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Rothmans Ready to Ride Home: Honda NSR250 SP MC21 in Nevada

Update 3.18.2014: 4thUP tells me this bike and the 6 others they had for sale have all been sold to an RSBFS reader. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Honda NSR250R SP Rothmans for sale

I received an email from the folks at 4thUP.com that have several JDM imports that they are preparing for sale and this Rothmans NSR250 is the first. The good news: It's been imported properly and has all the accompanying paperwork, it's an SP, and it's dressed in that awesome race livery. The not so great news is that it has some bodywork damage. But it's being advertised as a street legal rider and not a minter. Contact 4thUP directly if interested or just to see all the pictures and details for yourself.


Many thanks to 4thUP for helping to support our site with a Featured Listing.


Honda NSR250 SP Rothmans for sale


excerpts from the seller's website:

NSR250R SP Rothman’s edition imported straight from Japan. The SP is highest trim level and has awesome factory upgrades like magnesium wheels, adjustable front stabilizer, fully adjustable rear shock and dry clutch.

It has 27,000 kilometers on the odometer which is only 16,700 miles.

All lights and electronics are in proper working order. Brakes, headlight, high beams, low beams, front and rear turn signals, dash lights, etc. are all good. Brakes are in great working order. Dual large front brakes and discs work great. All gauges are in proper working order.

Bike is not in museum show quality. That is reflected in the price. The pictures show any blemishes or cracks around. It’s used. It’s been loved. It’s meant to be ridden and enjoyed.

Exhaust’s are missing bracket to hook muffler to rear frame. They are very solid in place but could use either the OEM Honda small bracket or something can be fabbed up VERY easily. It’s just and arm with a hole at each end. Easy. Most rash is on the lower right fairing. Lower left has rash too but not bad. Bike is straight. Not tweaked. Tracks perfect. Just want to be up front about everything.


  • High mileage. Corrosion. Filthy. Cracked and scratched up bodywork. Unknown maintenance and owner history.
    This is a $5K example max, certainly nowhere near $8.5K asking.

  • all good points. Its still a rare nsr. will be interesting to see what the bidding brings. I remenber about a year ago I had the chance to buy a vj23 with Suguya pipes, Ohlins shock, derestricted for 8k. Thats looking like a deal I shouldn’t have passed on.

  • I don’t see this corrosion and filth you speak of… It may not be perfect but it’s not like there are a lot of other Rothman’s to choose from (less than 2k were produced I believe). I’m also curious to see where it ends up since the SP’s seem to hold their value well.

  • I agree with sixthgear. It looks like they wheeled it out of the container and slapped a for sale sign on it. Sure they can say it is not museum quality, looks like barn fresh. Probably got under 4k in it.

  • Yea I agree that is a like a 4500 dollar NSR 250 right there all day long and don’t forget it is easy now supposedly to import bikes 21 years in older! I own two MC21’s and NO WAY would I give 8500 for it even if it was titled!! Look are the oxidation going on with the lower fork legs and the rust on bolts like most bikes in japan a garage is a luxury! Go join the brokers website in japan isibike.com then when they grant you access you can browser whole sale car auctions.
    I love these 250 smokers but they days of them fetching like 7 grand and above have long since passed even if they are getting more rare / collectable.

  • I just wanted to remind everyone that we are a dealership and would love to work people on the price as this is the advertised asking price. If you have a serious offer, feel free to email us at Brian@4thUP.com. Also just want to note that as the laws are better to import, it’s no where near “easy” to do. If so, we would be seeing a lot more being imported. Hundreds more. Haha.

  • what, a bunch of haters,,this bike is not easy to import or plate, seems like a lot of people here in cali sure like to choke their chicken a lot 4500 ? for a bike that is not readily available or no longer produced……lol has anyone seen how much these bikes are going for right now in the u.k or japan ? , you could not plate this bike here in cali and if someone found a way it should be worth atleast 10k in my opinion

  • if you haters are looking for perfection……………………seek god

  • lmao…….what twosmokey4u stated is so true…….what a bunch of crybaby delicate little weenies complaing about …”ohhh its got some oxidation right there” …..ohhh its got signs of rust, its got blemishes and scratches there,,,lol ,,,,,f”n people these days …..here in new jersey I know pleanty of people who would buy this bike for 8k aslong as they could get a new jersey title to go along with it

    • Hi miss Christie how are going?
      Listen lady if you feel the bike is worth at least $8k or even more I have plenty of things id like to sell to you for more than they are worth. Please let me know if you would like to over pay madam and I will send you a list w prices I would like you to pay for them.
      Peace out and god bless

  • thanx, much appreciated the bike will not be sold for 4 1/2 or 5 k ……..despite what you or others may feel its worth..maybe only if the motor was blown and no title seems reasonable………..nobody likes to overpay for things however, if you or anybody wants to have something rare and cool that very few people own be ready to pay some serious money for toys like this, especially titled

  • Y’all are trying to sucker the US buyer with this $8,500 MC21. It was bought in Japan for about $3,500 – you are quite delusional if you think folks in the know are going to give $5K on top of that. New bike dealers are not even working with those margins.

    What you have there is a pretty tired neglected MC21 that lived a hard life in Japan. Asking $6,500 and accepting $6,000 is more realistic.

    Even then $6,000 is a lot for a bike with dubious history. As for being rare, the Rothmans liveried NSR250R SP (NSR250R8n) is included in the VIN range MC21-1060012 ~ MC21-1069021. (9000 bikes including R, SE & SPs). The NSR250R SP (NSR250R8n-III) HRC Red White Blue liveried bikes are covered by the VIN range MC21-1066667 ~ MC21-1075171. (9,000 odd bikes including R, SE & SP’s) That’s a lot of ground for overlapping NSR250SP bikes to end up twenty+ years later with different bodywork on them.

