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1992 Honda NSR250R MC21 Rothmans

Update 5.15.2013: Previously listed last September this Rothmans failed to sell with an opening bid of $7k. It’s back on eBay and has already reached reserve passing $5600 as of this writing. Good luck to buyers and seller, and thanks for the heads up Jared! Links updated. -dc

I love me some 250cc two-stroke action and this NSR draped in now controversial big-tobacco based livery is even more fantastic. If only tobacco companies could sponsor racing in this fashion again, we might see MotoGP return to the days of Swantz/Lucky Strike, Rainey/Marlboro, and Spencer/Rothmans. This NSR represents racing of days gone by, so get it while you can.

The NSR250 comes wrapped in SP body work, but I don’t believe it to be a true SP. Yes, the fairings are OEM SP pieces, but the lack of description indicates that it is probably an SE model. This particular bike has graced the pages of RSBFS a couple of times in the past from different locations. Check out the seller’s description for more information regarding the work that has been done to this one.

Its with great regret that I have decided to sell my NSR. This bike has only 8666.3 km’s original. The bike has been fully restored all NEW OEM Rothmans bodywork, including winshield and all the correct stickers in the right places. Engine was fully rebuilt including new OEM crank that was further balanced and blueprinted by Falicon ($1,400 total for just the crank). Cylinders were Extrude Honed and the cases were polished internally.New clutch basket. Suspension is stock except the it was rebuilt and revalved with Race-Tech components. The idea for this restoration was to make the bike look bone stock, but internally to be better than original. The only parts that are not original is the fairing brace (included), valve stems, and the chain (RK double o-ring Gold chain). Chain, sprockets, master cylinder, and battery are also new. The entire key/lock set was replaced with new. Much of the hardware on the chassis, and all the hardware on the engine, was replaced because the original cad plating looked dingy (some still need to be replaced). This bike was restored to be collector quality, yet still rideable and reliable. I have put less than 200 miles on it since the restoration. I have most the paperwork to get a title, just haven’t had time to finish it up. Price includes all the spares I have and manuals (service, parts, and HRC). I have the original Japanese manual as well as an English translated manual, copies of all receipts for the restoration, and 2 box loads of Honda OEM replacement parts.

An NSR250SE wrapped in OEM Repsol SP bodywork recently sold for $10,400. I think this one could go for close to that if someone wants it, but realistically I see this bike going for somewhere in the $9k range if everything checks out. However, this one doesn’t have a title, and as we know that won’t help. This one has some engine modifications and restoration and is not bone stock. But, it is an NSR250 in good condition and attractive livery. They don’t come about too often. You can check this one out and decide for yourself by clicking here.



  • Love it !!!

  • Hmmmm……no title and all the locks/keys have been changed. Sounds fishy.

  • Not ‘fishy’ perse, just another ragged out 250 bought on the cheap in Japan and brought to the USA – restored and now the owner wants to recoupe the resoration cost.

    $4000 bike. At the most.

  • MC28 or nada…..

  • Show me a VIN# and I will show you an SP …. BTW if you know two strokes (Esica) an MC21 is a far superior bike to derestrict than an MC28. Don’t let the PGMiV fool you and the single sided swing arm, there is a reason they dont run single sided swing arms anymore ……

    And this is coming from a guy who owns a 96 MC28 SE …. It will never reach the potential you can get out of a MC21 ….. unless you drop serious cash into it …

  • Looks almost correct except for the non front magtek rim he dosent list the vinn or show a picture of the subframe sticker if it is a real rothmans it is easly worth 8,000 even without a title for the uneducated nsr buyers we have listing ther opinions

  • James is bang on, I was reading this and wondering if anyone would catch the front rim! The rear rim has an incorrect sticker.

    I priced out an upper cowl from Honda Japan, it was +/- 1200 plus shipping…that alone makes me question the likelihood of “factory” repacements. Best to see in person and look for the Honda part# and markings.

    Big Tex is correct, an MC21 is far easier to de-restrict. MC28 needs to have the ignition reprogrammed, wich costs 600-800 alone.

    Still, a very nice looking bike! What a fantastic paint scheme… 🙂

  • I think if this guy woulnt show you a picture of the vin and subframe sticker dont buy it sight un seen big mistake. i own 2. 92 rothmans currently one a project bike and one complete .to de restrict them is easy compaired to getting a mc28 hrc credit card programed from morwaki man in japan can do it for around 250. i will be checking for 92 rothmans panels for my project but dout anything is still avalible.

  • I appreciate your comments Tex…..but I’m guessing that someone who would be buying these bikes are collecting them rather than de-restricting and racing around on them them. But I may be wrong. If I was putting one in my stable it would be something I was looking at more than riding….and the MC28 is badass!

  • IOW this bike is a ragged out NSR250 bought cheap in Japan and brought to the USA and now the owner is trying to recoupe the restoraiton costs 😉

  • I owned that bike and did the restoration. Its legit. It was rough when I bought it. I probably had over $8k into the restoration. The locks were changed because one in the set did not match, so I bought a whole new set. The PO never registered it because he ran it on dealer plates. I just never had the time to get around to it. This bike is probably the second best MC21 Rothmans I know of.

  • Thanks James for chiming in since you were the one who did the restoration. I have taken many more pictures and a video and will be relisting with the VIN

    Thanks again for all you guys do at Raresportbikesforsale.com

  • […] contacted us via our Facebook page and noted that he bought it from Japan 7 years ago. The last MC21 Rothmans we had on the site was priced similar to this one but didn’t have a title. This one […]

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