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All original: 1994 Ducati 916

When the 1994 Ducati 916 was unleashed, it caused the motorcycle world to stand up so fast it promptly fell right back down on its ass. When the industry press and its leather-clad readership had finally quit seeing stars, what they were staring at was a genre-definer the likes of which hadn’t come along since the ’80s.

1994 Ducati 916 for sale on eBay

The 916 platform went through myriad iterations and increases in displacement over the years, and there are plenty of 916 and 916 lookalikes available on every corner of the internet. Still, an unmolested first-year bike is a sweet find. With the exception of some dirt and grime, this 1994 Ducati 916 looks fully sorted and ready to go.

From the eBay listing:

Great condition survivor, not many left like this, never raced!
Italian model, registered in US
All stock, recently serviced by licensed Ducati shop, new tires, brake pads and lines. New timing chain done as a pre-maintanance.
Can help with crating and shipping at new owners expense.
Actual miles: 10,850

The ad goes easy on the particulars, but the asking price shows the seller knows what kind of lust these bikes inspire.


  • Is this a fair price starting bed for this bike???? Anyone?????

    • No it’s not. You can typical find a 916 (with Cagiva 916 graphics, worth more with them) for $5k-$7k.

      I own 7 of these bikes. Most I spent was $6,000 and it had 3k miles.

  • Don’t gloss over the bid about crating the bike. After all, it is located in Hawaii!

  • That’s definitely the hard part, it’s going to cost quite a bit in freight if you want it brought back to the mainland. I tried to make a deal on that ZX7RR that was on here a year or so ago from Hawaii (with the PM wheels) but the freight killed the deal. I’d love to add a original 916 to the collection but the problem for me is that at $15K, it’s teetering on homoligation R bike territory and I personally think they will appreciate more in time. Besides that, the older 916 bikes had a bunch of issues so if you’re planning on riding it a bit, you’d be better off with a 996/998/1098 etc….

  • Something is suspect about this bike – the listing states 10k miles but the photos show 17k. I emailed the seller about this a week ago and he never followed-up.

    • 10000 miles IS 17000 Kilometers…

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