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Isle of Men: 1982 Ducati TT2 ex Tony Rutter racer!


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

If the RSBFS faithful required additional proof that Ducati is a racing company that also builds street motorcycles, I give you the curious case of the TT2. Wildly popular with racers due to its small and lightweight stature, decent torque and power and impeccable handling, the TT2 was a mere 600cc of Pantah-powered goodness that became the genesis for the fabulous 750cc F1 racer (and street bike) that followed.

1982 Ducati TT2 for sale on eBay

The foundational underpinnings of the TT2 include a surprisingly lightweight frame crafted by Verlicchi. If you look closely you will note several familiar elements, including the straight tubing trellis construction. This should not be shocker given that the entire project was headed up by noted Ducati designer Fabio Taglioni. The resultant package looks not unlike a 1980s Bimota. As a racer the Pantah motor is air cooled, but there is an oil cooler mounted high up behind the fairing to augment temperature control. Standard issue suspension was a very Italian affair: a fully-adjustable Marzocchi fork up front and a Paoli monoshock at the rear. Handling was quickened by the optional use of a 16″ front wheel. If all that goodness isn’t enough, this bike has some honest track creds and star power in the form of Isle of Man expert and 7 time TT race winner Tony Rutter.

From the seller:
Purchased directly from Tony Rutter after the IoM and properly stored for the last 40 years You can look at the head stock VIN stampings this frame has never been repainted. The bike has never been crashed. Underside of fork legs and axle nuts area ll clean no signs of road rash. Bike is full of works details like dished head bolts for example see caliper photo. Please see the photos for details. Note shift linkage is included, it was not installed at time the photos were taken

More from the seller:
I actively raced Ducati TT2’s and TT1’s in US and Europe. The modified 750CC TT1 in US Battle of the Twins from 1982-1986. I purchased bike direct from the factory rider and built up supporting parts inventory accordingly principally from the factory, Sports Motorcycle Racing and NCR. This bike is very special in its own rights with factory racing history. The TT2 was a giant killers in the day. They are the epitome of nimble, lightweight tools with favorable power to weight ratios and just the right amount of chassis compliance harmonics that enable a rider to ‘dance’ with the bike, never a need to fight with your partner here. These bikes went where you wanted to go with a vengeance. Very tractable power delivery made the TT a formidable opponent able to execute and complete a pass at any and all opportunities.

IMPORTANT: note this is a racing vehicle sold with Bill of Sale only. This is the ‘clean title’ referenced above. This is not a street bike conversion therefore there is no conventional title.

Also available but not included in this sale are complete spares suitable to campaign the bike as well as update to NCR clutch and TT1 spec

In the world of used race bikes, this beautiful TT2 has held up amazingly well. It appears to be devoid of major modifications, crash damage, illicit trackside repairs – basically all of the ugliness that racing wreaks on mechanical systems. Instead you see what looks to be totally museum worthy or, if you are of the brave sort, vintage race worthy after a mechanical refresh and safety check. These are wonderful motorcycles that are beautiful to look at, wonderful to hear, and (so I’ve been told) even better to ride. The TT2 was a very successful model for Ducati, and helped spawn both their racing reputation as well as larger capacity racers.

This bike is available in sunny SoCal, but you’d better bring your sponsor along. There is no reserve that I can see, with a $35k ask. These bikes are a little hard to value as they are ex-racers and all potentially different in terms of setup and trim, but that is probably fair number for such a clean example with documented history on the island AND a mountain specialist as the previous owner/rider. Sadly we lost Tony Rutter in 2020, making this a rather difficult to duplicate opportunity. Check out all of the details and beautiful photography here, then Dream, Drool and Decide. Good Luck!!



  • I’m digging this thing, love those Campy mag wheels. Would look fantastic in anyone’s living room.

  • A friend of mine who street raced in Europe indicates that this is George Fogertys bike bought new in 1983; whos son named Carl learned how to ride and crash on this bike. My friend sent me a picture of this bike being uncrated in 1983 in George’s garden. If you can tell me how to upload the picture I will be happy to share.
    Mr. Ochs, while I agree with your sentiment, this bike is a runner and should not be put on static display. I run a 1995 Yamaha TZ250 4dp at the track. Modern bikes are much better, faster and easier to run and maintain; but these old bikes have personalities, get under your skin, are alive. They demand a relationship with the rider. When I get too old to ride I won’t sell my bikes to the highest bidder, but rather to someone who can appreciate their personalities. And run them. That is the only way they can be truly be loved and cared for.

  • Thats the longest rear brake stay I think I have seen in a long time.
    Agree with you 100% Slider..
    I got an NSR250 many many months back. Been riding bikes 35 years. Inthought i could ride anything. It two months for me to determine the engine was not broken or mistuned. Had to learn how to properly operate the controls on the engine. Once that was done, it is a sublime experience. I appreciate it so much more with the understanding of the character and mechanical operation needed to make it go. That made my year!

  • Most of this story is not correct, Ducati UK / TR racing did not sell a bike after the IOM TT in 1983, in fact non of TR’s bikes were sold.
    Even some of the description of the specification for TR’s bikes incorrect. I would have thought that if you were trying to sell a bike you would make sure that all the components were fitted including fasteners. Please revise this story you are deceiving people.

  • Agreed Slider, I’m also not an advocate of static displays, as I campaign a 36 year old piece of kit. I would like clarification of some of the allegations posted here re: this bike.

  • looks like its sold at 35k

  • TR’s bikes were NOT factory bikes, TR’s Bikes had nothing to do with NCR, TR never used a 16″ wheel on his TT2. The front brake calliper’s are the wrong ones.

  • Did it sell offline, or did someone find out the provenance was bugus?

  • More questions than answers with a bike like this-Tony Rutter sadly is no longer with us to so how do we know this is his ex-race bike?
    The bikes Rutter raced were sourced via Sports Motorcycles near Manchester who sponsored him, Steve Wynne the owner ran with Tony Rutter for a good few years. Specs varied as evolution is always continous, after their useful racing career these bikes proved difficult to sell as the racing class of Formula Two disappeared and Supersports 600 bikes crowded out both the smaller capacity 2 strokes and the 2 cylinder Ducatis.
    Fabio Taglioni had nothing whatsoever to do with Bimota, Massimo Tamburini provided the TA in Bimota, Taglioni was the designer of the bevel Ducatis and later the transition to belt drive bikes with Massimo Bordi I believe.
    Those TT2 Ducatis are beautiful bikes, and won the Formula Two World Championship several times-if this is a genuine Tony Rutter bike (which I doubt) then its both extremely valuable and rare, and it would be a shame to simply thrash it about without considering its provenance and worth. I would have thought the Ducati factory would have sought out genuine NCR TT2 bikes for their display as Ducati didnt win many cahmpionships before World Superbike came along in 1988.

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