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Mark 1 – 1995 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani Replica #275 of 500

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The fact that it’s offered by a SoCal preparation shop specializing in Suzuki might be a reminder that the Aprilia RS250 used the 249cc two-stroke twin from the RGV250.  As enhanced by Aprilia’s intake, top end, and exhaust, the RS250 had power that put 4-strokes with triple the displacement to shame.   This first-year race replica has low miles, excellent cosmetics except for one faux pas, and a newly rebuilt engine.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Loris Reggiani Replica #275 for sale on eBay

Commemorating Aprilia veteran Loris Reggiani but capitalizing on Max Biaggi’s string of MotoGP championships, the RS250 brought GP technology to the showroom floor with the sculpted aluminum-magnesium alloy frame and swingarm, and carbon fiber seat subframe.  Bigger-bike Marzocchi suspension and Brembo brakes alert you to the possible speeds.  The full fairing is sleek and completed by details like factory billet rearsets.


Another victim of too many bikes / too little time, this RS250 has under 6,000 miles and looks great except for the right seat fairing, which might be remedied with a decal kit.  Not sure it’s the best thing on a low mile machine, but the fresh engine rebuild will require break-in and tuning, as the owner states in the eBay auction:

But probably the BEST THING about this bike is that it just had a full rebuild – crank, carbs rebuilt, pistons (rgv) new seal kit. Easy said and done over the internet  but i have photo’s to prove.
The bike is supplied with full jollymoto pipes, but oem ones are included (seat,rear passenger brackets )
Owners books (both keys) and original loris poster with sales advertisement’s
Bike does start but will need to be run in and maybe slightly tuned once its run in.


The small print for the RS250 included a powerband that doesn’t begin until 8,000 rpm, so there might be a learning curve there.  Ready to ride at 350 lbs., handling is sharp and the brakes are world-class.  Aprilia’s meticulous fabrication make the RS250, especially in the race replica, an exciting find…


  1. SmokinJoe439 SmokinJoe439

    Considering that the interval for maintenance on a RGV VJ22 engine is a top end about every 10K miles and a crank every 20K miles. The fact this bike only shows just under 10K miles and needed a top and bottom end rebuild says to me I’ve been locked up and needed a total rebuild. I’d be questioning the owner on why work was done and if the cylinders where replated at the very least! Did this bike suffer from the dreaded power valve failure? very uncommon at such low miles on these engines but not unheard of either.

  2. William William

    Ad mentions Kilometers not miles which actually puts it around 6000 miles. So I do agree with you in questioning why a 250cc 2 stroke street bike is getting a new crank and top end at 6k miles. Maybe it was raced or frequent track days? I would have no problems with something like that but it would be nice if it was stated in the auction.

  3. Red Red

    I’m the owner and yes it had a full rebuild due to the bike siting in my collection for 5-6 years without being started …so I had a spare crank and rgv 250 piston kit sehen I purchased the bike so when I resealed the engine I replaced everything I had on hand .Also I am a former 500/Motogp tech so it want rocket science .I can also have the bike signed by the designer off this model for aprilla for any new owner .

  4. EZ EZ

    Nice bike bud. Always nice to get a competent answer from the owner that clarifies the questions before these guys infer you are lucifer reincarnated for an incorrect fairing bolt. 🙂

  5. Smokinjoe439 Smokinjoe439

    Then if it were just sitting i understand the fear that maybe the seals are bad. But any new owner should be asking for the old crank as a rebuild able spare.

  6. Sixthgear Sixthgear

    There’s a saying that “you buy the previous owner, as well as the machine”. This is a rare case where this is EXACTLY the kind of qualified owner I’d want to buy a race replica two stroke from. Compare this presentation to the usual corroded JDM two strokes we now see, seemingly imported by the container to flip without even being cleaned.

  7. Matt Matt

    I agree with sixth gear, too many “boat anchors” brought over with the promise of titles in all 50 states

  8. Phil Phil

    I have a few friends who track or race cup version. Crank is one piece design with bearings pressed in. The old crank would make for a great paper weight. Always my favorite version of the RS 250. Great bike and looks well maintained

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