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New Year=New Toy: 1988 Honda CBR400RR NC23

New Year=New Toy: 1988 Honda CBR400RR NC23

Is your new years resolution to add more toys to the garage? Or maybe you need to sneak one in before the new year. Here is your opportunity to get it done: a really sharp looking 1988 CBR400RR.

Maybe not as sexy as a VFR400 but the CBR wasn’t neglected technology wise: gear driven valve train, 14,500 red line and a braced swing arm are among the goodies. The owner claims the engine whine is a thing of beauty. Here is a good read on the CBR with some technical details if you aren’t up to speed on the RR. 400greybike.com is another good source of info and has a good forum.

Remember the Hurricanes? The little CBR is titled and darn near stock. The owner says braided brake lines and a Works rear shock are the only changes. I am pretty sure the windscreen is an aftermarket item as well. The shock is probably a nice upgrade as the original would not have been set up for our fat asses. Now she does have some KM’s or miles on her. The seller states 26,000 miles. As far as I know these were domestic market bikes only so I’d ask about the odometer being in miles. A lot of 400cc bikes were grey market imports to the UK so it is possible it may have started out with a mph speedo/odometer.

Here is what the Japanese buyers drooled over back in 1988:

The accessories you could get at the time:

The seller has a BIN price of $3,995 to go along with the auction on this beauty. 400’s don’t have the lust factor of 250 two strokes but that seems a like a reasonable price for a titled, clean, stock and rare little bike. I might be a little biased since 400’s are my current passion.

If you are tempted, click here.



  • Buy it now is a low $4k….good deal for a sweet little bike. I wouldn’t let my N29 go for any less than $6k Not to call it a girls bike but if you have that young lady in your life looking to get into the market and don’t feel comfotable setting her on a 600 or she just plain won’t fit this would be a nice start.

  • I used to have a black, silver and gold NC23 way back in the previous century. Very nimble bike.

    It was a match for the 600’s of the day, but these days would feel like you where riding a moped compared to them.

    That being said, I would love to have another one day, just commited to 2 strokes again these days 🙂

  • I would love to see one of the big 4 produce a modern 400 again. I’d be on a 2013 RVF400 like a fly on sh#@.

    As Ned said these are decent bikes for a lady rider or anybody who’s smaller in size. They have a low seat height and are small and easy to handle. My girlfriend, who’s thinking of getting her M1, did like the VFR ergos better. On the CBR your leaned over more where as the with the VFR, your more up right. The NC29’s aggressive ergos just intimidated her. I also couldn’t get it plated in CA despite having a florida, title reg and plate. So if you live in CA, I’d steer clear unless you can get out of state plates.

  • I am a HONDA guy through and through . That 400 still looks like a modern sport bike , very timeless , just like the 90s GSXRs . Light and cheap to have MR. Insurance man cover you too ! What more can you ask for in a bike ? Tempting !

  • Hmmm, all very positive comments. Let’s see if he gets a buyer.

  • Is this actually at a dealer? We’ve had a few interesting bikes pop up this past year that have been at dealers, very strange.

  • It sold for 4k. I think the buyer got a good deal. Looks like a nice bike with the original look.

  • Awesome bike @ $4k. Hope the new owner takes care of it.

  • Agreed, someone got a nice bike for a good price.

  • My friend in Japan had one (I had an ’89 FZR250R) and it was nearly the best sounding bike I’ve EVER heard. It’s difficult to explain why, but it just sounded like sheer terror and way nicer than the VFRs (to my ears). And I was at Nagoya University when some Honda engineers came with their NR750 and gave a presentation and promptly started up the bike and red-lined it a few time cold! The CBR sounded better!

  • Henway, a lot of the fantastic sound the CBR400RR makes is thanks to the gear driven valve train.

    All the right mechanical sounds backed up by the appropriate induction whoosh and well matched tail pipe harmonics.

  • I ended up with the bike.___It has 48,000 KM which
    probably calculated to 28,000 miles.___Plastics had a lot
    of screw holes that were pulled out due to crashes.___Has some rash in the lower blue plastic areas. ___Bikes DOES run well after we cleaned out the carbs. .___Low res pictures make the bike look a bit better tha it really is.

  • Enjoy your new toy! Overall I still think you got a solid bike for $4,000.

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