    Great you guys took the risk to ship the bikes over, poor show to try overprice them without expecting some push back form folk
    s in the know 😉

  • Hi all. A lot of interesting comments on both side. As I said before, we are obviously willing to work on the price but I do not believe we have received any serious offers from any of you on the low side yet. Feel free to email at Brian@4thUP.com if you have serious interest and would like to negotiate. Just like any dealership, most times the advertised price is not the final price. Thanks!

  • track days, rippen up back roads blowing off posers .And ridding to Jap bike meets i’m with twosmokey 4 u, & Gov Christy said it better then I could, sixthgear wouldnt pay ten K for the Mona-lisa ,because she had rotten tooth, This is a nice bike for the money , p.s. do you believe some people will powder coat a frame and call it a resto. or ride a classic with out looking inside the eng. at least bore scope the top end & ck rod play.

  • And if the bike is still stock its closer to 45PS (metric horse power) or 44hp in pristine fresh condition. If its a little knackered, running at altitude and using poor US gas it is really closer to 40hp. As to wet weight, closer to 151kg or 332lb if an SP and 153kg or 336lbs – no where near ‘under 300lbs’. What does the paint code sticker under the seat read?

    Just trying to keep things all in the open. It may sound like we are busting y’alls balls (well, we are) but that’s what happens when curios are presented to a knowledgeable audience 🙂

    • Good to know about the HP. I’ll update that in the ad. As for the weight I was referring to dry weight. Usually that’s what companies advertise on their website for their new lightweight model and such to grab attention. haha. I’ll add in the wet weight to the ad also.

  • Sorry to say – I have now taken the time to look at the pictures more closely. This looks like a tired, knackered, beat-up track and street refugee being misrepresented as a good condition bike. The damage from the most visible crash is one thing, but the missing bits all around show a bike hastily put back to stock to sell. What is the condition of the sub frame – is it cut and that’s why the exhausts are hanging by wire? How about showing pictures of the naked bike so potential buyers can see what they are really getting into.

    As it looks in these photos, this bike is best suited to have aftermarket fiberglass installed and then being stripped and run as a track day only toy after putting on some decent pipes.

  • RC45 – your knowledge is always welcomed in our comments and we appreciate your opinion on the condition and asking price. But at this point, I think we get your point and further comment isn’t necessary. If you want to make an offer based on more detailed photos and information, 4thUP has provided contact information for further discussion.

    Thank you,


  • I guess I hit a nerve. The point is the MC28 he has listed is far better condition than the MC21. What’s the beef? As viewers of RSBFS folks appreciate the honest feedback and flow of information.

    Furthermore, if this site allowed editing (I have not found any such feature) of posts then such discussions would not look like on going arguments. I could simply have amended my first comment. The site limitations need not be used to try paint my comments as improper.

    At this point you are treading a fine line between assisting an advertiser to hide the condition of a bike and acting as admin to the site. Your next series of responses could impact the integrity and honesty of this site as built over time. People trust RSBFS to be an open forum of honest exchange.

    The seller already indicated that he would not entertain offers in the $5000 range – that’s all the bike is worth.

    • I would like to correct you because I do not appreciate people putting words in my mouth. I have at no point said I would not entertain ANY offers. I actually said that we are willing to work with people on ALL serious inquires. I am unsure where you are getting your misinformation from but I truly do not appreciate it. Especially since I have been trying to very level headed about all comments in this and take things as constructive criticism.

  • You may be right that it is time to examine how comments work on RSBFS and what mechanisms could make the discussion even more productive for both buyers and sellers. Because there were 3 replies made, I may have perceived the tone differently than it was perhaps intended.

    I’d like to discuss this further with our entire audience outside this post, so I’m going to make a post tomorrow to further talk through how we can best serve both buyers and sellers in the comments section moving ahead.

    In the meantime we continue to welcome thoughtful and respectful comments on all bikes posted on RSBFS. Thank you,


  • Lol at the nit picking, these are old bikes now, and if it is a genuine SP with all the right parts, hard to come by, even in Japan, with genuine Rothmans bodywork pulling a premium. If this bike was pristine, it would easy go for over $8000. The price is the price and if it’s too high for you, then don’t buy, plain and simple. I think it’s great that they are prepared to bring it in and title it. Lol also at the people saying “well that’s a $3500 bike in Japan” + fees in Japan + shipping fees + taxes and other fees when it hits the states, it all adds up. At the end of the day the Rothmans NSR250R SP has and will continue to be a collectors bike, get one while you can.

  • RC45 poor gas in U.S.A. ? 4.28 $ us /GAL. not liter= 93 otc e10 or ……”off road use only” 110oct.unleaded. for 12 bucks/gal…thats 4 liters+or- 4Q2

  • sicgear&rc45still want the Rembrantinthe attic&putten oilzorb under foggy little island bikes

  • […] is the next 2 stroke offering from 4thUP following their Rothmans bike last week. This example I believe is a 1994 model with these colors and has just under 7300 […]

  • About H.P. specs. after un-creating setting up & testing several TZ’s during the 1970’s,we learned every one is diffrent .

  • my mistake,I ment to comment on the TZR 350 but experience tells me this applys to all preformance engins,,,X 2 for Kaws

  • 4thUP tells me this bike and the 6 others they had for sale have all been sold. Congratulations! -dc


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