. Just want to be up front about everything.

Rothmans Ready to Ride Home:  Honda NSR250 SP MC21 in Nevada
Honda July 12, 2013 posted by

1992 Honda MC21 NSR250 SP Rothmans in California

1992 Honda NSR250 SP Rothmans For Sale

We love our cigarette sponsored race reps around here. Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Smokin Joe, and of course the Rothmans. This bike is a listed as a 92 NSR250 SP, which is the highest spec of the series with adjustable suspension, Marvic wheels, and dry clutch being the most obvious upgrades. I should note than I’m not an NSR expert though and hope readers will comment on further details and what they can make out from the pictures. The seller contacted us via our Facebook page and noted that he bought it from Japan 7 years ago. The last MC21 Rothmans we had on the site was priced similar to this one but didn’t have a title. This one does!



from the seller:

Super Rare 1992 Honda NSR250R-SP Rothmans, SP model mean has dry clutch, magtek wheels, adjustable suspension…
Perfect stock condition,
Well maintained
only need is new battery…
11950km = 7500 miles
has some spare parts, seal and gasket, one of side panel etc…

Its been titled in AZ

Asking $9000 obo

Honda June 26, 2013 posted by

Northwest Two-Stroke: Honda NSR250R (MC21)

Redmond, WA – 15,000mi – $3,650 No Reserve


It should be no surprise that the NSR250 from Honda is a bike we love to feature here on RSBFS. These are grey-market import bikes because they were never officially sold here in the states. What can complicate things even further and affect the value is the fact that getting these things titled and registered can be tricky given the bikes previous registration history and the particular laws of the state you live in.


This NSR250 is an MC21 model that has been re-faired in always-awesome Repsol livery. The Repsol body work wasn’t offered until later models, so this one obiously isn’t OEM. The bike doesn’t seem to be perfect by any means and the seller states that it has a recent electrical issue.

From the seller:

Selling my Honda NSR 250 PGM 3 due to moving overseas. Motorcycle is street legal and has license plates in the State of Washington.
Exterior condition is very good. Engine and mechanicals are very good as well. Seldom ridden, and well take care of.
There is a problem with the electricals. Bike will start and run fine, but engine will cut off the moment you turn something electric on. For example, the headlight or turn signal. I do not know if it is as simple as a blown fuse, or something more severe like wiring issues. This is a recent problem, and I do not have the time to try and figure it out, as I mentioned that I am moving out of the United States. I have set the opening bid to reflect this. The bike is sold as-is, I have tried to be as clear as possible.


To any haters out there who don’t want this bike because it is a “250”, you might want to move on. To those who want something different from the crowd this might be your ticket. With 45hp in restricted form, a light weight and performance oriented package, and screaming two-stroke engine that will surely turn heads, its hard to find anything not to love about these bikes. If this truly is a recent issue with the electronics, then I would be inclined to believe that the fix shouldn’t be too complicated (I have been wrong before). This would make a sweet summer project to someone looking for that. If I had the cash, I would totally buy it. There is No Reserve on the auction and only a couple days left, check it out here and place your bid today!


Honda May 20, 2013 posted by

Canadian Smoker: Honda NSR250R MC21

Toronto, Canada – 8,200mi — $5,743 BIN


The Honda NSR250 is one of my favorite bikes. Oh how I wish I could own one (minus all the DMV/insurance red-tape). With a light weight 2-stroke engine, full-twin spar aluminum frames, dual front discs, and race-inspired riding position, these bikes are the real deal for hooligan GP fun on the street.


This bike comes to us from the two-stroke loving land of the north. The bike is claimed to be a 1994 model and an MC21. Though the photos indicate it is an MC21, the claimed year would put it at an MC28. Maybe things in Canada don’t coincide completely with the importing of these bikes. It is also claimed to be an SP (dry clutch, trick suspension, etc…), however this bodywork is not OEM Repsol livery.

From the seller:

HONDA NSR 250R MC-21 SP 13,200km 1994

250CC, Two Stroke, Dry clutch, Liquid Cooled, 90°V-Twin Cylinder, 60HP unrestricted power, Kick Start, 6 Speed Transmission, Gull Arm aluminum frame, Front and Rear Disk Breaks, racing handlebars and footpegs, Carbon fiber mufflers, Braided front and rear brake lines, 78cm Seat Height, 132Kg dry weight, 16Litre Fuel Capacity.Low insurance, Dunlop tires, new fork seals, new battery, Certified.
Visit to see more JDM bikes for sale.

I wouldn’t consider this bike a collector by any means. It is too far from stock. Having said that, this could potentially be a kick-ass bike to ride. Which is exactly the reason we all love motorcycles. The joy comes from the ride. I will say that this bike could use some vetting in order to determine what exactly you are getting into. Feel like taking a look, check out the ad here and make the call.


Honda May 16, 2013 posted by

1992 Honda NSR250R MC21 Rothmans

Update 5.15.2013: Previously listed last September this Rothmans failed to sell with an opening bid of $7k. It’s back on eBay and has already reached reserve passing $5600 as of this writing. Good luck to buyers and seller, and thanks for the heads up Jared! Links updated. -dc

I love me some 250cc two-stroke action and this NSR draped in now controversial big-tobacco based livery is even more fantastic. If only tobacco companies could sponsor racing in this fashion again, we might see MotoGP return to the days of Swantz/Lucky Strike, Rainey/Marlboro, and Spencer/Rothmans. This NSR represents racing of days gone by, so get it while you can.

The NSR250 comes wrapped in SP body work, but I don’t believe it to be a true SP. Yes, the fairings are OEM SP pieces, but the lack of description indicates that it is probably an SE model. This particular bike has graced the pages of RSBFS a couple of times in the past from different locations. Check out the seller’s description for more information regarding the work that has been done to this one.

Its with great regret that I have decided to sell my NSR. This bike has only 8666.3 km’s original. The bike has been fully restored all NEW OEM Rothmans bodywork, including winshield and all the correct stickers in the right places. Engine was fully rebuilt including new OEM crank that was further balanced and blueprinted by Falicon ($1,400 total for just the crank). Cylinders were Extrude Honed and the cases were polished internally.New clutch basket. Suspension is stock except the it was rebuilt and revalved with Race-Tech components. The idea for this restoration was to make the bike look bone stock, but internally to be better than original. The only parts that are not original is the fairing brace (included), valve stems, and the chain (RK double o-ring Gold chain). Chain, sprockets, master cylinder, and battery are also new. The entire key/lock set was replaced with new. Much of the hardware on the chassis, and all the hardware on the engine, was replaced because the original cad plating looked dingy (some still need to be replaced). This bike was restored to be collector quality, yet still rideable and reliable. I have put less than 200 miles on it since the restoration. I have most the paperwork to get a title, just haven’t had time to finish it up. Price includes all the spares I have and manuals (service, parts, and HRC). I have the original Japanese manual as well as an English translated manual, copies of all receipts for the restoration, and 2 box loads of Honda OEM replacement parts.

An NSR250SE wrapped in OEM Repsol SP bodywork recently sold for $10,400. I think this one could go for close to that if someone wants it, but realistically I see this bike going for somewhere in the $9k range if everything checks out. However, this one doesn’t have a title, and as we know that won’t help. This one has some engine modifications and restoration and is not bone stock. But, it is an NSR250 in good condition and attractive livery. They don’t come about too often. You can check this one out and decide for yourself by clicking here.


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