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One Pic Wonder: 1994 Ducati 900SS SP

Not much detail to go on with this one, but the picture shows a clean and stock looking 900SS SP. If you are in the market for a Ducati Super Sport the SP is the one you want, with adjustable suspension and a wider rear tire. These are more rare, and more exclusive than the standard offering thanks to the numbered plate mounted to the top of the triple tree. The rear fender is intact, and even the clutch cover appears stock. Mileage is listed as “25,000” but as this bike is located in Canada that *might* just be KMs. The opening bid is reasonable provided the rest of the pictures look like this one. Unfortunately, this is the only one.

From the seller:
All original good condition no road rash

Well maintained by me new sprockets/chain, belts and rebuilt carbs. Owned my an adult so not abused. Selling as my bike riding days are probably over as knees are giving me a bit of bother.

This bike has zero bids with an opening ask of approximately $3,447 USD. There are certainly a few questions to ask, but this could be a clean SP bargain for those interested in putting in the effort. There are still a few days to go, and a bike with bones this good is definitely worth the effort. Check it out here, and Good Luck!!



  • Why does a rider need a wider rear tire? You only need more tire if you are running out of traction. More traction is only needed if you have more motor.

    A narrower tire will transition faster side to side.
    It will be less unstrung wieght for better suspension compliance.
    Maybe a wider tire will cover you if you are ham fisted but muy opinion is that without careful consideration. Bigger is often a down grade.

    Considering the soft power this engine puts down. I would bet I personally would be able to put together a better lap on a smaller tire.

    Provided the rim itself is the proper width so the tire isn’t pinched into the wrong profile.

    With that said, i would genuinely love to go put a heap of laps on this bike.

  • Pretty sure the SS had a 4.5″ rear wheel and the SP had a 5.5″ one. Larger rear tire wouldn’t translate to much on the street, on the other hand, better to run a 180 rear than a 160 on the track. More rubber on the track surface for side grip and acceleration. The traction would be worth more than, negligible at best, quicker handling from a narrower rear tire..

  • Best. Bike. Ever.

  • Not sure about the “Best bike ever” comment, but for what they are they are very good indeed… A case of the total experience worth more than the parts would suggest. I love my SP and would never part with it… at worst it will stand proud in my spare room in the house 😉

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